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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 4 : Pink is for Positive
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AN: FYI I had to make a few changes to my story so if you have been following my story from the very beginning and have already read chapters 1-9 then you might want to reread from the beginning if you haven't already done so.


AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter


                Hermione had another sleepless night. She was exhausted. Draco left for practice a couple of hours ago and was due home soon, or so she hoped. Because she wanted desperately to take a nap like Crissy. Her mind kept going back to that one book she set at the bottom of the pile. The one about pregnancy.


                She put it there because she thought it would be impossible for her to be pregnant, and honestly she didn’t want to think about it. So she hid it away. But that is all she could think of now. And the more she thought about it, the more possible it seemed.


                After she put Crissy down for her nap, Hermione went to the dining table and took the book out. Taking it into the living room, she opened it and started to read. It wouldn’t be a horrible thing if she was pregnant. Being pregnant is a huge deal. There are all kinds of precautions that expecting mothers need to take, to ensure that their unborn babies are safe and healthy. What if Hermione had a drink or something, she hadn’t of course, but she could have done something really bad without realizing it.


                Her head was starting to hurt. She looked over one of the pages listing symptoms to look for when you’re expecting; exhaustion and fatigue, check, weird food carvings, check, frequent nausea, check, heighten sense of smell, um maybe? She was all too aware of how good Malfoy smelled. She wasn’t experiencing every single symptom they listed, but she had at least 85% of them checked off.


                But still, it could mean anything or nothing…right? She was afraid to find out. Maybe she should wait until Malfoy got home to discuss this. Of course what would he be able to do about it? Either she was or wasn’t pregnant. And if she was it wouldn’t be like she could just make it go away.


                She was only 18 years old, or at least she was 18 years old three days ago. She’s an 18 year old stuck in a 23 year olds body. The point is, she wasn’t ready for this. Having Crissy was one thing, but to have an actual baby? Ugh her stomach rolled, she had a feeling she was about to be sick again. Crissy by herself was a handful…a wonderful, joyful little thing, but a handful nonetheless.



Hermione walked out the bathroom, wiping a hand over her mouth. She really hated this constant sickness thing going on. She saw Draco looking through the refrigerator. He looked over his shoulder and saw her, then frowned.


“Did you get sick again?” he asked.


She nodded; suddenly feel nervous, how was she supposed to tell him what she thought?


“Maybe you should go see a doctor or something?” he said turning back to look through the fridge.


“I need to tell you something.” She whispered her voice sounding and feeling raw and horse.


He wasn’t paying attention or maybe he didn’t hear her.


“Malfoy?” He still didn’t acknowledge her. “Draco!” she said a bit louder.


He turned and looked at her then.


“I need to tell you something.”


“What?” he asked, sounding annoyed.


She took a deep breath, there was no other way to say this and she didn’t know if he would even take it well. “I think I’m pregnant.”


He looked at her shocked, and then skimmed his eyes down her body and back up. “You don’t look pregnant.”


She rolled her eyes at him, “Well obviously I’m not that far along.”


“And what makes you think that?”


She shrugged. “I don’t know, I’m always hungry and nauseous, the smell of coffee and other various foods make me sick. I’m exhausted all the time and my jeans don’t fit.”


“Maybe you’re just getting fat.” He smirked.


Ugh, he could be such an ass sometimes, no scratch that, he’s an ass all the time. “It’s going to sound stupid and I can’t really explain it but…I just know.”


“Well how can you possibly be? We’ve never…” He gestured to her.


“No duh Malfoy! We’ve only been here for three days, but anything could have happened before that. Besides we already have one child together in this messed up future. It’s not exactly out of the realm of possibilities.”


He sighed and raked a hand through his hair. “Well how do we go about finding out if you really are or not?”


                She sat at the edge of the tub. Tapping her fingers nervously against her knees, she just knew the timer she set was about to go off. Because she had been anxiously waiting for it to, but at the same time terrified to look.


A knock sounded at the door. “Granger? Are you okay in there?” Malfoy asked.


                Hermione didn’t answer him, just kept nervously tapping her fingers. Seconds later the ding of the timer went off. She stood up on shaky legs and reached for the stick. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to look. Behind her she heard the door to the bathroom open, then close. Footsteps walked up behind her. She didn’t turn around. Draco came up behind her, not touching her but close enough that she could feel the heat of his body seeping into her back fighting off the goose bumps that suddenly rose up along her arms.


