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In the Eyes of a Serpent by 802betty
Chapter 6 : The Snakes' Meeting
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*NOTICE: This story is currently being rewritten! If you have previously read it, please go back to chapter four, the first chapter redone. Currently chapter five is a new chapter inserted in the middle of the story full of new things! This was once chapter five, now it's chapter six. So chapter six is now seven, and so on. Please go back and read them! Hopefully soon I will have finished rewritting the rest, excluding the first three chapters which I am leaving be. The reason is because I, and some of my dear readers, felt as though the characters were too OC, and the relationships were progressing too quickly. Taking this into consideration, I am adding in new chapters and rewritting others. Thank you for your patience! I will let you know when I am finished!*

A/N: Hey you guys! A little bit faster of an update, right??? Seriously, I am in awe of people who can pass validation…. Because I can’t. :( Also, to celebrate chapter 6, I’ve made this chapter WAY over 5000 words!!!! I really hope you guys enjoy it! It’s one of my favorite! But without further ado, (I believe I’ve babbled on and on for long enough…) here’s chapter 6 of, In the Eyes of a Serpent!

*I really wish I was, but since I’m not J.K. Rowling, I don’t own any recognizable things!*

The Snakes' Meeting


Without even a slight stumble or wobble, I landed softly onto the marble floor of my Aunt Bellatrix’s living room. I reached a hand up and brushed off miniscule clumps of dirt from the Forbidden Forest off of my shoulder. Looking up, I took a quick glance around the living room before starting off towards the basement ahead, where Voldemort waited impatiently. The usually blazing fireplace was put out, creating an eerie cloak of darkness over the room. The only source of light in the room was a few slits of light coming in from the windows and the luminescence glow of my pale skin. Knowing how the Dark Lord usually was, I had regressed back into my true form earlier.

I flinched and a slight hiss escaped my lips as my Dark Mark seared once more. I looked down at my left arm and stared at the burning red mark, my sleeve still rolled up from when Granger discovered it. As I reached the oak door and laid a pale hand on the cool, golden doorknob, I let out a calming breath and stepped into the vacant depths of the obscure room.

The first thing I saw was the Dark Lord standing underneath the single light fixture with his back to me. The light reflected off of his pale, leathery skin, giving him his famous eerie look.

Without facing me he hissed in a menacing voice, “Turn into your disguised state, now.” With a questionable look on my face, I quickly transformed myself into my disguised form without comment. The room slowly began to get darker as my skin lost its radiant pale glow. I felt the raw power that usually coursed through my veins begin to fade as I became a somewhat normal person.

I heard Voldemort huff in frustration and he whipped around towards me. His face bore an expression of utter madness and anger.

He frowned down upon me and shouted, “Expelliarmus!” An un-seen force yanked my wand from the pockets of my robes and sent it sailing towards Voldemort, who snatched it from the air and placed it on the table behind him. I suppressed a grimace at having my wand snatched, leaving me defenseless.

Voldemort sneered at me then continued, “You disobeyed me Draco! You must be punished! Stupefy!” The Dark Lord’s power was overwhelming, and sent me flying backwards and to the ground. I landed roughly on my forearm and heard a resounding Crack! I winced as pain shot up my arm. I tried to extend my arm, but almost shrieked from the furious agony that resulted. It was broken. I heard a cackle to my right, and I turned back to Voldemort. He was striding over to me with a malicious look on his pale face.

His red eyes glowed with glee. He towered over me pressed one foot into chest, molding my back into the unforgiving ground. He continued to drive his heel upon me though, the force growing in a crescendo until it became almost unbearable.

“What are you hiding from me Draco?” He hissed. I squirmed on the ground from both the pain of his foot on my chest and of the secret I held. He couldn’t find out that I had my memory back; it could be the death of me. I looked into the slits of his eyes, finding no forgiveness or mercy, but eyes filled to the brim with pure hatred and heinous evil. I chose instead that it would be better to say nothing at all, and pulled my lips into a thin line. But I knew how long I could continue this act of defiance, for at this point my head began to shake from the strain and my breath came out in short gasps and wheezes.

Irritated that I did not answer, Voldemort tried a new tactic. He removed his foot and took a step back, analyzing me as he calculated his next attack.

“Get up.” He ordered. But my lungs were too busy trying to expand to normal height after he had smashed them down. My eyes fluttered shut as wonderful lungfulls of air filled me, the relief it brought me overwhelming. I slowly rolled onto my side to face the impatient man before me, wincing as the pain in my broken arm spiked for a moment.

