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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : Waking up in Vegas
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A/N: Hello! back again! thank you for your reviews. I hope this chapter is to your liking.

I own nothing but what you don't recognise. Everything else belongs to it's official owners.

"So,” James said, his hands sliding into his pockets as he looked around the front room of the flat he used to live in with Amelia, “how’s Adam?”

Amelia nearly scoffed at his attempt at a conversation by bringing up her older brother Adam, “and you care because?”

“He was my best friend,” James stated simply with a shrug.

“Well, he wants to hurt you,” Amelia said, a small smile making itself on her face, she loved her brother. "That would be why he's been ignoring your owls."

“Oh,” was all James said, before they fell into uncomfortable silence again.

James had turned up at her flat around ten minutes ago and already she wanted to be away from him, she was regretting agreeing to go with him to this party, but knew she wouldn’t hear the end of it if she didn’t go. The sooner that James was out of her life, the faster she could move on. Not that she had done much moving on since they had broken up, or any kind of moving on. Instead choosing to place everything that had reminded her of James into the cupboard in the hallway, she had to use quite a few charms to shrink the items she placed in there so she could shut the door. Maybe when they came back she could get James to take it all away, so she didn't have the urge to keep going into the cupboard and remembering their time together.

“You’re looking lovely today, Amelia,” James said, with a small cough as his hand rose to his head and itched it for something to do.

Amelia shook her head at him as she walked over to the coffee table in front of the sofa and picked up the empty cup; she was having a nice cup of coffee before James turned up, and taking it into the kitchen. “You’ve already got me going to the party, so you can stop sucking up to me.”

“I wasn’t. You do look nice today,” James called after her.

Amelia rolled her eyes at him.

“So, where’s your bag?” James asked from the front room.

“It’s in my bedroom,” she told him as she washed out the cup in the kitchen sink, thinking about how weird it was to call it her room, when it had been their room before. She heard James yell that he would get it for her and the sounds of him walking towards the bedroom.

Normally she would have been suspicious of him, but she figured that James was trying to get in her good books for today, so she didn’t question him. She finished rinsing the cup and left it on the side to drain off, making a mental note to put it away when she came back home in two days time.

She dried her hands and walked back out of the kitchen, to see James coming out of her bedroom, a smile on his face and the bag in his hand.

“Are you ready?” he asked her, Amelia took a quick look around her flat for a sign of an open window or anything that needed to be turned off, but everything looked good. She gave James a nod as she took her wand off of the coffee table and pocketed it.

“Let’s get this over with,” she told him, James quickly charmed Amelia’s bag so it would fit into his pocket nicely and walked out of the door first. Amelia followed and locked the door behind them.

“So, how are we getting there?” Amelia asked him as they made their way outside of the building.

“Apparating of course. It’s quicker,” James told her as they exited the building and walked onto the street. They both walked down to a quiet and deserted alley before Amelia grabbed his arm and James apparated them away.

They appeared in a field a good five minutes from the Potters house; Amelia removed her hand from James arm quickly, ignoring the warm feeling that had spread through her when she touched him and began walking across the field in the direction of the Potter’s house.

The house soon came into focus and they walked across the garden and up to the front door, Amelia feeling her stomach knot nervously at the thought of what they were about to do.

James could sense her sudden anxiousness. “Are you ready?” he asked her, she nodded back at him and James knocked on the door.

A few seconds later a tall red haired woman answered the door, her hair was a mess and there was flour on her apron, she was clearly in the middle of making lunch, she beamed down at them as she saw them. Ginny Potter stood back slightly to let them enter; closing the door behind them she turned and engulfed James in a hug.

“Oh, James, how are you?” she asked, letting go of him and attempting to flatten down his messy mop of black hair, he moved out of her reach in embarrassment.

“I’m good, mum,” James said running a hand through his hair and messing it back up. Ginny shook her head at him before she turned around and smiled at Amelia, engulfing her in a hug too.

“Amelia, dear, how are you? It’s been so long,” she let go of Amelia and beamed at her.

“I’ve been good thanks, and yourself?” Amelia asked politely, smiling up at the woman, not realising until now just how much she had missed seeing her in-laws.

“I have been very good, thank you, let’s go to the kitchen,” she told them as she turned back around and walked down towards the kitchen, “your dad is just in here, he’s helping me make lunch. I hope that you are both hungry.” Ginny said as they all followed her.

“Starving, mum,” James stated rubbing his stomach.

“Don’t I know it? You always are,” Ginny said with a laugh, “I bet he eats you out of house and home, Amelia.”

