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Life, Love, & Berries by xXMissGrangerXx
Chapter 11 : Tom West, My trying-to-be-cool-but-really-not-cool-brother.
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A/N- OMG WE’RE HERE! CHAPTER 11! IM IN THE DOUBLE DIGITS!! :D go me. Modest and all. Xxx


Chapter 11

The morning of my first September beginning Hogwarts was crisp and golden. Autumn; the most colourful season of the year. My dad waved goodbye to me, too exhausted from last nights’ party to go and properly bid me farewell when the train left.

I walked through the barrier, just as he had told me. I held my breath as I rammed the trolley straight for the wall and was as shocked as ever to see I glided straight through, like there was nothing there, and came out into what looked like a whole new station, Victorian and all, and glistening in the fading summer light. When my eyes quickly came to focus, I saw a massive scarlet engine, gleaming a burning crimson, like it had ever-lasting polish on it. (Which according to daddy, it probably did).

The only response that could come out of me was an awed, dumb looking ‘Whoa….!’ That dragged on and into the air from my gaping mouth.

In my moment of awe and wonder, I was rudely interrupted as something hard crashed into my back, and I fell forward, flat on my face, my evil trolley drifting away, not bothering to save me. I felt a little put out and helpless on the ground, waiting expectantly for my attacker to help me.

“Are you going to get up?” A voice said, looming above me. I huffed, and scrambled off the floor, realising how much of an idiot I must have looked. I turned around and prepared my scary face, to see a boy, with dark hair and hazel eyes, who looked about a year older than me, standing with his head cocked to the side, giving me a ‘what the hell you doing’ look. He held a massive trolley, the weapon, with a massive trunk inside as well as an owl cage piled on top.

“Say sorry.” I demanded, being the stubborn girl I was. The boy looked smug, leaned back, ‘pretending to be cooler than me’ like that was possible.


I gaped, in shock that he had disobeyed me. I started hyperventilating.

“Wa…wa…What?!” I said, worried my evil powers were not working anymore.

The boy grinned laughing. “You’re weird. What’s your name?”

I pouted, completely grumpy now. I mumbled my name, incoherently.

“What?” The boy said but in a wierd way, almost as if he couldn’t pronounce the ‘T’. I folded my arms; this boy was beginning to rather annoy me.

“I said Berry .” I barked into his face. I’m such a mean little girl, I thought, and mentally grinned. But of course, only mentally, because if I did it physically, I would be letting go of my strength, and showing my weakness. Now that was never going to happen here.

The boy laughed again, and I looked at him in disbelief. THIS BOY IS RUINING MY POWERS.

“ Berry ? Is that even a name?” He said, but he dropped the subjectt as I gave him my special special evil glare. That’s right, you don’t mess with me, kid. (Well, kid who’s older than me but kid all the same) “Well, I’m Potter, James, Potter.”

I rolled my eyes. Really? This little thing doing impersonations of James Bond was the son of the almighty Harry Potter?

“Just because your called James does NOT mean you can use that stupid James Bond voice.” I said, grumpily. I was making friends already!! Right? Right?

“Well Goodbye, Berry .” He said putting emphasis on my name, before pushing his trolley away, and into the distance.

So was I just supposed to STAND here?

Um... okay… yes.

As I saw a figure coming out from the pillar, prepared this time, I quickly ran away before I got run over by some other lunatic. I learn from my lessons! That means I’m clever right? Right?

Jeez, anyway, from my new hiding spot, I saw a family come out from the barrier where I had just been, moments ago. There was a man with dark hair, and a woman with bright ginger, who seemed to be in deep conversation with their son, a mild looking boy with the same jet black hair as his father, and round little glasses, similar to the one’s on his dad’s set perfectly on his innocent face. I guessed he was, like me, a new student who was absolutely terrified about joining this magical place. Call it a school all you like, but in my view, it’s gonna be hell with a pinch of fairy dust.

Trailing behind them all was a little red headed girl, clinging to her father’s arm as she pestered him all the way, interrupting the conversation with the green eyed boy.

