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Seventh Year by zoeey
Chapter 7 : The Social Ladder - Lily
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Finally it was party night, and I wasn’t even going to worry about studying tonight or tomorrow. The party was designed to forget the real world and just to participate with an out of this world experience; I was meant to forget about the important exams that are coming; Adriana was meant to forget that she has a daughter waiting at home; James was supposed to forget that he was Head Boy; Sirius was meant to forget that the love of his life broke up with him last night.

Tonight was the night to forget.

And hell I was going to.

I’m so proud of the guys, all week they’re main focus has been mentoring the new boys and getting this party the best it’s ever been. In bed at night James would still be looking over some of the plans or talking to Sirius on the mirror about the new boys and how well they’re playing up to their expectations. All I got was a detailed explanation of why Sirius doesn’t like them. They’re professional as well, James and Sirius and Remus have refused to let me do any of the spell work, and Adriana, Tonks - Remus asked her out!- and I have to wait in our house common room just like everyone else. I’m so proud of them.

Gryffindor was dressed for the occasion. Those who weren’t invited to the most elite party of the year were all sitting on in the farthest corner of the common room, glaring at everyone in their costumes. It’s Halloween, of course it’s a fancy dress! I already had a glass of Vodka and Cherryade (muggle drink) in my hand whilst I was talking and laughing with Ade and Tonks. Surprisingly Tonks was really quiet funny, she was telling us how ‘adorable’ she thought Remus was; which of course had us ‘ooh’ing and ‘ahh’ing. After all, it was about time Remus got a girl; he deserves it.

“You been to one of these parties before hun?” Ade asked her, throwing her hair to one side… it made her neck look a lot longer and more seducing, not like she was out to do that tonight!

“Yeah, every year! Sirius’ cousin remember,” She sang happily, she was seriously more of a ray of sunshine then I am. I laughed happily, well we get star treatment; we’re the hosts guests!

“Well now we get special treatment hunz,” I winked at her whilst hip bouncing her playfully, she laughed and grinned. I think she really likes our Remy; which of course is really good because Tonks might just be the girl that will even him out and make him less uptight and pushy. I was happy for him, it was his turn to be happy.

I looked over to Ade, who had gone all out with her Sailor uniform that Sirius had bought her from the shop, of course she looked absolutely gorgeous with the marines suit on. It’s Ade she looks amazing in anything! However I faintly saw the black rings under her eyes and the red puffiness still evident in her eyes; course only I could notice because I’m her best friend. She was devastated last night, but throughout all of the tears and the sobs she knew that this was truly the best thing that had to be done; for that reason alone Adriana Bells will always be my hero.

Ending a relationship with the love of your life for the good of your sanity is honestly one of the bravest things she’s ever done. And I’m so proud of her.

I offered to sit this party out with her so that she could carrying on crying.

“Babe it’s the last Marauder Halloween Party ever, we can’t miss this,” Another reason why I’m proud of her, she doesn’t care that she’s falling to bit; she’s not letting that effect the plans she’s already made.

I’m nervous for her to be honest, this party was hosted by Sirius. She couldn’t go the whole time without seeing him; hopefully when she does she’ll be so drunk she wont realise who it is. That way it would calm any fears and hysterics that she still had inside of her.

Glancing at the thick white watch that was hanging off of my wrist I realised that 7 o’clock was looming ever closer, James should be arriving to let us all in soon. Personally I was eager to admire the wand work that Sirius and Ryan Dutcfield have done on the tunnels; this was something new and I’ve never heard of such a spell. Sirius said that he and Ryan created it, so yes I’m eager to admire it whilst I’m sober.

Hitching my dress down a little and fluffing my shortened ginger hair and tuned back into Ade and Tonk’s conversation.

About Remus of course.

It’s really cute because she genuinely likes him a lot, which like I said before is so good.

“He’s so different from Bill and the others boys I hang out with you know?” She told Ade who was smiling and nodding appreciatively, gesturing for her to continue. “I mean, he’s so mature. Not like Sirius and James Potter, more like he knows and appreciates everything in life an doesn’t take it for granted.” We both nodded this time, knowing exactly what she meant, Rem was so like that, “And … I like that,” She smiled shyly, Ade turned to me and we both ‘arr’ed spectacularly. I’m so happy for them.