“Something like that,” Amelia admitted, James shot her a quick look before they entered the kitchen.

Harry was standing at the kitchen counter chopping up some vegetables; Ginny walked over to the stand next to him and continued stirring the contents in a mixing bowl.

“Hey, dad, you okay?” James asked, patting his father on the back before he sat down and helped himself to a cake that was sitting on the side. Ginny slapped his hand away and scolded him for eating before lunch. James ignored her and stuffed the cake in his mouth.

“But I’m hungry,” he told her through a mouthful of crumbs.

Harry laughed as he told them that he was ok. He smiled over at Amelia, who had taken a seat next to James, leaning away from the spray of crumbs.

“How are you, Amelia? We haven’t seen you in quite a while, we were beginning to worry that James had locked you away somewhere,” Harry told her as he put the vegetables into a saucepan.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, but I’ve been...” she began, but James cut in.

“She’s been busy with work, she’s been working practically nonstop,” he told his parents, finishing off his cake.

“Amelia can answer for herself, James,” Ginny scolded again, causing her husband to smirk.

“How is work?” Ginny asked Amelia as she continued stirring the floury substance in the bowl, shaking her head at her son’s rudeness.

“It's good thanks, Ginny,” Amelia admitted, “a bit tiring but very rewarding, I’m hoping for a promotion at work soon.”

“James, why don’t you and Amelia go put your stuff in your old bedroom,” Harry suggested, “So that me and your mother can finish lunch.”

“Are you ready to go upstairs?” James asked Amelia, who nodded; they stood up, exited the kitchen and climbed up the stairs towards James’s room. When they entered through the door Amelia looked around, remembering the room well from when she used to come over with Adam when they were teenagers, trying to ignore the memories of James and Amelia being alone.

“Only one bed,” she noticed her eyes falling onto the double bed, before turning back to James, who was picking up their bags from his pocket and putting them on the floor, waving his wand to make them back to their original size.

“Yeah,” James said, looking at her and putting his wand back in his pocket.

“Well, where are you going to sleep?” she asked, dreading the answer.

“In the bed.”

“Oh no, we did not agree to share a bed,” Amelia snapped at him turning around, her arms folded over her chest.

“What’s so bad with sharing a bed?” James asked confused.

“You will be in it,” Amelia stated, her eyebrow raised, “and I’m sorry but that will not be happening. I did not agree to that.”

“Then we have a problem,” James admitted, looking around the room as if a solution was going to magically appear.

“No, we don’t, because you are going to be sleeping on the floor,” Amelia beamed at him unfolding her arms.

“I’m not thinking so,” James told her with a laugh and a shake of his head.

“Well, if you want me to keep up this ‘little’ lie, then I think you are,” Amelia said smiling sweetly at him. James sighed, knowing that he would have no choice, “I mean I could always go down and tell...”

“Fine, I’ll sleep on the floor,” James said begrudgingly.


A few hours later they had put all of their stuff away and were full from a very nice lunch that they had just eaten. Amelia had realised when she was putting some clothes away that she had packed more than she had intended to, she put it down to her tiredness from work.

Amelia found herself walking around the Potter’s front room and looking at the pictures that were scattered on the mantelpiece. Baby pictures of James, Lily and Albus filled most of the frames, although a few were different. Harry and Ginny’s wedding day; Hermione and Ron’s wedding day with Ginny and Harry as best man and maid of honour; a family photo of all the Potters; one of most if not all of the Weasley's. And one of James and Amelia, both of them standing in front of the Las Vegas sign. The same picture she had at home and had taken out of the bin and put in a drawer after James had left.

It shouldn’t have amazed her as much as it did that this was the picture they had put up. It was after all her and James’s wedding day. James and Amelia had taken a holiday to Las Vegas a few months after they had begun dating, which were a few years after they had graduated from Hogwarts. James was there for work and had taken Amelia with him, but after a lot of alcohol and James’s spontaneous decision they became married. James spontaneous nature was one of the things she loved about him.

James and Amelia walked out of the restaurant hand in hand and laughing loudly; they had just had a romantic dinner and had consumed quite a bit of champagne. James guided her across the pavement, the lights of all of the casinos illuminating the dark sky, giving everything a magical glow that didn’t need any help from Wizards or Witches.

They laughed again, this time hysterically as James pulled her towards a fountain, brightly lit by lights that changed colour every few moments. The place was enchanting and exciting; it was the most beautiful place that Amelia had ever visited.

