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Turning the Tables by explosion
Chapter 10 : Talk About Greatness, Whenever They Speak About Me
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Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. Jigs up, I know I had you fooled. Also, chapter title and summary come from the song Out Here Grindin' by Dj Kahled. Worrrrd.



“GIRLS IF YOU DO NOT GET UP THIS MINUTE SO HELP ME MERLIN I WILL NEVER LET YOU SLEEP AGAIN!” Fleur bellowed up to Dom and me as we both were lying down, still fast asleep.

I let out a groan from being woken up so unceremoniously; Dom also let out a noise of her own that made it sound like she was being drowned. It was nice to know that we were so lovely in the morning.

“One more minute,” Dom called out her voice muffled by the pillow.

“You said that a half an hour ago and we have twenty minutes before we need to leave!” Fleur shouted back.

“TWENTY MINUTES?!” Dom and I exclaimed at the same time, jumping up from the bed and looking at each other in alarm.

“WHY DID YOU LET US SLEEP IN?” Dom demanded, her eyes scarily wide.

“I tried waking you girls up but you insisted you’d be able to get ready with such little time,” Fleur said appearing through the door of Dom’s room and giving us both a look. “Now up! The carriage waits for no one.”

To get to Beauxbatons, the school all meets up on a private beach in France that is charmed so that muggles can’t find it. From there we get onto a very large carriage that has an enlargement charm on the inside with many different compartments to sit in, and the carriage flies through the sky with the help of winged unicorns. It’s always a beautiful ride since we get to sail over the crystal clear waters and beautiful French cities, and I was thankful we were arriving at Hogwarts our own way instead of taking a stupid scarlet train.

According to the letter, we were going to fly to Beauxbatons with the rest of the school and then the school will have a meeting with the headmistress as usual. Then, we’ll fly to Hogwarts after the assembly, and from there: who knows.

The only thing that made me happy was that we were to wear our Beauxbatons uniform when we arrived so that we showed school unity and all that rot. I relished the fact that I would get to wear a Beauxbatons uniform once more before having to go to the uncomfortable Hogwart’s wool.

Dom and I quickly scrambled into our uniforms, the swishy blue skirt feeling comfortingly familiar again my skin, reaching down to just above mid thigh. I buttoned up my crisp white oxford quickly, and started to put on the silky powder blue bow tie. I then pulled up my sheer white knee-highs with a ruffle detailing along the top that only Dom and I wore as it was our little trend, and I slipped on the two and a half inch oxford heels from the shoe shop in Diagon Alley, throwing the powder blue robes on as an afterthought.

“Well don’t we look beautiful,” Dom stated making a face at the mirror as she stood in front of it to brush her hair, making it fall in a thick curtain of silver. My beach blonde hair was in loose waves, the top layers of my hair French braided off, creating a half up/half down style, and framing my face quite nicely. I’d say we both looked quite good for having only twenty minutes to throw everything on.

“Good thing we packed yesterday night,” I stated as I looked around Dom’s room, which was now impeccably clean. Both of our trunks lay side by side, each stuffed to the brim with clothing that still had the tags on, glittery school supplies, and copious amounts of makeup. I felt a sense of emptiness as I stared at the room I had basically lived in all summer. It was sad to know that my last summer of no cares was going to be over with. This was going to be our last year at school, and then we’d have to get jobs. Our childhood was coming to a close, and I felt nothing but sadness.

“Yeah good thing,” Dom replied sensing my morose mood.

“It’s just so sad though,” I said sitting at the end of her bed and taking another look around the room. Dom sat next to me and put an arm around my shoulder.

“Come on, Co. Now is not the time to get all somber. When the year ends, we can be as depressed as we want, but until then we’re going to enjoy the best year of our life, yeah?” Dom urged. It seemed like a reverse of the last day of school, when I was convincing Dom that everything would be fine once we graduated. I smiled at Dom though, and then we both stood up.

“Now let’s get to the beach before we’re late,” she said with a smirk.


“I can’t believe you girls are leaving me already,” Fleur wailed as she gave Dom a tight hug and started to tear up. “It’s your last year! I just can’t believe how time flies. It seems like just yesterday my little Dominique was in diapers-”

Mamaaaan,” Dom complained as Fleur planted a kiss on her cheek, “Stop with the inner monologue. I know you can’t believe it but yes, we’re seventeen, and yes, I no longer where diapers as much as that disappoints you.”

Fleur seemed to laugh at Dom’s abruptness, and pulled her in for another hug. I watched, as Dom finally seemed to crumple into her mum’s arms, and put her own around her mum to hug her back.

I looked towards the entrance of the beach awkwardly as I looked away from this touching display. It was always hard to see Dom and her mum in these mother-daughter moments because it just made me miss mine even more then usual.

I still thought back to Bailey’s words way too often. It was hard to believe that my mum rarely even left her room after I moved in with my dad. I didn’t know I would have so much of an effect on her. She didn’t seem to care about me once I left, how could it be that she still did?

“And Coco,” Fleur said pulling away from her hug with Dom and giving me a tight hug as well. It was weird but she had that motherly smell that all mothers have. You know the one I’m talking about, the one that smells a little bit like baby powder mixed with a bunch of flowers. “It was lovely as ever to have you here for the summer. Come back whenever you want, you hear? And keep Dom out of trouble and help her with her studying as we both know how she can procrastinate-”

“Maman you’re going to kill her with your vice like grip,” Dom interrupted rolling her eyes as she noticed Fleur’s hands wrapping themselves around my arms tightly. It was comforting to have Fleur act so motherly towards me.

“Oh sorry Coco, guess I got a bit carried away,” Fleur said letting out a lilting laugh and loosening her grip. I laughed back and gave her a smile that seemed to say it was fine. Fleur’s smile faded slightly and her look became sterner. “Now girls, I don’t want you getting into any sorts of trouble this year. I know how you tend to bend the rules at Beauxbatons, but Hogwarts is quite different with its discipline system. It’s definitely not as lax.”

“Sadly I know,” I responded. “But don’t worry, I’ll teach Dom the art of having curfews.”

“Curfews?” Dom said exasperated. “Are you kidding me? What are we, twelve?”

“Well some of the students are,” I said back to her smirking at her outraged expression.

“So what?! Curfews are for dolts,” Dom complained even more, while me and Fleur laughed in response. “I can’t believe there’s a curfew.”

“Don’t worry you’ll be fine,” Fleur comforted. “You girls will be good, no?”

“Of course we will,” I said giving Fleur a huge smile.

“Well then I should be going, I’ve got to join Bill in seeing Louis off and such,” Fleur said sadly. Bill and Victoire had already said their goodbye’s to us (Victoire’s more insincere that Bill’s) because they were dropping Louis off at King’s Cross. Fleur had wanted to see us off, so she had joined us, but she was going to leave to see Louis off as well, so as to be an equal mother.

“Don’t worry maman, we’ll be fine I swear,” Dom said looking a bit sad at her mum leaving. “We love you.”

“We really do,” I chimed in as Fleur began to get misty eyed again.

Fleur gave us each another hug and a kiss on the forehead before finally apparating off. It was always sad to say goodbye, and a heavy silence had seemed to fall over Dom and me. However, after a couple minutes, Dom seemed to shake it off and was back to her bouncy self. She pulled her trunk behind her as did I, only I had to carry a cage as well that held my beloved kitty.