“What does it say?” He whispered into her ear.


                Under normal circumstances she would have thought he did that to annoy her and prove that he could get to her no matter how much she tried to fight off her attraction to him. But he sounded almost nervous, like he was worried about the answer just as much as she was.


She took a deep breath. “It’s pink, which means positive. Which means I am pregnant.” She bit her lip not knowing what to say other than that.


                He didn’t say anything either, just stood there, so close to her she was trying desperately hard not to lean back that last couple of inches and lean against his chest. It’s not like the news was a shock to her, but she still felt like she needed to be comforted. She was about to step away from him so they were no longer in each other’s personal space, when his arms reached around her and his hands splayed across her still flat belly.


                Hermione was so startled by this she forgot to breathe. She didn’t know what to do except stay frozen like a statue. Afraid to move, afraid to speak. What was he doing? Draco pulled her back against him, so he could rest his chin on her shoulder, keeping his hands on her belly.

“We made a baby together.” He whispered in awe.


                It was so softly, she thought she might have heard him wrong. Hermione didn’t know what to say to that. She willed herself to relax a little in his surprised, yet intimate embrace. He started stroking his hands over her belly.

                She should have slapped his hands away and step away from him, separating them as far away as possible. But she couldn’t will her feet to move; instead she melted even more into his embrace. Her body obviously was not cooperating with her mind.


“Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?”


His question brought her out of her internal battle. “Uh, I don’t know. Right now it’s probably the size of a lima bean maybe smaller. So it’s probably difficult to know for sure.”


He continued to stroke her belly. “I hope it’s a boy. That way we’ll have one of each. But it would be amazing to have another little girl as well.”


                She snorted. She couldn’t help it. This was so unreal, unbelievably sweet and adorable, but unreal.


“What?” he asked dropping his hands and stepping away.


                Her body and if she was being honest with herself her mind instantly missed his arms around her. She tried not to think about how he would react if she stepped back to him and laid her head against his chest. But instead she stayed where she was.


She shook her head, “It’s just your taking this really well.”


“Why wouldn’t I?” he looked annoyed, like it was a stupid question to ask him.


“Three days ago we got stuck here and you flipped out when you discovered we were married to each other.” She shrugged. “I’m just surprised you’re taking it so well.”


Draco ran a hand over his slightly stubbled jaw. “It’s not every day you find out you fathered a child.”


“What if it’s not even yours?” She asked jokingly, but then immediately regretted it when she saw the look in his eyes, which turned angry.


“What are you saying Granger?”


“I was just kidding Malfoy. Chill out.”


“Despite what you think of me Granger, I would never cheat. When I’m with a woman, she’s the only one I’m with.”


“And I respect that Malfoy. I would never cheat either; it goes against everything I believe in. But think about it, we despise each other, loathe, hate even. We’ve done horrible things to each other in the past. Do you honestly think we could ever truly be happy with each other?”


                Hermione honestly meant it as a joke, and she didn’t really think it would take it so seriously. She didn’t even know why she was defending herself or him. But she meant what she said; she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she cheated on someone, especially if she was a married woman.


He looked at her for several seconds, like he was thinking about what she just said. “I don’t’ know Granger.” Draco said in a low monotone voice, devoid of all emotion, then turned and walked out the door.


                Hermione shouldn’t have, but she did, she felt confused by his comment. She was just being honest. Given all their history with each other, it was just a recipe for disaster. How could they both just forgive and forget and live happily ever after? It didn’t make sense. And if they were back in Hogwarts, he would be his usual self, insulting her, calling her mudblood, and constantly making her life hell. But here he was acting like maybe he actually cared…well some of the time.


                Like last night when they were giving Crissy a bath, for a brief second she thought he was about to kiss her. But she pulled away before anything would’ve happened. She was saving both of them from accidently doing something stupid and getting caught up in the moment. Or so she kept trying to tell herself. And then just now when he was holding her, happy that she was pregnant.


