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Beyond Help by BlackRain
Chapter 4 : Can't get my head around you
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Hello! It's finally smmmer! Sorry for the long update. I hope you'll like the chapter~!

Sadly I don't own HP or the lyrics that I used.


Image by RyleeAnn@TDA.


Every single day, what you say
Makes no sense to me
Letting you inside isn’t right
Cause you’ll mess with me


The Offspring- (Can’t Get My) Head Around You.



It was dark and dank in the room, the walls clammy with unpleasant moisture. The only light was from a single candle. The room was so dim I could see only that it was roughly oval, the walls and floor of stone. I knew this room like I knew my five fingers. In the dimness I saw shadows of my friends and a boy sitting on a chair, his face as white as paper. Or maybe he looked so white because of the light?


Danny stepped forward and leaned next to the boy in the chair. “What’s your name?”


“J-Jake.” He boy whispered and Danny cracked a smile.


“Who is Lily Luna Potter to you?” Danny whispered and smiled the way Lucifer might have smiled, moments before he fell from Heaven.


“I-I’m dating her. In secret, sir.” I knew Jake had brown hair and loveable green eyes, but right now he looked pathetic.


“Oh enough. It’s not even fun.” I heard Emer growl and the lights suddenly were on.


Jake relaxed. I frowned, the light hurt my eyes. We were in an abandoned classroom. Danny thought it would be funny to ask Jake questions in a dark room, acting like we were a cult. In the end result of that was Jake almost peed himself and a pissed off Emer.


“The party is over,” Emer clapped her hands, “Time to work.”


“But we were working!” Danny whined.


Emer ignored him, sat next to Jake. “Jake Lovelace, right?”


“Yes.” The brown haired boy gave her a faint smile. Emer glanced at me and I joined her.


“We know you don’t like Lily’s idea about asking for our help, but try to help us here.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.


I became really good at sneaking and gathering information. It seems I found my true talent. For a week I was stalking Potter and this is what I know:


1. He likes a lot of syrup on his pancakes. A LOT. It’s like the pancakes are swimming, no drowning in it. It’s sadistic.


2. He hates coffee. ( Who hates coffee?!)

3. Anthony Diaz and Fred Weasley are his best friends. (That just proves he’s an arrogant prat)


4. He likes to sleep shirtless.


5. He secretly writes letters to his mother.


6. For a weird reason which I don’t know he caries this old, very old, parchment in his pocket.


7. His younger brother, Albus, always tries to steal that parchment.

8. He’s probably in love with Scorpius Malfoy. Because…well, they both keep staring and glaring and hissing at each other. I say it’s love-hate relationship.


9. He draws swirls and dots on his parchment during class. Mostly escapes to his La-la-la land which is full of clowns (clowns are evil).


10. Is probably mental. Why? Well he keeps glaring at me, weirdly looking at me. Almost in the same manner he glares at his lover Scorpius.

Fun? Not really. I think I’m turning into a creep. A stalker. I just need binoculars and dress all in black. I’m like a ninja…a totally mental ninja. You get the picture?


If I’d spent a little more time stalking Potter I’d go totally mental. Jake can help me keep my sanity. We need James to like Jake. So we need to know everything about Jake and what James thinks about Jake.


“Well Jace,” Andie began


“It’s Jake.” It was quite funny how the boy almost had a heart attack in the dark and now when the candles were lit he dares to correct one of us…


“Potato, tomato…what’s the difference? I’ll tell you. NONE.” Andie screamed at the poor boy’s face. Jake jumped in his seat. He looked at me and Emer pleadingly. Wow… He’s desperate if he thinks we’re the sane ones here.


“Jake,” I smiled at the guy, hoping I didn’t look like a serial killer. Danny snorted. It’s seems my nice act was not appreciated.


“It’s like we’re playing good cop and bad cop…” My idiot of a best friend muttered to Eric who stayed quiet all this time. In the dim light I saw Eric smile at me.


I ignored them “What does James like?” Danny audibly slapped his head. I gave him an outraged look. What? It’s a sensible question. It’s hell better to ask him what he knows about James than to ask about him and Lily when we know everything… Well not everything, but knowing Gryffindors if we got Jake a little drunk we would probably know everything about Lily… Not that I want to know everything about Lily Potter…


“James really likes Quidditch.” Jake smiled. Well thank you, Captain obvious.


“Do all Gryffindors only think about Quidditch?” I asked Eric, ignoring Jake.