I exhaled in frustration at my weakness, it was pathetic. For a fleeting moment I found myself wishing to be back in my true form, if only for a moment. But as all power had a price, that was one I sadly wasn’t willing to pay. Although I was equipped with the gifts only found in foolish muggle story books, I would also be at risk of losing control. I had found in my past times in my true form that my thoughts were blurred and my mind was controlled by a raw power. There were so many times I could remember the burn for more strength, more dominance, and more unpredictability. But that was the thing I feared most, losing control and giving in to the madness. For if I did, no creature or human would be safe.

With that thought put on repeat in my head, I quelled my urge to give in to the desire and braced myself for whatever the Dark Lord had in store for me.

The aforementioned man’s lips turned up in a cruel grin and he leaned closer towards my crumpled form, “Oh? Are we having trouble getting to our feet and facing our master? This should do the trick! Levicorpus!

I felt myself flung into the air from the ground and dangle by my foot. It felt as though an invisible hand had grasped my foot and was swinging me like a pendulum above the ground. I gulped realizing how high up I was. Knowing it would only bring more horrors to me, I quickly masked my fear and replaced it with a well practiced dead pan expression.

But as the Dark Lord could never be fooled by an illusion like that, he cackled at my discomfort.

With a voice full of maniacal glee, he shouted up at me, “Until you learn the price of your actions, there will more of this tainting your future! But of course, there is one simple solution!”

He flicked his wand to the ground, promptly ending the hex. To my horror, the invisible hand released me from its grasp and sent me sailing towards the cold, marble floor. I squeezed my eyes shut as the floor below began to spin furiously towards me at a dizzying pace.

I landed on my back this time, but like the previous time, a resounding Crack rang throughout the dark room. My back arched into the air as imaginary flames licked at my back, leaving burns and blazing agony in their wake. I felt silent tears caress my face gently as I lay there, clutching my side as my ribs throbbed. Soft footfalls approached my whimpering form and I slowly let my bloodshot eyes open up to stare up at the man I had previously idoled.

He smirked down at me, mirroring my younger self, and then spoke in an evil hiss, “All you have to do is tell me what you are hiding. Then all of this can be over.”

I wheezed out in a hoarse voice, “I don’t understand what you mean.” I paused then hurriedly added in an, “My Lord.”

All it took was one look into his unforgiving eyes to know he didn’t buy any of it. He thought for a moment, strategizing how to manipulate me before he finally asked,

“Draco, what was your least favorite class last school year?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but quickly clamped it shut. He’s
trying to trick me! I see now! He suspects that I regained my memory, which I have, and knows that if I had I could have answered this easily. Of course, if I hadn’t regained them, everything before this past summer would be a blurry mess.

“I would be honored to answer that for you, my Lord, but I am ashamed to say that I do not know. That time draws a blank I’m afraid. I guess it would have been the same as this year’s, which would be Divination. A blubbering idiot teaches utter nonsense there.” I answered.

“Yes of course.” He muttered with his back towards me. But, as if deep in thought, he turned back towards me and confided, “But never underestimate the power of a true prophecy. Those can change your life for the better, or twist your fate into unending mess. Remember that.”

His tone held a certain reverence to the subject, but at the same time bitterness, as if he was undecided how he felt towards prophecies. But considering his experience with them that continued into the present day, it was understandable.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Voldemort grabbed a vial off of the table before facing me once more.

He raised it into the air in front of me, “Do you know what this is Draco?” I peered up at the colorless liquid and noticed the tiny bubbles racing each other to the top inside. It indeed looked familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

He smirked when I shook my head in denial, and then continued, “This is Skele-Grow. Its general purpose is to form new bones, but I suppose it could also heal them.” He pondered while staring intently at my broken ribs and forearm.

My heart leapt at the prospect of being mobile once more, but the evil glint in the Dark Lord’s eye quickly shot down my hopes.

Sure enough, he continued, “It is also a reward. If, and only if you behave tomorrow during my presentation of you to the other Death Eaters, I might consider giving you this. Depends on how I’m feeling. For all we know you might just be stuck like this for quite awhile!” he finished with a cackle, and I felt my blood boil.

All the feelings and urges I battled everyday began to overpower my reasoning. After being subdued for so long, they sprang forth and took control. My eyes blazed a brilliant blue and I began to feel my toned muscle bulge. But then it all stopped. My attempt of transformation sapped all my remaining energy, leaving none to complete the process.