There was something different about the family. They weren’t just like any other family here, despite how normal they were acting, there was just something else. A connection. I mean like… oh, I don’t know… I’m just trying to sound more grown up like Mum.

I was frightened for my life as an alarming noise ricocheted through the station, and jumped a few feet in the air to realise it was just the warning sound. When I prepared myself I realised the green eyed boy was staring at me, with a blank but intent expression, eyeing me up and down. I gulped under his gaze for some, unknown reason, and boarded the train as fast as possible.

And then I realised it. There had been something familiar about that family. Like I’d seen them before. The Potter’s. I’d just seen Harry Potter. Harry potter, Ginny Potter, Albus Potter, and Lily Potter. And James.

Whoa. That was a lot to take in. I brushed it aside and sat in an empty compartment. I shoved the massive trunk my Mom had helped me pack up onto a rack by the ceiling of the train.

I plopped onto my seat, tired from the journey on the truck and scanned the room.

I waited there for around two minutes till a crowd of around five students crammed through the doors, panting as we all heard the train doors shut. They took a few minutes, fumbling around with their luggage causing quite a commotion before they all sat down and all was silent.

Awkward silence.

Awkward turtle!!

I love doing the awkward turtle. When I’d finished doing that I got some weird looks and shied away in the corner. My eyes went wide and then travelled to the window, trying to avoid the scary people.


I looked towards the sound, with doe eyes, looking left to right in terror. It was the green eyed boy, and I just sat there like some lame idiot. What do I do!?

Say something… nice.

“What’s with the geeky glasses?” I said meekly. No! Idiotic child! Nice! Nice, brain, do you not know what that is? Oh fine, I guess those glasses WERE annoying me after all. The boy stared at me, like some dumbarse as he gaped at me in horror. His friend, a redheaded girl with hazelly eyes patted him on the shoulder gently, and turned to me ecstatically, with massive round eyes.

“Hello! I’m Rose. This is Albus. We’re cousins! Um… I dunno the other people but… HEY! You’re a girl! What’s your name? We can be really good friends. And I know all about Hogwarts! I did lots of research in the holidays, and did you know they have a new library!?” She almost screeched with happiness, jumping up and down from her seat.

This was the point where I was freaked to the limit, the weird melodramatic boy and the gossipy obsessive girl were just, plain, scary!

“Um… That’s nice… um… I’ll be going to the loo?” I said, not waiting for an answer as I darted out the compartment.

Oh my God. Oh my God. These people were scarier than me?! Now that’s scary!

I started hyperventilating for the second time that day and walked aimlessly up and down the train for a few minutes before preparing myself to go back in.

I sprinted down the train, heading straight for the compartment when I clumsily fell to the floor, having tripped on my own foot, and lay, flat faced on the ground, once more.

I heard the compartment door slide open, and out peered five faces, gossip girl, glasses geek, and three other heads of boys who I didn’t know. I mentally whimpered and scrambled back up to my feet.

“You’re so stupid.” Geeky glasses said laughing as gossipy girl checked if I was okay.

I gasped, being the dramatic little girl I was I raised my fist to his head. I missed by a few inches and it planted to his ear instead, dislodging his glasses.

The boy, who seemed to have an equal amount of dramatic-ness, fell to the floor, very slowly, making it obvious that he wasn’t unconscious at all.

“OH MY GOD YOU KILLED HIM!” The girl (was it Rose?) screeched through the whole train. Alarmed, people and grownups crowded round to see what had gone on. Stupid girl, stupid girl, I had assumed this one was clever! What was I thinking?!

“You’re all so stupid! He’s faking death!” I said, waving my hands at their nonsense.

But no one listened and the train stopped, teachers magically charming a stretcher for him as I sat back in disbelief at all their stupidity. The driver came down and took the stretcher from an elderly looking woman and asked who had hurt him.

The girl Rose, who was obviously some teacher’s pet kind of child pointed at me, and everyone stared at me.

“Hello? He’s not dead you bimbos!” I said. They all gasped and then we heard a chuckling sound come from the so called ‘lifeless’ boy in the driver’s arms, and the boy Albus and I were pulled into a separate room by the elderly woman, who was rather frightening.

