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Again and Again by ginnypotter242
Chapter 1 : Again and Again
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Victoire’s pov~

“Teddy!” I screeched. He was tickling me, trying to get me to tell him who I fancied. Well, I wasn’t going to tell him! Yes, I know I’ve told him about every other crush I’ve had, but I’m not telling him this one. You see, now I fancy him. I know what your thinking-falling for your best friend? That’s so cliché.
“ Come on ‘Tori! You can tell me! I won’t tell a single soul! I swear!” he pleaded.

“No! Teddy Lupin, you are so annoying!” I screamed.

“No! Teddy Lupin, you are so annoying!” he mimicked me. I stuck my tongue out at him. Yeah, I’m mature.

“Real mature ‘Tori” he laughed. See! We’re even on the same wavelength. Wow, he’s amazing.

“Shut up! I’m leaving, supper ought to be ready soon.” I told him. “And don’t follow me again!” I told him sternly. He lifted his hands up in surrender.

“Fine ‘Tori! But I’ll figure it out! Somehow!” He shouted after me. I just laughed as I left the room.

Teddy’s pov~

  “Fine! But I’ll figure it out! Somehow!” I shouted after ‘Tori. I heard her bell-like laugh as she sashayed from the room. Godric, she is so amazing. I wish I could tell her that. But she’s my best friend. It’s way to cliché to fall for your best friend. Yes, I fell for her. If told her that though, she’d probably just laugh at me. Though I suppose I wouldn’t mind that much-I love hearing her laugh. She has such a beautiful laugh. It fits her-a beautiful laugh for a beautiful girl. I wish that she was in the same year as me. But no-I finished Hogwarts last year, and she’s going into her 7th year this coming month. I’m going to miss her so much. I hope she doesn’t get a new boyfriend this year. Oh who am I kidding? It’s Victorie! Boys are lining up to go out with her. I don’t know why she’s so hesitant to tell me who she fancies. She could get any guy she wanted-it’s not like this bloke isn’t going to like her back! I’m not going to tell her that though. If she thinks this bloke won’t like her, she won’t get together with him. Which means I’ll have a better chance of getting with her. Yeah. Fat chance of that.

Victorie’s pov~

I really hope Teddy stops bugging me about who I like. I might accidentally let it slip that it’s him! How humiliating would that be? He’d probably get really uncomfortable and start avoiding me. I don’t think I could take that. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I see him. The good kind of butterflies of course.

“Hello Maman, Papa.” I greeted my parents as I walked in. They said hello, as I ran up to my room. I collapsed on my bed and began reading a magazine. Or at least, pretending to read. I was actually thinking about Teddy. After a while, Maman walked in to my room. Of course, she didn’t knock.

“Maman! Don’t you ever knock?” I complained.

“I’m sorry honey.” Maman apologized. “Supper iz ready. Come eat” I jumped up and headed downstairs. I was pretty hungry.

“Dom, what are you screeching about?” I asked as my little sister ran in screaming.

“Louis! He put a spider in my hair!” she screeched. Papa turned around, seemingly amused. Just then Louis came in. Papa turned to him with a frown, though his eyes were sparkling in amusement.

“Louis. Why did you put a spider in your sister’s hair?” Papa asked sternly.

Louis shrugged. “ It was funny” he stated simply. I rolled my eyes. Louis always pulled prank like that. Sometimes I wondered if he was actually Uncle George’s kid instead. We ate dinner without much talk. After we were finished, I began to head upstairs.

“Wait, zweetheart. Your Hogwarts letter haz come. Here.” she said, tossing me a letter. Hmm…it seemed heavier this year. I opened it, but when I pulled out the letter, something else fell out. I picked up the badge from the ground. For a moment I didn’t move, just started at the badge with wide eyes. Oh. My. God. Eventually, I was pulled out of my trance by Papa asking what it was. Silently, I handed him the badge.

“Head Girl!? Great job honey, I knew you’d get it!” he smiled. Maman hugged me.

“Congratulations, sweetie. Ze Head Girl is very important. You will do great at it.” she said. I smiled. I truly hadn’t been expecting this position. It was amazing! I couldn’t wait to tell Teddy!

“Can I go out? I want to tell Teddy and everyone!” I said excitedly. My parents gave their permission easily, and I ran to the fireplace after reclaiming my badge. I flooed to Teddy’s flat first.

“Teddy?” I called. He popped out of his room.

“ ’Tori!? What are you doing here? I thought you had to go” he asked me.

“Well, I did, but I’m back. I couldn’t wait to tell you..” I handed him my badge.

Teddy’s pov~

She handed me a badge. I looked at it carefully. Head Girl?! That was amazing! No wonder she was so excited. I picked her up and twirled her around. “Head Girl? That’s great ‘Tori” I said. She squealed as I continued to twirl her.

“Teddy! Put me down!” She squealed. I set her down, but kept my arms around her. She looked up at me, and met my eyes. I matched her gaze evenly. Slowly, I tilted my head down so my forehead was resting on hers.

“Congratulations.” I whispered. She didn’t reply, just kept looking at me. Her eyes were hesitant, like she was unsure of something. Our lips were only inches apart, it would be so easy to kiss her. It was so tempting too.

“Teddy” she whispered. I met her gaze again. She bit her lip slightly. God, it drives me crazy when she does that. Suddenly, she leaned forward, closing the space between us. I’ve imagined kissing her a million times, but it was nowhere near how this felt. She tasted so sweet, and her lips were soft and warm. Our mouths moved together in synchronization. Gently, I ran my tongue over her bottom lip, and she parted her lips to give me access. Kissing her-this truly is amazing.

Victorie’s pov~

I don’t know what made me do it, but I suddenly just leaned forward and kissed him. He seemed surprised at first, but soon began kissing me back. He moved forward until I was pressed against a wall, and his hand moved to my waist. The other tangled in my hair, and I ran both of my hands through his hair. His tongue slipped inside my mouth, and I gave a low moan. This was beyond anything I imagined. Eventually, the need to breath made us break apart.

“Whoa” I gasped for breath.

“You’re telling me” he muttered.

“So umm…what does this mean? I mean are we uhh…do you-?”I blushed. Teddy just smiled.

“Victorie Weasley, will you go out with me?” he asked. I nodded quickly.

“Of course I will Teddy Lupin. Just one thing…”

“And that is…?” he prompted.

“Let’s not tell my family about this yet.” I told him, thinking of how my father would murder him once he found out.

“I can work with that” he smiled. Then he pulled me closer to him and kissed me. Again and again.




A/N~ Just a little one-shot that's been going through my head. I thought it was a cute way to get them together. Please rate/review and tell me what you think!




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Again and Again: Again and Again


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