“It’s an awesome game. You should try it.”


“Screw you, I’m not trying anything.” I was annoyed that he suggested me to play that idiotic game… It’s a conspiracy. He wants me to play because our captain thinks I ‘might be good at it’.


“You’re so going to try it.” Danny smirked. Simply as that we forgot Jake and why we were in an abandoned classroom in the middle of the night and launched into a stupid argument full of ‘Hell no’ and ‘Hell yes’.


“Order! I will have order!” Emer screamed.


“Order? Who the hell are you to have order?” Andie sounded outraged. She loved chaos. Emer loved order… Danny loved to have the wittiest comebacks… Eric loved doing nothing… And I loved finding ways to make every situation useful to me… I can’t imagine how we can actually do something.


Our peaceful night turned into chaos. Danny, Emer, Andie and Eric started arguing about something… I was in no mood for that. Tonight.


“I’m the bloody queen of England! I want order!” Danny squalled like a little girl, probably trying to sound like Emer.


“I don’t even sound like that you twat! I can’t believe I’m related to you!”


“Oh, we seem AGAIN to be trapped in an episode of One Life to Waste.” Eric flicked a strand of hair out of his eyes.


“It’s all very dull.” Andie observed. Emer, who was ranting at Danny how he was truly adopted, after Andies comment shut up.


“I have a flair for dramatics. Sue me.”


I just watched and amused myself. Until somebody cracked under pressure…


“You are all fucking insane!” It was Jake. He jumped from his seat and ran out of the classroom. For a moment we all were quiet.


“He’s gonna get fucking caught.” Danny stated the obvious as he kicked the chair where few moments ago sat the fragile Gryffindor…


I started laughing.




“Can you not drool on the table?” James Pratter elbowed me. Uh, you see I was trying to get some sleep, but my Charms partner is an idiot.


“Can you not talk or elbow me while I’m trying to sleep?” I hissed at him


“The professor is explaining about our project that we have to do in pairs. I want to get a good grade, so don’t mess this up and listen,” God, he whines like an old woman. Like my Aunt.


“Listen, I need this like I need a Popsicle without a stick. I know I won’t fail. It’s your problem if you fail.” I hissed and tried to fall asleep.


Oh, holly muffin! I should be nice to him! Befriend him! “Err, did you sleep well?” I asked and James cringed his nose


“If Miss Mint and Mr. Potter are finished catching up, I can explain what you have to do,” Professor Flitwick frowned at me, “You have to take one thing, for example a table, and use all charms that you know on it. You have to use at least 50 charms on it and write everything down. The deadline is next weeks Thursday. You have only a week, so start doing it now. Everything was to be in details.” The professor finished and I groaned.


The bell rang and I stood up.


“I have always wondered why people bang their heads against brick walls… then I met you.” Potter smirked at me. I turned red. Why does he act like that with me? I’m part of ‘Illegals’, but even I’m nice!


Okay... maybe a little nice... I‘m lying, I could be a perfect Slytherin, all arrogant and evil!


“Great! You can meet me again today after classes in this classroom because we’ll start doing our project!” I chirped happily. Potter rolled his eyes. I stomped out of the classroom, head raised high.



After two hours of doing absolutely nothing in Potions, it was time for dinner (It’s a surprise I aced all my O.W.L’s!). Another amazing day at the Gryffindor table.


As I sat down next to Lily, I got few interesting reactions. Rose and Anthony grinned at me like crazy. Dominique (The Evil Nutter) gave me a death worthy glare, the two Pratters raised their eyebrows and Fred Weasley did not even glance at me. Huh.


Gooooood day my beloved Gryffindors!” My voice was like covered in sugar and that made Albus Potter cringe. I know how you feel, buddy.


“Hello Deborah!” Rose smiled at me. For a moment I felt like I was welcomed here. My sarcastic mood was gone. I glanced at James. He was sitting on the opposite side me. I gave him a small smile. It seems he was in a better mood too.


Or so I thought.


Suddenly, he jumped on the table, ignored all the nasty comments sent his way, and slumped next to me. He brushed his dark hair away from his brown eyes and gave me a smug smile.


“I can’t wait until this show gets on the road! This charms assignment is awesome,” he said. “You and me are going to have so much fun, Mint. Burning chairs and writing everything down, occasionally doing each others hair!” I couldn’t help, but to laugh. It was my life. I was stuck with this arrogant bastard, and maybe I can even enjoy this. He knew what sarcasm is, that’s good, right?