                She still didn’t understand why he got so upset when she made the comment about the baby not being his? Maybe somebody cheated on him before and it left him scarred for life? Unfortunately he was right when he told her he would never cheat. She kind of assumed he would be the type to do that just based on his reputation alone. He wasn’t nickname the Slytherin sex god for nothing. He had a reputation for dating lots of different girls during the school term; even a few Gryffindor’s if the rumors were true.


                Did he really believe they could be together and be happy? When he told her that he didn’t know if they could be happy together, it seemed like he was just as confused as she was about all of this. Whether this ‘future’ of theirs was real or not. They or the ‘future them’ seemed to be living a very pleasant, happy life together.


                Hermione rubbed her belly without thinking about it. They just needed to figure out how to get back to their original lives and soon.


                She walked into the kitchen to a sight that would have women all over the world swoon. A man and baby. Hermione still couldn’t get used to the idea of Malfoy holding a baby so tenderly. Draco stood by the refrigerator, pulling out a bottle of baby formula, and then popped it into the microwave, while holding Crissy, their daughter like it was the most natural thing in the world.


                Crissy looked very content, cradled in Draco’s arms, laying her head on his shoulder looking sleepy, still waking up from her nap. Hermione stood outside the kitchen just watching. This was a completely different Draco then the one she grew up with. As if he could sense her staring, he turned and caught her eye.


She dropped her eyes and walked into the kitchen. “What is she doing up?”


“She was getting fussy, so I went ahead and took her out of her crib.” He said, taking the bottle out of the microwave and shook it up.


Crissy turned her head and when she saw Hermione reached out her tiny arms to her, “Mama” she squealed still resting her head on Draco’s shoulder.


                Hermione walked over and ran her hand over Crissy’s blonde curls. Crissy reached out to her again, this time practically climbing out of Draco’s arms. Hermione caught her before she literally wiggled to the ground. Crissy instantly nestled herself in Hermione’s arms and laid her head on her chest and sighed. Hermione sighed too, she was never going to get used to that. She looked up and caught Draco staring at her.


He tried to cover it up by clearing his throat and handing her the bottle. “Here, it should be the right temperature now.”


“Thanks,” Hermione said, almost feeling shy now and adjusted her arms so she could accept the bottle.


“Are you sure you don’t want to feed her?”


“Nah, you’re holding her now, so you might as well do it.” Just then an owl tapped on the window, “I’ll get that.” Draco said as he turned from them and walked to the window, opening it and accepting the letter that a gray owl held in its beak.


                Hermione didn’t recognize the owl, but maybe Malfoy did. She watched him open it and started to read it. Crissy started to grab for the bottle, so Hermione gave it to her. Luckily Crissy was old enough to hold it on her own, otherwise she would have to adjust her hold on her and Hermione didn’t want to since Crissy looked comfortable the way she was.


Hermione turned her attention back to Draco who was reading the letter. “Who is it from?”


He looked up from the letter, “Blaise.”

“Zabini?” she asked.


He smirked, “Who else?”


She shrugged then smiled. “What does it say?”


“Apparently we’re supposed to have dinner with them tonight at 6:00pm.”


“Them?” she was getting a bad feeling about this.


“Blaise and Pansy.”


“Great dinner with Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini can’t wait.” Hermione said sarcastically. “Maybe I’ll just stay here with you.” She said to Crissy, bending down to kiss her forehead.


“Actually it asks for both of us to attend…darling.” He said the last part with fake tenderness.


She made a face at him.


“Hey apparently you forced me to hang out with Potter and Weasley. So it’s only fair that you be forced to hang out with my friends.”


“What? Why would you think that?”


Draco pointed to a picture hanging on the refrigerator. She stepped closer to look at it; sure enough it was a picture of Draco standing with Harry and Ron drinking butter beer. All smiling for the camera. She shook her head, weird.


“Oh and just so you know Pansy was one of your bridesmaids in our wedding. So I’m sure you two are very close now.” He crossed his arms leaning against the window all smug.


“Oh? And were Harry and Ron part of your groomsmen?”


Malfoy’s smug smile faltered into a scowl, which made her smile.

“How do you even know who was in our bridal party anyway?” she asked him.


“There’s a photo album in the living room.”


“Super.” She said under her breath, this crazy alternative universe they were in just kept getting more and more real. “So what are we going to do with her then?” She nodded towards Crissy, who was watching them talk back and forth with big chocolate brown eyes.