“RIGHT LADIES AND GENTS! GATHER ROUND!” My boyfriends sexy voice called over the common room, immediately sushing the whole common room; a small pang of jealously scorched through me as I realised even as Head Girl I could never get that reaction. Pushing that to one side I focused on the party of the century that was sure to follow. The Marauders sure knew how to throw a party - plus I’ve missed my boyfriend this week so it best be good!

“When I shout your name and year group, you are to come forward. Once I have read the last name and you are not on this side of the line that entrance will be barred. This IS an exclusive party.” He shouted out, I smirked at Ade and Tonks, knowing that we were going to be first.

“Lily Evans, Seventh Year Guest of James Potter,” I smirked happily and made my way over to my boyfriend, I noticed how his eyes ran over my body and his jaw slightly agape at my appearance. I smirked even more and ran my hands along his shoulders comfortably, I loved distracting him!

“A-Adriana Bells, Seventh Year Guest of Sirius Black,” He said, I noticed the stutter at the beginning of the sentence and my smirk grew bigger. Ade walked to meet me and she knew that every guy in the building was starring at her; she loved the limelight there’s no denying it.

“Nymphadora Tonks, Fourth Year Guest of Remus Lupin,” He said happily

Uninterested in the other guests attending the most exclusive party of the year, I turned to Ade and starred straight past her into the darkness of the tunnels.

She wasn’t talking. She wasn’t posing. She was simply… being.

I was worried for her, but this was a break up that no-one could have predicted. Sirius and Ade have been the perfect Hogwarts couple for a long time, and them apart was as strange as me getting with James. So maybe, for them it’ll eventually be right. Hopefully, they both deserve happiness. I know that sounds so cringy and horrible; but seriously (no pun intended) they are the best people I’ve ever met. So loyal and loving to everyone that they love. One things for certain, Sum was going to be a Gryffindor.

“Follow me,” James said loudly, as he snaked his hands around my waist… subconsciously pulling my body closer to his. I loved it. I love him.

“You look so amazing tonight,” He whispered huskily into my ear making the shivers run up my spine. I smirked happily, it was so nice to be told.

Looking away from my warm embrace with James I looked at the tunnels; they truly are something. The walls encrusted with concrete, and not one crack of sign of anything about to fall. course they’re was a spell for that, however it’s extremely complicated and I can’t master it, so for Sirius to be able to pull it off. I pang of jealously sprung through my body, how was it that he was so good at magic and he didn’t even take notes in lessons? He just did it.

The tunnels as well were perfectly straight with some medieval blow torches on the walls, its felt like we were walking through blackness into the dungeons where we were going to be torture for information. The atmosphere was eletifiying, but in a good way. I don’t even know if that whole paragraph makes sense, but it’s honestly the atmosphere here. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous, this was going to be the party of the age; the first half civilised with the strongest drink available being Elderflower Wine, the second half, the rave of a life time. The lights would turn down low and the alcohol would start flowing; maybe a few make outs and fist fights in their. But one thing was for sure, no-body present would ever be able to forget this.

“Welcome… to Vegas,” James said opening the door, revealing a crimson red curtain lowering across the room, making everything redder, adding to the party atmosphere. There was roulette tables, bars, slot machines and the dance area; honestly? It felt like Vegas.

The Gryffindors all spread out around the room. Taking in the awe of the situation, many unbelieving as this was their first Marauder’s party that they’ve attended; I just stood there completely gob smacked as James warm arm circled my waist. This was magnificent. I didn’t even know if I could do most of this spell work, and I’m supposedly the best student in the year.

“You like it?” James husky voice filled my ear, I leaned back against him. I’d always known he was talented, but this was something I could have never imagined.

“Its… beautiful,” I whispered, my breath still not fully recovered. James laughed happily and pulled my towards the bar, hopefully to start on the Wine. I know it was a bit early to start drinking, especially with First and Second Years still in the party, but wizarding wine was like juice; does nothing to your system!


The good things about Marauders parties is its by invitation only; with one guest each, so when there’s a couple that’s known to go steady, and practically a perfect couple to everyone else, shows up without their ‘other’ half… rumours spread. I know its petty, but I do love knowing the gossip, and it spreads like wildfire around each and every party there is at this school. So when Jamie Button shows up without Jenson Pickle, the girls imaginations run wild, the guys surround her desperate for a little action; that’s honestly quite crazy, Buttons not like that.

