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Her scent His eyes by Scabior_girl_for_life
Chapter 5 : a night of introductions
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Her Scent His Eyes

By Scabior's girl for life

I dont own it cause if i did Scabori would not die. and if id did it would be better than falling of a darn bridge.

I have used a like from HPDH

Chapter 5


Hermione found herself in front of a large mansion. She knew it couldn't be Malfoy manor from what was said earlier. But he could still be handing her over to someone else. She began to cry because she was now certain she would never know if harry and Ron would be ok until it was all over and too late to either save or help them.

"I have broken my word sorry miss Lovegood." Scabior mumbled to him self

"You took Luna," Hermione asked furious. She didn't know if it was true but how else would he have even seen let alone talked to the young Blonde girl. Her father had nothing to do with the dark side it was quite the opposite.

"It is my job love I'm sorry she was wanted" Scabior said not looking at Hermione at all.

"How can you be so heartless she is just a girl" Hermione yelled.

"You know nothing about me princess so I suggest you behave yourself" Scabior said nearly dragging Hermione in to the mansion. Once in he locked the door and took her wand.

"I'll be tanking this for now there is a room up the stairs and to the left it is four doors down you can use that one. I have one request don't go in to the north wing" Scabior said then walked off down the hall. She heard one last thing he mumbled Luna was at Malfoy Manor.

Hermione just watched him and thought maybe to follow him. But changed her mind she didn't want to anger him anymore he did now hold her life in his hands. So she continued up the stairs and to the room Scabior told her she could use. She thought about the young blonde girl. She may have been odd but she was kind and sweet. All she and her father had were each other she couldn't bear to have any more children lose their parents or parents loose their children. But all of these thought just made her angrier who was Scabior to take Luna from her father just because he thinks differently. So by the time she reached the door it was flung open and slammed. And she began to yell at herself.

"How could you be so stupid Hermione Jane Granger? Sure go with the good looking snatcher he won't do anything wrong. He gave your wand back and you help him. And then he gives you your wand back. And what do you do help him; instead of the smart thing attack him. And now you are stuck her in a mansion all alone with no one but him. And to top it you anger him and he takes your wand what a great big mess you get yourself into." Hermione yelled to no one. She breathed a little then heard a small voice calling out to her.

"Dobby what are you doing here" She asked turning to the door.

"Dobby is here to rescue you of course" Dobby said walking up to Hermione holding out his hand.

"I'm sorry dobby but if I leave he will probably just come after me again or worse harry and Ron" Hermione said.

"Dobby understands would you like me to tell Harry Potter anything." Dobby asked.

"Yes please tell him that Luna is at Malfoy Manor if he can find anyone to save her please ask him that he dose" Hermione said. Dobby nearly nodded and with a snap of his fingers he was gone.


Scabior paced in his study trying to calm down before he returned to Greyback and Cosgrave. He never meant to get so angry but she also had no clue what was at stake for him. If he didn't do what the dark lord wanted most every would be lost to him. But he had to return soon or Greyback and Cosgrave would get suspicious. Even if she erased up till just before he returned from turning in Luna and the lot. They may have been on his team but they were also there to watch him. If he didn't come back in time all truly would be lost.

He was soon in the forest again Greyback and Cosgrave were just waking up. They didn't seem at all confused as to why there were sleeping on the forest ground.

"How much did we get for the Lovegood girl" Cosgrave said.

"It in your bags you all were asleep and quite frankly you two are a royal pain in the ass if someone wakes you before you are good and ready." Scabior said Looking around. He caught site of the bag she had thrown to harry. There was a note on it.


If you get this we have taken out what we need but left you books for you. I hope he or you come back to this spot and find it. I didn't know where you were going but I know that you may just die if you don't have a book to read.


Ps. Scabior if you are the one who finds this I promise with everything I'm fighting for that I will be back for her when all this is over.

Scabior quickly stuffed the bag in one of his pockets along with the note before Greyback or Cosgrave could see.

"Alright let's get going we still have 2 more mudblood to get before we reach our quota" Scabior said. If they got them to night he wouldn't have to go back out for a month. That was how the snatcher units worked. Three out at a time. When the reach there quota they get a month off. And he needed this month off.


