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Secrets by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Loss
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Disclaimer; Tom Riddle, Olive Hornby, Myrtle and the majority of the plot belong to J.K Rowling. All things you do not recognize belong to me. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the first chapter of ‘Secrets’.


With that proud smirk he used when he knew everything was going right Tom Riddle whispered the command in Parseltongue and closed of the entrance of the Chamber of Secrets and quickly fled the girls’ bathroom. He had to admit it; the placement of the Chamber was a little…unfournate at times as it meant he could only ever visit at night after curfew. The fact that he was a Prefect helped him get away with being out late.


As he reached the entrance to the Slytherin Common Room, he quickly double checked the hallway before sliding inside. He instantly noticed how warm the Common Room was considering it was in the dungeons, his dark eyes fell onto the roaring fire and he rolled his eyes- to feel the cold was a weakness that he did not have. He then noticed a familiar blonde girl curled up within a blanket. Evelyn Barkwith was in Tom’s year and came from a long line of purebloods, she was rather intelligent and so Tom didn’t find her as annoying as the rest of the girls in his year who barely knew one end of their wand from the other, but he was still not overly fond of her and so he flicked his wand at the fire which died down and left her alone.



Evelyn woke up the next morning shivering, she pulled the blanket tighter to her body but it barely made a difference and so she fumbled around in her pocket for her wand and pointed it at the fireplace, a bright flame appearing. She bit down on her bottom lip and moved closer to the fire and stuck her hands in front of it. She sat like that in silence for a few minutes before the Common Room door sprung open and a hysterical Olive Hornby, whom with she shared a dormitory and most of her classes for the past six years.


“Evie” Olive said between sobs, Evelyn stood up and moved beside her friend- rubbing her back in order to calm her down, she waited a few moments before she spoke.


“What’s happened?” She whispered and Olive’s breath caught in her throat.


“I went to find Myrtle, you know that pathetic Ravenclaw?” Evelyn nodded, ever since poor Myrtle had come to Hogwarts Olive had picked on her for her appearance, as much as Evelyn hated what her friend did she didn’t dare say anything to Olive. “I found her in the girls’ bathroom on the second floor and she was-” Olive paused and broke into another round of sobs, “She was dead Evie” Evelyn breath caught in her throat as she bought her friend into a tight embrace.


 Nothing like this had ever happened to Evelyn, things like this didn’t happen in Hogwarts full stop- or at least they hadn’t until this year. Students were being petrified and others were stating that the Chamber of Secrets had been opened and the monster was released. Evelyn did not know what to believe, she’d grown up hearing stories about the Chamber of Secrets from her parents and older brother but that’d always been a bedtime story for her- it was never supposed to be real.


She wanted this- whatever it was, to stop. Everything needed to back to normal, Myrtle needed to still be alive for Olive to pick on- otherwise the balance of Hogwarts was disrupted. As her friend hugged her tighter she wondered if Olive would ever get over the sight that plagued her thoughts.


Authors Note; and there you go, the first chapter/prologue of my new story ‘Secrets’ which is destined to be about thirty chapters long. The chapters will get longer- I just really wanted to end this chapter on that point. Chapter Two is already finished and should be up right after this one. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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