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Her scent His eyes by Scabior_girl_for_life
Chapter 4 : the deal is struck in the night
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Her Scent

Chapter 4


Scabior girl for life

                He found her the woman who had been filling his dreams and thought for the past few months.  And it was the worst case scenario it could possibly be.  Not only was she a Muggle born she was friends to Harry Potter.  There was no way he would be getting around this one

                “Change of plans we’re not taking this lot to the ministry” Scabior said looking at the boy he was sure to be harry potter.

                “We can’t Apperate to Malfoy Manor any more so we will have to go by foot” Greyback said.

                “I know that you nit, lets split them up I will take Miss, Granger here Greyback take ginger and Cosgrave take this one.” Scabior said pulling Hermione to him.  She didn’t fight as much as he expected her to so she nearly fell into him. 

                “Get your hands off of her,  she’s not your” the Redheaded one who he now assumed to be Ronald Weasly yelled when Greyback punched him again.

                “You boyfriend seems a little possessive over there”  Scabior whispered in Hermione’s ear.  His Velvet voice made her words catch in her throat.

                “He- He’s not my boyfriend” She whispered.

“Whats that love” He asked.

This time she didn’t answer she was sure he heard just wanted to hear it again. 

As night fell Scabior and Hermione took the rear.  He was on that never wanted to be in the middle it was the front or back.  He would rather be in a position to fight or flee as quickly as possible whichever came first.  And the more space between him and Greyback the better.   He knew given the chance Greyback would make her a were wolf.  He needed to get her out of this one way or another.  He felt her slow then heard a yawn.  Before she knew it she was swept up in his arm.

“Sleep” he said carrying her.


When Hermione woke she found herself back in the tent.  She began to wonder if the snatcher was from her dreams again or if it was real.

“Good mornings Beautiful” Scabior said he was sitting in a chair behind her.

“Where are my friends” Hermione asked sitting up on the bed.  Had they already been taken to Voldemort before her? 

“That, my Lovely will all have to do with you.”  Scabior said walking over to her.

“What do you mean” Hermione asked scooting back away from him.

“You promise to stay with me and they can go never to be seen again”  He said waiving his hand as if saying good bye to someone.

“How do I know you’ll keep your word” Hermione asked.

“There are few things good about me these days but there is one I never Break my word” Scabior said.  Hermione could see in his eyes the eyes that filled her dream at night that he was telling the truth.  Those same eyes told her that there was much more to this snatcher than she saw.

“I’ll stay with you but I want to see them set free so I can say my good byes” Hermione said quietly.

Scabior held his hand to her in agreement.  She took it as he helped her up.  They made their way to the door.  As he peeked out he held his hand up for her to wait.  As soon as he stepped out a fight started she did know who started it or why.  She hoped Harry and Ron were ok as the night with silent.  Soon all that was here were footsteps approaching the tent.  She readied herself with a chair if it was one of the other two snatchers.

Scabior quickly stepped in with a large gash in his left cheek. He motioned for her to come out.

“Say your goodbyes while I attempt to oblivate them it wasn’t one of my strong suits in school” Scabior said moving over to Grey Back and Cosgrave.

“I can do it, if you can trust me enough with my wand” Hermione said looking over to ron and Harry who were tied to a tree.  Scabior looked between her and Harry and Ron who were now trying to get out of their rope.  He nodded and pulled the wand out of his jacket.

“Did he hurt you” Ron Yelled as Scabior walked over to him trying to untie them.  He decided against it until Hermione was done and Ron calmed down.

Hermione didn’t answer or look at him.  She made her way to the now still bodies of Greyback and Cosgrave.  She began to wipe the memories of the last few hours.

“Go back to two days I left from for a bit then” Scabior said coming up to her side. She simply nodded.  It was getting easier to do this since she erased her parent’s memories.

“You’re Helping him” Ron yelled angrily, “now I see how we got into this mess”

“I’d shut it if I were you, Ginger” Scabior said turning to Ron.  He knew he couldn’t hurt him with the word he had given to Hermione but he knew what Ron was insinuating. With a flick of his wand the boys were free her threw them their bags and told them to go.

“I’m not leaving without Hermione” Harry said stepping forward.

“Yes you are” Hermione said her back to them, “I’m doing this for you just leave please you are more important than I am”

“Hermione we can just leave you with him” Harry said.

“Yes you can and you will, or I will erase our past from your mind” Hermione said tuning to them tears in her eyes.

“Let’s go Ron” harry said nodding to Hermione.

“First we get caught now she’s staying.  That scarf probably wasn’t even left for me was it” Ron said.  He was suddenly pulled back and a small fist hit him square in the nose.  It was a punch the would rival the one she had given to Draco in their third year.  He was now on the ground completely knocked out.  With a flick of her wand she packed the tent and threw harry her beaded bag.  He took out her bag of clothes and threw it back.  Then looked down at the unconscious Ron on the ground.

“Now I have to carry him Hermione” Harry said.

“Sorry he deserved it,  Everything you’ll need is in there” Hermione said.

“Thank you when this is all over I will come back for you Hermione” harry said this more to Scabior then to Hermione.  Then with a pop Hermione’s two friends were gone.

“Shall we love” Scabior said holding his hand out to her.  As she took it they disappeared with a pop.

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