My energy stores vacant, I collapsed onto the harsh, marble floor gasping for air. My head flopped to the side, shameful that I didn’t even have the strength to transform anymore.

“You must be strong, always. Never let anyone see your weakness. Do whatever you must, anything to stay safe.” My father’s words rang true in my head, the ones he told me as a small child. Those were the days. The ones when there were no orders and expectations weighing heavily on shoulders, when there wasn’t a Dark Lord breathing down your neck, trying his hardest to learn the secrets you hid from him. This was the first thing my father had taught me, the basis of all my teachings. If anyone, especially a Dark Lord, could not see your fear or weakness, you were safe.

I felt pathetic, laying there on the ground, and winced as the steel door clanged behind me as Voldemort left the room. I heard the sound of wood rolling and turned to see my wand making its way towards my broken body. The once forgotten pain of my broken bones came back to with the strength of a tidal wave. I moaned in pain and attempted to make myself even more flat upon the ground. I must do what he wants tomorrow. I may not like it, but it must be done.

My thoughts slowly drifted back to the real world, of Hogwarts. I could already imagine Blaise rolling his eyes as he discovered I was, yet again, absent for my classes. Of course this time I wasn’t skipping on my own accord. I wondered if any of the Slytherins would even care that I was gone. Although we were close, there was always a sense of loneliness that permeated through the dungeon walls.

I did know for a fact one person would be worried sick. Little bookworm Granger. I was certainly surprised by the fact that not only did she finally come around to liking me, but I as well. We were an odd couple, probably one of the strangest and unlikely friendships that had roamed the halls of Hogwarts, but a friendship all the same.

I distracted myself that night from the pain throbbing through my body by devising the best way to tell her of what had happened today. I grinned as I already could picture her look of horror as I dramatically broke the news to her, I was always the one for theatrics.


Lost deep in thought, I wandered aimlessly along the shore of the Black Lake. The wind blew lazily around me, tangling itself in my hair. Malfoy had not returned yet, even though that was to be expected since it hadn’t even been a day. I was still worried though. Who knows what kind of torture he was being submitted to? Voldemort wasn’t known for being subtle or gentle, and I was positive his punishment to Malfoy would be no exception.

I sighed and sat down upon the grass, staring out at the pitch black Lake. I took a deep inhale of air, letting the fresh scent of the outdoors fill my lungs and relaxed slightly. As I exhaled, my hand drifted down to the soft grass below me and weaved my fingers through the blades absentmindedly.

A small smile warmed upon my lips as my mind replayed yesterday’s events. How cold the water had been as Malfoy and I splashed each other, our laughter warming us despite the chilly water around us. I was still astonished at how fast things had changed. Not moments after we dried ourselves in a comfortable silence, grinning like idiots, he was summoned by the most feared wizard.

My hand moving back and forth furiously, I quickly jotted down notes during Snape’s lesson in Defense Against the Dark Arts. As a break from taking notes appeared as Snape walked over to get something, my eyes wandered over to the desk where Malfoy used to sit at. I sighed softly as I realized that once again, it was empty. It had been a day since he had left. My eyes then traveled over to Snape who had turned back towards the class with a stupefied Kappa in his hand. The water-dweller resembled a scaly monkey and had water dripping from its webbed hands. Snape began the lesson in his monotone voice.

“This is a Kappa, a water-dweller that lives in Mongolia. It will strangle you with its webbed hands if you wade too far into its pond. If you are aiming to defend yourself from its grasp, if you ever find yourself in that predicament, you must-“

Snape suddenly stopped, and my hand stilled from its furious note taking. I looked up at Snape to see him grimacing and fingering the sleeve of his left arm. Snape cleared his throat and tried to look normal, but I could tell that he was still uncomfortable. “Erm… I must leave the class now. Erm… Zabini! You’re in charge while I’m gone!”

With that said, Snape hurriedly strode out of the classroom. Everyone began to whisper at once about the professor’s disappearance; all of them wondering why he had to leave. I alone know why. I thought to myself as Blaise Zabini strode to the front of the classroom with a pompous smirk on his face. His Dark Mark had burned. He was summoned by the Dark Lord.