She stopped once we got near the entrance of the beach, and then started her usual primping. Dom had insisted beforehand that we needed to make an entrance, since this would be the only time we saw any of the other students that weren’t in our year at the school, so we had to wait to be one of the last to enter. I found this completely unnecessary but when did Dom ever listen to me?

“Coco, gloss me,” Dom said sticking her hand out in a commanding way.

“Uh Dom, you have the gloss,” I said to her hesitantly.

“Oh Coco,” Dom sighed dramatically putting a hand up to her forehead, “I am too frail to get gloss myself. Would you be a doll and get it for me?”

“No,” I responded flatly.

“Fine!” Dom huffed, rummaging around in the leather bag Frannie had given to her, and pulling out a tube of light pink lip-gloss. She applied a thick coat of it to her lips, making her lips look impossibly glossy, and then fluffed up her hair, handing the tube of gloss to me as well. I applied the gloss to my lips too, making them look even more pouty, and pulled out a mirror from my own purse (which Frannie had also given me) to make sure my hair still looked good.

“All good?” I asked Dom as I passed the mirror to her and she inspected herself in it.

“Of course,” Dom said linking her arm through mine after snapping the mirror shut and shoving it in her bag. We walked onto the beach (which was charmed so the sand was level and firm, making it easy for people to walk across as they lugged their trunks) and we looked around. The beach was dotted with students from all years huddled together and squealing at one another, happy to see each other after a long summer. Dom and I spotted Ty, Wyatt, and Chaise already at the beach, joking and laughing with one another, and me and Dom made a beeline towards them.

“Hello beautiful,” Chaise said once we arrived, giving Dom a smile and then wrapping an arm around her waist. Dom giggled and the rest of us gave each other looks of mock-disgust. Many onlookers watched us as we remained in our closed circle, and I noticed some girls give Dom the evil eye as they saw that Chaise and her seemed to be going out.

“Please save the sappy stuff for when we’re not here, mate,” Tyson said clapping a hand on Chaise’s shoulder. “It’s a big turn off.”

“I think it’s sweet,” I interjected, defending Chaise.

“Of course you do you’re a girl,” Tyson shot back.

“Mate, you shouldn’t have said that,” Wyatt responded as he noticed my hands clench.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked Tyson, giving him a glare.

“It just means,” Tyson said looking a little worried, “that girls find all the mushy stuff cute.”

“Mhmm…” I said my glare still intact.

“…And that guys can too?” Tyson continued more so as a question. I smiled when he finished his sentence and nodded my head at him.

“Of course they can. Because it’s not just girls who get mushy,” I responded happily.

“Guys we should probably get into the carriage,” Wyatt said when he noticed a bunch of Beauxbatons students started to climb onto it. “We don’t want to make a mad dash for it like we had to on the last day of school.”

“It’s not my fault that I left my favorite pair of shoes in the room!” Dom exclaimed somewhat annoyed. “I couldn’t just leave them.”

“It’s crazy how women get about their shoes,” Tyson muttered loudly for us to hear. Dom and I gave him a dirty look, which he just shrugged off.

We began to walk towards the carriage and a handful of people that we passed said hey to us or asked us how our summers were. We were polite enough, but I think it was easy to see that none of us felt like having much small talk.

It was not an unsurprising occurrence to be approached. All the guys in our grade and the guys in the grades below us really looked up to Tyson, Wyatt and Chase because they were all apparently really ‘cool’ in some weird boy way because they were good friends with us, and the girls were all obsessed with the boys because they thought they were super hot. So, I blamed them for us being addressed so much as we tried to get to the carriage. Although, some of the boys did stop just to talk to me and Dom. Chaise didn’t like this, so he would put his arm around Dom to stake his territory, which would be awful because then it’d be just me having to fend off whatever guy was trying to talk to us on my own.

But somehow, we managed to make our way onto the carriage and into our usual glass compartment, which was the only one that had more than four seats so we always made sure to claim it. It was almost sad that this would be one of the last times we would get to ride in these carriages.

I sat down on the powder blue cushioned seat next to Tyson, and Wyatt sat on my other side, with Dom and Chaise sitting across from us.

“So,” Wyatt said using his typical gossipy voice, “you guys excited?”

“Ecstatic,” I responded back flatly. This made Dom and Wyatt snort.

“Well I for one, am extremely excited to see new girls,” Tyson stated flippantly. “It’ll be good to add some British babes to my list.”

I shoved Tyson and Dom just rolled her eyes, while the other guys laughed.

“I am insulted! Are we not good enough for you to be seen with or something?” I inquired, my eyebrow arched in annoyance.

“Of course you are, right Tyson?” Wyatt interjected trying to placate the conversation.

“Sure,” Tyson said in a voice that seemed as if he didn’t mean it. I slapped him on the back of the head. “I mean yes of course,” he restated after shooting me an annoyed glare and rubbing the back of his head.

I gave a satisfied grin in response. It was then that I felt the familiar lurch under my stomach, as the carriage began to take off into the sky. I looked past Wyatt and out the carriage window, as the sandy beaches disappeared behind us and clouds started to surround the carriage. I began to get a startling sense of foreboding but chose to ignore it.

“Hey, Tyson,” Dom said seeming to break away from her own thoughts and coming to a realization, “didn’t you say you had a cousin that went to Hogwarts?”

“Yeah…” Tyson replied not seeming to understand where she was going with this.

“Who is he?” I interjected curiously. I tried to think of anyone at Hogwarts that slightly resembled him. I came up with a blank.

“I don’t think you knew him, he’s a Slytherin and is in the grade below us,” Tyson said shrugging his shoulders.

“You’re right then I probably don’t know him,” I said letting it drop.

“Wait, why wouldn’t you know him just because he’s a Slytherin?” Wyatt asked confused. He still didn’t quite understand how the houses at Hogwarts worked, I assumed.

“Gryffindors and Slytherins have this sort of rivalry going on,” I explained disinterested. “It’s kind of stupid considering the wizarding war has ended and all that, but neither house really gets along with each other. It’s not like the segregation is that bad, but they still get overly competitive when it comes to things.”

“Huh… why would a school enhance making people separate? Rivalry seems a bit imminent,” Wyatt responded still looking confused at how Hogwarts seemed to work.

“Who knows, Hogwarts is stupid,” Dom responded unabashed.

“You’ve said this about a million times yet you’ve never even gone there,” Chaise pointed out.

Dom gave him a glare, “I don’t have to go there! I know it’s stupid. It’s full of my stupid sodding cousins, ergo, it. Is. Stupid.”

“Sounds stupid,” Tyson said with a snicker.

“Ha ha so very funny,” Dom said clearly not amused.

“Aw, don’t be stupid,” Wyatt chimed.

“Yeah ’cause that’d be way stupid,” Chaise joined.

“The stupidest,” I said, deciding to follow suit.

“Traitor,” Dom said picking up her finger and pointing it at me. “You’re joining forces with the enemies!”

“So would you say she was being… stupid?” Tyson said smirking. Dom seemed to grow flustered at the fact that we were ganging up on her, and her face was turning a bright shade of red.

“I hate you all! You’re all so-so—”

Stupid?!” We all chorused at Dom as she let out a huff of frustration.


