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Rose Weasley by sarahbrooke123
Chapter 1 : Death
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    (Note:I do not own Harry Potter!All copyrights go to JK Rowling!)

    Hugo and I were sitting on the front steps of 521 Godric's Hollow.That is our old house.Let me take you back to where it started.My 3rd year at hogwarts was going to start on September 1st.I was laying in bed but couldn't go to sleep.I thought I heard something.I went and hid under the bed.I was scared out of my mind.

    As you already know Godric's Hollow is a muggle village.I saw a shadow creep past my door.It was heading toward mum and dad's room.Oh know I thought.Then I heard a piercing scream and a big bang.The shadows ran past my door again.

    I crawled out from under the bed and ran to their room.When I looked mum and dad were bleeding badly and there was a gun laying on there bed.I yelled for Hugo to go send a letter to Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry but when they got here it was too late.They told us to go back to bed and that they would take care of it.I was crying my heart out.

    That is why we're sitting on the front porch steps.Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry had to make room for us in their house.We had to come back here to get our stuff.I have to share a room with Lily and Hugo with Albus.They were coming to pick us up to take us there but it was probably going to be cramped.No that I don't like Lily it's just we're not used to each other sharing a room.


When we went with Aunt Ginny(Harry had Auror duties)She had to enlarge the car like Grampa Weasley did one time.When we got to our new home Lily came running out to greet us.I took all my stuff upstairs with Lily's help and finally got settled in.When everyone was set Albus played Wizard chess against me.Then we went out and played quidditch until uncle Harry came home.

    Finally the day of departure came.When I got onto the train we found an empty compartment and put all our luggage in it then hopped off to say good-bye.The doors were slamming shut and we all hopped on and went back to our compartment.I saw a note on one of the seats.It said:

Dear Rose,
   Will you be my girlfriend?Check yes or no then slide it under your compartment door it will find me.


    I check yes and slid it under the door then it slid open.In walked Teddy."Hi"I said.Then he grabbed me and started snogging me right there in front of everyone.James wolf-whistled.I kicked him.We kept snogging until we heard the lunch trolley.They all let out sighs of relieve that we had stopped kissing.My ears turned bright red and I looked at the floor.I whispered"See you later"And he left.The rest of the journey had an akward silence.

    When we got there the feast droned on just like Binns.I didn't dare sit with Teddy cause I didn't want the whole school  to know.When it was finally over I told Teddy to meet me down in the common room at 12:00 that night.We didn't see that Lily was still down there.We got in the same chair and started snogging again until Teddy asked me why I didn't sit with him.I said cause I didn't want everyone staring.He looked unsure.Look you wouldn't want everyone staring if you had a tragity just like I did.He looked confused.I said look someone murdered my parents and I have to stay with Lily.I didn't want everyone staring at me.I'm sorry.

    We started snogging again and Lily took a picture.I knew then that my life was over.

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Rose Weasley: Death


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