“Apparently Jamie Button found Jenson Pickles in a broom closet with that Hufflepuff transfer,” A girl giggled happily skipping past James and I. I raised my eyebrows, this was the most sane story I’d heard so far. The new Hufflepuff transfer was a hottie, I will admit that; don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore James, but I don’t know anyone at all who would say no to a broom closet with her in it. However that still didn’t seem completely true, because Jamie Button is a known ‘bad-girl’ so Hottie Hufflepuff would already be needing a face transplant.

I loosely ran my fingers along my hair and ‘pumped’ it slightly, time to go into Head Girl mode and go and introduce myself to Hottie Hufflepuff and attempt to bring her over to the ‘dark side’ which is the Gryffindor Girls team… constructing of myself, Adriana Bells (obviously), Marlene McKinnon, Josaline Parks and Natalie ‘Tat’ Ellis - they live in Marls dorm and keep to themselves really; but they’re insanely pretty and we need that in Gryffindor Girls. People litterally envy us, it’s funny actually.

I quickly scanned the room for Marls, she’d get the world around to the girls as quickly as possible. She was in the corner with a guy, they weren’t particularly cosy yet so I didn’t feel that mean as I walked over there to split them up,

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry… I didn’t see you where busy Marls!” I smiled falsely at her, she glowered at me - what can we say? She loves man hunting

“Don’t worry Lils, what’s up?” she ‘cheerfully’ answered, not wanting to scare of her next victim - whom as it seemed had already fucked straight off.

“Ade, Josaline and Tat; where going to formally introduce ourselves to the transfer,” I said, I let the authority spring through my voice. Marlene straightened up, immediately understanding what I meant. As much as she - well no she would freely admit she’s a hungry tiger - she loves the spotlight, an ultimately being recognised as one of the popular girls in school does amazingly for her ego.

“Give me 5 minutes?” She said, I quickly nodded and moved over to my boyfriend at the drinks table - he was monitoring the alcohol take out considering there was still younger students here.

“Hey baby,” I whispered into his ear, he turned and smiled at me happily. That true genuine smile that literally melted my heart every time it appeared on his gorgeous face. He genuinely was made up to see me, and I actually love him to pieces.

“Hello gorgeous,” he kissed the side of my face lovingly, I leant into him happily as his arm snaked around my waist. I looked towards HH (Hottie Hufflepuff) she looked dejected. Pft looks like she was just eying up my boyfriend - well we know where this conversation is going to turn. “Another hour, one more hour then we can actually start this party,” He laughed and I grinned. Him taking the party seriously and making sure everything went on correctly and most importantly legally, made my heart swell with pride. He was so grown up.

“Lil?” Ade asked confidently appearing by my side, this was the first time Ade would be present for my ruling. She was always number one, but that’s not how it works anymore. I’m Head Girl, I rule the social hierarchy. Josaline, Tat and Marl were all gathered around James and I with the same smirk plastered on their faces. We weren’t as close as we used to be, however at times like this we always pull together… it’s the way Gryffindor Girls work together.

“Excuse me James, us Ladies have some business to discuss,” I kissed him quickly and I noticed how his eyebrows rose in suspicions, I winked happily and walked the girls over to an area where I could keep a close eye on HH and make sure she doesn’t overhear us.

Ade, Tat, Josa an Marl wore identical stances and identical smirks… we’re the Gryffindor Girls. We know how to do this properly.

“She was eyeing up James and I’m guessing Sirius too, so we’re doing sickly sweet but bitchy yes?” I told them,

“You finally get to see how Lily runs things ey Ade!?” Josa laughed happily, her game face perfectly in place.

“Looks like it hey,” Ade looked at me with a proud expression on her face, she’d been with Cory Handon; Hufflepuff one of her family friends, so hopefully she was feeling better than she did when we first got here.

“She does it a hell of a different way to you Adey Cakes,” Tat stated, even though we haven’t been close in a long time, Tat still had nick-names for us, ones that she would never give up.

“Common guys,” I said and we all walked swiftly over to the Hufflepuff Hottie.