He shrugged, “We could just take her with us.”


Hermione shook her head, “It will be past her bedtime. And where are we having dinner anyway?”


“Vinny’s whatever that is.” He said looking at the letter.


Hermione had heard of the place before and if she wasn’t mistaken it was a fancy Italian restaurant, probably not the best place to take a baby. “Do you think we have a sitter that watches her?”

“A sitter?” he asked looking confused.


“You know a babysitter, someone to watch over her while we’re gone.”


 He snapped his fingers, “I know the perfect thing, Ziggy.”


A house elf appeared in the kitchen with a pop at the mention of her name. “Mr. Malfoy.” She acknowledged Draco then turned to Hermione. “Mrs. Malfoy.”


Hermione just smiled at the house elf, a little taken back by being called Mrs. Malfoy.


Crissy reached out her hand, “Zizi” At least their daughter knew who this was.


“What can Ziggy do for you?”


“We’re going out to dinner tonight with Pansy and Blaise. Can you watch over Crissy while we’re gone?” Draco asked.


Hermione rushed over to his side and whispered, “Do you think that’s a good idea?”


He looked over at her and whispered low, “Ziggy helped raise me when I was a baby.”


Hermione arched an eyebrow, “And that’s supposed to make me feel better?”


Draco ignored her comment. “I trust Ziggy with my life. Crissy will be in good hands.”


She still felt uncertain about this.


Draco looked her in the eyes. “Trust me?”


She bit her lip, and then rolled her eyes at him, “Fine.”


“Good.” He smirked at her then bent down and kissed Crissy on the top of her head, while Hermione was still holding her.


                She didn’t want to think about how close he was. She could smell his aftershave and the shampoo he used and it was making her knees ridiculously wobbly. And she had a feeling he was starting to catch on to her stupid girly reactions to him when he did things like this.


He took Crissy from her arms. “You should probably get ready. We should leave soon.”


                Hermione stood in their walk-in closet wearing only her bra and panties. She already tried on five dresses and none of them were fitting. She didn’t think that she was that big. But now knowing she was pregnant she could see the tiny making of a baby bump. She wondered just how far along she was, she should probably make an appointment just to be safe.


She stood looking at her profile when she heard the bedroom door open. “Eek!” she squealed and tried to cover herself up when Draco walked into the closet and smirked. “Jeeze don’t you know how to knock Malfoy?”


“It’s my bedroom too, so I shouldn’t have to knock.” He looked at her clutching a dress to her body and grinned. “Why aren’t you dressed yet?”


“I was in the process of getting dressed when you rudely walked in.”


“Uh huh.” Draco tilted his head as if studying her. “Nice knickers by the way. I wouldn’t take you for a girl who likes to wear lace.”


Hermione blushed and looked down at herself; she wasn’t exposing anything, so how could he know…


“You do know your standing in front of the mirror, right?” He grinned wider when she glared at him.


“Get out of her Malfoy!”


Draco brought a hand over his chest. “But honey, you shouldn’t be shy. It’s not like I haven’t already seen you naked before.”


Hermione picked up a shoe, prepared to throw it at him. “Get out of here Malfoy!”


He held up his hands in mock surrender. “Fine. I have to take a shower anyway.” He winked at her. “No peeking.”


Hermione rolled her eyes and clutched the dress tighter to her body, until he was out of sight. She was trying on her ninth dress when he came back in the closet, wearing only a towel. It seemed to be a habit of his, parading around her in only towels or boxers. Dear Merlin, why did he have to look like that when she was feeling like a fat cow?


Draco looked over at her, “You’re still not dressed?


She had a dress on but it wouldn’t zip up. “Nothing fits, I’m thinking about giving up and just wearing sweat pants and a baggy shirt.” She sighed in defeat.


He looked her up and down in her unzipped dress. “Turn around.”


Her eyes shot wide, “What?”


“Turn around.”


Hermione looked at him as if he’d gone mad.


Draco made a circular motion with his finger. “I’ll help you zip the dress up.”


“Really you don’t have to; I’ll just wear something else.”


He stared at her with intensity until she reluctantly turned around feeling self-conscious because the zipper went half way down her bum. Before she could threaten him if he made some snarky comment, his warm fingers touched her back and started to pull the zipper up. Hermione couldn’t breathe, not from the tightness of the dress, but because he was touching her and didn’t seem repulsed by it and she liked it a lot.