“Gather round, gather round students!” Madame Maxime exclaimed from the front of the castle as everyone from Beauxbatons stood outside, waiting to be escorted to the assembly hall. We were all a flurry of powder blue, as we headed forth through the ivory gates and into the glistening limestone castle. Powder blue flags hung from each window, with the school crest inscribed on each, and the heavy blue doors were wide open in welcoming.

“I’m going to miss this place so friggin much,” I heard a girl exclaim from far away. I looked and saw a group of four girls who were also in our year, all huddled together looking as though they were about to cry.

While I wasn’t particularly close with any of them (mostly because they were not too fond of me seeing as one of them was Faye’s younger sister), I could totally sympathize. This was going to be all the seventh years last time at Beauxbatons. Their last time walking through the gates, their last time at being able to look at the sandy beaches that surrounded the school. It was so unfair. We were supposed to have another year of this, but it was all mercilessly snatched away from us.

“Heard that!” I watched as another group of guys in our year all walked over to them with gloomy looks. “We were supposed to finally win at Quidditch this year.”

“Guess we’re not the only ones not excited about Hogwarts,” Dom said to me as we stood side by side.

“They’re being plonkers,” Tyson said. As we neared the group of guys and girls, he raised his hands in the air and raised his voice so they could hear him, “Hogwarts is going to be amazing, hot girls galore!”

This caused a “here, here” to go around the whole crowd as we all continued to try and get into the castle. However, the people speaking were guys, obviously, and the girls just seemed to get further annoyed at this comment.

“Tyson stop being so typical you,” I commanded, as he continued to smirk. Why did people have to agree with him and encourage his awful ways?

“I gotta give the people what they want now don’t I?” Tyson responded shrugging his shoulders. “Besides, if I wasn’t me who would I be?”

“A good person,” Dom said joining in.

“Don’t be stupid,” Tyson said causing Dom to instantly get annoyed of his use of the word. The whole carriage ride had been filled of using the word stupid, just to try and annoy Dom, and I knew she’d blow a gasket if it continued. “I am a good person.”

Wyatt laughed, but covered it up to make it look like a cough, and Chaise looked away, pretending he didn’t exist, while Dom and I gave him disbelieving looks.

“Why do you always give me these looks whenever I say things like that?” Tyson asked looking annoyed. “I am a good person!”

“Of course you are, Ty,” I said with a soothing voice. “You just don’t act like it.”

“Is that supposed to comfort me?” Tyson said looking insulted.

“It’s supposed to be true,” Dom stated.

Tyson was about to respond but Chaise, finally sensing he should say something to end this conversation let out an exclamation of his own, “If people don’t start moving into the castle at a normal pace instead of like a bleeding turtle I’m going ram my way through this crowd.”

The people that had been in front of us in the crowd heard his words, and exchanged worried looks before all moving to the side to let us pass. We all exchanged confused looks, shrugged our shoulders and moved forward before getting stopped by another crowd. 

“Well who woulda thought? Intimidation works wonders,” Dom said excitedly with a sparkle in her eye, noticing the effect Chaise’s words had. “Alright I got it from here.”

With that, Dom started barging ahead of us and through the crowd, shouting at anyone who was in her way. “MOVE IT! SEVENTH YEARS COMING THROUGH! OUTTA MY WAY! SEVENTH YEARS! MOVE! YES, YOU, OUTTA MY WAY!”

“Dom!” I exclaimed as we all watched her threatening a terrified looking student. He had to be a first year, seeing as he was midget-like in height and his knees were shaking. Always a dead giveaway. “Stop scaring the poor kid!”

“Oh,” Dom said seeming to realize that his lower lip was trembling, signaling his waterworks were near.

I sighed, realizing I would have to diffuse the situation, while the guys watched in amusement, barely containing their laughter. I bent down to the poor boys level and gave him a sympathetic look.

“Sorry about that little one! You see my friend there,” I said gesturing to Dom, “she happens to be a bit on the cranky side and it’s nothing against you really, she didn’t mean any harm!”

“I am not cranky! And I sure as hell meant harm if he wasn’t going to—” Dom started to say, but Chaise clamped a hand around her mouth once he noticed the first year’s face as one of total fright.

“She doesn’t know what she’s saying, honest,” I said to the first year. He seemed to finally calm down at my words.

“Thanks, you’re really nice,” He said finally breaking out into a small smile.

“No problem kiddo. Hey I gotta go head in there, you know deal with my psycho friend and all” these words were meant with a noise of protest from Dom, “but don’t be nervous, first year will be awesome I swear!”

At that I turned around and joined Dom and the others as we finally reached the entrance of the castle, and walked into the assembly hall.

“Why did you go and make me look like an utter loon like that,” Dom finally said once we had reached the seventh year row, which was right up at the front of the hall.

“Excuse me for trying to stop the poor kid from crying!” I responded back indignantly. “You were scaring him!”

“You’re exaggerating,” Dom stated as we slid into the rows, finally adjusting ourselves into our seats. Chaise sat by Dom, while Dom sat by me, then Wyatt, and then Tyson. A group of girls slid in right after us, probably excited at the prospect of sitting so close to Tyson, and Tyson turned away from us, striking up a conversation with them.

“Are you kidding?” Wyatt interrupted before I had a chance to. “That kid looked like he was about to get attacked by a hypogriff!”

Dom opened her mouth to respond, but as she did so the familiar sound of a harp being plucked filled the room, signaling that Madame Maxime was about to enter the room and speak.

The loud roars of conversations dulled, and Dom slumped her shoulders in defeat. Then, Madame Maxime made her way onto the stage of the assembly hall, her presence making everything go silent.

Madame Maxime was what one could call a stately woman. She wasn’t conventionally beautiful in any sense of the word, but she just had this air of elegance around her that made her seem beautiful. She had a soothing voice that always floated into your ear immediately calming you, and a calm smile could always be seen on her face. I don’t think anyone at the school disliked her, because she was kind and fair to all.

“Hello all Beauxbatons students!” She announced, raising her hands and gesturing to the whole Assembly Hall. “Welcome to another year of magical discovery, or to those of you who have not been here before, welcome to your first year of magical discovery! Beauxbatons as you are most likely aware, was founded by Madame Babette Beaxbaton hundreds of years ago, as a way for women to learn about magic. Then, about fifty years after it was founded, it opened itself up to both men and women who wanted a magical French education. We are all about educating and expanding the minds of young students, eager to learn, and this year shall be no different,” with that, Madame Maxime pulled out her wand and waved it, causing the lyrics to the Beauxbatons’ school song to appear. “Now let us sing the song dedicated to these hallowed halls!”

The music teacher, Madame Latoire, made her way to the harp and started to pluck the familiar chords as we all stood up to join Madame Maxime as she sang the beginning of our school song.

                                   "Comme ces salles sont s'approcher de moi
                                           Je pense à Beauxbâtons Babbette
                                   Et je la bénisse pour avoir fondé cette école
                                             Avec l'éducation pour les filles
                                            Et encore plus pour les garçons,
                                         Nous apprenons à être les meilleurs

I looked around and noticed first years staring at the elders and trying to figure out the right tune from them, but most of them kept quiet while the rest of us continued to sing.

