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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 6 : Defenceless
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LILY TAKE THE KIDS AND RUN!” James shouted to his wife who had been putting Harry to bed, “HE’S HERE!”


Rose stood next to her father who looked down at Rose he saw tears streaming down her face.


James knelt down next to his daughter he attempted to wipe the endless tears off her face, he kissed her forehead and pulled her into a final embrace and whispered into her ear “be brave my little princess”. Then grabbed his invisibility cloak and put it around his daughters weeping figure.



The front door came crashing down and James was faced with the distorted face of Lord Voldemort. He realised his wand was on the other side of the room, when putting the cloak on Rose he had left his wand. Now he was defenceless.



Rose watched as her father stood defenceless in front of a cloaked man with a distorted face and blood red eyes.


Voldemort gave out a vicious high pitched laugh “You don’t have your wand, you’re defenceless against me, how foolish but all I want is the boy”

Still James stood there “You will never have him”


Voldemort gave out a sigh “Such a waste, pity” pointed his wand at James “Avada Kedavra”


Rose saw the get of green light and her father fall to the ground and watched as he didn’t get up again. His body lay still in front of Voldemort, she couldn’t move just stare at the body. “Daddy” she whispered from under the cloak. She desperately needed him to get up again and get rid of the cloaked figure.


Voldemort had heard her, his bloody eyes scanned the room. For a moment Rose felt as if his eyes fell on her although she knew he couldn’t see her.

She would never forget those eyes.


There was a blood curdling scream from the top of the stairs where Lily stood with baby Harry in her arms. She saw her husband’s motionless body. Voldemort seemed to glide towards her she backed up against the wall then towards Harry’s room.


Rose could not move from where she was downstairs although she could still see from the angle she stood the commotion upstairs. Her mother was standing in front of Harry, who was in his cot, with her arms spread in an attempt to protect him, but she was also without her wand.


“Move aside” his cold voice commanded


“No” Lily replied as defiantly as possible, although she had tears flowing her face.


“Please” all she could do was plead, her husband was dead, she could not see her daughter, was she gone to? She didn’t have her wand, all she had now was Harry and she would never move over and let this monster near him.


“You don’t have to die Lily, move aside and I will give you power, you can have anything you want, just move aside” Voldemort was beginning to lose his patience.


“No” all lily could do now was mumble her strength was leaving her.



Rose watched as Voldemort lifted his wand to face Lily just like he did to James before uttering “Avada Kedavra”

Lily gave out one last scream, the green light hit her and she feel to the floor. Voldemort took a step closer to Harry. He pointed his wand at Harry before repeating the incantation “Avada Kedavra”


However it didn’t work how it had with her parents. The jet of light didn’t hit Harry it engulfed the whole house, the luminous green blinded Rose’s eyes. She couldn’t see anything but heard a deafening scream, similar to the sound of running nails down a blackboard. After that the luminous green vanished from the room.

Harry sat in his cot although he seemed to be in shock, there was a deep scar on his forehead, shaped as a lightening bolt. In front of him lay his mother along with a cloak, just a black cloak, the very same to what Voldemort had been wearing, but without Voldemort.


Rose was still under the invisibility cloak, she could see her parents bodies scattered on the floor. They were dead. It was only her and Harry left now.


The moons light beamed into the room, next to the moon, directly above their house a symbol hung in the air. It was a huge skull with a green serpent erupting from its mouth; it seemed to give off a green glow. She watched the skull, she felt as if it was watching her staring into her eyes.

She brought her gaze back to the room. After the recent carnage there was almost a calm and gentle atmosphere to it. Harry started to sniffle out a cry. Rose began to remove her cloak all could do was attempt to comfort him. But stopped when she heard a noise outside.


Sirius ran into the house but stopped when he reached James’ body, said nothing but fell to his knees next to James and began to cry silently. He held his face in his hands and wept more, he had lost not just his best friend, but the only family he ever really had, and it was his fault.


But knowing there was nothing he could do for his friend now he went upstairs. He could hear Harry’s cries but was still shocked to see Lily’s lifeless body. He took Harry out of the cot and went back down. Harry’s cries stopped once he was with a familiar face.

Emma arrived shortly after; all she could do once confronted with the damage was a small “no”.

Rose began to take of her cloak and Emma found her and brought her into her arms as Sirius arrived downstairs. They didn’t say anything to each other they couldn’t even look each other in the eye. Sirius passed a sleeping Harry to Emma and left the house, leaving his motorbike, apparating. His grieving was replaced by anger and from the expression on his face, Emma knew he wanted revenge.


She took the outside them outside the house, she couldn’t stay in that place any longer. The large figure of Rubeus Hagrid walked toward them. He looked to Emma possibly for a sign for good news but all she gave was a turn of her head Hagrid gave out a small cry.


“Dumbledore sent me to get lil arry”


Emma looked up at him desperately “why? I can look after them”


“I dunno Emma, he said he wanted to get away him from ere, and there was a protection”


She gave into defeat, normally she would have argued that she should look after him but in the present circumstances she had no energy left and Dumbledore knew better.


Hagrid took Harry and climbed onto Sirius’ motorbike, he gave one last glance to Rose who was watching her brother, she hadn’t said anything, she showed no sign of emotion just blankness.


As they flew away and Rose could no longer see her brother, she started to feel the cold October night. She held onto Emma’s hand, she would go and live with Emma, her godmother, she guessed.


But as Harry disappeared into the darkness, Rose began to feel truly alone in the world

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