Narcissa Malfoy-

I stood amongst the other Death Eaters, all dressed in black, and awaited patiently for the Dark Lord. We had all gathered here in Bellatrix’s living room as soon as our marks burned red. My eyes wandered around the room and met Severus Snape’s, who nodded back at me. My husband stood beside me, a comforting hand wrapped around my waist, holding me close to him. I leaned my head down upon his chest and whispered so that only he could hear. “What if we get to see Draco today Lucius? We could finally see our son once more today!”

I felt him squeeze my waist tighter for a moment, and a smile graced his features. “Maybe my love. Maybe.” He whispered down at me and placed a soft kiss on the top of my head.

A few minutes later, the doors before us flew open and Voldemort stepped forward. Lucius quickly took his hand away from my waist so that the Dark Lord wouldn’t see it and we both made our faces dead pan. Voldemort strode to the center of the group and began his speech. “My friends, I have brought you all here today to inform you of our accomplishments this year and to reveal to you a little surprise. First of all, I want to congratulate Severus Snape who not only secured the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, but now is the newest headmaster at Hogwarts.”

A few Death Eaters began to mumble to each other, not knowing the big deal about this. Voldemort sensing this continued, “My friends, this allows Snape to teach the children Dark Magic and,” he paused for dramatic effect, “places Hogwarts in my control.” He smiled as the Death Eaters began to holler in victory.

“Secondly,” he continued when the celebrating died down, “we have successfully dispatched the one and only, Albus Dumbeldore!” If the cheers for Snape were loud, then this was a riot. Every Death Eater, excluding my husband and me, had a grudge against the former headmaster, so they were screaming their heads off. The Dark Lord cackled at the reaction his words brought.

“Finally,” he began once more, “I have created a bounty hunter. Barely any of you know about this, but I had successfully brewed a potion of my own called the Viribucelerite Auctor. Brewed with key ingredients such as Salamander and Re’em blood for strength, Armadillo bile for wit, and a hint of cele beetles for speed; this potion was to make a wizard very powerful. And it did indeed. May I present to you, the result of this potion, Draco Malfoy.”

My eyes widened as Voldemort gestured to the basement and a boy walked briskly from the stairs to it. The boy had a pale glow ebbing from his figure and his eyes glowed a breathtaking blue from beneath his silvery, blonde locks of hair. But I could recognize that face anywhere. It was my son.


With a slight limp in my walk from the broken bones, I made my way up the stairs towards the large group of Death Eaters. I felt weak, as it had taken all of my strength to enter my true state, but the strength that had entered me afterwards helped me to walk again. As I reached the top of the stairs and walked over to the center of the circle next to Voldemort, I took in the expressions of the people around me.

Most of the Death Eater’s eyes were wide, some with horror, some with amazement, and still some with glee. Many mouths were hanging open and a couple even began to try to approach me to get a closer look. But with a stern look from Voldemort, they slunk back. Many Death Eaters in the back were getting on their tiptoes to see me, and almost everyone was whispering to each other. But as my eyes laid on a particular couple, my attention stayed with them and our eyes locked. It was my mother and father. My heart swelled at the sight of them and it took all of my control not to break out into a genuine smile and run to them. My father’s face was emotionless, but his eyes were brimming with happiness at seeing his son again. My mother’s eyes were wide with horror as she took in my appearance though. I remembered something from my childhood, a particular memory.

I was seven years old and playing with my father and mother. We were all sitting in the living room on the soft, carpeted floor and talking whilst enjoying each other’s company. My mother, whose hair was in a loose bun and her clothes were bright and cheerful, turned towards me with a smile. “Draco dear, your father and I would like to teach you something special. But you have to promise us one thing.”

My eyes widened in excitement and I bobbed my head up and down quickly. My mother laughed at my eagerness and pulled me into her lap. As she snuggled her face in my hair she whispered, “You cannot tell anyone of this, okay sweetheart?” I bobbed my head quickly, eager to hear the secret.

My father smiled at me then began, “Now Draco, you’ll understand this better later, but we must inform you that there is a very bad man out there in the world.”

My eyes widened in horror, but I stayed silent so he could continue. “Now because of whom we are and who our ancestors are, mummy and daddy must follow the orders of this bad man and do whatever he wants us to.” He stared down at his lap and shook his head, “Even if we don’t want to,” he whispered.

My forehead creased in confusion and I interjected, “But he can’t tell you what to do. You said everyone can make their own decisions and no one can tell us what to do.” My father looked down at my wide eyes full of innocence and smiled kindly down at me.

