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Family Relations by Lunaroxmysox
Chapter 3 : To Find A Flat (Maybe)
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A/N: I was totally not expecting all the positive reviews this story has been getting so far. So THANK YOU so much. On another note, that's partially the reason this chapter is so late. I honestly didn't know if anyone would be reading a sequel so I sort of let this sit on the back burner. But! From now on, I hope to update more frequently. Hopefully. I'll make no promises as I'm notorious for getting horrendous writer's block. That being said, enjoy the chapter :D


Chapter 3:


To say my mother wasn’t happy with me might just win the annual understatement of the year award. Bailing on a family event with my questionable boyfriend really didn’t make her happy apparently. It’s funny, technically I’m an adult and my mother can’t really order me around, but man, when she was going off on me I was very tempted to run and hide in my room.


Of course, that temptation was very fleeting and then I was just amused, and a little defiant, about the whole thing. I appeared back at home after my evening with Scorpius pretty late, but there was my lovely mother, standing in the living room, hands on her hips and one angry eyebrow cocked expectantly.


Que lecture about responsibility now that I’m an adult, and how that applies to family, and I’ll admit it stung a little. I just wanted a little fun, and actually get to see my boyfriend without 50 crazy relatives around. But it was late, and I really didn’t feel like getting into it with my mom so I just nodded and collapsed onto my bed.


The next morning I awoke to a sharp shaft of sunlight piercing my closed lids; I had forgotten to close my blinds last night. Groaning, I threw an arm over my eyes in a desperate attempt to ward of the bloody sun, but the damage had already been done.


Rubbing a hand over my eyes tiredly, I sat up. Silk fabric tugged tightly around me and I glanced down at myself in surprise. It took my sleep hazed mind a moment to realize that I had fallen asleep last night in the dress I had worn to graduation. Upon further examination, I grimaced as I realized that it was going to take some creative wand work on my part to get it back to looking like it did before I ran amok in it last night.


Still, I didn’t regret running off with Scorpius last night. It sort of signified the end of my school days in a way. We got to be crazy teenagers for just one last night before the real world pulled us in. I smiled a little dreamily as I thought about the way he had kissed me goodnight, whispering that he loved me against my lips.


Merlin, love really has turned me into a fool. Clearly, it can happen to the best of us.


With a sigh, I dragged myself out of bed. After a quick shower, I threw on a long pale blue skirt, a white short sleeved button up top and cinched a wide brown belt around my waist. I dried my hair using magic and just let it lay loose on my shoulders, slipping into a pair of sandals I made my way downstairs.


However, half way down I froze, my hand pressed to the wall on my right. I graduated last night. No more Hogwarts. No more studies. For once, the thought didn’t paralyze me with fear. Instead, I could feel my heart begin to race with excitement. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to get downstairs, and just begin living.


I practically skipped into the kitchen, and my mother glared at me suspiciously from where she stood making breakfast. “What?” I asked innocently, even as I couldn’t keep the wide grin off my face.


“You’re happy.” She said bluntly. I cocked an eyebrow at her. “It’s the morning, Rose.” My mother continued, sounding slightly concerned. “You hate the morning. Honestly, it’d be normal if I had my wand make gun shots go off by your head to get you up than to have you prance down here.”


Oh. To be fair, she really did have a point. I’m known for being nearly impossible to wake up in the morning. Apparently, they’ve had to get pretty darn creative in waking me up, and then of course, getting me to actually function is a totally different story.


I smiled brightly, “I’m just in a really good mood, I guess.” Silence. “Oh come on, don’t look at me like that; I haven’t grown another head or something.”


My mother just shook her head and muttered something about insanity running strong in the family before turning away for a moment and then handing me a cup of tea. I wrapped my hands around the warm mug and sat down at the table. Silence fell as my mother continued to move about the kitchen, keeping one eye on the dishes washing themselves in the sink and the bacon sizzling on the stove top.


The whole scene was just so normal, so typical of a morning at my home. My throat started to tighten and my eyes began to sting slightly as I twisted my mug in my hands trying desperately not to cry. It wasn’t just school that had ended, but life as I knew it. I was going out to look at flats with Amy later today, Scorpius had hinted at one day moving in with me, I have an interview on Friday (my dad set that up; I’m worried).


It’s happening so fast. These moments to waking up to my mom making breakfast and me griping about mornings until I got my dose of caffeine were coming to an end. I knew I could handle moving out, I really did. I mean, leaving the nest had nothing on crazy werewolves that wanted to eat me right? Sitting here, staring around at my warm, familiar kitchen with the mismatched cabinet handles (Dad hadn’t noticed the difference) and that patched up whole in the wall where Hugo’s broom had gone through when he slipped and tripped running through the house, I suddenly wasn’t as excited about leaving.


My mother started chatting about how Harry had caught Lily sneaking out with some guy and I wasn’t really paying attention until, “He had a mohawk?” I stared at Mum in disbelief.


“Yep.” She nodded, “A bright blue one. Isn’t that absolutely atrocious? Honestly. Kids these days.”


“I’m impressed. Way to go Lils.” I said appreciatively, quietly thinking over my chances at getting Scorpius to dye his hair purple or something, just to scare my mom. I can’t see him going for the idea though.


My mood for the rest of the morning pretty much followed this same pattern. When I walked into the bathroom to see Hugo’s dirty boxers strewn across the floor, I’d think of how thrilled I was to be moving out, but then when my mom casually mentioned starting to pack up my room, I’d suddenly be filled with dread and all sorts of bloody nostalgia.


Was it normal to be this insane over moving out, graduating, and this whole thing?