Half way up the zipper became stubborn and wouldn’t go up. “Just forget it, I’ll wear something else.” She tried to step away.


“No, I almost…there.” With one final tug it was it was all the way zipped. “Can you breathe in it?”


Hermione took a test breath and found that she could and oddly enough, once it was zipped up all the way it didn’t feel all that tight except a bit in the tummy area. “Thanks,” she mumbled and stepped away from him.


                Slipping on some black heels that matched her dress, she walked out to give him the privacy he didn’t give her. She went to the bathroom to add last minute touches to her makeup and hair. Hermione was spraying on some perfume when Draco walked out fully dressed. He wore dark trousers and a white button down shirt, leaving the top buttons undone. The sight of him was doing something odd to her insides, for reasons she didn’t want to think about. Maybe it was her raging pregnancy hormones? Maybe that was why she was suddenly started having random pangs of attraction towards him.


“You ready?”


She nodded then took one last look in the mirror and walked out.


                They were in the kitchen giving Ziggy instructions, even though it seemed that Ziggy knew more about taking care of their daughter then they did. Once they had been assured that Ziggy would notify them immediately if anything happened to Crissy, they prepared to leave.


                Crissy was in her highchair chewing on a teething ring. Hermione bent down to kiss her goodbye, the same time Draco bent down to do the same. Their eyes met and they both pulled back before they bumped heads.


Hermione blushed. “You go ahead.”


The same time he said, “Ladies first.”


When neither of them made a move, Draco finally bent down and kissed Crissy’s chubby cheek.


“Goodnight princess.”


When he pulled back Hermione took her turn. “Be good for Ziggy. We’ll be back soon.” She brushed the soft curls on her head.


Crissy reached out her hands towards Hermione. “Mama.”


Hermione grabbed one of her hands and kissed her fingertips, then leaned in and kissed her cheek. “I love you too.”


                Hermione stood up and turned to Draco who was looking at her like he’s never looked at her before. He gave her a soft smile, and then the look was gone. Replacing it with his signature smirk.




She nodded and awkwardly touched her hand to his elbow as they apparated away.


                They arrived with a pop in an empty alley way, not far from the restaurant. Hermione let go of Draco’s arm immediately. Draco started walking out and brushed at his sleeve as if brushing away invisible dirt, where Hermione’s hand had been.

Hermione stopped him before he walked out into the public sidewalk. “Wait Malfoy.”


He looked back at her with annoyance expressed in his eyes. What happened to the Malfoy she saw back in their kitchen when they were saying goodbye to their daughter.


“What Granger? We’re already running late.”


She caught up to him, which wasn’t easy in heels and a dress that was a tad too tight. “We need to remember not to say anything about us.”


He let out an aggravated sigh. “I’m not stupid Granger I won’t forget.”


“Well hopefully neither one of them will question why we can’t remember anything from the past six years or so. And maybe we shouldn’t say anything about the whole me being pregnant and everything either?”


“Fine, now are you ready?”


She nodded and followed him out of the alley.


                The walk from the alley to the restaurant wasn’t far at all. Draco opened the door about to walk on in but hesitated and held the door open for Hermione, so she could go in first instead.


“Thanks,” she mumbled.

                She felt nervous about this dinner or maybe she was nauseous again, it was getting more difficult to tell. The last time she saw Blaise and Pansy was in the corridor at Hogwarts when Malfoy sent a tripping charm at her causing her to lose her footing and fall to the ground, scattering all of her school books. While the three of them just pointed and laughed at her. Her cheeks flushed remembering that humiliating incident.


                They walked into the lobby and were immediately surrounded by the aroma of amazing Italian food and the clatter of silverware clinking against plates as the crowds talked softly among their parties. They stood there looking around the crowded restaurant, not quite sure what to do. Were Blaise and Pansy already there or we’re they supposed to wait for them or go ahead and get a table?


“Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy?” the young hostess asked them.

“Yes?” Draco answered.


“Your party is already seated in the red room.”


“Oh okay, thank you.” Draco said as they followed the hostess to their table.


