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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 11 : Are We On Trial
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Chapter 11

It was a warm spring day in May and Rose was sitting in the quad with Ben, Stacy, and Albus. OWL exams were coming up soon and Rose had been studying so much that she felt like her mind was going to turn itself into mush. So when Ben suggested that they take a break, she jumped at the chance to say yes.

“You know I have a theory that the only reason that they give us these OWLS is to truly test our sanity.” Albus said while fiddling with a piece of grass.

“I’m positive that that is not the reason. They are just testing to see where we stand and what classes we will be eligible for in the upcoming school year.” Rose said casually.

“Yes but you have to admit that the process leading up to these exams is maddening. I mean one person could go insane from the work load that they put on us.” Albus argued.

“The work load wouldn’t be so much pressure if you had started preparing for these exams earlier in the school year like me and Rose did.” Stacy countered. “Seriously what were you two thinking when you decided that you would wait two weeks before our OWLS to study.” She said looking at Ben and Albus.

In unison they both said “Quidditch,”

“Boys and that silly game,” Rose said “Look what thinking about Quidditch has gotten you,”

“Hey we won the Quidditch Cup, so obviously it got us somewhere,” Ben said while looking at Rose.

“Alright, I will give you that much credit.” She said and then leaned in and gave him a light kiss on the lips, but when she tried to pull apart from him Ben placed a hand on her face almost as if he was trying to force her to stay. He deepened the kiss into one of pure want and need. Going along with him she deepened the kiss too. Rose couldn’t remember the last time she had kissed Ben like this. With everything going on this year there wasn’t much time for snogging in her schedule. It was true that she had missed Ben lately but she couldn’t help feel that this public outburst of affection had something to do with Ben proving that he still was Rose Weasley’s boyfriend. Regardless of the situation though it was a still a good kiss.

“Oh won’t you two just get a room,” Albus yelled, after Rose and Ben had been kissing well after a minute.

Separating they both looked at Albus with guilty flushed faces and responded with “Sorry” even though they weren’t,

Albus continued “Anyways look at how much this preplanning has gotten you two,” Albus said wagging his finger between Rose and Stacy “You have been preparing all year and little Rose here is still going out of her mind.”

Rose said sternly “That is because I have been doing detention all year long and haven’t had near as much time to study as I would like.” It was then almost as if fate had been listening in on their conversation that Scorpius and a boy with short brown spiked hair walked into the quad and sat at one of the stone tables.

When she saw him walk into the quad she got the slightest of smiles on her face. Recently every time she saw him she would get this small sweet smile on her face that she would hide by lowering her face or looking to someone else and smile at them. She didn’t know why it was but for some reason Scorpius just made her smile.

She noticed that when Scorpius sat down he had an odd look on his face. It was a perplexed look but Rose could tell that it there was something that was bothering him. As he sat down she saw as he ran his fingers though his hair a couple of times as he pulled out some text books and started to work. He looked on edge and somewhat distressed.

Ben noticed Rose starring at Scorpius and asked “Is that bloke bothering you again?”

Caught off guard Rose quickly shook her head and cleared her throat and answered as casually as she could “No… Sorry… I was just thinking about how much fun we are going to have this summer.” She plastered a fake smile on her face.

Ben believing her smiled widely too and said “Have I told you how much I love you.”

Rose feeling a bit guilty for her lie said “I love you too.” Although the way the words formed in her mouth just didn’t feel right. She felt as if she was lying to Ben by saying that. Shaking her head of the thought that she didn’t love Ben she concluded that this was all due to her stress at the current moment. She knew that she loved Ben and that was why she was with him.

Truth be told she had never really pictured herself with anybody but Ben, had never really tried. Sure she had dated other people before but those weren’t serious like she and Ben were. In a way they were both just so alike that there wasn’t really anything that they ever fought about or got upset over. They were both just content.

Nuzzling herself up to Ben she said “We should probably get back to work soon?”




Rose was sitting the library by herself when the third year boy came up to her and handed her a note. She honestly didn’t have time for what the note said so putting it to the side she continued on with her studies. She had assumed that it was Ben calling for her. It was something that Ben would do he was always giving notes to younger classmen. He knew that no younger classmen would turn down the offer to do something for him, they all admired him.

She had assumed wrong. Very wrong.



Scorpius sat in the cold uncomfortable chair in front of McGonagall’s door. He had been sitting there for almost thirty minutes now. Tapping his fingers impatiently the head elf looked up at him to tell him to stop. He gave a sly smile stopped. He had no clue why he had been called to the office. All that the elf would tell him was that He and Rose Weasley had been summoned because McGonagall had wanted to speak to the both of them together.

Scorpius now tapping his foot asked the elf politely “Does Rose have to be here?”

The elf looked up from her work narrowed her eyes at Scorpius and said harshly “Yes,” nothing more to give Scorpius any clue to what this meeting could possibly be about.

He nodded his head and went back to starring at a spot on the carpet. Scorpios had no clue when elves started to work in offices but they could sure be rude. He thought to himself.