“Detention.” She shrieked at us. And it all seemed to fade….

I woke up, freezing in the skimpy sheets on the hard bed. The mattress was thin, and despite the goose bumps rising on my arms from the cold air flying through the open window, my forehead was soaked in cold sweat from my dream. It wasn’t a bad dream, not at all. In fact, it was one of my favourite memories, I laugh at it now. It was just the fear of the memories; that were all crawling back so fast, every night. I yanked the white sheets back over my body, but it was no use. My toes were peeping out and my arms were still frozen. Reluctantly, I got out of bed, shoved down the window violently, and walked out into the main room, completely ignoring Bonnie’s peaceful form on the bed in the corner.

I sat on a stool in the grey kitchen and looked at an antique clock on the wall. 5.30. I gaped, and mentally congratulated myself for the first time ever, waking up before 8 o’clock without someone throwing water at me, jumping on the bed, or just shouting the house down for me to get up.

My half open eyes scanned the bland looking room and I set my hands on the table, drumming my fingers down on the wood. I looked left and right, throughout this procedure, looking for something to do.


McGonagall said 6 pm she’d take Tom back to Hogwarts and apparate me to school the next morning.

I got up and walked round the room aimlessly, looking for something to do. I passed a long rectangular mirror and was actually shocked at my own reflection.

I looked like a corpse.

My dark hair was matted and twisted into weird shapes from sleeping. My eyes looked dead in the dim light of the kitchen window, with heavily visible bags underneath. My lips were chapped and peeling, cherry red and sore. My face was pale and unhealthy, and my whole body looked impossibly thinner. I couldn’t have lost that much weight in three days, right?

Well. Technically I could, if in that time I hadn’t actually eaten anything.

I sighed, walked away from the mirror and set about cooking pancakes in the kitchen for breakfast. Honestly, I didn’t feel like pancakes, but us three were in a pretty hard time and I was sure I wouldn’t eat anything if I didn’t force myself food.

I mixed up the batter in a whole 20 minutes, slowly stirring it around in the bowl, my mind completely in a different place. I walked to the stove, turning on the gas as I rummaged through the cupboards, looking for a pan.

I finally found a far too large one, but It would just have to be because there was nothing else.

I poured a lump of batter onto the pan and let it slide round the surface, sizzling as it caused a sharp steaming sound to rise through the room. I heard footsteps behind me, and jumped a little, the pan spitting hot water onto my arm which I rubbed painfully by time I’d realised it was only Tom. I breathed out and saw he looked in the same state as me, devastated, lacking sleep, and overall exhausted.

“Couldn’t sleep?” I asked, kindly, as I flipped the pancake onto a plate, and picked at the edge of it, examining my messy burnt work.

“Yeah.” He mumbled, and sat down by the table, just where I had sat previously. Tom hadn’t spoken much since Mum… he just seemed completely somewhere else. I knew I had certainly been quiet and stressful as every evening I screeched out the window and crumbled to the floor as the pain hit me that I was alone for the night, no mum or even… dad. But Tom was just silent, like a ghost, just, transparent.

I set the plate down onto the space in front of him, and without so much as a ‘thank you’ he started to eat.

In the three days I had been with my siblings, I had started to notice that bothered me and point out things my parents would have, such as ‘don’t put that in your mouth’ or ‘stop tapping your foot’ or even ‘turn down that music’.

And I found myself, doing it again, “Tom, don’t use your fingers, use a knife and fork.”

Maybe I was… growing up? No, that’s not possible…

The boy grumbled and got up, moping towards the cupboards in search of the cutlery. I looked around hopelessly at the dead-looking flat, and sighed, letting my shoulders sink down, and I leant back on my chair. Not bothering to make another pancake for myself.

Where was that optimistic, squeaky, happy Berry I needed right now?

I heard a wailing sound and reluctantly rose from my slumped position, walking back to my room sighing disappointedly, saying “I thought she was over this stage already!”, and ran into the other room, seeing my unmade bed and Bonnie’s tiny one in the corner.