“Hey there, I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced. I’m Lily Evans, Head Girl,” I smiled happily, not even bothering to hold out my hand

“Hey, I’m Carlie,” She said, she already looked intimidated by the look of us guys.

“I’m Adriana Bells,”

“Marlene McKinnon,”

“Tat Ellis,”

“I’m Josaline Parks, nice to meet you,” The sarcasm in her voice was enough to make me laugh, however I couldn’t do that. I’m Head Girl.

“Hello? Nice to see you?” She sounded so unsure of herself it was funny…

“Well, we have come to inform you of the social hierarchy of Hogwarts,”

“It seems your Hufflepuff … friends haven’t shown you to social or environmental aspects of Hogwarts,” I smirked happily at the way she nervously shifted in her feet.

“What is it then?” She asked unsurely.

“Well there’s Head students - Lils and James Potter; her BOYfriend,” Tats smirked at the completely rejected look on her face. I smirked… that’s me at the top of the social hierarchy.

“Then there’s the Maradurers and Gryffindor Girls,” Marlene smiled sweetly, showing that it was us.
“James Potter at the drinks table; also Head Boy. Sirius Black, they’re trying to get drunk at the bar; dick. And Remus Lupin, well he’s somewhere being responsible. Oh no wait, that’s him there… with Tonks? Woo didn’t know that was happeneing,” Marl looked at the amused look on Ades face…

“You’re the last then darling,” I smirked, seriously James clearly said before that she was his guest. Plus she’s Tonks, she would have gotten a separate invite anyway!

“Lily Evans, Adriana Bells, Marlene McKinnon, Josaline Parks and Tat Ellis - the Gryffindor Girls,” Tat smirked happily… she was so creeped out.

“Just make sure to stay safe yea?” I smirked and turned back around to the bar… when could I have a vodka? I could really do with one now…











Now this was a party I like. The lights turned down, the mood lighting sincerely setting the party atmosphere. The DJ playing the biggest club hits - both Wizard and Muggle- just to get people moving on the dance floor; everyone was grinding and dancing and just letting loose. Something that has been needed since September. With the younger years safely tucked up in bed - or at least their common rooms- the alcohol was flowing. Ranging from muggle liqour to the ‘man’ fire whiskey and other wizarding compounds.

James was somewhere, getting us drinks I think, whilst I was on the dance floor dancing my heart away. Partying has always had a relaxing effect on me, its like my home. My awkward loving home.

I was dancing with Sirius; James didn’t really trust anyone else around me. Its sweet. Of course I see his point, especially when certain ‘Hottie Hufflepuff’ has been eying him up literally all night. Her vengeful gaze sweeping all over him, like a hungry tiger wanting to pounce on his bones and take him in the bathroom over a fucking sink. But that wasn’t going to happen. He was my boyfriend.

“What’s up Red?” Sirius sang into my ear happily, he was drunk. A drunk Sirius is hilarious, he always has done and he always will be.

“Hufflepuff exchange eyeing up my boyfriend!” I told him… so yes I was a little bit drunk, I’m a fun drunk.

“I’ll sort it!” He dragged me over to the bar, next to James. So obviously with both of our levels of intoxication we were both stumbling and falling over out feet, the only thing stopping me smacking my face upon the floor was his strong arms keeping me up. `

“HAHAHA!” I laughed, keeping a strong grip on the front of his t-shirt. His chest rumbled in laughter as he picked me up and spun me round happily.

“HHAHA! PRONGS! FOUND YOUR GIRL!” He shouted over the music to James, he was standing at the bar with an amused smirk plastered on his face. I think he’s quite sober. Not stone sober. Just not as drunk as me! Or Sirius.

“JAMES!” I shouted and flung myself away from Sirius and straight into James arms. He opened them happily and caught me mid jump, causing my legs to wrap around his waist. Wrapping my hands around his neck and nestling a few fingers in the baby hairs at the back of his neck, I smiled happily at my boyfriend. “Hi,” I shyly answered.

He was looking at me with the alluring eyes, filled with so much admiration and love they always knocked me over with happiness. His face was so serene and happy, it filled my heart to the brim. His happiness is seriously the most important thing to me. Without looking at his gorgeous face every morning, I don’t know how I would last; and honestly I don’t want to try.