When the song ended, we all sat down, except for Madame Maxime who continued to speak, “Now I’m sure most of you are aware of the exciting changes this year. The seventh year students are all going to be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in order to further their magical education. This is an opportunity too good for us to pass up, and I know it will really enhance the seventh years education.”

Dom and I exchanged an eyeroll. The other students however broke out into raucous conversation, most of them either extremely upset at the seventh years leaving, or extremely jealous that they didn’t get to go along with us.

“Quiet, quiet!” Madame Maxime said reigning in the chatter. “Yes, this is something quite different than what you’re all used to, I’m sure, but this is going to be an exciting year for us all! Since I will be accompanying the seventh years to Hogwarts for the first month, the deputy headmistress, Madame Yazette will be taking over for me. I hope you all will send your best wishes with the seventh years and I as we leave today to travel to Hogwarts. Now let us all walk out together to see us off!”

At Madame Maxime’s parting words, we all stood up and watched as she marched down the aisle and out towards where the carriages were yet again. Then in descending orders each year filed out of their rows and walked down the hallway side by side as usual.

“At least this crowd is much more civilized,” Dom stated still slightly annoyed as we all led the crowd of students to the carriage.

We stopped once we reached the beach again, and the students in the lower years lined up into two lines so that they could all wave us away. It was a tradition that we always upheld whenever we did a send off, and this one was, of course, no different. Sadly, I thought about the fact that we would not be returning. This was our final send off. Goodbye. Farewell. Adieu.

“You ready?” Dom said to me softly, as we both looked back fondly at the place I had come to think of as my home. Ready. Was I ready?

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I responded and we linked arms with each other along with all the other seventh years as we began to walk past the younger students.

Goodbye. Farewell. Adieu indeed.


“Ugh come on, Corinne, don’t make us use force.”

“Coco, hello! Coco!” Dom said waving her hand in front of my face as I remained seated in the Beauxbatons carriage, trying to convince myself to get up.

“Someone’s going to have to pull her out.”

I liked to think of it as my body realizing I was heading towards danger, and using it’s flight response to try and protect myself. Not that it was a comforting thought, but it at least showed that my body was working.

“Coco, out. Now!” Dom said with a no-nonsense look across her face. I tore my eyes away from staring out the window at the oddly familiar gray stoned castle, and looked at my friends.

“Okay, okay,” I said getting up and following them all out of the carriage, as they continued to look behind themselves to make sure I was following. Gosh, they were acting like I was a nutter and about to go running off in the Forbidden Forest or something.

Actually, that wouldn’t be a half-bad idea, would it?

Never mind, that’d be preposterous! I hate the wilderness.

“You know, the school’s actually kind of pretty,” Dom stated as we looked up at the castle looming in front of us. I disagreed but that was probably because the horrid memories were outweighing the school’s aesthetic looks.

“It’s much more manly looking than Beauxbatons. I don’t feel like a poof here,” Wyatt stated. “Powder blue tends to give off that feminine vibe you know?”

“I think powder blue is pretty!” I defended.

“Exactly my point,” Wyatt said gesturing to all three boys uniforms, which composed of light gray slacks, white oxford, powder blue tie and powder blue robes. “We don’t want to look pretty. We want to look masculine.”

“I happen to be confident enough in my manliness that I don’t care what color I’m wearing,” Tyson said shooting down Wyatt’s remark.

“Ouch, that hurt,” Wyatt responded sarcastically placing a hand over his heart. We finally reached the doors of the school, and the guys opened them for us as we stepped in. I felt my stomach give a lurch as the all too memorable surroundings appeared, and I felt like I was living in some sort of nightmare. The rest of the Beauxbatons students were all standing outside of the Great Hall doors along with Madame Maxime, waiting to be announced by the rest of the school.

“Seventh years!” Madame Maxime said gaining all of our attention, “Listen up! Now we’ve arrived a bit early seeing as the first year Hogwarts students have yet to arrive. However, we’re going to wait out here and then the first years will be introduced and led in, and then we’ll be introduced and led in. You’ll all sit at whatever table you please, and then we’ll all watch the first years get sorted, and then you’ll be sorted.”

I groaned along with the rest of our group as we realized we’d be sorted. At least I’d get to be sorted again… right? This means I might not be in Gryffindor! Right?

“We better all be in the same house, or else I’m going to be pissed,” Dom stated annoyed. “My Uncle Harry told me that he told the hat what house to place him in, so worst comes to worst, you’re all telling the hat to be in the same house, okay?”

We all seemed to recoil at Dom’s scarily woven threat, and nodded our heads. She seemed satisfied with our lack of response, and we continued having idle chatter. That is, until Dom pulled the sleeve of my uniform signaling she had to talk to me.

“Hey, Coco?” Dom asked me so the others couldn’t hear.


“I have to pee.”

“Good to know Dom. As much as I didn’t care to know, it’s nice to know you feel comfortable telling me these things.”

“Co, stop joking. You still remember where the bathrooms are, right? You can take me to them easy peasy and then we can be back here right in time for the entrance, no?”

Doooom, can’t you just hold it in or something?” I asked annoyed.

“Noooooo, I really do have to go. I haven’t gone since this morning!” Dom whined.

I sighed in defeat as I watched my friend helplessly jump from one foot to the other. “Fine.”

I then turned to the guys who had all started their own conversation on Quidditch and such, and spoke, “We’re going to the urination station but we’ll be back kay guys?”

“Why must you always be so crude with how you word things?” Wyatt asked me as Tyson and Chaise agreed.

“Oh shove it,” I responded before pulling Dom with me as we walked down the extremely long hallway, to where I remembered the bathrooms to be.

Dom bobbed happily behind me as I continued to walk up multiple staircases, going to the only toilet room I remembered, which was on the second floor of the school. After wandering through a couple hallways and finding the bathroom I was looking for, I let out a satisfied smile and gestured to the door.

“Lo and behold you’re porcelain throne awaits!” I stated proudly.

“Uck, Wyatt’s right, you’re way too crude with your bathroom jokes,” Dom remarked as she pushed her way past me and into the loo.

I decided to wait outside of the bathroom, seeing as I didn’t have to go and didn’t really fancy hearing Dom as she took her tinkle. Instead, I decided to freak myself out by thinking about every possible bad thing that could happen while at this school. Let’s see: I could see James, I could see Fred, I could see Bailey, I could see any other seventh year Gryffindors...

The list was actually getting to be alarmingly long by the time Dom came out of the bathroom, giving me a murderous glare.

“Why did you not warn me there’s a crazy ghost in there?” Dom seethed.

Oh yeah, Moaning Myrtle. Totally forgot about her.

“There is?” I asked widening my eyes in innocence. “I had no idea! She must be a new addition.”

“Stop lying,” Dom shot back. “She told me her life story. She’s been guarding the loos since forever.”

Guess the denying thing doesn’t work when Moaning Myrtle’s involved.

“Okay I admit it,” I said, raising my hands up in the air, “I forgot all about Moaning Myrtle! I normally would just use the toilet in my dormitory so I rarely have used any others in this school. I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine,” Dom stated perking up immediately at my apology and linking her arm back through mine. Can you say bipolar? “We actually got along quite well. She’s pretty nice once you get past the fact that she complains a lot and watches you pee.”

I rolled my eyes. Only Dom would manage to make friends with one of the most annoying ghosts at the school.