She lay, there innocent and all, screaming as she waved her hands pathetically, tears crawling rapidly down her plum cheeks. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and picked her up in one swoop, lifting her onto my lap as I sat on my bed. I hushed her tears, stroking her head.

“Come on Bonnie. You should be over this now. You’re not a little baby anymore!” I said as I stroked her thin hair soothingly. She whimpered. Her tears and noise stopped and became quieter until we were sitting there in silence, me continuously stroking her hair just like Mom used to... used to do.

I bit my lip, looking at the ceiling. I just hadn’t realised how hard this was going to be. I choked back sobs as I rocked her back and forth on the springy bed.

The day went slowly. We went out and walked around the place, going to Hogsmeade’s bakery and visiting the small local supermarket. As many times as I had been to Hogsmeade, it now felt different, even though I was only a few roads away from the main part that Hogwarts students visited. We also went to Scrivenshaft’s where I met the people I would be working with, and agreed on the times I would be working there on the weekend. We dropped off all the shopping and visited the three broomsticks, which was full in side, so we sat outside on the tables, our hands numb with the cold, and moving slowly to the stinging hot mugs of butter beer which we barely drank.

I began to think of what would be happening at school, wondering what McGonagall had told them, what they were thinking, who was missing me or if anyone cared. Were there rumours, or was it just something people passed by without a thought? Did anyone, anyone at all, miss me?

No letters. No calls. Nothing.

But how could I expect something? They didn’t know where I was, and my friends didn’t even know what a telephone is. I sighed, letting out a puff of pearly smoke that drifted through the air and sipped my hot chocolate.


Albus POV. (YES, HE’S BACK.)

“-into a cricket! So if you could all practise now, it’s all scripted in page 349 in your text books. Now off you go!” Professor McGonagall said and walked back to her desk, organising some papers.

I sat at my desk, chewing on the end of my quill, staring off into space.

What is up with McGonagall? She’s been so shaky, ever since… since… the ball really. Ever since… Berry disappeared. That night brought back some awful memories but tied with some of the best memories ever.

What the hell was going on with Berry ? Had she died? Cause I fricken hope not. Rumours had spread round the school like wildfire, making up random, unrealistic things of what could’ve happened the night she disappeared. The only image of her in my head now was her, running away, after the pumpkin juice had covered her head to toe, running away in actual tears. I had known Berry West along time, almost half my life, and never, not once, had I seen her cry.

It amazed me now, thinking about it in the noisy classroom, that the girl hadn’t even cried before at Hogwarts. I’ve seen Rose cry, Emma cry, a few Hufflepuff girls cry (over my brother). Shit, I’d even seen Luiza cry and that scarred me. I literally sat there for hours with her because I felt so bad. But not once did Berry West fail to hide her tears.

Even after all the accidents she’d been through, fallen off the seventh floor, bludgered by her own bludger, broken her ankle, broken her arm, broken… my nose (actually I think I remember her cracking up laughing when she saw the X-ray then), she flew into a wall on a broom 30 feet in the air, she’d been bullied for her name, laughed at for her clumsiness and this stupid girl never cried!

But she cries because of a boy that kisses her. Really? Seriously? Like of all the things you cry about, it’s because someone kisses you? I spoke to Wood about that. He has this strange theory that she is secretly in love with him which to be honest is absolute bullshit if you don’t mind me saying. I tried telling him that but he won’t listen. And then I did a drastic thing that probably only Berry would do and I punched him.

And I had no clue why.

The topic on Berry had been weird, of course, the boys in my dorm always say things like ‘who do you like?’, ‘who’s the fittest in the year?’, ‘who’s the best kisser?’, ‘do you like Berry?’ or ‘she’s buff’. I know I didn’t hold quite reputation James has when it comes to girls. But, hey! I’m cool enough to have a fan club (yes. I have a fan club. Of girls. WAYYYYYY! In your face) and I’ve had eight girlfriends. But, who! I just realised: This whole term I’ve stayed a single pringle! It’s got to mean something.