“It’s you and I, not you and me...” I corrected him. James was surprised not understanding what I was saying. I believe I speak English…My palms started sweating.


“Oh, cut the crap,” It was Dominique who spoke. Even if James was getting used to idea of me being with them, Dominique just couldn’t. “What are you doing here?”


“I have a diabolical master plan.” I grinned at her.


“What plan?” Rose asked curiously. Well, to befriend our arrogant idiotic cousin, make him trust me, brainwash him that Jake’s a cool guy and hope James doesn’t kill Jake when he finds out that Jake’s dating his baby sister for whole five months. Sabotage few Quidditch games while at it. Oh, and destroy your blonde cousin over here.


“Now if I told you it wouldn’t be diabolical, would it?”


My words were greeted by a soft laugh. “I like her, Lily. You should keep her around.” Albus Potter smirked at me. He was really sweet bloke. At first glance he looked adorably cute and hot at the same time. Black hair, green hypnotizing eyes, but he had that glint in his eyes… He was a person you didn’t want to mess with. I can only imagine what would happen if I was on his bad side.


“And if you don’t want her I’d love to have her!” Anthony wiggled his eyebrows. I loved to analyze other people but Anthony was hard to crack. I still didn’t know if he only acted stupid or he was truly an idiot.


I closed my eyes and hugged myself. I shuddered at the thought of that idiot’s hands on my body. No one’s gonna hurt me. Oh, if only I could make Jake talk to me about James… I was wasting myself here.


“Mint, I joked about doing each others hair. You don’t have to be scared.” James said softly and I opened my eyes… just to see his brown eyes staring at my green ones.


“Ahh!” I cried and fell of the stool. If my skirt was longer it now would be on my head…


Can I just get more awkward?




Mission accomplished.


“Are you okay?” I was surrounded by brown eyed, freckled freaks. Anthony stretched his hand to help me, but I ignored.


Never ever play with hungry animals. And the Wotter clan looked like a bunch of angry animals, who would rip you in pieces. One moment it’s all good and the next Potter is in my personal space, trying probably to hypnotize me with his brown eyes. And then trade my unconscious body to Anthony for a Dumbledore card.


“Maybe she got a concussion?” Lily said. “She’s looking weirdly at us.” Ah, I will not be traded for a stupid Chocolate Frog card. I dusted myself off.


“James, don’t forget we have Charms assignment to do.” With those words I left. Now I wonder if they think I’m crazy. I’m not mental. My mother got me checked.




I was ruminating through piles of male clothes, searching.


“You always avoid the subject,” He didn’t let it go. Why did I even think he would? It’s Eric, after all.


“I’m not avoiding anything,” I said, still searching. At this point I was furiously rumanaging. If the room was a little messy before I came in, now it looked like someone had a battle here.


“You are,” He didn’t let it go. Why would he? He fights for things he wants. I was getting really annoyed and frustrated. I was crawling, looking under the beds. NOWHERE. And Eric was just annoying me even more.


“Fine,” I stood up, finally gave him the attention he wanted, “What do you want to know?”


“Everything.” He said and I shivered. I’m not an open book.


“Everything is such an abstract thing. It can mean nothing.” I said and spotted a pile which I haven’t checked.


“Everything means everything. Not nothing.” He ducked as a pair of jeans almost hit him. “What the hell are you looking for?” Now he was clearly annoyed.


“Don’t be a sissy. Clothes won’t gonna kill you.” Finally I spotted the dark blue. Found it. “B-I-N-G-O, bingo. Hello darling.” I smiled as I pulled the jumper out of the pile.


“You were looking for a jumper so desperately? “ Yes, Eric. Sometimes clothes are more important than you.


“Yes. It’s Danny’s, he asked me to bring it to him”


“What? He doesn’t have his own hands and legs?” Eric snapped. His soft features where gone.


“I bring you guys coffee to bed sometimes. You want me to stop that?” I didn’t wait for the answer and left Seventh Year boys dorm. Eric went after me.


“I just want to know if you like him.” I almost fell down the stairs. Eric caught me. His arms were linked around my waist.


“Who?” I asked surprised.


“Potter, who else? You’re always with him.” Eric frowned. I audibly slapped myself. Is he for real?


“Of course I am, you idiot!” I snapped. I got out of his embrace and stomped angrily down the stairs. It’s good sometime to have someone who loves you. You may not love him, despise him, but it’s good to know that someone is in love with you. That means you are not that ugly, not that dumb. That you too can be loved, but then comes the question of loving. I always ask that myself.