“Hi baby,” He whispered, running his fingers down my face and put my hair behind my ear and kissed the side of my face.

Staring into his eyes, I really felt like this was where I was supposed to be. Forever and ever.

“AHEM!” Sirius coughed loudly, catching out attention. Grinning happily I slid down James’ body and turned so that my back was against him, and I was facing Sirius. I felt the shiver run through James body at our close proximity. I smirked. This power was fun.

“Sup Pads?” he asked, snaking his arm around my waist securely, like it was him that needed to be worried over my faithfulness.


“I’ve got some business to take care of! Ey Lil! Ey ey ey!”

“Heheh!” I giggled and shooed him away happily… Sirius was always a good distraction for stupid girls eyeing my boyfriend. I used him when Ade wasn’t here and he went off the rails; not that he didn’t deserve to… I just hope he wont again this time.

Sirius single is something hat isn’t a particularly nice thing to be around, to put it simply, he whores around. And its not pretty, he’s like my brother and I don’t particularly like seeing my brother ‘bang’ ‘pull’ and ‘do the dirty’ with several different girls in the same night. And I think that this time it’s going to be just a tad harder as this time my best friend will be sitting right next to me - with his daughter.


Ade was standing at the bar by herself, and she looked kinda gloomy. And we’re at a party, one where we’re allowed to get completely smashed and it would indeed be socially acceptable. I stumbled over to her happily and spollily splashed my drink down my dress; I looked at Ade with my amused/ashamed face combined with the creepy smile she always mocks me for. Thankfully it had the desired effect.

“You drunk Lils?” her normal smirk appeared on her face, there wasn’t even a stutter in her voice; had she even consumed any alcohol tonight?

“Juu-ust a tadddd!” I sang and threw my hands around her neck and laid down against them. Thankfully she held me strong and drummed me up an down, like the amazing best friend she is.

“I can’t believe your not throwing up right now,” She laughed as I pulled her to the dance floor, we started to grind up against each other. I love this, where we just dance with each other… forgetting everything that’s gone on. All of the guy shit, all of the girl shit, all of the baby shit.

“Jamiees-ss gimme a spell!” I shouted to her holding tightly to her hands and moving happily together. I remember one summer, the summer before fifth year I think it was, were we went into the muggle clubs around her house with Cat I think it was… and we were grinding with blokes we didn’t know, we weren’t talking with them, just dancing. Just us girls. And I was paralytic ally drunk, as where Ade and Cat, however I remember that night as one of the best in my life. With the girls.

“You know everything’s going to be okay? With Sirius and Summer?” I whispered into her ear carefully, knowing exactly that she was worrying about this matter; honestly though this party did have crap timing considering everything that’s gone on in her head.

“This is for the best… I know,” She muttered back, holding the back of my head tightly as we hugged it out on the dance floor. Adriana is amazing.






So parties are ridiculously fun and I love every second of every party that I’ve ever been invited too; that of course is strange for some people that know me. They think that uptight - and now Head Girl - Lily Evans could never fully enjoy a party. According to some First Years - when I was in fourth year of course - I even studied in my sleep.

That’s impossible.

Yes. I am sad enough to have tried it.

Once. And to be fair, I was stressing over my OWL’s.

Don’t judge me.

There is one part of parties that I truly detest. The morning after. The hangover part. The part where everything forgotten the night before comes rushing back into reality. Lurching you straight forward and through the front window, and crashing into the floor in front of us. Its horrible, combining the snores from Marauders, the scuffles of the feet into the bathroom, the pee smashing against the toilet seat and the banging that was radiating itself around my head. Holding onto the top of my head, I looked around the room I was in the Seventh Year Gryffindor boys dorm. The room that both Sirius and James had moved out of at the start of this year. Temporarily I wondered whether or not Sirius would move back in here, and what would happen when he looked after Summer.

My thoughts strayed back to today.

Summers 1st Birthday.

Adriana is going to be emotional as it is, never mind the break up with Sirius over shadowing her head. Looming over her like a dark cloud in the sun. Yes, today is going be fun.





Authors Note: hey, im sorry about the enormously long wait, im not happy with it at all. im so sorry. i missed the last day to validate! please review!:)


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