When they talk about Berry like another slag in the year… it just bugs me. She’s different. She takes me to a whole new world. A whole other planet where I don’t have my mind all fixed and concentrated on something. She’s just…

Snapping me away from my thoughts, something hit the back of my head lightly, I turned around, my brain automatically assuming Berry was smacking me on the head for thinking such thoughts, but when I turned I saw her empty desk behind me. Sighing, I lifted my gaze further to see Scorpius gesturing rather violently to my desk. I gave him a look of utter confusement. He rolled his eyes before narrowing them down to my desk. I looked at the desk.


A note.

Well that would explain things.

I turned back around and picked up the crinkled piece of lined paper and began to read.

Dude. Your seriously anti-social this year. Get a girlfriend. NOW.

What the hell? Oh, god. He can read my mind! Or Rose can read it and secretly told him… in the space of 5 seconds. You know what? I’m having my doubts on this theory now…

Something hit my head again. JESUS CHRIST! I turned angrily around and Scorpius, expecting some other stupid note but Scorpius was just smiling innocently. I narrowed my eyes at him in suspicion and turned to see Will, looking… as guilty as ever.

I glared at him and found another note on the ground that had just recently plopped off my head.

It said: Who do you fancy?

All tough as Will tries to be, realistically, he’s pretty much a girl. But that doesn’t make sense, cause he’s the one that actually get all of the girls….well whoa, so do I here! Don’t doubt yourself Al.

But like, seriously? Boys don’t say ‘Who do you fancy’ or ‘who do you like’. It’s unmanly! It would destroy the reputation that our ancestors of mankind (well er… male kind) have spend so long to try and produce! Yes, we boys are brilliant. So what if we can’t multi-task as well as girls, so what if we don’t get the long hair, so what if there are less of us? We still have God-given manliness!

I sighed. I really think too much. Something else hit my head and I turned in the ultimate fury that I possess and started growling, expecting another note when all it was was Scorpius throwing Bertie beans at my head to get me to read the note.

Seriously? Why would you waste them like that? Bertie Bott’s are precious items! They are the key to survival… of the building of fat inside you, but still! Why does no one share my opinions? Ugh, you’re all losers. You see, if Berry were here, she’d agree.

I got out Scorpius’s note and started scribbling on the space underneath his writing as McGonagall started shrieking at some helpless lonesome Hufflepuff to stop eating in class. I started to write: Mate. I don’t need a girlfriend. I’m cool as I am….

Then I scribbled it out, thinking that Scorpius would find me weak for staying single. Don’t stare, that’s just Scorpius for you. Anyway, with no space left, I turned it over and wrote on the other side speedily as after McGonagall’s danger moment, he had started throwing the Bott beans again.

I turned round in annoyance, tossed the note over to him and gave him the middle finger, gesturing to the wasted sweets on the ground and picked them off the floor and shoved one into my mouth in mock anger at him.

Before turning back I saw Will giving me daggers, motioning to answer his note. I rolled my eyes. Isn’t passing notes in class a little, you know, unmanly?

Ok, I’m just going to drop that subject now.

I wrote in large capital letters three words that weren’t the most pleasant of my vocabulary, but were just necessary. 

Trust me, I’m not mean to my friends, I just spread the manliness… you know? Right? You don’t know? Fine.

Okay, I’m rather hopeless at this. I chucked it over to him as soon as McGonagall turned her back but apparently, according to my latest experiments, my throwing balls of paper skills are decreasing.

It landed on the other side of the classroom.

Being the stupid boy Will is, he ducked under his chair and Scorpius and I looked at him strangely and exchanged a look that clearly said ‘What the hell is he doing?’ Well actually his might have said ‘What the fuck is he doing’ but, you know, I’m much gentler with my language... most of the time.

We then slapped our faces in despair as the idiotic child began to crawl across the floor to the note, in clear view of McGonagall who was eyeing him in very much the negative view.

He clasped the note in his hand finally after the whole class watched him and Scorpius and I were mentally attacking Will.

As soon as he stood up to go back to his desk with his face plastered with a big hero smile until he turned and saw professor with her eyebrows raised, somewhere between anger and disbelief that this kid even got into Hogwarts. Not that there was an exam.