“I know son, I know. But this bad man doesn’t know that. So to keep our un-loyalties to him a secret, we need to come up with a secret sign language.” My eyes widened in excitement and I broke out into a huge, toothy grin.

We spent the rest of the afternoon developing little signs and flicks of our hands that meant different things. If you clenched your fist but with your thumb in between your index and middle finger, it meant you were okay. And if you flicked your left hand to the left slightly, it meant I love you. Those two were the ones that stuck with me the most throughout my childhood.

As night began to make its daily assent into the sky, my mother and father bade me goodnight. I began to trudge up the stairs sleepily, a small teddy bear in my hand dragging behind me, and rubbed my tired eyes. As I reached the top of the stairs, I turned back to face my parents and smiled down at them. Still smiling, I flicked my left hand to the left, and then turned back towards my room.

My parents smiled at each other with wonder and joy at what I had just done. My father leaned down and kissed my mother’s forehead softly, “He going to be a great man someday,” he whispered smiling.

Keeping my face emotionless, I turned away from my parents and towards the Dark Lord. But as I did so, I clenched my hand into a fist, but with my thumb in between my index and middle finger. Through my peripherals, I saw my father’s eyes widen and a small smile grace his features. But as quickly as they appeared, he removed them and regressed back to his dead pan expression.

However, my mother didn’t see it. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. Her bottled up emotions spewed forth like a waterfall as she shrieked, “What have you done!?! What have you done to my son?!? My poor baby!” With a face full of fury, she began to stride quickly over to Voldemort fuming. My father quickly clamped shut his mouth that had fallen open during this exchange and he quickly grabbed my mother’s arm; pulling her back. He whispered in her ear, “No Narcissa. Don’t do it.”

But the damage had been done. Voldemort snapped furiously, “Mrs. Malfoy get over here at once!” Head bowed, my mother walked over to where Voldemort was standing and bowed deeply. “Get up!” Voldemort snapped and my mother straightened up. With a hiss in her direction, Voldemort quickly scanned the room for a punishment. His red eyes brightened though as they lay on me, and he let a cruel grin slither onto his face.

“Draco, my dear boy, would you also come here for a second?” I felt all the blood leave my face as I slowly walked over to my mother and the Dark Lord. The Death Eaters around us began to whisper with glee as they began to imagine what kind of punishment Narcissa would have to do. The Dark Lord smirked down at us and began, “Now Draco, would you please run to the other side and back to show Mrs. Malfoy all that you can do?” I looked over at my mother whose face was pale. I gave a miniscule flick of my left hand and saw her eyes dart over to them. When she looked back up at me, her face was still emotionless, but her eyes were a fountain of happiness. Now both of my parents knew about my secret.

But the punishment hadn’t even started yet. Voldemort was smart. He knew that showing all of the things he had done to her beloved son would tear her apart, and he was right. The Death Eaters in front of me moved to the sides to create a path for me to run. I took a deep breath, letting the precious oxygen fill my lungs and began to sprint to the other side. With my powers, it only took me about a second to reach the end of the 100 foot long room.

Not even breathing heavily, I turned back to Voldemort and began to get ready to run back. To my horror though, he wasn’t finished. He grinned and shouted, “Avada Kedavra!” at me. Immediately a jet of green light began to fly towards me. My eyes widened in horror, and I quickly darted to the left; the killing curse missing me by mere inches. All the Death Eaters gasped, for they had expected a death.

Voldemort cackled and quickly transfigured a desk nearby me into a massive boa constrictor. The snake’s unblinking eyes looked over at me in hunger and it began to slitter towards me. As it did, the faint glow from my body reflected off the brown scales making light dance around the room. The Death Eaters began to hoot and holler, excited that they would finally get a real show.

The snake’s slit eyes continued to size me up and I could tell he was strategizing on how to kill me. I backed up a step and stared at the snake in horror. Voldemort hissed, “Kill him!” And the snake sprung at me, fangs bared.

I quickly sidestepped the attack and grabbed the snake around its long body. But the snake had expected this apparently. He quickly wrapped his tail around me and began to squeeze. I heard my mother screaming on the other side of the room, “No! No! No! Don’t kill my baby! Please don’t kill my son!” The rest of her cries where drowned out by the shouting of the other Death Eaters.

But I wasn’t going down without a fight. My hands, which were still around the snake’s body, began to push the snake away. I gasped lungfulls of air as the pressure lessened. Slowly I began to shove the snake away from me; releasing myself from its death grip. At last, the snake was off of me and I flung it away from me.