Hermione was still pacing in her room as night began to fall. Many things were going through her mind what would really happen to her. Why didn't he turn her in. why didn't he just turn them in instead of making a compromise. Why did his eyes haunt her so. Was he even still in the house. All of these were running throught her mind since she got there late afternoon. A small voice made her jump and scream

"Im sorry miss didn't mean to frighten you, I'm pixie and the master would like to know if you would like to come down for dinner" the small house elf asked.

"No I don't think I will be for tonight" Hermione said. She was still angry about Luan and didn't have the appetite to eat as it was. The house elf disappeared before she could even finish. Hermione hope that the elf wouldn't be punished on her account.

She settled into her bed and watched the moon rise as she slowly fell asleep.


Pixie came down with the news that Hermione wouldn't be eating with him tonight. He didn't quite expect she would. After all he may have condemned one of her friends to death. He ate quickly and returned to his study for some time to read. One of his few joys left in this world. But soon he kept looking elsewhere hoping she was awake. He decided to go find her and see if she was at least hungry and if so he could have something sent up.

"Pixie" Scabior called.

"Yes Master" the small house elf asked from his desk.

"Our guest do you know where she is" Scabior asked.

"In her room I believe would master like me to fetch her" Pixie asked

"No that won't be necessary how she has been to day I know I asked you to watch her" Scabior asked.

"She had a visit from the house elf dobby he used to be of the Malfoy household" Pixie said.

"What happened" Scabior asked maybe she was going to leave him after all

"Dobby came to take her away but she chose to stay, she instead asked dobby to save a girl named Luna" Pixie said.

"Thank you pixie" Scabior said patting the house elf's head. He never was one for house elves but pixie was almost like a small sister to him. She was the elf in charge of him when he was growing up and he grew a fondness for her. She was freed when he came of age and was allowed to by his parents. But she stayed with him for whatever reason. In turn for her work she got free food and a roof over her head. That was all she asked for.

As Scabior climbed the stairs that would lead him to Hermione's room. He wondered what he would find. Would she still be there and will she still be angry at him? Or maybe she had even left by now. What would he do if she left him?

He knocked and there was no answer. He turned to leave the turned back to the door. This process continued for about 10 minutes. Until, he slowly opened the door to find her sleeping calmly on the bed. She gave him a feeling of peace as he watched her sleep. He pulled her beaded bag out of his pocket as well as the letter. He swept some hair behind her ear then left to retire to his own bed.


Hermione woke early in the morning as she usually did. As she rolled over she found the bag and note from Harry. She smiled at harry's little quip about her dyeing with out a book. She was also happy that Scabior did give it to her. But she wondered when he brought it. Pixie was waiting for her.

"Goodmoring miss what would you like for breakfast" Pixie as Happily

"I can get it. I'm sort of against the enslavement of house elvs so I don't let them wait on me" Hermione said getting out of bed.

"Pixie is a free elf she has been since master came of age" Pixie said happily. That was when Hermione noticed that Pixie didn't were the normal Pillow shirt that house elves did but a small dress most likely ment for a toddler.

"I'm glad to hear it Pixie I like your dress, but I do think I will still like to make my own breakfast I haven't cooked for my self in a long time" Hermione said smiling, "but could you show me the kitchen"

"Oh course right this way miss" Pixie said taking Hermione's hand.

"Is Scabior still here" Hermione asked.

"No mam he has gone out" Pixie said.

Hermione knew where he was out snatching people. She didn't like this at all but she couldn't really help it at all. She asked pixie if she wanted anything while she cooked. It was fun for her to cook she loved to make something delicious out of many ingredents. Pixie however said no. Hermione still cooked and sat alone in the kitchen.

She decided if she was going to be living her she was going to venture around the house. She found a conservatory off of the east wing. She knew if she would be her long this is where she would spend a lot of time. That was until she traveled north to the library. She soon left the library to finish exploring when she found a lone door at the end of the hall.

The room it lead to was large. It looked to be a girls room.

"What are you doing in here"

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