We began to walk back to the Great Hall, and as we did so I took in the surroundings of the paintings I had once come to love. They were probably the only things about the school I liked. They were always so lively and talkative, chattering to each other without a care, their brightly colored portraits casting a happy glow across the hallways. They didn’t mock or shout cruel things at me. They didn’t even give me disgusted looks as if to ask: What’s with the fat girl? They never really treated me differently, as stupid as that sounds.

Oh look there’s the painting of the little girl with her favorite teddy bear! And there’s the one of the three guys playing gobstones! And the one with all the fairies flying around! Oh and the one with the little girl with her favorite teddy bear!


Didn’t we just pass that one?

I continued to walk down a couple more hallways, the way that I remembered us coming from, and again found myself in the same hallway, with the same portraits.

This cannot be good.

“Hey Dom?” I said as she obliviously continued to follow me.

“Yup, Coke?”

“I think we’re lost….”

“That’s nice…. WAIT! WHAT?” Dom said her happy expression disappearing and being replaced with one of complete anger.

“Well actually… I know we’re lost. We’ve been down this same hallway like three times,” I stated.

“ LOST?! Are you sure?! This hallway looks completely different than any of the others we’ve been in,” Dom shouted frantically grabbing at her silver hair. It was nice to know she was so perceptive.

“No… We’ve been in this hallway a couple of times. I’m surprised you didn’t notice,” I responded as Dom continued to freak out.

“We can’t be! How the hell are we going to get back to the Great Hall?! How the hell will we get back to civilization?! I’m too young to die! Please oh please somebody save us,” Dom shouted near tears.

And people say I’m dramatic.

Maybe I’m remembering the way we came wrong. I should just go the opposite way that I’ve been going and I’ll have to get somewhere, right?

“Dom,” I said pulling her arms down and giving her a serious look, “calm down! We are not going to die, we just are going to be a bit late!”

“A bit late?! Do you know how bad that’s going to look to everyone?! And Madame Maxime is going to freak! Does she even know where we are—”

“Dom, stop it!” I bellowed, figuring that we were already late enough that we missed the first year sorting. “We’re already going to be late. It’s just a matter of how late we’re going to be…”

“This is my worst nightmare!” Dom shouted again. “Late! We are late! Maman is going to flip a lid if she hears! Can’t we ask someone for help? Anyone?”

“Uh… Who are we going to ask? No one’s in this hallway,” I said looking around and only seeing the portraits. They all seemed to be watching us with amusement, and I wanted to rip them all up. I bet they would be like us too if they were lost.

“I can’t believe this! This is the worst day ever!” Dom exclaimed, throwing herself onto the ground and shouting French expletives. At least she can handle things well.

I heard a giggle and noticed that the portraits all seemed to be laughing at our predicament, which just caused me to focus all of my anger onto them. They were enjoying out misery!

Suddenly, a realization came over me. “Hey you!” I said pointing to a painting of a wizard riding a broom. He looked at me amused. “Do you know how to get to the Great Hall?”

The guy in the portrait laughed. “ ’Course I do. We all do. I’m surprised you thought to ask us. You’ve been taking the wrong turn, you need to go left instead of right once you reach the end of that one hallway, and then take another right and the stairs will appear.”

Dom seemed to calm down after hearing that we now knew where to go. And by calm down I mean her shoulders stopped shaking violently and her face seemed to go slack.

“Thanks so much!” I said to the painting, and I grabbed Dom’s wrist and started to drag her the way we were told. Our quick walking turned into full out sprints by the time we reached the staircase, as we both seemed to realize how pissed Madame Maxime would be when we arrived late.

Soon enough, we appeared huffing and puffing, in front of the closed Great Hall doors listening as a muffled “HUFFLEPUFF” was announced at the end of the first year sorting. None of the Beauxbatons students were in the hallway, which meant that they must’ve already entered.

“Okay Coco, open it,” Dom commanded.

“Why must I open it? You open it!” I said as we both realized that whoever opened it would face most of the wrath.

“I don’t want to though,” Dom whined.

“Okay,” I said. “How about we both open it then?” Dom nodded her head in agreement as we put our hands on each door. We both put our whole body into it, which may have been a bit too much effort, because the doors shockingly opened up with ease, causing a loud bang to echo when the doors hit the wall of the Great Hall.

I felt like someone had pressed a pause button on the entire room, as all of the students stopped whatever it was they had been doing and stared at us when we entered. It almost felt like a camera had zoomed in on us and spanned over our head to toe appearance: from our heeled shoes to our sheer knee-highs, over our blue robes and then stopping on our flushed faces. Headmistress McGonagall, who I remembered from when I was at Hogwarts, was standing up in the middle of the teacher’s table, her mouth in a small ‘o’.

Of course we ended up opening the door right when she was giving a speech. Just our luck.

I swept my eyes over the entire Great Hall and came across a bunch of familiar albeit aged faces. I doubt any of them recognized me though. I glanced around at the people that had oinked at me, people I had never gotten to know, and people I now attended school with. I noticed a bunch of the girls in our grade all sitting at the Gryffindor table, seeming to be trying to flirt with the two arseholes that had tormented me. However, Freddy and James, who were looking at us with a mix of shock and amusement, didn’t seem to notice. I glanced at the Hufflepuff table, and saw my sister, looking at me as though she had seen a ghost. My stomach gave an involuntary turn.

“Girls!” Madame Maxime shouted at us as she sat behind the teachers’ table, next to Hagrid, the gamekeeper. She stood up and walked around the table making a beeline towards us. She looked alarmed.

“What happened?!” She seemed to take in the fact that we were still a bit out of breath, and our shirts had come untucked in our flurry of running to the Great Hall. So much for our great entrance.

I checked Dom’s face to see if she looked as tired as I felt and she still looked stunningly beautiful. Well, that made one of us.

At least I could act like I felt beautiful.

“Well,” I responded back to her in French, so that only she and the Beauxbatons students would understand, and giving my hair a bouncy toss. “We just wanted to be fashionably late, you know how it is!”

Madame Maxime looked like she was in between yelling at us and laughing. I’ll take this as a good sign. Dom just nodded her head behind me in agreement a smirk on her lips, while most of the Beauxbatons students broke out into laughter at my response.

“I expect better of you girls. We have a reputation to uphold,” Madame Maxime responded in her native tongue, her anger seeming not as harsh as it had once been. She then straightened up and started to speak in English once more. “So my two beauties, I suggest this will not happen again?”

“Of course, Max,” I said as Dom continued to remain silent. What a help. Madame Maxime let out a smile as I used my own special nickname for her, and all of her anger seemed to disappear.

“Now take a seat and let Headmistress McGonagall make her speech,” Madame Maxime commanded before turning away from us and going back to her seat.

I scanned the room for Tyson, Wyatt and Chaise and found them sitting at the Slytherin table all looking thoroughly amused. There were two Hogwarts students sitting across from them who I couldn’t get a good look at, but I assumed one was Tyson’s cousin. There was also a bunch of other Beauxbatons guys sitting by them, probably trying to be friends with them, and a couple of girls on the outer edge looking at them wistfully. When the guys saw my gaze run over them, they started to gesture for us to come over.

“Come on let’s go,” I said grabbing Dom’s hand and starting to pull her with me to the table, as the Great Hall continued to watch us.

