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Change of Heart by 19 whitehorse
Chapter 1 : Unfortunate Encounter
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 A/N Hello everyone and welcome to my first, ever fanfiction. Hopefully you'll like it and please tell me what you guys think as I am completely new at this and I appreciate any kind of feedbacks :D


Draco’s P.O.V.


Three days.


Three days since the imprisonment of my father and the end of the Second Wizarding War. Three days since I was saved by Harry-bloody-Potter and the downfall of He-who-must-not-be-named. I shivered and wrapped my coat tighter around my shoulders. Nightfall was quickly approaching and muggles were leaving the park. Sitting on a secluded bench by a small shop I breathed in the fresh autumn air. As I stood up to leave, I felt someone tap my shoulder.


“Excuse me?”


I turned around and sneered arrogantly at the muggle girl standing in front of me. Yet instead of feeling superior I could feel anger building up inside of me at this thing that caused me to lose everything. I knew it was not her fault specifically but after losing my family, pride and fortunes because some wizards just had to go save the day and act like heroes (basically be suicidal) to protect muggles who had no idea what was going on anyway, I just wanted to throw or punch something and she was the unfortunate muggle who was standing there looking all innocent with these big brown eyes and her upturned nose sprinkled with light freckles. The fact that she was kind of pretty made me want to hit her even more and I could feel my hand itching to slap her and get her to understand that everything was her fault.


“Hellooo I am talking to you, what are you like deaf?”


I spluttered, shocked.


Excuse me!? Who do you think you are speaking to me in that tone?”


She snorted. 


Yeah remember what I said about her looking kind of pretty. Forget it.


“Sorry,” she said not sounding at all apologetic, “I was just wondering could you please move your ass over there so that I can pass through, your royal highness.” She said sarcastically bowing her head so low it practically touched her knees.


I looked at her indignantly and resolutely stood in her way without moving an inch from my original spot.


“I really don’t care what you want” I replied angrily.


“Fine, act like a 5 year. But I, unlike some people have things to do and I cannot spend my precious time arguing with a pampered, spoilt brat. So if you could just move out of my way I would be very thankful”


“Maybe I was being too subtle, that was me telling you to fuck off and go away” I snapped back.


“If you are trying to scare me it’s not working. Now MOVE” she said and smashed her trolley in my legs.


I hissed in pain and clutched my right leg.


“What is your bloody problem?!”


“You” she replied and stalked off to the shop, pushing the trolley.


I started limping after her so that I could give her a piece of my mind and tell her that no one ever spoke to me in that tone, especially not some muggle bitch, when she suddenly stopped, causing me to bump into her. I cringed at the contact. She slowly turned around and critically looked at me, letting her eyes linger across my body.


“Wait… you are of the male species aren’t you?” she revelled.


I looked at her blankly. She did not honestly just ask me that.


That actually bruised my ego.


“Gee, nothing gets past you does it? What gave it away?” I said sarcastically.


She started muttering to herself. I would worry about her mental well-being if I wasn’t too busy being pissed at the world.


“Do you want to go to the theme park with me?” she asked suddenly looking at me through her long eyelashes.


I have no idea what a theme park is. But rather than freely admit that to the most irritating girl I have ever had the misfortune to meet I said,


Why in the world would I do that!?”


This girl gave me a headache. No wonder my father hates muggles so much, not only are they of dirty blood, they actually make me feel physically sick. I started walking off trying to get away from her.


“Look, I have issues…” she confessed grabbing my sleeve.


“Even a troll could see that” I retorted ripping my arm out of her grasp.


“Um did you just say troll, really?" She looked at me weirdly and shook her head. "And anyway I’m sure it’ll be fun.” She said, not very convincingly may I add.


“Somehow I highly doubt that, not with you as company.”


“One date won’t kill you! Why the hell are you so selfish and bitter?!” she suddenly yelled at me.


This is when I completely snapped.


“Um let me think, my father is locked up in Akzaban, probably for the rest of his life. My mother is in some ward for psychos in St Mungo’s. Everyone thinks that I am wrong because I just happened to be on the losing side and it’s not even my fault that those other Purebloods could not back up their own threats. Oh and somehow I owe my life to my arch nemesis because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and he just has to be a hero and be the fucking-arsehole-who-lived” I screamed.


She looked at me in utter shock at my outburst.


Shit. I did not want to say that.


She grinned evilly at me.


“I have absolutely no idea what you just said but I am guessing that you don’t want me to spread it around and I am not above blackmailing others to get what I want. So I guess we have a date?”


How do I even end up in these situations?


A/N Please tell me what you think using the Rate and Review button:) Any feedback is very welcome. 

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Change of Heart: Unfortunate Encounter


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