She snatched the note from his shaking hand and read aloud. Oh no. Death is upon us.

“Who do you fancy.” She said as a statement, tilting her head. “And the response-“ She squinted her eyes, and spoke slowly as she tried to read my illegible hand writing. “Get. A. Life.”

Yeah guys, see that last part? Yeah? Well that would have been my brilliant work. I think you should now all congratulate me. Yes, thank you, thank you. Oh bodyguard, there are too many fans calling my name!

We both received minus 10 house points and class was dismissed, but as I was packing my bags, the last in the room to go, I heard hushed whispers outside.

“No. I have to.”

“No you don’t-“

I crept to the door, listening closely to the door.

“Yes I do! Berry West is-“

Berry? I didn’t hear the rest as this was the unfortunate point where my bag ‘magically’ happened to slip off the table with quite a loud crash. I ducked as the door opened, and crouched, holding my breath behind the enormous mahogany doors. On the brass door knob was thin, pale, creased hand, I assumed to the two people weren’t students.

“There’s no one there.” McGonagall said, and shut the door again, which slammed back open, leaving it slightly ajar.

“Anyway, Minerva you have too much work to deal with now-“

“ Kingsley-” What the fricken fuck is the Minister of Magic doing here?! “I cannot let the poor girl plan her own mother’s funeral.”

And with that, McGonagall stormed off into the distance, and the minister turned the other way.

What the fuck?

****(still Al POV.)****



Her mum. Dead? This couldn’t possibly be happening. That night she disappeared, all of us waited in the common room for the rest of the night. Me, Rose, Luiza, Teri, Wood, Jake, even Scorpius waited for her, and he like, shares a bond of hatred with the girl. We came up with suggestions of what could have happened, things like she waited in the loo all night, or she felt sick, or she went into another houses’ common room for the night. We searched everywhere. But we never found her. The next morning, I think we had all assumed she’d appear. We thought some teacher would find her somewhere in a mess. But no one found her. And the strangest thing was, as well as Berry disappearing, McGonagall did too. Only the third morning when there was still no sign of her, did it really begin to sink in.But it would explain a lot though. Like how teachers always talked in hushed whispers when just so much as Berry ’s name was heard. And …..oh shite, she’s got to be completley distraught. What I did to her, what I said….It wasn’t fair. And to think that very same night her Mum died somehow or ever….

Berry would NOT take this well. Berry would not take this well….

Ok, I need to find Rose. I need to find her now so she can rummage through my thoughts and bring it all together.

I ran down the corridor, sprinting down the steps two at a time, and bursting into the Great hall for lunch.

Despite the amount of new found panic and shock that was held in me, the lunch hall didn’t react at all. They all just sat talking noisily, with plates, cutlery and goblets clashing and clanging. I stood, hesitating for a moment, taking in the atmosphere of….normal, and then dashed over to the Gryffindor table opposite Teri and Will.

“Now okay, like this!” Teri said, gesturing to the smile she was making on her face. Will watched her intently, memorising the smile, and then smiling himself.

“No. No. No, Will, you just look like some creepy pervert who wants to rape me.” She said. Will pouted. She laughed, tilting her head back. “Ok, try again….smile.”

I had no time to listen to Teri’s lecture on how to smile for Will, and interrupted as soon as my bag hit the bench.

“Guys, where’s Rose?!” I demanded, my eyes scanning between the two of them continuously, awaiting an answer.

“Dunno.” Teri said shrugging. “Probably in a cupboard with Scorp.” Will added smugly.

I rolled my eyes. He obviously doesn’t know Rose well enough to figure out she would never do that. I scanned the Gryffindor table to see if there was anyone else who might be able to help me.

I saw Lils sitting next to some Ravenclaw boy who had joined our table, and she was sitting at the end chatting admirably.

I cocked my head but brushed it aside, scooting all the way down the bench and right up to her friend.

“Hey...“ I began and realised this Ravenclaw dude was staring at me. I recognised him to be a fifth year, he had been on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team till he got kicked out for beating up some Gryffindor in anger… come to think of it, I think it was Berry.

