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White Flag by 65ashben
Chapter 7 : Nightmares that can kill
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I do not own Harry Potter nor the title White Flag.

It was strange to find myself in such an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar bed with unfamiliar people, watching my every move like I was the animal and they were keepers . . .

It began when my eyes closed and I was surrounded by darkness. Red eyes appeared watching as I moved around the dark space then it started to flood and the screams reached my ears. I wanted them to stop they were so loud. A tug on my leg sent me flying and then . . .


I was swimming my arms flailing around my head as I tried to reach the surface. My hands grabbed onto the edges of the tub, bringing myself above the water. I hacked, thumping my right hand against my chest to get the water out. Black and red swirls of water circled my covered feet. The faucet was bursting water out continuously and I had to twist the knobs until my hands ached to turn it off. I was in a tub over flowing with water and still in the pajamas I had borrowed from Lily. I clutched my sopping clothes between my fingers and looked around in search of the screams. My eyes landed on the covered sink, the damp towels, and the empty bottles of hair gel floating in the water on the floor. I looked at my surroundings and was immensely disappointed that I was not in any other bathroom. No, I had the misfortune of being in the sixth year’s boy’s bathroom . . . in Gryffindor House. Joy.

I tried to make sense of how I got into the bathroom, who were the people screaming in my dream, how I got into the tub with water, why did I not drown in my sleep, what was keeping me alive, and when did I get into the bathroom? The only question already answered was the where. I pulled myself out of the water, patting down the wrinkles in my clothes and squeezing the water out of my damp hair. I tried to reach for my wand in my back pocket and remembered that I placed it in the drawer on the night stand beside my bed.

Not my bed, I chastised. My bed was all the way down in the dungeons in empty of anything or possibly being occupied by Bella. She always wanted my bed, because it was closest to the bathroom and had the most amazing view out of the Black Lake. I stood in the bathroom and remembered the fresh breeze that would slip under the windowsill, blowing right across my face giving me the amazing smell that the Black Lake gives off. I am weird, already given, but it was the one satisfying thing in the dorm room in Slytherin, the fact that every year the house elves would give me that one bed right by the window giving the lustrous view of the lake. The tears sprung to my eyes as I tried to recollect that what had happened happened and I had to stay here for four days until I got the all clear to go back. My family and I could not afford the Dark Lord getting more suspicious of us.

Bang! Bang! Bang! I watched as the door shook as someone or more than someone banged on the door repeatedly, so hard that dust seemed to fly off the door and mix with the already disgusting water. Ugh! It was going to take forever to get this off my socks. I grimaced walking towards the door and opened it watching as four bodies got tangled as they slammed on the wet floor. I looked down at the Marauders bemusedly as water rushed into the dorm. I saw the other two occupants of the sixth year boy’s dormitory rip the hangers off the bed, looking around with dismay as water rushed through the room.

Frank Longbottom rubbed his eyes, “Wh-what time ‘n the morning is it? Is class ‘bout to start?”

I rolled my eyes and marched to my night stand, grabbed my wand waved it once, twice and watched the icky water disappear. I then went on to dry my clothes that were stained with green splotches here and there.

Remus got off the floor, walked towards me and brought my face to meet his. Was he going to finally kiss me? Eh. Wrong. Sorry Abilene. Try again next time. The words that came out of his mouth were anything but anger. “What did you do!?”

I looked at him shocked, forcing my eyes away from his. “What do you mean?” I hissed, from the corner of my eyes I watched Sirius and James run into the wrecked bathroom as they tried to salvage their beauty pad. Bloody girls they were.

“You just flooded the bathroom!” he boomed giving me an accusatory look. What is this? I gritted my teeth and I thought I liked/loved this jerk!

“I did not! I woke up in the blasted tub that was already flowing with water!” I shrieked, everyone covered their ears as my voice reverberated around the room. “Do not look at me with that fowl face ever again, Remus Benjamin Lupin! I’m bloody sorry that I ruined your bathroom, but if I had the answers to what happened to me in that blasted room you will be the first to know!”

Remus’ face contorted between a mixture of shock and concern. I pulled myself back into my bed and closed the hangers around it. I pushed down into my bed, beat my pillow a couple of times, and hoped to fall back asleep to only wake up with the answers of that weird nightmare.

Loud snaps of curtains opening and groans of, “It’s too early!” woke me up two hours later, which means I only got four hours of sleep. I shut my eyes as the light streaming in through the window cast shadows over my face. Rolling over and pulling the covers around me tighter, I sank deeper into my cocoon and sank deeper into oblivion.


My hair spun around my face as I plunked myself down in front of my favorite spot in front of the Black Lake. Leaning my head against my favorite tree, that bent over me like a guardian, I watched the water ripple. The water was peacefully pulling back and rushing forward. Blues and greens mixed together painting a beautiful picture that reminded me of the portrait my mum painted on my ceiling in my room back at home. Back in Godric’s Hollow, I thought tearfully.

I lightly laid my hand on the surface of the water, marveling at the water sticking to my palm like glue then submerging it entirely in the water. Someone started chuckling behind me, it grew louder as it got closer to me. Turning to look on either side of me, I found no one there, yet the chuckling continued. “Come here little pureblood. Come here. Follow the sound of my voice.“ the voice started growling with spurts of laughter.

I stood up and turned my back towards the lake. “Who are you?”

“I am no one and someone.” The voice chuckled like it was a joke. “I am your savior, here to save you from those ickle, little boys that call you traitor! We know you are not. You are too loyal to betray those you call friends, like your brother John. Yes, John the brother that saves you from those Marauders. We have been watching you, my master and I. You are special. Oh, yes, you are. A very special girl you are indeed.”

“What do you want from me?!” I shouted backing up into the lake. “Show yourself!”

“I want you secret. I want your desires. I want your Greed!” the voice started shouting manically. “I am . . . HUNGER!!”

I shrank into myself, cowering like the mouse I was. Who would want to eat me? Hot breath tickled my neck and thick, rough hands stroked the back of my neck. The creature turned me to face it, clutching my neck tightly between one hand and the other on my clothes. The face was black, blue with purple eyes that glistened with madness. Damp blonde, brown hair clung over pointed ears. “And sadly my love, you are going to die!”

I flew through the air as the creature flung me towards the lake. I grasped at nothing and tumbled into the dark lake. I moved my arms trying to get to the surface. I groped for anything to help pull me out of the water faster. My hands encircled around a thick, skeletal arm. I sucked in water as I screamed bubbles, watching with horror as skeletal people reached towards me. They tried to pull me down, deeper into the water. I paddled faster, gulping down a large amount of water as I went. The skeletal people started to shriek and cry out with pain as I got farther away. I almost cheered as I almost broke the surface when five hands snaked around my legs and pulled me back. Everything went black.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait! I was super busy! I have graduated from high school, so most of the pressure is off. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Let me know what you thought about it. Please leave a review in that little box down there. Bye for now!

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White Flag: Nightmares that can kill


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