                Hermione saw them immediately with Pansy’s straight black hair and Blaise’s dark coloring, they made a striking pair. They must have noticed them coming near and stood up as Hermione and Draco approached the table. Hermione stopped in her tracks, afraid to move closer.


They looked the same as they did in school, but older. Blaise was tall, had broad shoulders, and was filled out nicely with muscles. And Pansy had pale while skin, with a thin fit body, though she was a bit shorter then Hermione. They both had cold smirks on their faces.


Draco put his hand on the small of her back and urged her forward; he bent down and whispered in her ear. “Come on they won’t bite.”


                When they got to the table Blaise and Pansy faces both broke out into smiles. Hermione was taken aback, she didn’t think she had ever seen Blaise Zabini smile before, it was positively blinding. She stood there shocked; she didn’t even realize Pansy came around the table to greet her.


Pansy gave out a squeal and squeezed Hermione in a tight hug then kissed both her cheeks. “Oh Hermione it’s so good to see you. You look amazing tonight.”

“You too.” Hermione managed a smile and glanced over at Draco who was busy greeting Blaise.


“We didn’t think you were going to make it. We thought maybe you two got sidetracked with each other and decided to spend the evening in each other’s arms instead of joining us for dinner.”


Hermione blushed, why would Blaise think something mad like that? She looked over at Draco who looked just as uncomfortable as she felt about that comment. Blaise gave him a wink and turned to her.


“Hermione you look beautiful as always.” He bent forward and kissed her on the cheek like Pansy did earlier.


“Thanks,” Hermione replied and blushed deeper.


They all took their seats.


“We had to make sure Crissy was taken care of, not to mention Gran…uh Hermione took at least 30 minutes trying to find something to wear tonight.” Draco told Blaise and Hermione sent him a glare.


“I know what you mean. Pansy here is the same way. It must be programmed into women’s minds to keep their men waiting while they prim and prep.” Blaise laughed as Pansy whacked him on the arm playfully.


“Well you better get used to it because it’s not going to stop anytime soon.” Pansy said to Blaise.


                The waiter came over and offered them the house wine. Pansy and Blaise accepted a glass, but Hermione passed and asked for water instead. Draco surprisingly enough went with water as well. Just because she couldn’t drink didn’t mean he had to hold out as well. But maybe it was for the best. They both needed to be on their guard so they wouldn’t give away anything.


                The waiter left them to browse through their menus. Pansy and Blaise exchanged a look with each other that Hermione didn’t understand, and then they turned back to them with smiles on their faces.


“Are you pregnant?”


Hermione almost chocked on the water she just took a sip of. “Wh…what?” she said coughing and looked over at Draco who was equally surprised by that comment. “What makes you think that?”


“Oh come on. When you were pregnant with Crissy you obviously couldn’t drink and Draco always felt bad drinking in front of you when you couldn’t. So he would always order water, so you wouldn’t feel left out.”


“Oh? Is that so?” Hermione smirked over at Draco who just rolled his eyes and shrugged.


                She smiled then looked in his eyes, silently asking him if they should tell them or not. He nodded, giving her the okay.


“We weren’t going to say anything tonight but…”


Pansy squealed clapping her hands together. “Oh that is so exciting; Crissy will have a baby sister or brother.”


“Congratulations mate.” Blaise thumped Draco on the back.


“Thanks,” Draco cleared his throat. “We just found out earlier today so we’re still getting used to the news.”


“Well you already have Crissy so your already pros when it comes to parenting.” Pansy teased them, and then looked at Blaise. “Well we have some exciting news to share as well.” She beamed, grabbing Blaise’s hand who smiled back at her.


Pansy held up her left hand which displayed a large diamond on her ring finger. “We’re getting married!”


“Oh wow, congratulations” Hermione said trying to sound sincere.


“Congratulations, three days ag…uh,” Hermione kicked Draco under the table. “I mean it seems like just yesterday you were terrified just to ask her out on a date.” Draco said.


“Ha yeah I know. I’m just relieved she said yes.” Blaise said looking adoringly at Pansy.


“Like I would say no to you?” Pansy replied leaning over to kiss Blaise on the lips.


Once the two love birds separated Blaise turned back to Draco, “Will you be my best man?”


Draco grinned, “Of course mate, who else would you choose to stand next to you.”