I disliked this kid already. I think he was called like… Bruce or something? Oh Merlin, he was Bruce Wills. The guy Lily went to the ball with. I forced myself not to harm in him someway and started cracking my knuckles in the tension as they both stared at me, Lily look anxious and I saw a pleading look in her misty brown eyes. I swallowed and spoke through gritted teeth. “Lily. Where’s is Rose?” I cocked my head, whilst clenching my fists.

She gulped. “She was headed for the library.”

Well, that I could have worked out myself but… yeah, I’ll go. I nodded and scooped up my bag, slinging it onto my shoulder, pinching a muffin from Will’s plate and exiting the Great Hall. I left my bag on one of the bag racks and headed to the library.

I walked through the corridors, thinking hard.

Berry. Missing Three days. Left the night of the ball. Hasn’t been seen or heard since. Just a mystery. Teachers talk in hushed whispers. Her mum could be dead? Does that make any sense?

I started grabbing bits of my hair and pulling in frustration. And that’s when I heard it.

To my left, I heard strange noises, and turned to see a broom cupboard. Oh boy, I am not the one to be nosy about these things but some of the voices I recognised. I gulped, taking a massive breath, before closing my eyes and swinging open the door.

Before I could open my eyes something tumbled on top of me quite hard and I fell to the ground in shock. When I lifted my lids I saw two bodies, lying on top of me, desperately scrambling to get up. Before my eyes focused, all I saw was a flash of red silky stuff that went in my mouth and some blonde hair…

“Ah guys, that is just sick. Plain sick. Really? My best friend and my cousin? That is just sick.” I said in disgust as Rose began straightening her clothes wearing a sheepish expression.

Scorpius grumbled in annoyance, muttering something like “Well you didn’t exactly have to open the door on us.”

I started gagging at the thought of the two of them, and what they had been doing in there. Rose spoke, looking petrified and flabbergasted.

“You won’t tell Mum, will… will you?” She asked desperately. Wow, I have so much power over them now; I’m like the parent, making all the choices. I pretended to consider her request, because I’m not that mean, If I told Aunt Hermione, she’d hit the wall.


“Fine. But you must give me something in return.” I said, quite proud of the way I was taking advantage of her without her even realising it.

“Anything!” She pleaded.

Now here’s the bit where I get stuck. Cause I, really don’t know what I want from her.


She stared at me, begging me to continue.

“Aha!” I said, finally coming up with a good suggestion. “You have to come to our Truth or dare monthly.”

Scorpius grinned wickedly at my skilful plan. Rose swallowed. You see, our Truth or dare monthly, was a Weasley/Potter kind of thing. We do add other people sometimes, but it’s mainly for the guys. We go up to the Astronomy tower, after curfew, once a month, and play Truth or dare.

We have raves.

Next one is the first week back after Christmas.

“Do I have to? It’s just so… risky! What if we got caught by teachers?! And I don’t really like that game anyway…”

“That’s fine Rose, fine. But don’t be surprised when your mother, comes sending a few little Howlers into the Great Hall one Sunday morning.” I said, smugly.

She started wailing in distress. I laughed with Scorpius, and he soon received a glare from his Girlfriend who he immediately feigned apology for and cuddled her. I rolled my eyes.

“Okay.” Rose gulped.

What? She was actually agreeing on this? I am magic.

“Really?” I asked in wonder. She nodded, before continuing.

“I have to, don’t I?”

Well, erm… technically you don’t but… let’s keep it this way. It’s much more exciting.

I put on my smirk and nodded like the cool guy I am.

“Oh and Rose I need to talk to you! I need to find Berry …”

Scorpius spoke. “Why? She would be doing us all a favour by just dying-“

Rose slapped her boyfriend lightly, and gave me a weird look. “We looked everywhere Al –“

“Oh, sorry,” I said not believing that I had just mucked up my words due to my thoughts. “ I meant I need to find Rose… Oh. You’re erm… right here. Well, I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Lily said you were in the library.”