Hearing a pair of footsteps walk down the hall he looked up anxiously hoping to see the red haired girl walking his way. He was wrong instead he saw a boy holding hands with a blond headed girl. Where was Rose? He questioned himself.

He looked back at the elf and gave a slight grin. The elf narrowing her eyes said “Headmistress doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” Leaning forward over the desk that she was sitting at, she continued harshly “Especially when she has good news.” Lowering her eyes she went back to work.

Scorpius eyes shot around the room. He was nervous, very nervous. “She will be here,” he said weakly.

The elf eyed him up and down, almost as if she was making a judgment of him. Clutching his hands into fist he could feel the little balls of sweat start to form. Standing up abruptly he said quickly “I’ll be right back.” and not even waiting for a reply he ran out the door as fast as possible. He only had one idea of where Rose could be and he hoped to heaven and back that he was right.




He was right about where he thought that she would be the second he saw her in the library he ran over to her as fast as possible and asked, “Why aren't you in the headmistress’s office?”

Showing a confused look on her face she was speechless. It was then that she remembered the letter. “It wasn’t from Ben was it?” she said out loud.

Scorpius painting for air said “What? Never mind what was from Ben, We have to go now.” He quickly grabbed her hand and yanked her out of the chair that she had been sitting in and started to pull her behind him.

Rushing past people as fast as they could they were still holding hands. The only reason Scorpius didn’t let go was because he knew for a fact that Rose couldn’t run as fast as he could, and he wasn’t about to let her fall behind. They had already wasted so much time as it was. But at this particular moment in time he didn’t care who saw them all he cared about was getting to McGonagall’s office.

Skidding to a stop outside of McGonagall’s office he lightly put a hand on Rose’s back and pushed her into the waiting room. Looking over at the elf with an accomplished look on his face he said triumphantly “See told you she would be here.”

The elf nodding her head said “Very well I will tell headmistress McGonagall now.” Standing up she hoped off the stole that she had been sitting on and walked into the other room.

Scorpius dropping his hand from Rose’s back let out a sigh of relief. “You know the next time someone hand you a letter it would be wise to read it.” He said chasting her.

Rolling her eyes she said “I'm sorry that I was busy, I just got confused is all. It won’t happen again.” Rose turned around and looked at herself in a mirror that was hanging on the wall. He face was flushed and her hair was sticking out in a thousand places.

Raising her hand up to try and smooth it out, Scorpius said “You don’t have to mess with your hair you look fine just the way you are.” Rose dropped her hand and walked over to Scorpius who was propping himself up against the wall.

“So any ideas on what this could be about?” she asked Scorpius.

“No clue,” he responded.

They were both just standing there when the elf pooped its head out the door and said “Headmistress will see you now.”

Each of them walked into the room quietly. McGonagall was sitting in her chair and was reading a piece of parchment. Rose and Scorpius both looked on her desk and saw two very large files sitting there. They recognized them immediately. They were their files.

McGonagall looking up from her paper said indifferently “You can sit down.”

Both of them immediately took a seat in front of McGonagall’s desk.

They sat there awkwardly starring at McGonagall as she continued to rifle through the papers. She acted as if they weren’t even there. Rose and Scorpius looked at one another with wide eyes. There was no way that this meeting could be good.

Slowly putting down the papers on her desk McGonagall shocked them with a surprisingly chipper voice, “So how has school been this year?”

Thrown off by her upbeat posture Rose and Scorpius answered nervously “Good,”

Nodding her head McGonagall straighten herself up a bit. “Would you feel that these detentions have strengthened your relationship? Have allowed you to see past one another’s name and hatred?”

Where was she going with this Rose thought. She looked over at Scorpius and could tell that he was thinking the exact same thing. Turning her attention back to McGonagall she listened carefully.

“Also would you say that these detentions have allowed you to truly get to know one another as a person and instead of enemy? Let you see each other’s personalities?” McGonagall eyed both of them carefully.

Looking at each other they stammered on their answer. Yes it was true that they had become friends in the process but McGonagall was so detailed in her observation that Rose and Scorpius didn’t have much of an answer. They had never really saw it as anything more than a friendship. They never had seen it as looking beyond one another’s personality or each other’s names. They supposed in the long run that was what had happened.

Scorpius seeing that they weren’t getting anywhere took control of the answering and said “If you are asking us did these detentions allow us to develop a friendship then the answer is yes.”

A pleased looked appeared on McGonagall’s face “Would you say that you confide in one another?” she asked.

Silent again they looked at each other hoping that one of them may have an answer. Slowly Rose said “In a way yes, but headmistress you must understand that with all these detentions and our studies we haven’t had much time to confide in anyone else but each other.”

“So you are saying that if you had had less detentions together that you probably wouldn’t have become as close as you are?” McGonagall cocked one of her eyebrows.

Releasing a quivering breath Rose didn’t know what to say she had a large lump in her throat that she couldn’t swallow down, hesitantly she answered “Presumably yes.” She bent her head down in shame she didn’t mean for her comment to come out sounding like they were forced into this friendship, which they were in away, She only meant it to come out as the truth.