“And Hermione I want you to be my maid of honor.” Pansy asked Hermione.


Hermione was completely taken by surprised. “Really? You want me to be your maid of honor?”


“Of course, who else would I pick?” Pansy beamed sounding sincere.


The whole table was looking at her, waiting for her answer. “Of course I will Pansy.”


“Oh yeh!” Pansy squealed giving Hermione another hug. “I promise I won’t be one of those crazy bridezilla’s you see on the telly.”


“But no promises,” Blaise added, then received another whack to the arm by Pansy.


                Eating food turned out not to be the easiest thing. In just about every dinner course, Draco had to get rid of Hermione’s food because either the smell or taste made her stomach turn. He was surprisingly sweet about it all instead of being disgusted or annoyed. It was if he could sense when she started feeling nauseous and he would quickly remove her plate out of the way and give it to the waiter to take away. Sometimes he would offer bits of his food for her to nibble on. The whole episode was embarrassing but no one seemed to complain about it. The only thing Hermione managed to eat was dessert, and she had no problem keeping that down.


                Despite not being able to stomach most of her food, Hermione was having a pretty good time talking to Blaise and Pansy. Not once did either of them try to trick or make fun of her or call her names.


                The four of them left the restaurant and walked to the alleyway. Blaise kept tugging Pansy close to his body; it was obvious that they were blissfully in love with one another. Hermione smiled as she watched the two. It was weird to think that she and Draco were supposed to act that as well. Instead they just walked side by side awkwardly, not touching each other.


Draco and Blaise were busy chatting about quidditch when Pansy went up to Hermione. “Are you feeling okay Hermione?”


“Yeah, I’m much better now that we’re finished eating. Why?”


“Oh nothing. You just seemed really quiet tonight like something was bothering you.” Pansy lowered her voice to a whisper. “Is everything okay with you and Draco?”


Hermione looked over to Draco who was still talking to Blaise. “Yeah everything’s fine. I’m just really tired I guess. Besides this morning sickness is bloody frustrating.”


“Okay, good that’s a relief. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if you two starting fighting or something. You’re like the perfect couple, if you guys can’t make it then there’s no hope for others out there.”


                Was she joking? Pansy thought that she and Draco were the perfect couple? Was she not paying attention to the way they acted with each other in school? Hermione just smiled.


Hermione had a sudden urge to prove to Pansy that she and Draco were fine, mainly so Pansy would stop questioning her about her weird behavior towards him. She walked over to Draco and wrapped her hand in the crook of Draco’s elbow. He had his hands were in his pockets so she couldn’t pretend to hold hands with him or anything. Not that she wanted to anyway.


When her hand touched his arm he gave a slight jerk of surprise and looked over at her. He jerked his hands out of his pockets and pulled his arm away from her hand. For a sickening moment she thought he did that because he didn’t want her touching him, which wouldn’t surprise her, but the gesture still hurt. She was about to step away from him to avoid being embarrassed by him even more when the arm that she was holding on to seconds ago came around her shoulders and pulled her close up against him.


Hermione had a knee jerk reaction to step away, but this is what she wanted in the first place. They were supposed to be this affectionate happily married couple. Otherwise people were going to start questioning their odd behavior like Pansy was close to doing. So she stayed, trying to ignore that his aftershave smelled really good, making her want to bury her face in his neck and inhale deep. Or that his fingertips were drawing lazy designs along her bare shoulder. She wasn’t sure if he was even aware that he was doing that and she didn’t really feel like pointing it out. Goosebumps rose up against her skin, and not from being cold out.


They reached the alleyway and were saying their goodbyes. Blaise and Pansy were having a party at their house this upcoming Saturday night and wanted them to come. After assuring them that they would be there they said goodbye and apparated home.


They landed with a pop in their kitchen. The house was dimly lit by a table lamp in the living room. Draco released his arm from her shoulders and Hermione already missed the heat of his body, but she shook it off.


“Well that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Draco asked.


She shrugged acting nonchalant. “No I guess not. I’m going to check on Crissy.”


“I’ll go with you.”


                She didn’t answer just started walking towards the nursery. In the hallway Ziggy appeared.


“Mrs. Malfoy. Ziggy happy your back.”

“Thanks Ziggy. Did everything go okay?”