“Uh… Coco,” Dom said in a voice that meant she was going to tell me something I didn’t want to hear, “Maman told me I should sit with my cousins tonight. Since I didn’t see them all summer and stuff and she doesn’t want them to think I’m isolating them…”

“What?!” I said a little louder than I intended. “But we have to sit together!”

“Well... we could if you sat with me,” Dom suggested, already knowing it was a lost cause. I cast my gaze over the Gryffindor table, and saw James and Freddy both watching us with intrigue. Louis was sitting by them as was Roxy, Lily, and some of their other friends who weren’t family. It was so unfair that Dom had to be related to them.

“I just…. Can’t,” I said softly feeling suddenly very small in this huge hallway. Dom seemed to sense this and gave me a big hug and blew two kisses at me a sad smile on her face.

Rendez-vous plus tard, belle!” Dom said as we parted ways, her understanding abilities making me feel instantly a million times better. I blew her two kisses with my hands as well as we walked away from each other. Her to the Gryffindor table, me to the Slytherin.

McGonagall resumed her speech, but no one was really paying attention to her anymore. They were all staring at Dom and I inquisitively some random boys whispering something about French chicks being insanely hot.

When I arrived at the Slytherin table and realized that none of the guys had saved me a seat, I assumed my best hand on hip pose in response.

“Ty,” I said giving him a look. “Why have none of you saved me a seat?”

“Well we thought you guys had ditched so we didn’t know!” Wyatt said cutting in.

“No matter, I have room here,” Tyson said gesturing to his lap with a wink. I laughed and rolled my eyes at him, not sure whether or not he was serious, but sat in his lap anyways just to annoy him. This seemed to elicit a bunch of whispering from the students, as girls looked at me with distaste and a hint of jealousy, while guys looked at Tyson with annoyance. Maybe I should’ve thought over the action of sitting in his lap, but too little, too late, the gossip train had already started.

I hate people.

“I have a feeling you planned this,” I said giving them all annoyed looks. Chaise just held his hands up to say he was innocent and Wyatt smirked.

“So why didn’t Dom join? I don’t think I’ve ever not seen you two sitting together during mealtime… ever,” Chaise asked. I had a feeling he wanted to know the answer more for himself than for my own benefit.

“Her mum’s making her sit with family tonight or some stupid thing like that,” I responded as I looked across the room and noticed Dom sitting with her head propped on her hand, looking extremely bored.

It was then that I finally looked to the people sitting across from us, and noticed two familiar faces staring back at me.

“Oh Coco, This is my cousin, Scorpius Malfoy, and this is his friend Al Potter,” Tyson said gesturing around me and pointing to each of them. It was kind of funny how he thought that I didn’t know them.

Not that I really knew them. I hadn’t actually talked to either seeing as they were a year younger than me and in a completely different house, but they were really well-known throughout the school.

Scorpius I remember as being pretty quiet during his first year, mostly because people were still a bit frightened of him because of his father. Al, I remember as being quiet as well, since he was sorted into Slytherin and had caused the whole school to go into shock. I guess they had become kindred spirits since I left.

“Oh…er… hello!” I said giving them my most winning smile. Even though Al was brothers with James, I decided not to make a snap judgment. I mean I was best friends with Dom and they were cousins.

Not to mention both of them were really bloody hot. Al had that effortlessly tousled stack of jet-black hair that enhanced the shocking brilliance of his green eyes, and a cute dimple in one of his cheeks. Scorpius looked just like Tyson, only his face was a bit more pointed, giving him perfectly defined cheekbones. It wasn’t bad if they were only a year younger than me... right?

They both said their hello’s back to me, Scorpius’s with a smirk that scarily reminded me of Tyson, and then turned back to watch Headmistress McGonagall speak.

“So as you’ve all noticed, we have some new additions to the student body this year. As you’ve all been informed, the Beauxbatons students in their seventh year have decided to do a program with us to better educate themselves on magic. I hope you all are welcoming to them,” McGonagall said as she swept her gaze across the room. “And I also hope that you welcome back a previous Hogwarts student, who is a part of the Beauxbatons School of Magic.”

I tensed as soon as I heard this and about a million different whispers breaking out, most of them wondering who the previous student was. Why did McGonagall feel the need to do this?

“Corinne Beaumont who transferred to Beauxbatons for her third year, will be rejoining us this year, so I hope you all welcome her warmly,” McGonagall said with a tight smile. It felt like the whole world had just slid out from under my feet. Why did McGonagall have to say my name?

I noticed all the sixth and seventh years give each other knowing looks, probably all remembering who I used to be. However, none of them were gazing at me. There was one girl in our my year at Beauxbatons who was—dare I say it—a bit on the heavier side, and their gazes all immediately shot to her. I felt really awful for myself and for her. She seemed a bit oblivious to the staring though, as she was consumed in conversation with one of her friends.

“Now, since the first years have already been sorted, we are going to have the Beauxbatons students all come up and get sorted as well. For the students who do not know, the house you are sorted into will be your family for the next year. You will sleep in dormitories with them, you will have classes with them, and you will wear the houses color,” McGonagall explained.

I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding in, at the fact that Headmistress McGonagall had not made me reveal who I was just yet. She began to further explain the housing system in detail and what they represented, and then locked eyes with mine.

“Now Corinne seeing as you’ve already been sorted, you will not need to go through the sorting again and will be a part of Gryffindor again. Will you please stand up so we can welcome you?”

You know that expression where people say it felt as if their stomach sunk. Well mine sunk so far, I’m pretty sure it didn’t exist anymore. McGonagall either was completely oblivious to the fact that I wanted to remain incognito, or she was a spiteful bitch getting back at me for interrupting her speech. The gleam in her eye made me think it was the latter option.

The entire student body whipped their heads from staring at the overweight girl, and focused their eyes on me, all giving each other disbelieving looks. Well…. This was a bit awkward if I do say so myself. I slowly stood up from sitting in Ty’s lap, and tried to force whatever confidence I could out of me and gave a little smile and wave to the Great Hall. The Beauxbatons students all started to clap really loudly in welcome as I stood up, and the guys made really loud whooping noises and catcalls. Dom also screeched really loudly from where she was sitting, making her presence known from across the room, with Louis clapping loudly with her. Even the Hogwarts students in the younger years clapped for me as well. The Hogwarts students in sixth and seventh year however, remained silent in a state of disbelief. I feel like this is the story of my life. Beauxbatons students like me, Hogwarts students don’t. Or at least a lot of them.

“I see you have decided not to sit with the house you were sorted in?” McGonagall asked once the noise had died down. Why did she have to have this conversation in front of the entire school?

I heard a couple of giggles from below me and looked down to see Tyson, Wyatt and Chaise all in fits of laughter, obviously amused at my situation. They’re awful friends.

“Uh, I just though you know, I rode the crimson wave long enough, time to try out the emerald,” I responded with a shrug before plopping down in Tyson’s lap, causing him to let our a harrumph of pain. Good, he deserved it.

This was probably the worst moment of my life. McGonagall continued to stare at me with a disapproving look as I sat in Tyson’s lap, along with the rest of the school who were all whispering to each other about me as well. It was then that I realized that I was the only girl that seemed to be sitting in the midst of all of these guys, and I probably looked like a right slag. It didn’t get worse.