Hissing furiously, the snake fixed its steel eyes at me once more and began to slither towards me, thoroughly angered. My eyes widened in horror once more and I began to look around me frantically for something to defend myself with. Suddenly my mother cried out, “HAVE YOU GONE MAD? ARE YOU A WIZARD OR NOT?”

Mentally hitting myself on the head for being so stupid, I yanked my wand out of my robes and pointed it at the beast. With a loud voice I bellowed, “Expulso!” Immediately the snake exploded into a cloud of smoke, which quickly dissipated into the air. The snake was gone. Panting hard, I made the long journey back to the Death Eater and Voldemort. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, I reached the group of black robed men and women, and approached the center. My mother was on her knees crying silently and Voldemort was grinning at me. But not in a friendly way.

I bowed once in front of him and waited for him to speak. I didn’t wait long. “Good Draco, good.” He murmured deep in thought. He turned back to the Death Eaters who had finally calmed down. “As you can see, the potion was a success.” The Death Eaters erupted in cheers. Voldemort continued, “And I’m sure after seeing what he can do you will all be pleased to know who I have sent this boy after. The mudblood Hermione Granger.” At this the Death Eaters snarled at the mention of such filth. I kept my mouth clamped shut, not letting anything escape me that could allude to my friendship with her.

Voldemort beamed at the reaction, then finished his speech, “This has been a very successful year for us my friends. Let not mercy come across you and make sure death is in your path in these times. Farewell my friends.” With the meeting over, all of the Death Eaters apparated out of the living room with a Crack!

My father and my sobbing mother remained with Voldemort and I. There was complete silence, save for her sobs. My father walked over to her and gently pulled her up to her feet. She immediately buried her face into his chest. With one last meaningful look towards me, my parents dissapparated.

Later that night, I sat on the cool, stone floor of the basement in silence. Suddenly Voldemort strode in through the single door and up to me. He yanked out a vial and tossed it to me. Catching the vial inches from the ground, I looked back up to the Dark Lord in question. “Your reward for today. Tomorrow you shall return to Hogwarts to finish your work. And this time,” he glared down towards me. “you better finish the job. I’ll be checking in on you every once in awhile to see your progress.”

And with that he strode out of the room silently. I looked down at the vial to see what it was. To my amazement, the vial read, “SKELE-GROW: Bone Regenerator.” I grinned and gulped down the contents; eager to have my broken bones healed.

With a shudder, I felt a warm feeling rush down my throat and towards my ribs and forearm. Once there, the heat intensed in those parts, then faded away leaving a cool feeling. Not believing my luck, I straightened out my arm and twisted it, feeling no pain! My ribs had also healed!

With a smile on my face I remembered the other thing Voldemort had said; I was going to see Granger again tomorrow.

As night fell over Bellatrix’s Manor, I apparated out of there and to the entrance to Hogwarts. With a genuine smile gracing my features, I began to run towards the massive castle looming ahead.


Once in my pajamas and my teeth brushed, I made my way over to my bed. I quickly hopped in between the sheets and snuggled in their warmth. My eyes wandered over to my bedside table where the flower Malfoy had given me so long ago stood. Because of the spell I had placed on it, the petals stilled fanned out in a brilliant array of colors.

But that was when it happened. Suddenly a movement outside of my window caught my eye and I stared out at it intently. There was a figure outside of the Forbidden Forest making its way over to the castle. The moonlight shined off of his silvery, blonde locks of hair and his eyes glowed blue. I could recognize that man anywhere; it was Draco Malfoy. He had finally returned.

A/N: Well, that was certainly an intense meeting, huh? Anyways, I know you guys probably were reading this contently up until you reached the part where Voldemort mentions the potion called Viribucelerite Auctor. Which is when you were like….. WHAT…..? I made up the potion name by combining the Latin words Viribus- Strength, Celerite- Speed, and Auctor- giver of. So kind of a silly name but whatever. :) Also I made up the creature cele beetles because I couldn’t find a potion ingredient that gave speed. However the other potion ingredients are legit in the wizarding world.

Also the hand motions between Draco and his parents are not legit, I just made them up.

But man! This chapter is looooooong! (Just for you guys!) I really hoped you enjoyed this chapter and like the story so far! However, if you think I go too into detail with different things, just let me know ok? Also, I don’t know if you saw it, but there was a Sorcerer’s Stone reference in there! See if you can find it! Thanks again! Love you all so much for everything!

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