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The One That Got Away by AriellaGranger
Chapter 6 : DADA Professor.
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 Hermione’s mind almost seemed to explode as Draco kissed her. But while her mind whirled, she sat stock still, while Draco’s hands carefully caressed her shoulders.

Her scent was making him dizzy, an intoxicating aroma of summer berries wafted around him, with her curls falling, brushing against his face. But something wasn’t right. Draco pulled away from her, confusion written across his face, shock clearly etched across hers.

“But-“she managed to stutter after minutes of an awkward silence passed between.

“I’m sorry...I shouldn’t of-“he managed to stammer out before his voice shook too much for him to continue.

“But, Draco-“But before Hermione could finish, Draco jumped up from his chair and fled through the door. She could only watch him go, still seemingly unable to speak.
Draco wasn’t able to sleep. His room was warm, the fire blazing away. Beside his bed, the book he’d been picking up and putting down over the last 4 hours whilst trying to coerce himself into sleep, but it just wouldn’t come.
“You IDIOT! Why the hell did you kiss her?”
Folding up a letter to Ginny, Hermione tied it to the leg of her owl, which took off out the window into the still overcast sky, carrying her plea for advice from her friend.  She still wasn’t sure how she felt about kissing Malfoy. It was so different to kissing Ron. As far as she knew, he’d only kissed herself and Lavender. But Draco, still REALLY knew what he was doing...


She was MARRIED! Married to the boy she’d love all her life-most of her life. Draco was simply a once upon a time, the long forgotten fairy tale without a happily ever after. She had Ron now, and as infuriating as he could be, he was the boy she married.
“Oh it’s just too bloody confusing!”
Then the chiming of her clock on the desk caught her attention, realizing it was almost time for breakfast and she was standing around in her old flannel pyjamas.
She quickly moved to the door, pulled out her wand, pointed it at her throat and muttered “Sonorus” causing her voice to flood the entire school.

“Good morning Hogwarts students and staff. Breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes. Please quickly and carefully make your way to the Great Hall. Thank you.”

“Only Hermione would make everyone come to breakfast at the same time,” Harry mumbled to himself as he rolled out of his bed and threw on his clothes and robes before rushing out the door into the wave of students.”
Draco had been up for hours, strolling the corridors, catching out all the students who’d obviously snuck out the night before. He’d already handed out a dozen detentions. His lack of sleep combined with the night before left him in a foul mood. Next thing he knew Hermione’s voice flooded the hallways followed by a thunderous roar of feet as hundreds of students hurried towards the Great Hall. A few shouts of ‘Morning Professor!’ greeted Draco as he too made his way to the Great Hall.

Hermione had managed to hurry fast enough to beat most of the students to the Great Hall and waited patiently for all the student to come in and sit down. She saw Rose sitting with Albus, chatting happily away. James was a few seats down from then with some of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Then she saw Draco enter the hall and glide down between the house tables. With his long billowy robes paired with his scowl he looked scarily like a blond Snape. Just behind him was Harry, looking happily at home. The loud noise in the hall suddenly died down, quickly replaced with whispers. Albus sat up a bit and waved happily at his Dad. Rose joined him, though a little shyly. James however was hiding his face in his hands. When Harry reached the staff table at the front he stopped beside Hermione and said “Just like old times-they still whisper.”
Hermione took the sudden quiet as a good opportunity to introduce Harry.

“Well good morning Hogwarts. Before breakfast I have a couple of things to say. First, the Lake is out of bounds unless accompanied by a teacher or our head boy or girl, thanks to two 2 careless students last night.”
A great moan went up through the Hall-everyone knew the Lake was a favourite hangout for students especially in those still warm after-summer months.
“Now, now I have no plans to make it permanent, just for the rest of the term. Secondly, if you were to look at your timetables, you will find that you all now have Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. This clearly means that our new professor has arrived, as you may well have noticed. Many of you will be familiar with his story-Professor Harry Potter.”
Applause rang through the hall,  some whoops and cheers yelled as well as Harry waved his hand to everyone before sitting down between Neville and Luna, who both greeted him very happily.
“Now, as always, enjoy your classes and study hard.”
The room instantly filled with clatter as the tables filled with food and conversation broke out. Many students were still watching Harry, James, however had gotten out of his seat, and was marching up to his father.
“Dad! What the HELL are you doing here?”

“Teaching. Your aunt asked me to fill in and I agreed.”

“But WHY?! I mean, come on. I don’t my DAD at school?”

“Well Scorpius has his dad here at school. Rose has her Mother here. So I’m sure you can manage me here as well. And would you rather you mother.”
James eyes widened and he quickly shook his head. Hermione giggled, she knew how much Ginny was like her mother.

“Right then. Go eat. I’ll see you fourth period.”

James turned on heel and quickly returned to his seat. Harry smiled at Hermione, who could feel Malfoy watching her. She ignored him and continued nibbling on her toast.  

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