Can I love?


I’m happy that Eric likes me. Every time a girl starts hitting on him, I keep him on a shorter leash. I flirt with him, smile more often. I know… That’s disgusting. I am toying with him. But I need someone to love me. Because I don’t love myself. If he loves me that means I’m still human. Not a Dementor.


Of course, Danny can see through me. I don’t understand why he doesn’t tell Eric what an evil, monster I am. But probably he understands it’s better to have fake hopes than have your heart stomped like Dominique Weasley did with his.


It happened last year, just before Christmas… I noticed Danny kept spacing out. Being calm and quiet wasn’t Danny’s kind of a thing. After few observations I came to conclusion he’s staring at Dominique. I mean what guy wouldn’t stare at her? Blonde locks, Veela blood and back then I didn’t know she was heartless.


Danny is a good looking bloke. Funny. Maybe sometimes way over his head, but he’s my best friend. So I encouraged him to ask Dominique out. He hadn’t even told Eric about his crush.


Before one Transfiguration lesson Danny decided to ask Dominique out. I gave him a pep talk. And he seemed okay. Actually, his palms were sweaty, his heart beat was unsteady and he looked grayish. I was so shocked to see my Danny like that. The cool guy who loves attention was trembling. He really, really liked her.


He went to Dominique. He took a deep breath. Closed his eyes. And that was when everything went down. You see, the idiot closed his eyes.


He opened his mouth and said quite loudly, “I think you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” By the time he ended his sentence I was next to him. Everyone started laughing and Danny opened his eyes… To realize he just told Professor Bletchley that she’s most beautiful girl in the world. Which was a big, big, BIG lie.


Not only after that Danny was made fun of, he couldn’t look at Dominique, Professor Bletchley was out for blood, but he also was pissed off at me. He said it was my fault. Well maybe it was. For a moment I closed my eyes too, praying Dominique will not turn him down, and when I opened my eyes he was already confessing his feelings to our Transfiguration Professor.


I know I am a pathetic friend. Even after that failure I encouraged Danny to ask Dominique out. And he did. And he got turned down. I still told him to try. Because I saw how he liked her. When Eric found out he too encouraged him.


We kept telling him, “Are you an Illegal or not?!” Of course he was an Illegal, to the deeps of his soul he was. So he asked her again and again and got turned down.


And then the hell broke lose.


It was the most important thing of the year. The match that would decide who would win the Quidditch Cup. Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor. Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw. Both team Captains were out for blood. We already knew we’ll have the House Cup and if we had the Quidditch Cup... It would be a dream come true. We had a chance finally prove that Ravenclaws are the best. We had a really good chance.


I hate Quidditch, but both Danny and Eric played Chasers. And it was no secret that Gryffindor’s Quidditch team was full of Weasleys. Dominique played the Chaser. You can only imagine what happened.


Who said Gryffindors are not sneaky? Whose Wotters and Peasleys would do anything to win. They care only about winning. Maybe we are not so different from them.


Everything happened few seconds until Roxanne Weasley caught the snitch and Gryffindor won the Cup. Danny had the Qualffe. He was about to score when Dominique decided to chat with him. We, in the viewing stands, couldn’t hear what she said to him, but Danny told us later. She said “Give me the Qualffe and I’ll go out with you!” Can you believe it? If I would not have been there, watching the match, I would have never believed this story. Danny, being the idiot in love, gave her that stupid red ball. She scored. Roxanne caught the snitch. Gryffindor won.


And just before Ravenclaw team could run and beat the hell out of Danny, Dominique laughed at him and said that he’s an idiot if he believed she’d go out with him. I can even quote her: ‘Girls with arses like mine don’t go out with guys with faces like yours.’


Every single student heard her words, saw Danny as pale as snow. And then saw how Ravenclaw students came to him like angry vultures. Killing him with words. Even Eric didn’t talk to Danny for a week.


I think Danny still likes her. But she’s going down. I just don’t know how yet.




I’m not sure that the picture of the wide-eyed zombie girl biting out the brains of Scorpius Malfoy was part of James homework, but if it is, his Arithmancy’s Professor is awesome.


“Ready to work?” James jumped at the sound of my voice. He was so concentrated into drawing he hadn’t noticed that I entered the classroom.


