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Forget-me-not by Deltaris
Chapter 1 : A Wedding
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08.04.11 - I would like to say thank you to everyone who has reviewed.  Your kind words mean so much to me, especially on my first piece on the archives.  Thank you.  You can also check out my blog on the forums, for an entry that deals with the idea behind this more.

Her hands were shaking.  Never had she felt more nervous.  The 'brightest witch of her age' had never felt more sick in her entire life.  At this moment, she felt as though she'd rather face Voldemort's Death Eater army one more time.  Maybe they'd crash the party, provide her the escape she needed?

No, that was silly.  This was the best day of her life.

Her fingers fiddled with the Daily Prophet she held.  A harsh sigh left her lips.  It seemed the whole of wizarding Britain was more excited for this day than her.  It had been in the papers for weeks now, not a surprise really.

She sighed again and peered at herself in the vanity mirror.  Ginny had done a wonderful job with her makeup.  A soft smile graced her face for a quick moment, before vanishing.  Slipping on a pair of sandals and grabbing her wand, Hermione quietly left the room.  The floors creaked from old age and she cringed slightly.

She crept down the hallway to the room Harry had been staying in.  The residents of the Burrow had welcomed them both with open arms when they were eleven, and neither had ever really left.  Peering inside, she determined that the room was empty and carefully opened the door.  His has always been the loudest, she recalled.

Double checking that there was no one in the hall, Hermione went over to Harry's trunk.  Rummaging around, it didn't take long for the girl - no, woman - to find what she was seeking.  She pulled the Invisibility Cloak out and wrapped it around herself.

She smiled to herself as she remembered the last time they had used it.  Harry had been craving an escape from the ever present Molly Weasley, something Hermione agreed with.  The two stowed away under the cloak, which had been quite difficult.  They had both grown so much since they met.  They were adults now.  It was hard to believe.

A shiver passed through the brunette, and she shook her head.  Closing the trunk and checking the hallway again, Hermione cast a silencing charm upon herself and made downstairs.  The noise increased as she descended.  There were so many people here today, she could practically feel their excitement and love.  It made her heart flutter, and she paused at the bottom, listening to Molly give out orders.  George mock saluted his mother before running off to complete the tasks set down.

The woman had done so much for her family, something that Hermione truly admired.  The Weasley matriarch had become one of her biggest role models, and her heart held a special place for the redheaded woman.  The two disagreed on many things, however.  Hermione wanted a life, one she could call her own, a career and a small family, maybe.  Someday.

Hermione made her way through the house, watching the commotion.  Ginny was in the kitchen, putting the final touches on the cake.  The young woman had matured a lot in the years since the war.  Watching her now, Hermione choked back tears.  The youngest Weasley had settled down, something she claimed she absolutely abhorred, but she had never been happier.  She reminded Hermione more of Molly now than ever - big pregnant belly, waddling around the kitchen with complete ease and comfort.

Turning towards the living room, Hermione's eyes were drawn towards Bill and Fleur.  They were standing by the fireplace, although doing what she couldn't tell.  Surely Molly wouldn't approve of two sets of hands idling about with everything to be done in the next few hours.  Fleur smiled beautifully and reached up to place a small kiss on her husband's lips.  The blonde set her head on the oldest Weasley boy's shoulder, and he held her close.

Wiping away her tears, Hermione left the two she envied so greatly.  They had always been beautiful together.  Fleur's insistence in her love after Bill's attack years ago had left a huge mark on the then young and impressionable girl.  Hermione had always considered the two to be the complete fairy tale.

Heading outside, Hermione gathered the cloak closer about herself.  There was a mild breeze lumbering through the perfect sunny day.  The scent of the garden wafted through the air.  She just stood a moment, eyes closed, taking in the sounds.

She watched as Arthur and George arranged the chairs and tables, laughing and talking.  The two had come much closer after Fred's passing in the Final Battle.  Hermione was glad.  George needed someone then, and everyone, herself included, had seemed so hesitant when interacting with him.  Not Arthur, not at all.  The man had stepped up, always had, and they all owed him a lot for it.

She noticed that a few guests had arrived early, ready and willing to help out with anything they could.  Luna, alongside Neville, were arranging the flowers.  Forget-me-nots, one of Hermione's favorites.  Luna had married not long back and Neville was seeing a girl from their year, had been for some time now.  But the two had always been so natural together, they seemed like perfect counterparts.  Hermione had wished, long ago, that they would've given it a shot.

Hermione's eyes finally found the one she was sharing this day with.  She smiled as she watched Ron struggle with his bowtie, Harry laughing next to him.  Through all they had been through, the two men were always there for each other.  She loved them both so much, and thanked the Heavens above to have them in her life.  Harry was her best friend, someone who helped her through her pain and never asked for anything in return.

And Ron.  Oh, Ronald Weasley.  She played with the engagement ring on her finger.  It had been the one she wanted, had looked at longingly one day when they had been shopping for a wedding gift for Ginny.  Fresh tears fell from her eyes as she remembered the day.  Hermione had left Ron's side and leant over the glass counter that held the ring.  Ron came up behind her, wrapping his arms about her midsection and kissing her neck.  He bought it then and there.

He had always jumped at her call, willing to do anything and everything for her.  And she loved him, she did.  He cared for her, loved her with everything he was, had since they were children.

Hermione sighed, wiped the tears from her cheek and headed back up to her room.  It wasn't long now, the fated union of Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.  She smiled as she thought about the times they had shared all these years.

Sighing again, Hermione sat back in front of her vanity.  Ginny would have to touch up her makeup.  Reaching for her brush, her eye caught sight of a letter on her bed.  She placed the small piece of parchment into her shirt as she heard footsteps outside her door.  Turning, she grinned at Ginny and Molly, and the three set about getting her ready.

It didn't take long, Hermione had gotten her way with her dress, hair and makeup being very simple.  Much of the other planning was out of her hands, as Molly was a force to be reckoned with when it came to weddings.  The two Weasley women gave her a moment in the kitchen, to gather herself before the music started.  Hermione pulled out the parchment and read it in silence.  A gasp escaped her lips just seconds before the music began and Arthur came by her side.

Arthur, a man who had become like a father to her, walked her down the aisle, his face alight with happiness.  Hermione, on the other hand, scanned the crowd for the sender of the letter.  A wave of disappointment spread through her body when she couldn't find him.

Smiling gratefully at Arthur when he handed her off, Hermione turned to Ron, taking his hand and side by the alter.  He was beaming at her, and she couldn't help but grin back.

Hermione's attention was grabbed by movement in the back of the audience.  She watched as the man she had looked so desperately for just moments ago turned and walked away from the wedding, walked away from her.  At that, tears poured down her cheeks, and she turned to Ron.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered, before she ran after the man who had truly stolen her heart.

Author's Notes:

This was done for nitenel's "No Dialogue" Challenge.  Here's my submission for the challenge, I hope you liked it.  The rules of the challenge are so:
1)  No more than three pieces of dialogue.
2)  One-shot.
3)  M only for language.

Un-beta'd, so please let me know if you see any errors or room for improvement.  All criticism welcome.  Thank you for reading.

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