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The Prophecy of the Trio by GinnyFan1
Chapter 1 : Introduction
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Hang on for the ride of your life.



My name is Ginevra Molly Weasley.



            Or, it was.        



            This is the story of how I changed, how I loved, how I lost, how I saved, and how I died.



            I was asked to write my life story by a very dear friend of mine. He was persistent, and, eventually, I caved and began writing this autobiography.



            Some of you Muggles who may read this may think this is fiction or BS (as I would have believed back in sixth grade), but I assure that it’s not. Those of you who know the truth about this world know that I am real and so is this story.



            I must warn you; this is not some mushy book. I did have romances (actually, I had quite a few of them [wink wink, nudge nudge]) and, er, fond memories, but I also have horrible, disturbing, heart-wrenching memories.



            I mean, have any of you ever watched your boyfriend, someone you truly cared for and never seemed to ever screw up, die and then have to bury him?



            I did.



            Did you and your best friend, who’ve been in love ever since you two met, ever beg each other to stay alive, to not turn themselves in, then both go run off and do it anyways to keep the other safe?



            I did.



            Now, in this story, you will also witness many different kinds of people. You may find one of my friends as cute as a puppy and annoyingly persistent like Duckie from “Pretty In Pink”. You may find one of my friends hopelessly in love like Lloyd from “Say Anything”. You may see one of my friends have a favor done for them by me, then lose themselves along the way, like Ronald Miller in “Can’t Buy Me Love”. You may find one of my friends forced to turn evil in fear of the deaths of him and his loved ones, like Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars”.



            You may find me find myself sacrificing myself for the sake of others, like in “I Am Legend”.



            You may find me completely, irrevocably, and irrationally in love like Bella from “Twilight”, or Max from “Maximum Ride”.



            I know exactly how those two felt. Y’know why?



            ‘Cause they told me.



            My name is Ginny.



            And you are about to go on the ride of your life.



            So listen up, ‘cause I’ve got something to tell you.



            Before I begin this story, I guess I ought to tell you how I got to write this. It started two weeks ago, but I finally caved this morning when my friend brought it up again. It went like this:



            “I still think you should really write an autobiography,” Edward told me, rocking Renesmee gently.



            “Ed, what would be the point?” I sighed, looking up from my book and raising an eyebrow. His golden eyes gave me an exasperated look, but his face remained gentle as he rocked his daughter.



            “He’s right, you know,” Iggy said, as he came up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder, helping him find his way to the couch. He’d only been here a couple of days, but the guy picked up quickly. Sometimes you’d forget he was blind.



            Harry, Ron, Hermione, the rest of the Cullens and the flock, and Alec gave me the same look Edward was giving me. Finally, I threw up my hands and said, “Fine! Alright! I’ll write a bloody autobiography! Crazy people.”



            Everyone smiled brightly in triumph.




            And here we all are.



            So, are you ready?



            Then let’s start from the beginning…

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The Prophecy of the Trio: Introduction


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