“Fine,” He closed his book. It was a sketch book. Interesting. “We’ll do it on a chair, right?” I nodded. “Fine, I’ll do the spells, you’ll write everything down.” He said as he stood up glancing at the wooden chair like it was the most valuable thing in this room.


“WHAT? No way. I’ll do the spells. You might hurt yourself.” I said sweetly, our eyes were locked hungrily on the chair.


James took a small step to the chair, “No, no. You’ll probably get tired. Writing will be easier.” Yeah right, who said chivalry is dead? Here a true gentleman let’s the girl write everything down. We both knew that doing the spells was an easier job than writing everything down.


I took a step to the chair. “Oh no. Don’t worry about me. I won’t get tired.” I smiled. Our gazes met. James straightened, half-grimacing, half-smiling. He tried to pull off his ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn’ look, but failed.


I could easily read his thoughts. He wanted me to do all the work, while he would just have fun. Bastard. Well, I am an Illegal for a reason, buddy.


“Oh my God! Look!” I screamed and pointed at the door. James turned his head and at that moment I tried to grab the chair. It seems Quidditch is useful, because James was faster than me. We grabbed the chair at the same time. We knocked the chair down, James lying on top of me, I was trying to hold him down, while he was trying to get up or reach the chair with this left hand that was free.


“That chair… is fucking… mine! I growled. My hair was getting in my mouth.


“No way!” James growled back at me. Our legs were tangled. He was trying to get up, I was trying to get on top of him. He seemed like he didn’t want to hurt a girl. Good. My nails were digging into his right arm that I kept in a choke hold. If it was a different situation, it would be hot. But I wanted that chair.


“Give up, Potter! IT’S MINE!” He winced as my lips were directly to his left ear.


“No! It’s mine, you crazy woman!” Finally, I managed to get on top of him, but his fingers got tangled in my hair and that freaking hurt.


“Give up!” James tried to get his fingers out of my hair, it hurt and my eyes started watering. Good thing I wore contact lenses today, because my glasses would have been broken.


“You’re the woman! You’re gonna do the writing!” He growled at me, and suddenly he was on top of me. That’s not good. The tips of his fingers already touched the chair. If he got the hold of it I would be stuck with writing!




He was half sitting half lying on me, his body hot, our faces red… For a moment our gazes locked. He was so close. It was uncomfortable. And then an idea hit me. I stopped struggling and cleared my throat.


”HEEEEEELP, HEEEELP!” I started screaming. Potter gave me a ‘What-the-fuck’ look, but I kept screaming. “I’M BEING RAPED HERE! HEEEEL-!” Potter’s hand covered my mouth. TAKE IT OFF. I don’t even want to know were that hand was.


“I’m not raping you, you idiot!” He hissed. It was actually weird to hear The Good Boy hissing. It didn’t fit him. I growled in response. “You’d do anything to get what you want, wouldn’t you?” His breath was warm on my cheek. Again I growled. “Now, I will take my hand off your mouth and you will not scream. And we’ll talk.” Oh hell we’ll talk. I bit his fingers, he yelped and with that distraction I was again on top.


“Oh you wanna talk? Okay let’s talk!” Now I was the one doing the hissing. I probably looked crazy. It’s not professional. “You are being childish. I’ll do the spells, and you will do the writing.”


“No way.” Potter stopped trying to throw me off. Now he was just lying and looking at me. I couldn’t read his emotions because they were changing very quickly. “You had to turn this into a fight? I know people like you, Deborah. My life is full of them. Always getting what they want, loved by mommy and daddy, who think they are angels. Just living you’re pureblood dream. No wonder you’re friends with those purebloods. You, purebloods, you’ll the same. I actually though Lily found a normal friend, but I was wrong. I don’t want my sister to turn out like Vicky or Molly did. You are no role model for my little sister. The way you treat other people, like they are nothing. You stomp over other people heads just because mommy and daddy told you ‘you are the best’?"


By the time he stopped his little rant I hadn’t started breathing. I stopped when he started. Loved by mommy and daddy? Pureblood? I don’t say he didn’t say the truth… but the things that are truth, they apply to him too. But my parents don’t care about me, my brother left me and I am a mudblood.


“Deborah…? Deborah!” James started shaking me. “Mint, this is not funny. Start breathing!”


My lungs started burning and I sucked oxygen in. Like a robot I got off James. He stood up too.


“Yeah, I bet it’s hard to hear you are a bitch when all other people are afraid to tell you that.” He said meekly, his cheeks burning.


