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Vanishing Act by Bookworm045
Chapter 23 : Chapter 23
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Chapter 23

As she walked through the halls, a small smile curled her lips when people jumped to get out of her way, Lucy and Dominique flanking her on either side, all of their heals clicking with importance, her smile widening only slightly when all heads in her path ducked out of respect.

“Dee,” Rose said, her tone of voice ice- smooth and completely neutral. It did not stop Dee’s eyes from widening in horror.

Lucy knew exactly what was running through her head. ‘How could she know?’.

But the truth was, Lucy didn’t know the answer to that. She didn’t know how Rose always knew everything that was going on with her group of Elite. There were ten members in the Elite, and seven more in Rose’s inner circle (Lucy, Dominique, Lorcan, Lysander, Scorpius, Al, and Rose herself were the inner circle) and then there were the three girls in her trio (Dominique, Lucy, and Rose). Lucy had no idea how someone as busy as Rose could possibly find the time to keep tabs on everyone. But she did.

“I request your full attention,” Rose continued after a moment, her eyes searching Dee for a few seconds, looking at her as if she were sizing the girl up. It was only instinctual, she, and everyone else, knew that no one matched her.

Dee nodded once, once again, out of respect, even though she did not want to hear what she knew was coming next.

“You have proved yourself undeserving to continue to be in the Elite,” eighteen year old Rose said silkily, her voice holding no apologies. “I assume you know why you are being asked to leave?”

Dee did not respond and Rose nodded curtly. “Good; I shan’t have to announce it. Your bracelet.”

Lucy watched as Rose held out her slender hand, waiting for Dee to compose herself and hand her the bracelet. Everyone in Rose’s Elite had something to signify them by, as if everyone else didn’t already know who was in Rose’s sought-after group. Females mainly had bracelets or necklaces, but some had rings. Males tended to go with a plan white-gold chain, or a leather rope with a white-gold pendant. All of Rose’s marks were the best of the best.

Lucy watched as Dee sucked in a ragged breath but nodded twice, two jerky movements, and shakily unclasped her beautiful charm bracelet from her own slender wrist, dropping it gently into Rose’s open palm, her head still held low in respect, one tear falling from her eye.

And finally, Lucy and Dom watched Rose turn and walk away without another word towards Dee, still showing no regrets. They followed obediently, knowing that she would tell them why exactly she just booted one of her favorite followers out of the group with no warnings.

Their heels clicked again, and more people jumped to get out of their way, all in shock at witnessing such an event. Settling themselves in their spots in the Great Hall, Dom and Lucy turned towards their cousin, silently waiting.

“I do not raise my Elite to be whores,” Rose said simply, shrugging at her cousins before the conversation changed smoothly to sillier matters as all three of them ignored the buzz that was already beginning as the story of Dee’s booting got around quicker than wild fire.


I stared up at the ceiling as Dom described to Rose’s inner circle what had happened to her. All of us that were once the powerful group of seven were sitting in the children’s den, Callie on Scorpius’s lap. He looked horrified, and Callie just watched Dom intently, acting way older than she was.

She just seemed to be listening to Dom, as if my cousin was telling about the weather in Surrey. Nothing seemed to slam into her and I briefly wondered if she actually knew what any of this meant.

Of course she does, I reprimanded myself, she’s Rose’s daughter.

“I’m sorry,” Scorpius said quietly, gently handing Callie off to Al and giving both Dom and I meaningful looks that we took to mean that it wasn’t just the fact that he was leaving now that he was sorry for.

Callie stared after him for just a moment, before closing her eyes briefly. Dom looked at me and we exchanged another quick look before she continued on in a low voice.

I’m sorry.

Sorry for leaving, sorry for hating, sorry for hurting, sorry for what? I wondered if he was really still in love with my cousin. Rose would know. Rose always knew.

But Rose wasn’t here.

Hello all! Here's the next installment of Vanishing Act. :D Five chapters left after this! Who's scared? I am; I'm not exactly sure if I even answered every twisted question I asked.

Who wants a preview?

He’d leered at me, making sure that I knew that they would read it and reread it before testing it with every spell under the sun so that they were positive that my letter did not hold secret messages.


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Vanishing Act: Chapter 23


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