Rose nodded, urging me to continue. “But apparently that was just an excuse to go and do some stuff with… him.” I said, making faces of disgust as I pointed between the two of them. Rose was giving me a death glare, mutually telling me to drop that subject. “And anyway, I over heard something about Berry !”

She looked intrigued now. She was just as worried for her dear friend as I was, and was quite lost without her. She realised I didn’t really want Scorpius here in this moment in time and patted him and gave him a goodbye kiss before shoving him away.

As soon as he was out of sight, I spoke again.

“McGonagall was just talking to the Minister of Magic! I only heard snippets of what they were saying, but they mentioned Berry ! They were arguing about something, when McGonagall said ‘I cannot let he plan her own mother’s funeral.’ What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

Rose gasped. “Are you sure about this?!”

I rolled my eyes, and spoke deadpanned. “No Rose. I just made it up.”

Then she rolled her eyes and started squealing in horror. “NO! That’s absolutely horrible! Do you think it could be true?”

“Rose. I came here to ask you on that one.” I said, eyebrows raised. Then, she did the most annoying thing that a Rose Weasley can do.

“Huh!! There’s only one way to find out!” And then she ran away, and left me there, answerless.

“Dude. You just got ditched.” Said a voice coming round the corner. Ah great, its Scorpius again.

“Hey! You got ditched first! And she’s not my girlfriend!” I pointed out. He sighed and shoved his hands in his pocket.

“So where do you think Rose has gone?” He asked. Then he realised the answer, and we both said it in unison.


“Anyway, mate. I’m surprised you’ve survived a whole term without a girlfriend yet. That’s not cool.”

“I really don’t need one..”

“Rumours will spread….” Scorpius said, with a half smile, pointing out how I was in the wrong. How that works I don’t know, cause guys, Albus Potter is never wrong. Well, ok, maybe sometimes.

I stopped walking, and turned to him. “I dunno Scorpius, even if I did get a girlfriend now. Who would it be?” I asked, not really wanting this conversation to continue. Usually I would agree, I mean, guys, I’m a Potter. I can’t last that long without a girl. But this time I simply wasn’t interested, something was holding me ack. Scorpius waved it off.

“Al, man up already. It doesn’t matter who it is, just make a move before everyone considers you a geek.”

My eyes bulged and I lifted my hand to say stop.

“Whoa. Me? A geek? Never. Take that back, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.” I said in my dangerous tone. Scorpius backed off.

“Alright, alright, just do something before it’s too late.” He said, and walked off.

Do something before it’s too late? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Cutting me off my thoughts, Rose came rushing back with –shock horror – a book in hand. I looked up at the ceiling and quickly down again at this typical scene, in disbelief that a book was going to help us find Berry .

She dragged me into an empty classroom without looking up from the page, and sat down at the front desk. Leaving me to sit on one of the student ones like some, less superior person. Less superior? I huffed. I do not like this at all…

“Rose?” I asked, waiting for her to speak. She looked up, slammed the book on the table, and pointing to the cover.

“Albus. This is a record of all the daily prophets in history. There are a few books similar, dotted round the world, but Madame Quinn magically edits the book with every daily prophet every day!”

My eyebrows knitted, mouth hung open, and I looked left and right.

“You lost me.” I said shaking my head and leaning backwards in my seat, resigning on trying to work out what the hell this had to do with Berry .

She sighed and rolled her eyes, like I was stupid; which I probably am in this moment in time.

“Albus. I don’t think you get it. Every day the paper records Wizards and Witches of all kinds who have died each day, in the memorial box, always on the bottom of the third page. If Berry ’s mum had died, she’d would be mentioned.”


“Her name’s there.” Rose said, giving me a grave look. “And we can’t tell anyone.”

A/N- I think I just left you speechless :D Jokes. Anyway, really depressing time for Berry obviously, so I thought I would be nice and feed you a bit of Al POV, (which I know you love) so you can catch up on Hogwarts, and give you a bit more on all the other people’s lives which berry doesn’t really talk of much. Please pretty please review! Any questions at all, feel free to ask and I will love to answer you as best as I can.



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