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Her Sight's on Sirius by EnigmaticEyes16
Chapter 3 : Cadence
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Author's Note: Hello everyone! I hope you are excited for the new chapter! I know I haven't updated in a while. Not to mention, this is the shortest chapter so far.

Anyway, I really don't have anything to say, except that I want to give a shout out to (sol) at TDA for the amazing new banner!

Plus, this chapter's gorgeous image is brought to you by Draco_Luva at TDA!

And now, on with the story!


I couldnít believe Sirius was cheating on me. After all weíve been through, how could he do something like that? How could he tell me he loved me and then run off and sleep with any random girl he can find!? Even worse, he slept with two random girls! At the same time! And who knows where the hell he was after that!

It canít be true!

But why would they lie to me?

Ivette and Chelsea seemed so genuine. They felt terrible for doing what they did, but they knew they had to tell me. It was the right thing to do. Sirius used them. And he was using me, too.

Us girls have to stick together; if we donít, the boys will walk all over us.

And why would they lie?

No girl could make up a lie like that.

What girl could hate another girl, especially one she doesnít even know, so much that she would lie about something as horrid as that?

No girl could ever do that to another girl.

It would be utter cruelty.

They canít be lying.

They must be telling the truth.

But how am I going to break up with Sirius?

Thereís no way heís just going to let me dump him in front of all his friends and then walk away without any explanation. Heís Sirius Black! Thereís no way he would allow such a giant bruising to his male ego.

Ugh, and just look where his stupid ego has gotten me!

Crying in my dormitory with the curtains shut tight around my bed like a huge baby.

Well, Iím not a baby.

I can do this.

I can.

Sniffling, I finally removed myself from the bed and went into the lavatory. Staring at my face in the mirror just made me want to cry even more. I looked horrible. I certainly couldnít break up with the hottest guy in school looking like this. My eyes were swollen, red, and puffy; my cheeks stained with freshly wet, and dried, lines of tears.

I turned on the cold water, wetted my face and then dried myself off with a white fluffy towel. A few moments later, I felt much better, but my face was still blotchy. I took out my wand and cast a spell that made all the redness disappear so it looked as if I had never been crying in the first place. And then I used another spell to fix my mascara.


All better.

Now, I looked ready to dump Sirius.

I was just going to do exactly as Ivette and Chelsea said. I was going to walk right up to him and tell him itís over. And then, Iím going to walk away. Iíll go straight down to the kitchens and hide for a couple hours so I donít have to answer his or anyone elseís questions. Iíll deal with all of that later. Right now, I just wanted to dig into a pint of Double Chocolate Frog Ice Cream and cry some more. And thatís exactly what Iíll do until Iím finally over him.

Determined to get this over with as quickly as possible, I took a deep breath and marched out my dorm, down the stairs, through the Hufflepuff Common Room, and all the way to the Great Hall. There, at the doorway, I spotted Sirius laughing at something James had just said.

You can do this, Cadence, I told myself.

Slowly, I marched my way over to Sirius, sitting at the middle of the Gryffindor table surrounded by his friends. I walked right up behind him and, the moment I did so, the three other boys quickly quieted.

Them and their stupid secrecy. They were always scheming. Always coming up with a new prank. And their ridiculous nicknames; Padfoot, Prongs, Mooney, Wormtail. I never understood them. At least now, Iíll never have to listen to them and their whisperings ever again.

Sirius, confused, turned around to find me staring at him. I tried to keep my face as blank as I possibly could, but it was hard. I was never very good at hiding my emotions.

ďCadence?Ē he asked, looking at me with concern in those beautiful grey eyes of his. ďIs something wrong?Ē

Nowís your time, Cadence, I thought. End it.

I took a deep breath. ďItís over, Sirius,Ē I finally spoke, surprising even myself with how heartless I sounded. ďIím breaking up with you.Ē

ďWhat do you mean? Why?Ē he asked, looking sincere. ďDid I do something wrong?Ē

But I couldnít let him fool me. He was a cheater through and through. I couldnít buy into his vicious lies anymore.

ďDonít even try to change my mind, Sirius,Ē I stated with finality. ďWeíre over.Ē

ďCadence!Ē he called after me, but I had already started walking away.

I passed Ivette and Chelsea, sitting side-by-side at the end of the Gryffindor table. Ivette nodded to me in encouragement as I made my leave. I nodded back, grateful for her support, and kept on walking. I was out of the Great Hall in no time.

I looked back the moment I was out in the Entrance Hall, but he hadnít even tried to stop me. If Sirius had any real feelings for me, he would have chased after me. He would have pledged his love and devotion to me. But he didnít. Instead, he remained with his friends, looking stunned but not upset in the least.

I guess that means it really was all just one big lie.

He was only using me. Someone to have available when he couldnít find a one night stand. I was so stupid to ever believe him. To ever let him lead me on like he did.

Well, he will regret this.

One day.

Iíll make sure of that.

But right now, I just wanted to go down to the kitchens and cry my eyes out all over again.

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Her Sight's on Sirius: Cadence


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