“Oh yes, Crissy very happy baby. She eat and I clean her then she sleeping all soundly.”


“Good I’m very happy to hear that. Thank you for your help tonight.”


“Ziggy happy to serve. Ziggy love Crissy very much.” With that Ziggy left with a pop.


                Hermione continued on to Crissy nursery. The door was closed so she quietly opened it trying not to disturb her sleeping. She walked over to her crib and peeked over. Crissy was sleeping on her back, one arm flung out to her side, fingers twitching slightly while she slept. Her lips were puckered in a pout, making tiny sucking sounds as she breathe evenly. In her other arm she held her dragon tightly by its tail. She wore a soft fuzzy lavender sleep onesie that covered her whole body.


“She looks like you.” Draco came up next to her and whispered.


Hermione glanced over and looked at his profile, while he looked down at Crissy. “You think so?” Personally she thought Crissy looked more like him.


He cleared his throat quietly, “Yeah, she has your curly hair and brown eyes. And the freckles across her nose, didn’t you have freckles when you were younger?”


“Yeah, I still do. But I usually cover them up now.”


He leaned his arms along the edge of the crib, brushing against her in the process. “You shouldn’t cover them up.” He said not looking at her. “I like girls with freckles.” He whispered.


                She didn’t know what to say to that so she stayed quiet. He did the same and watched Crissy sleep.


“I wonder how long we’re going to be here?” Hermione said breaking the silence. “I mean it’s only been three days and I’ve already completely fallen for her. And the longer we stay here the harder it’s going to be to leave her behind.”


“Don’t get me wrong, I want to get back to our normal lives as soon as possible. But I know what you mean.” He said quietly.


She swallowed back the sudden lump that formed in her throat at the thought of leaving Crissy someday. “We should probably let her sleep and go to bed.”


“Yeah,” Draco agreed and lowered the side of the crib to bend down and kiss her on the forehead. “Sleep tight Princess.”

Hermione was still baffled by the sweet tenderness he expressed when handling Crissy. He straightens up and stepped back to allow her to do the same. She bent down and gave her a kiss as well and ran her hand over her soft curls. Crissy stirred slightly in her sleep, but didn’t wake. Draco raised the side of the crib and locked it back in place, then made sure the baby monitor was on and working. They walked out quietly shutting the door behind them.


They took turns in the bathroom as they prepared for bed. Hermione started making her way to the dreaded sofa, not looking forward to sleeping on that god awful piece of furniture one more night. Draco followed her out to the living room.


“You can have the bed tonight.” He said.


She picked up her pillow to fluff it. “Why?” she asked suspiciously.


He shrugged, “Because you’re…”


“Pregnant?” she added for him.


He ran his hand through his hair making it stick up in places. “Well yeah.”


She rolled her eyes at him, now he decides to be all chivalrous towards her, because she’s in a delicate position. “Where are you going to sleep?”


He pointed to the sofa.


“No you can’t sleep there!” the words were out her mouth before she could think differently, where else did she expect him to sleep?


“Why not?” He crossed his arms over his chest.


“You’re twice the size of that thing. And I’m a lot smaller than you and I still couldn’t fit properly on it.”


“Fine then, where do you suppose I sleep then?”


She thought about that for a moment, with only one other option in mind. “Maybe we can both be mature adults about this and just share the bed.” She said in a timid voice, she could feel her cheeks heating up.


He smirked at her. “You just can’t wait to get into bed with me, can you Granger.”


“Oh sod off Malfoy. I’m just saying it’s big enough for two people when plenty of room to spare and that sofa is damn near uncomfortable.” She tried to keep her voice down for Crissy’s sake. “I promise I won’t touch you or anything so you don’t have to worry about your precious skin being soiled by my filthiness.”


He glared at her. “Fine, grab your pillow.” Then turned and stormed back down the hallway.

                She snatched her pillow with more force than necessary. How was it that he could make her melt with one stupid look one minute then make her blood boil with anger the next. Merlin help her, she just made a deal with the devil, why did she suggest they sleep in the same bed?

                She walked in the bedroom with her pillow as Malfoy pulled back the covers and got in on one side. She was about to sleep with Draco Malfoy. She should have just refused and took the sofa, but yet here she was heading for the giant bed instead.

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