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White Blank Page by The Captain
Chapter 11 : Girls' Night
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 “We need chocolate.” Dominique declared.

Lily glanced at her cousin, a terrified look on her face. “She used the collective we.”

I gave her a solemn nod. “You know what that means.” I grinned at Dominique.

“Dom, have you lost it?” Lily asked hopefully.

I ran and jumped on Dominique’s bed. “We’re having a girls’ night! I’ll kidnap Lily tonight if you get the food.”

Just because I call the twins my best friends doesn’t mean I’m not close to the girls. Dominique and I started up the tradition of having girls’ night years ago. Lily has never been much of a fan, and she’s only grown to like it less over the years. Lily’s incredibly girly when it comes to clothes and makeup, but not feelings. Dominique is the emotional one, and then me.

“A girls’ night?”

Lily glared at Harriet. “Not you, whore.”

Harriet used to be a part of our ritual, until the whole boyfriend debacle.

Dominique frowned slightly. “Lily, don’t you think-”

Lily shot her a look that quickly silenced her. “If you want me to be there, you are not allowed to invite her.” Lily’s the best at grudges.

“What are we going to talk about?” I asked, causing Lily to let out a loud groan.

Dominique smiled slyly. “Oh, I can think of a few things.”

“Don’t give me that look and no explanation, Dominique Elise Weasley.” I poked her in the side.

“That’s funny, I can think of a few things as well.” Lily added. Now I was afraid. Lily wanted to talk about something? Lily never wanted to talk about something. She would sit there in silence if she could, stuffing chocolates in her mouth.

“I have something I want to talk about as well.” I added, remembering Hugo at the match. We hadn’t spent time with him since, and it was time to correct that.

Dominique and Lily exchanged a look. “Oh, do you? That’s good.” Lily drawled, crossing her legs. “Well, I actually think that force won’t be necessary to get me to go to this thing for once.”

I covered my ears as Dominique let out a loud squeal. “Not so close!” I yelped, collapsing sideways onto the bed. That had been right in my ears.




Lily glanced around our room with a pleased look on her face. “Oh good, she’s not here.”

“Don’t you think you’re just a bit mean to Harriet? Is it really necessary? I think you’re more mad at her than I am, and I’m the one that she hurt.” Dominique pointed out, pulling her knees to her chest.

“That’s because you’re too nice, love. If I don’t do this then she’ll start getting brave. Maybe next she’ll try and steal one of the Scamanders from Eva.” She suggested, reaching for the bowl of popcorn.

I shrugged at that. “As long as they’re happy and she doesn’t hurt them, I wouldn’t care.” They both stared at me incredulously. “What? We’re just friends.” And a little bit more in the case of Lorcan. But did I even really have feelings for him? I wasn’t sure. I knew that I cared about him as a friend, and I did like him. Whether I had romantic feelings was up for debate. It was too hard to make a decision when he kept hit-and-run kissing me. He was a good kisser though. Just have to throw that out there.

“And I’m Mother Teresa.” Lily rolled her eyes. “Dom, shall we begin?”

She nodded. “I think we shall.”

I eyed them both suspiciously. “I don’t trust you.” They were up to something.

Lily gave me her most innocent smile, which only scared me more. “Darling, we just want to talk with you about the twins. You don’t have to keep up the old just friends story. You can tell us the truth. This is a safe place.”

I snorted. “Are you staging an intervention?”

“We just want to know how you really feel.” Dominique added. “And I don’t think either one of us could blame you if you had more than friendly feelings for one of them.”

“They’re practically family, but I’m not oblivious.” Lily continued, causing me to make a disgusted face. “What? I’m not actually related to them. There’s no harm in looking.”

Dominique flopped down on her stomach. When we had these nights, we would all pull everything off our beds and throw it on the floor. Between Dom and I we were able to conjure up some decent pillows and extra blankets. “I’d specifically like to know what’s going on between you and Lorcan.”

Lily stared at her, a look of horror on her face. “Lorcan? I’m talking about Anders!”

“No way! Lorcan is totally in love with her!” Dominique insisted. “Have you seen the way he looks at Eva? He’s always around all the time, and he won’t let Anders near her anymore. His own brother!”

She wrinkled her nose. “Do you not remember Anders’ speech idea at Eva’s birthday? Before the Quidditch Monster got him, he was obsessed with her. He was always around and offering to help.” She ran a hand through her hair. “I mean, I prefer Lorcan myself. I’m still convinced Anders is in love with our Evs, but I think Lorcan is the better brother.”

“So what, you want me to be with the crap brother?” I demanded. “Aren’t you supposed to want the best for your friends? What about the whole he’s not good enough for you thing?”

Lily shrugged. “It’s not like that. I think romantically you’re better suited for Anders, but that doesn’t keep me from liking Lorcan. He’s been behaving much better than his brother lately.”

Dominique giggled at her cousin’s argument. “Seriously? I feel the same way, only the other way around.”