“Well I suggest during the sorting you go and sit with your house,” McGonagall said as her eyes seemed to bore straight into mine. She finally turned away and continued on with her speech about education and crap, but my face still felt like it was burning. That had to be the worst conversation I’ve had in my entire life. In front of the entire school no less.

“I’ve never seen McGonagall welcome someone back with such hatred,” Al said to me as he held an amused expression.

“Oh shove it,” I said placing my head in my arms as I refused to look up. “She looked at me like I was a slag or something! I’m so bleeding embarrassed.”

“Hey, it coulda been worse, you could’ve been sitting in some ugly guy’s lap, or Wyatt’s,” Tyson joked as he tried to comfort me.

“Hey, I’m very good-looking I’ll have you know,” Wyatt said indignantly.

“How can you not be embarrassed though?” I asked Tyson, as he seemed without a care. “She gave you the stare-down as well!”

“Yes but there’s nothing embarrassing about having the hottest girl in school sitting on your lap,” Tyson said shrugging.

“Aw,” I said ruffling Tyson’s hair and swinging my arm around his neck, “you’re a big sweetie pie, ya know that?”

“Keep it on the D.L. though,” Tyson said in a whisper, as he put his fingers up to his lips, “Can’t let all the ladies know that. It’ll ruin my reputation!”

We all laughed at Tyson’s never-ending amount of arrogance.

“So you’re Corinne Beaumont,” Scorpius said looking at me curiously. “You’re not like a different person under a new identity?”

“Yes, I’m Corinne,” I snapped at him annoyed.

The guys seemed to grow a bit protective of me as they all gave him a glare, which made him recoil.

“I didn’t mean it like that… It’s just you’re so… different. Personality wise as well I think,” Scorpius said trying to defend himself.

“Yeah well, life sucks, years pass, peoples change,” I responded back with nonchalance. “You’re different as well.”

“You knew him?” Tyson asked.

“No… I knew of him though,” I explained.

“Yes well, I guess we’ve established that we’ve all changed then, so cheers and be merry,” Al said as he tried to get us to shush so that we could listen to McGonagall continue to talk.

She really gave long speeches.

“So, since the first years have already been sorted,” McGonagall stated, “It is time for the Beauxbatons students to be sorted!”

When she finished her statement all of the Beauxbatons students stood up from various places around the room and made their way to the front of the Great Hall. I stood up and Tyson climbed out after me, while Chaise and Wyatt already had gotten up and were waiting on us.

“Okay guys,” I said to them. We all huddled together, as they seemed to understand I had something important to tell them. I could still feel about a million pairs of eyes drilling into me, but I pretended to ignore them. “Since I’m stuck in stupid sodding Gryffindor, you have to tell the hat to sort you into that house. I refuse to be alone stuck with all those wankers okay?”

“So bossy,” Wyatt joked rolling his eyes as Chaise and Tyson silently agreed. He then swung his arm around my shoulder as we all started to walk to the front, since I had to pass it in order to get to the Gryffindor table. “But we’ll do it, right guys?”

“ ’Course,” they chorused.

“Aw you guys are so sweet,” I said as I tried to figure out in my mind where exactly I was going to sit at the Gryffindor table. There were no longer any Beauxbatons students I could sit with, but my eyes landed on Louis and a couple of his friends (who were all being admired from afar by a couple of first years) and I realized I’d have to sit with him, which meant sitting by James and Fred. Or I could sit alone… There was still a bit of empty space at the end of the table, and that didn’t seem to be such an awful idea now did it?

“Coco go sit by Louis,” Dom stated to me when we arrived at the front. Well I guess that answers my question. I continued to walk past them and to the Gryffindor table, making a beeline to Louis. Which of course meant that James and Freddy were sitting across from him. Joy.

Let’s hope James did not bring up our drunken snog to anyone. Ever.

“Hey, Baby Louie,” I said brightly as I ruffled his hair and sat down next to him. He gave his usual annoyed look at me for addressing him in such a manor, but I shrugged it off as I sat down next to him, on the side furthest away from Freddy and James as I could.

The sorting of the Beauxbatons students began which caused most of the Great Hall to quiet down.

“Coco honestly maman is going to freak when she hears about everything that’s happened today,” Louis stated as if this had been the only thing running through his mind.

“And how shall she hear that, Lou?” I asked him cocking my head to the side, trying to ignore the stares we were still receiving from the Gryffindor students.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat screamed causing me to look and see one of the girls I wasn’t very good friends with, be sorted into that house and get a welcoming round of applause.

“She’s bound to hear it. Maman is always worried about you and Dom getting into loads of trouble here because you guys aren’t used to having any sort of limits at Beauxbatons,” Louis explained.

It wasn’t as if Beauxbatons had no limits, it was more like the school was very lax with their discipline. You would only get detentions if you did something absolutely horrendous, and it was almost impossible to get expelled unless you killed someone or something of that sort.

“Oh crud. I promised her this morning I’d keep us out of trouble. I blame this all on Dommy Dom,” I announced as I came to the realization that Fleur would have a similar reaction to Dom when she found out about our late entrance.

“RAVENCLAW!” the hat shouted as a boy that was okay friends with the guys was sorted.

“Bergeron, Wyatt,” McGonagall called causing mine and Louis’s conversation to come to a halt while we watched him walk up to the rickety old stool, and get the hat placed on his head.

“Gryffindor, gryffindor, gryffindor,” I muttered to myself as I crossed my fingers, hoping against hope he was telling the hat the same thing.

“GRYFFINDOR!” The hat yelled after a couple seconds too long of waiting. I let out a squeal of excitement and stood up with the rest of our house, clapping excitedly as I waved him over to sit with Louis and me.

“Wyatt! I’m not alone!” I stated excitedly as I gave him an overenthusiastic hug, which he returned with a laugh.

“The hat told me I didn’t even have to ask because I was already a Gryffindor,” Wyatt responded to me. “Haven’t decided whether or not that’s good.”

“Oi! What’s that supposed to mean?” I heard an oddly familiar voice say, causing Wyatt and I to whip around and see Freddy giving us incredulous looks. “Gryffindors are the best!”

I felt my hands becoming clammy at the fact that Freddy was addressing us, and even more so that he was acting as if we were all friends or something. He couldn’t be serious… Could he?

“Exactly my point,” Wyatt said in French, so that only Louis and I could understand, causing the both of us to crack up into a fit of laughter. Freddy and James exchanged confused looks, which just made us laugh even more as the sorting continued on.

“Peddington, Chaise,” McGonagall’s voice said, breaking into our conversation and causing me and Wyatt to look back up at the stage curiously.

“He better be thinking sodding Gryffindor or else I’m gunna kill him,” I said crossing my fingers and beginning to chant Gryffindor over and over as I had done with Wyatt.

“Why must you always be so violent?” Wyatt asked as the hat was placed onto Chaise’s head.

“GRYFFINDOR!” The hat shouted almost immediately, which caused me to start clapping and cheering extremely loudly along with Wyatt and the rest of the table.

“Yay! You listened to me! I wasn’t sure if you would,” I exclaimed once Chaise had reached us, giving him a hug just as I had to Wyatt. Chaise rolled his eyes and took a seat across from me, leaving a gap between him and James at the table.