“You are a hypocrite.” I whispered.


He looked bluntly at me. I felt like crying. His stupid words got to me. Who is he to me? How dare he say that to me, I can handle the truth. Yeah, I stomp over other people heads to get what I want, but that’s not because my parents let me do whatever I want. It’s because it’s the only way I know how to live. But he’s such a hypocrite… he knows so little about me and dares to judge me.


My silence was making him feel uncomfortable. His already red cheeks were going redder even more. I guess it’s guilt. James is actually a really nice, curious, gullible boy. But the world where he lives is full of glamour and lies. He had to grow a tough skin.


Just like me.


“Deb, I’m sorry. I should have said that in a nicer way…” Gryffindor. Always has to say what he thinks. No lying, only bold truth.


“I’m a mudblood.” I whispered. I was not ashamed of that fact. I didn’t give a damn, actually. Or maybe I pretended I didn’t give damn?


“Wha-what?” James looked at me dumbstrucked.


“I am a mublood. A muggle-born. You know, non-magic parents?” Finally, I got my normal voice back.


“Wha…I thought-”


“Well you thought wrong.” I smiled sweetly at him, putting every bit of venom I had in my body in that smile. Sugary death. “But don’t worry, pet. You are a hypocrite and I am egocentric. So here’s a compromise. 25 spells are mine, 25 yours and we’ll both do the writing.” I had my business voice on. It said ‘Take my offer or get lost.’ Of course, like everyone else, James took the offer.


We dusted ourselves off. James pulled up a chair at the table, where I sat down ready to start working, and flipped it backwards, letting his chin rest on its slatted back. He brushed his brown hair away from his brown eyes and gave me a small smile.




“Yes?” I asked gingerly.


“I hate when people call me hypocrite and even more when they’re right. Tell me about yourself…” I raised my eyes from my notes and looked at him bluntly. Tell something about myself? It was such a normal question to other people… to me it was a nightmare. Still, I had to be nice to him. And I was tired…


“I am Deborah Victoria Mint. I am 17 years old.” I said awkwardly.


“I know that. Well now I know your middle name.” James laughed.


“What, are we playing 20 questions?”


“We can. It’s a fun game actually.” He smiled at me. It looked like he’s feeling sorry for saying those things to me, he wanted to make it up. To me it was an opportunity to know him better.


“My favorite color is blue…” I said, James smiled and nodded for me to carry on, “My mother is a shrink, dad is a politician.”


“Any siblings?” My heart skipped a beat. I gave a small nod. He probably understood it wasn’t a good topic for me, “Favorite food?”


“Sushi!” I smiled.


“See, we have something in common. I love sushi too.” We both laughed. “What do you want to do when you leave Hogwarts?” It looked like a simple question, but again it was a headache to me.


“I… Just don’t laugh, okay? I want to be a musician…” I kept looking at my fingernails. I heard no laughter out of James.


“Do play any kind of an instrument?” He asked quietly. Even not looking at his face I could tell he had his sweet sincere smile on.


“I play the piano, but I always wanted to play the harp.” Again no laughter, “But it’s a stupid dream. I’ll probably work in Gringott’s seeing how crazy I am about money…”


“Why not try to be a musician?”


“It’s a lot of work, besides I don’t know if I have the talent. I like playing, I don’t like learning, I don’t like history of music… I just like to play…”


“Yeah, well, we all have to do things we don’t like to get what we like. That’s life.”


My snarky switch flipped on. “What are you, an after-school special?”


A ghostly smile flickered across his face. “If you weren’t so psychotic, you’d be fun to hang around.”


“Funny, I feel that way about you too.”


He didn’t say anything else, but his smile grew wider.


“It seems we aren’t that different, are we?” I laughed. At the same time I felt good and bad. Good because now I know one person knows truth about me and he doesn’t judge me. Bad because I always believed James Potter is an arse.


“Let’s see who writes faster, shall we?” I always loved competition, gambling.


“You’re on, crazy woman.” It seemed James liked it too.


“Just don’t cry after I win.” I laughed.


I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think! Favourite quotes, scenes? Any thoughst on Deb, James, Dominique and Danny? Or any other character?

Oh, and this chapter was beta'ed by emeraldeyes77! Thanks~.

And here is a preview for the next chapter:

'Oh Merlin. She had definitely heard the whole conversation between James and Dominique. She knows about my sex life – McGonagall thinks she knows about my sex life…'

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