It wasn’t like I was picking up and leaving today; I was going to start packing and Amy and I still had to find a flat to rent, but still, everything had changed. There was a different atmosphere settling over my house. I couldn’t explain it exactly, but there was a tension, a sort of uncertainty as if the equilibrium had been disturbed and was struggling to re balance itself.


By the time noon had rolled around, I was itching to get out of the house, to just be anywhere but my childhood memories where it seemed I was either going to be haunted by memories or dreaming of a future. So when my mum shouted from the living room “Rose! Amy wants to talk you!” I cut off my rather intense stare down with Hugo over the last cookie and raced over to the fireplace, where my best friend’s curly head sat amid the flames.


“Oh thank Merlin, Amy. I’m going crazy,” I moaned dropping to my knees in front of the green fire.


She grimaced sympathetically, “You too, huh? I swear, if my mom can’t stop looking like she’s going to cry every time she sees me… She didn’t like me this much before I was about to move out.” Amy scowled, but I cracked a wry grinning, knowing that while they may have their differences and more than their fair share of disagreements, Amy and her mother had an exasperated affection for each other.


Mother and daughter were just so different. Amy was eccentric, particularly when it came to her clothes, and talked a mile a minute and liked the absolute strangest things, while her sweet slightly overbearing mother was much more on the conservative side and just couldn’t understand how on earth she had produced such a daughter. I just found the whole thing hysterical. My mother and I weren’t terribly different; we’re both smart, think we know everything, and have a sharp tongue, though mine is considerably less controlled than hers.


Amy and I were going to rent a flat together. We had to borrow from our parents for now, but I had every intention of finding a job as soon as possible. The thing with my family is, we have a lot of money plain and simple. Apparently, after the War, the Ministry figured that paying my parent s and Harry for their ‘trouble’ would somehow compensate them for everything, everyone they had lost. Bloody governments.


And it’s not like Mum and Dad haven’t been successful; quite the opposite really. Dad’s been climbing the ladder at the Auror office for years now and Mum has taken over the Daily Prophet, something she can be very smug about some days.


I don’t want to live off my family’s money. I will get my feet in this world and make my own way, in classic Rose style.

And step one is to find the perfect (available), affordable (dirt cheap) flat.

I chatted for a bit longer with Amy, but I’ve never really liked talking through the Floo Channel. Something about sitting in front of a fireplace, chatting to a disembodied head of someone I know was something I thought was a little weird even for a wizard.


After kissing my mother goodbye and threatening Hugo with several nasty hexes if he even thought about claiming my room as his own before I had finished moving out, I disapparated with the intention of meeting up with Amy at the first place we had found in those last crazy weeks of school.


Looking back, it all seems so surreal. None of us really had any idea what it was really going to be like once we left the safety of the castle behind. We had been so caught up in stealing last moments together, painting grand pictures of our marvelous futures that we never fully realized it. It wouldn’t dawn on us until later what that had been, those last weeks at Hogwarts. Our childhood had ended while we were planning the future.


But then again, isn’t that how it’s always been?


Here I am, about to start searching for my first flat when not that long ago, I was being told off for making out with my boyfriend in a broom closet when we were supposed to be patrolling.


From child to adult in a manner of weeks. Like I said, surreal.




Amy and I arrived at the location of the first flat within minutes of each other. Predictably, the first words out of my mouth were, “Merlin Amy, what on earth are you wearing?”


A bright smile lit her face as she twirled on the spot, while I watched, one eyebrow raised at her ensemble; black shorts over sheer lime green tights, a white silky tank top completed by a large, silver belt that glinted in the early afternoon sun. “Isn’t it fantastic?” She gushed. “I added the tights at the end; it was too boring before.”


“By ‘boring’ you mean, what a normal person would wear, right?” I asked a teasing lilt to my voice.


She sent me a withering glance, stopping her twirling to adopt a classic modeling pose. “You’re just jealous.” She said making her voice sound breathy and snobbish, adding a hair toss for affect.


We both broke down into giggles as I leaned over to hug her. Despite her ability to blind the average person with her day to day wardrobe, Amy was a fantastic friend and a good person, sharing a flat with her was something I have been looking forward to. 


We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at flat after flat. I learned several new things on this crazy adventure of ours:


 Number 1: If you are a homeowner and you have a cat and said cat has an accident on your carpet, that smell is never going to go away.


Number 2: Some people really do play the drums so loudly and obnoxiously that the floor of an otherwise beautiful flat literally shakes from the noise. And they do this at 3 in the afternoon. The reasoning behind this Amy and I have still not been able to figure out.


Number 3: House hunting is exhausting and ice cream is absolutely required to keep up spirits and energy. Anything said to the contrary is a lie.


See? I’ll be just fine in this wacky world of ours.


In all seriousness though, hunting for a flat in London is so not fun in any, way, shape or form. Sure, it’s exciting at first, but after no luck and knowing that more than one tenant offered to cut you deal only because they wanted to get into your pants, you really just want to get the bloody day over with. 


Suffice to say, day one of the flat search was a failure.


The next day, however, we got lucky. We weren’t even supposed to be able to get into this little flat that over looked a small square in a quieter part of town. The place was gorgeous, but simple with flowers running up and down the outer walls. In a fit of rare luck, the young muggle who was renting out the place happened to be outside when we passed by, and he let us in. We were signing papers by the afternoon.


And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, Amy and Rose, proud renters of a two bedroom, two bathroom flat.


Maybe this growing up thing isn’t too hard after all.

A/N: Soooo what'd you think? I'd love to know. And throw any ideas you have at me, as this story constantly changes in my head, so I'd love to hear anything from you guys. Thanks for reading!

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