She lowered her head and gave Dominique a pointed look. “You’re joking, right? Have you seen the way Anders is acting lately? How can you possibly prefer him?”

“He’s sweet! He’s cute, and… I don’t know. Lorcan seems too rogue. Anders is the kind of boy you could settle down with.” Dominique scowled at Lily’s fake gagging. “Oh, just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean that it’s not for Eva.”

I threw myself backwards, letting out a loud groan. “Why are my two best girl friends trying to set me up with boys they both think are terrible, instead of the ones they actually like? You’re not supposed to be rooting for the jerk!”

“Dom, we’re wasting our time. She’s too dense to realize her undying love for whichever Scamander. She’s not going to get our logic.”

“And now you’re calling me dense!” What had I done to deserve this? “Can we please change the topic?”

“Do we have to?” Dominique whined. “Which brother do you think is more attractive?”

Lily let out a small sigh. “Oh, that would have to be Anders. I like Lorcan’s attitude better though. Bad boys are… delicious.”

“He’s not much of a bad boy though. Anders is the smart jock. Do you know how hard those are to find? They’re rarer than dragons, Lily! Eva’s babies with him would be smart and beautiful!” Dominique declared, waving her hands wildly to prove her point.

I curled up into fetal position. “You did not just make a reference to my babies with Anders.”

“I did.” Dominique stated proudly. “Well, if you’re not willing to talk with us about the Scamanders, what was it that you did want to talk about?”

“Hugo Weasley.”

A loud cough came from Lily, who was choking on a piece of chocolate. I gave her a hard whack on the back that she didn’t seem to appreciate. “Eva… Dear… You do know that my cousin is gay, right?”

I held up a hand, making a rude gesture with it. “Of course I know that, you eejit. I’m not saying that I’m attracted to him! We haven’t done anything with him in a while. I saw him at the Quidditch match this weekend.”

Dominique chewed on her lower lip in thought. “You’re right. I can’t really remember the last time the four of us spent time together.

“Shit.” Lily muttered. “Mum and Dad will kill me if they find out that I haven’t been spending time with him. Dom, we’re failing as Weasley cousins. What should we do with him?”

A wicked smile crept across Dominique’s face. We were doomed. “I think we need to make up our absence to Hugo. Preferably by finding him another companion.”

“Please tell me you’re talking about getting him an owl.” I said weakly, burying my face in my knees.

“Of course I’m not. We’re going to play matchmaker, girls!”




“Hide.” I hissed to Hugo before taking a seat next to him.

“Hey there little cousin!” Dominique explained, sitting on the other side of him. His friends all turned bright red at the appearance of girls. As far as I knew, Hugo’s friends were all straight. They knew that most of the girls who talked to Hugo were his cousins, but he still got points for having girls talk to him.

Lily rolled her eyes. “Hugh, she’s trying to find you a boyfriend. Are you terribly lonely?” She grinned at one of his cuter friends.

He turned bright red, and his friends all looked away, as in they all looked at Lily.

“Dom, it’s not a big deal. There er… There isn’t exactly a huge selection here at school.”

“I beg to differ.” Lily said with a smirk. I shot her a glare.

“You’re disgusting.”

“And proud of it.” Lily ran a hand through her hair.

Hugo cleared his throat. “Maybe for you. You know, it’s probably better for me to focus on school right now. There’s plenty of time for dating later. There’s more to pick from then.”

Dominique pouted. “But… It will be fun! We haven’t spent much time together lately.”

“I don’t know if this is how I want to bond.”

“It was entirely her idea.” I said quickly, not wanting to be associated with this crazy plan. Hugo was a big boy. He didn’t need us to find him a guy. Dominique had tried to set me up with guys before, and it had never worked out. The guy was never quite right, and the twins normally scared him off. Set-ups weren’t my thing.

“Well, I don’t care. If I find someone cute, I’m going to set you two up, okay?” Dom insisted. “How have you been?”

Hugo shrugged. “Alright. Busy with Quidditch. Eva, Anders is still on the warpath. What’s up with him? He’s never been like this before. He’s taking the captain thing way too seriously.”

Crap. Why was I supposed to sort out people’s problems with Anders? “I don’t know. We don’t spend that much time together.”

Hugo blinked in surprise. “What do you mean? You guys are attached at the hip.”

“And he thinks with his broom.” Lily chirped. “Anders has been ignoring the lovely Eva lately on and off.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Really? Want me to beat him up for you?” Lily snorted at that. “Thanks for the confidence, Lily.” Hugo glared at his cousin.

“What? Have you looked at yourself lately?” Lily demanded. “It would be like fighting Hagrid. You’re little, Hugh. You know I love you.” She smiled innocently at him.

“Eva, you’re my favourite, you know, and you’re not even related to me.” Hugo said, glancing over at me.

“That’s exactly why I’m your favourite.” The Weasleys were incredibly lovable, but families in general were awful.

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