They collapsed onto the floor, barely able to keep themselves straight from their laughter. Amelia had to take a deep breath, her head was spinning from the adrenaline filling her, not to mention the amount of champagne they had consumed that night.

“I’m having so much fun.” Amelia laughed, she reached forwards and planted a kiss on James’s lips, “I always have fun when I’m with you.” she added when she pulled away.

James gave her a goofy grin.

“That I am glad of,” he slurred. He looked at her for a moment, before grabbing her hand again and pulling her and him off of the floor, so they were standing unsteadily.

“You and I are off,” James told her, staggering slightly as he plunged his hands into his pockets, he took them out and looked at an old bar of Honeydukes chocolate in one hand, slightly melted.

“How did that get there?” he cried, before shrugging and throwing it over his shoulder, it hit a passing Wizard who began yelling profanities at them, but the couple were completely unaware of this as James began marching them away from the fountain and the angry Wizard.

“Where are we going?” Amelia asked, as she followed James.

“This way!” James declared loudly and pointing ahead of him. They marched passed various Muggle casinos, and in between those even grander Wizarding ones, including ‘Gnome Grotto’, ‘Merlin’s Luck’ and the colossal ‘Witch's castle’, which had the ability to transport you around the entire hotel with magical elevators that responded to your own personal preference. They smelt, sounded and travelled exactly where and how you wanted it to. This was the same for the rooms, each one changing before your very eyes, but only once you had paid the overly expensive bill to stay in one. The entire casino was made up entirely of marble and diamonds that glittered all different colours, the staff was also made up with the most beautiful male and female Nymphs and Veelas in Vegas

Amelia smiled as she looked up at its towering turrets and was reminded of Hogwarts castle, she looked around and realised that they were far from their own hotel, which was situated by ‘Caesar’s Palace', which in Amelia’s opinion was a rather pathetic excuse for a hotel in comparison.

“Where is it that we're going?” Amelia asked again, as James continued to pull her into the crowd.

“You’ll see,” James said, still pulling her through the crowds of gamblers, holiday makers and performers, with James’s constant yells of ‘EXCUSE ME!’ they made it out of the crowd. Amelia stopped walking and held onto her feet, walking around in heels all day was making her feet hurt a lot. James stopped as soon as he couldn’t pull Amelia anymore.

“What’s up?” he asked her.

“My feet hurt,” Amelia told him, pointing down to her high heeled feet. James stared at her for a moment before turning around so his back was to her; he turned his head to face her as he bent down slightly.

“Jump on, I’ll carry you,” he told her.

Amelia let out a laugh, “like a Centaur.” she declared as she jumped on his back, James stumbled slightly as he tried to stand back up and before long they were walking down the pavement.

“Neigh,” James said loudly as he ‘galloped’ causing Amelia to shriek in laughter.

“I don’t think they neigh,” Amelia said through gasps of breath, as James continued galloping.

They had made it down the pavement and towards a White building that looked like a chapel. James stopped galloping in front of it and turned his head to face Amelia, who was beaming down at him.

“Are we here yet?” she asked, jumping down from James’s back and hugging onto him from behind, peering around to look at the building.

“Of course, my lady,” James said, turning around to look at Amelia. “Do you know what I think?”

“What’s that?” Amelia asked, kissing James on the lips.

“I think that we should get married.” he declared, pulling away from her to look at her.

Amelia stared at him for a moment before jumping up and down squealing with delight.

“We can get married. You can be Mrs. Potter, and I can be Mr. Campbell-Price.” she all but yelled at him.

James started jumping up and down too, and clapping, “Yeah. I’m Mrs. Potter.”

Amelia kissed James again before she moved away and grabbed hold of his hand, pulling him forwards to the building’s entrance, “let’s go, before all the good weddings are taken.”

“I hope they have a buffet, I’m hungry,” he said through a laugh, as they both walked into the building.

The next morning all Amelia could remember was getting married and vaguely remembering having the pictures taken. Somehow during the night James had stolen balloons from downstairs, declaring them to be wedding balloons, only to find out when they woke up that, they were balloons for Deccan’s fiftieth birthday. They never found Deccan to apologise for stealing from him.

Amelia shook her head as she tried to get rid of the memory. She didn’t allow herself to think of when she and James were happy; it hurt too much to remember those times.

She took a deep breath before turning away from the photo. She ran a hand through her hair as she looked up, seeing James standing in front of her. They didn’t say anything to each other, but James knew exactly what she was thinking about. She walked forwards and passed James without saying a word to him.


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