“I listen to no woman. The hat said I was a Gryff,” Chaise responded, causing Wyatt and me to break out into hysterics.

“So what is Dom then, a hypogriff?” Wyatt said, causing us to continue our laughter as Chaise crossed his arms annoyed.

“I do not listen to Dom. I am my own man. Macho and… Man,” Chaise said as he noticed a group of girls giving him and Wyatt admiring looks, and sending them a wink. This caused me to kick him in the leg, making him give out a yelp.

“You are turning into Tyson,” I stated, which sent my message across.

“Oi! Always have to make me feel bad. Fine, I listen to no woman except Dom… And sometimes Coco,” Chaise stated, correcting his previous error. This made me smile and nod my head enthusiastically.

“Weasley, Dom,” McGonagall called. Speak of the devil and she shall appear, no?

Dom sauntered beautifully to the middle of the Great Hall, her silver hair hanging around her like a sheet of silk, earning herself quite a few stares from the Hogwarts students. Her sorting was the one I was the most worried about. If she was not in Gryffindor, what was I going to do? She was my best freaking friend, we had to be in the same house!

I did my chant again, crossing my fingers and repeating the house name she had to get sorted into repeatedly.

“Has Coco gone senile?” Chaise asked as he gave me a worried look, which earned him a glare from me.

“Shut up and chant with me, loser,” I demanded causing Chaise and Wyatt to cross their hands and give their best deranged looking faces. It was glad to know they took things seriously.

“GRYFFINDOR!” The hat announced and I’m pretty sure I screamed like I was psychotic once I heard the word. I started to whoop and screech and clap my hands alarmingly loud as Dom gave me a huge grin and walked over to me excitedly.

“Ahh my love, it has been so long since we have last been together!” I stated giving Dom probably one of the hugest hugs in the entire world. Dom returned it back and squealed giddily along with me causing a lot of people to give us stares, but neither of us really cared.

“I’m so happy! The hat was considering putting me in Hufflepuff, but I sure couldn’t have that. What would I do without my little Coco?” Dom stated as she went to the other side of the table and sat in the empty space between James and Chaise.

Gr… Now it would kind of be like they were in our conversation.

“You sure you don’t want to be in the Puff house? Bailey’s there and I know how much you love her,” I shot back to Dom, causing her to give a disgusted look to me.

“Bailey Beaumont?” James interjected, causing our lot to all turn to him and give him a dubious stare. Did him and Fred really forget about all the shit they had put me through?

I still wanted to throttle him whenever I thought about his stupid (gorgeous) face… Okay and maybe I wanted to snog him a bit, but the throttle part overweighed the snogging part by a lot. He was still an arsehole, no matter how good he looked.

“Yes,” Dom replied protectively.

James looked confused for a bit about how we knew her, but then something in his head seemed to click. Arse. “Wait. She’s your sister, isn’t she?”

I barely liked to talk about my sister to just Dom, which made me seriously question the sanity of James for trying to talk to me about Bailey.

“In as loose of terms as possible… yes,” I responded icily, while everyone watched for my reaction. My hand balled itself up into a tight fist and my knuckles were growing white.

“Wittry, Tyson,” McGonagall called, interrupting what could have become an extremely violent conversation.

“Okay now everyone chant along with me,” I said as I began to do my freaky chant again, although I felt more confident this time that Tyson would be sorted into Gryffindor. I mean everyone else in our group was, so he would definitely be one as well.

Dom quickly caught on and joined in with the chanting, as well as Louis and the rest of the guys. As the hat was being placed on his head, I was just waiting for Gryffindor to be called out.

However, the hat seemed to be indecisive. We all watched... and watched… and watched as Tyson and the hat had what seemed to be a very heated discussion.

“What the hell is taking so long?” Dom said expressing my own thoughts as we all watched Tyson continue to chat with the hat.

Why was the hat not shouting out Gryffindor? This was a bleeding outrage; Ty’s the most courageous guy I know. He’d put Godric Gryffindor himself to shame. Come on hat just say it! Gryffindor! Gryffindor! Gryffin-

“SLYTHERIN!” The hat shouted causing the others and I to all look at each other in pure ire.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” I exclaimed to Dom and the guys as we all watched Tyson march his way off the stage and over to the Slytherin table. He sent me a nervous wave as if to say ‘what can ya really do?’ when he caught my eye, which caused me to cross my arms and turn away from him angrily.

All he had to do was tell the stupid sodding hat to put him in Gryffindor! What the hell were we going to do without one of our members?

“This is an outrage!” I said again slamming my fist on the table as Chaise and Wyatt exchanged worried looks, while Dom’s face mirrored my own.

“Someone upset their little boyfriend isn’t going to be with them this year?” James said his voice containing a sour undertone.

Is this kid serious right now? I’m already pissed beyond belief and now he’s mocking me?

“Shut. The. Hell. Up!” I shouted at him causing several people to look over at us. “You’re annoying the shit out of me, you’re a nosy tosser, and I’m sick of you acting like we’re buddies when I can’t even stand you!”

“That’s not what you thought at Dom’s party now is it?” James asked with a smirk, causing a couple of onlookers to gasp at the suggestiveness of his tone. The Great Hall seemed to go silent, as I seethed inwardly at his remark.

“I hope you know that I hate you,” I said coldly, pulling my angry face into a mask of indifference. “Now please stop talking before you regret it.”

“Or what? You’ll hit me?”

This guy had a death wish, I hope he knows that. “Maybe I will!”

“Looks like Little Miss Piggy has some anger management issues,” Freddy interjected causing everyone at the table to gasp.

I was past gasping, however. I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me, his words opening up wounds that had never really healed. I was vulnerable and I felt my entire skin grow hot. My eyes began to prickle familiarly and suddenly I was seeing red. The only thing I could think of was that I wanted blood. More specifically: Fred Weasley’s. How could he dare use the nickname I had tried so hard to escape from? He really had not changed in the slightest, not that I was surprised.

So I guess you couldn’t blame me as I lunged across the table of the Great Hall and punched Fred Weasley right smack dab in the middle of his pratty face. There was nothing more satisfying than the loud cracking noise that rang throughout the hall as my fist made contact with his nose.

Well, that felt good.

“CORINNE, MY OFFICE NOW!” McGonagall shouted as blood started to gush down Fred’s face causing many of the girls near him to squeal in alarm. Madame Maxime stood behind Professor McGonagall looking alarmed and angered at the same time.


A/N: School's out, summer's in. Hell yes I have never been more happy for summer to arrive than I am right now! Okay anyways, here is the chapter you've all been waiting for, and I really hope it didn't disappoint!!

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Oh and in case you're wondering about the school song that Coco and Dom sang in french, I just made it up by using a translater and typing in literally the most boring lyrics ever but in case you're curious as to what it means:

As these halls are approaching me
I think of Babbette Beauxbatons
And I bless her for founding this school

With education for girls
And even more for boys
We learn to be the best

I know it's awful but I'm not a songwriter now am I? And I felt like I couldn't have them sing a song, and have absolutely no school lyrics whatsoever. Although fun fact about me in case you're wondering: I used to think I was the most amazing singer in the entire world (I was tone deaf) and wrote like millions of songs that I was going to sing when I got my recording contract (never happened).

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