Scorpius noticing the look on Rose’s face started talking in order to relieve the pressure off Rose “I think what Rose is trying to say is that if we had had the opportunities we probably would have confided in our friends more than each other. Only because we know our friends better and it is easier to confide in someone that knows you than it is to someone who is a stranger, and that was what me and Rose were at the begging of these sessions. We were essentially strangers.”

McGonagall looked at Rose and eyed her up and down as if she was judging her.

Rose all of a sudden started to feel as if this huge cement block was being placed on her chest. It was as if all this pressure was coming down on her and that she wouldn’t be able to breath. What Scorpius had said was exactly what she meant by her statement, so why couldn’t she have said it the way he did? She wanted to say that knowing Scorpius the way I do now I am glad that we did confide in one another. But for some unexplained reason she couldn’t all she could do was cower down in her chair and look at the floor. She hated being under pressure the way she was at that moment.

Still looking at Rose McGonagall asked “Would you say that you two would confide in one another even if given the opportunity to spend more time with other people, now that you are friends after all?”

Scorpius answered first “Yes I would.” he quickly said then turning his attention to Rose he looked at her and waited for her answer.

Rose lifted her head up, she was pale as could be and completely flushed. She knew that McGonagall and Scorpius were both waiting for her answer. She looked over to Scorpius and couldn’t be certain. But there seemed to be a certain look in his eye that said that she needed to be completely honest at this moment, as if their entire friendship might be based on this one answer.

Then she looked over to McGonagall and she knew no matter what her answer was she wouldn’t be able to lie. Even if she lied both McGonagall and Scorpius would have known that she was lying just by the way it would come out. So she shook her head in shame and said truthfully “Probably not.”

Scorpius froze at the answer. Balling his hands up into fist he quickly turned his attention back to McGonagall.

McGonagall on the other hand had a disappointed look on her face that made Rose look back down to the floor. “Very well,” she said in a solemn voice. “The reason I brought you here today was because due to your progress I am relieving you of your punishments. As of now you are free to do what you want as long as it follows school policy. You have both been restored as Prefects and you Scorpius may have your spot back on the Quidditch team for next season.” She looked at them both one last time before saying “You are dismissed.”

Standing up they both walked out of the office and into the hall. Scorpius had his back to her as Rose stood there waiting for him to say something. She hadn’t meant to hurt him but the fact was that she didn’t confide in people at all. She never even confided in her best friend so for her to say that she would continue to confide in Scorpius was ridiculous. She may have told him a few things about her life but that wasn’t confiding in someone was telling them about their daily problems and how you felt, which she did do to an extent, but not the extent that McGonagall was referring to. Rose was better at talking people through their problems instead of talking about her own.

Turning around slowly Scorpius crossed his arms and asked in a calm serious voice that Rose had never heard before “So were we ever friends?”

Rose taking a deep breath said “Please don’t do this.”

“No I think I will do this.” He said walking closer to her. “Because unlike you I have some issues with being lead on.”

She whispered “I know it looks like I lead you on but that wasn’t what I was doing.”

“Oh then what were you doing?” He asked harshly “Because to me it looks a whole hell of a lot like you were playing nice so that you could get out of detention.”

Trying to make him understand she said “I know it seems like that was what I was doing but I really considered you my friend.” She pleaded.

“Just stop it Rose. Stop feeding me your bull shit and tell me the truth, were you just using me to get out of detention or was I just convenient since you couldn’t talk to anyone else?” He yelled

He waited for her to respond but she didn’t.

Letting out a large breath of air he said in a calmer tone “If you didn’t want to be my friend that is just fine I can play nice too but for you to drag me along, talk to me about my problems and to pretend that you genuinely cared was just cruel.”

Shaking his head he turned around and started to walk away, Rose composing herself yelled “Scorpius wait.”

He stopped and turned around; Rose was running to catch up with him. He stood there waiting to hear what she had to say. Coming to a stop only inches away from him he said in an exhausted voice “What Rose?”

“I’m sorry,” she said honestly.

Scorpius looked into her eyes trying to find some sense of remorse. Shaking his head he placed a hand on her shoulder and said “I’m sorry isn’t always enough.” Dropping his hand he turned around and started to walk away again. Then stopping to say one last word he turned around and truthfully said “I can’t believe I ever trusted you Weasley.”

The look on his face was truly on of somebody who had gotten hurt. There was something vulnerable about him in that moment that Rose noticed. She watched him as he turned around and walked away from her. The lump in her throat was becoming larger and she felt like she wanted to cry.

She had hurt him a thousand times before but this time was worse because she had really hurt him and she hadn’t intended to. Closing her eyes she tried to compose herself as best she could. But something was different; it felt as if something was missing, as if a part of her had disappeared when he walked away, something that she would miss. And she wasn’t sure if she would ever get that feeling back.




A/N: Ok, ok, ok please don’t hate me. Before you hate me  you must know that this was necessary in order for my story to work out the way that I have planned and for there to be some serious character development, which will ultimately give them a stronger relationship. I promise things will get better between them next chapter will be up soon.


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