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Intertwined by Ravensdaughter
Chapter 41 : Dearest Aunt...
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Moaning underneath the weight of things the Weasleys had decided to bring to Muriels most of the family trudged up the front entrance to their tenuous and terible aunt in the early hours of the morning as the sun rose up on their right. They had, thankfully, convinced Mr Weasley that he didn't need to bring his inventions as they weren't necessity: his wife had argued him into that one quickly.

The twins had brought a trunk full each and, secretly mind you, their owl order service; Ginny was dragging her school trunk along in the mud as she mumbled how it was unfair for her parents to expect her to take her school work and books rather than a few extra pairs of jeans or socks or Arnold her pygmy puff which was left in the care of the school now; and Mr Weasley was holding his and his wife's bags because she needed to look presentable for their Great Aunt. Not that there was anything great about her George had muttered and the other two younger Weasleys snickered with him. On a serious note the mother needed to look good if they were to get inside of the house.

Mrs Weasley awaited her youngest children and husband on the front step before she turned and rapped her knuckles on the wooden frame.

A irritated grumbly voice asked on the otherside of the door after the sixth knock, "Who is it?"

"It's Molly, Aunty Muriel," she replied like a little girl again, who was afraid that her aunt would scold her. "We need to stay here. We talked briefly a few days ago: we're on the run from the death eaters."

"What's my maiden name?" she croaked from behind the door.

 "Arthur cover their ears," whispered Molly. Arthur did as he was told. George put his hands over Fred's ears and Fred over George's ear and the little that he had left of the other. Ginny covered hers and, with a final nod, so did Arthur. Molly finally said the name and the door opened slowly and she eyed them all suspicously before letting them in.

Filing in they they were given directions to where they were to be sleeping: The twins would have the room in the attic as Muriel seemed to thinkthat they quite liked dirt since they were boys; Ginny was to have the spare room nearest the bathroom; and Molly and Arthur were to have the room next to Muriels. The children prayed for their parent's sanity.

By lunch time the family had unpacked in their rooms and were about to get lunch when a knocking sound was heard at the entrance to the cottage. The weasleys satyed stock still in the kitchen as Muriel went over to the door.

"Who is this?" she asked the person on the other side of the threshold.

"Rachel Silvertone," replied the girl's voice.

"Who?" asked Muriel forgetting that she had met the girl the previous summer at her great nephew's, her favourite at that, wedding.

George turned to look at Fred. "I think you should take this brother," he grinning  mischeviously.

Everyone else turned to look at him. "Um...," he said pulling at his collar. "It's my girlfriend aunty. You met her last year at Bill's wedding." He wished he'd chosen a better time to reveal this piece of information. His mother beemed with pride, his father looked like he had been left out of the lop, George grinned at their families' reaction and Ginny had dropped her fork with a look of anger and shock on her face.

"You've got a girlfriend?" asked Muriel increduously.

 No need to act surprised, he thought. He walked to the door. "Why is your middle name Anne?" he asked through the key hole as he held the door closed.

He heard her slightly annoyed cough and could tell he was going to pay for it later. "My mum took history A level about the Tudors. She named me after my grandmother's first name and Anne Boylen because my grandmother was helpful and she wanted me to be like her and because Anne Boylen, during her life, had made choices that impacted the whole nation and their way of life. She wanted me to be aware of my decisions consequences."

"Are you sure it's not because you like the corssets?" asked Fred laughing a little.

"Fred Weasley let me ask you a question: how on earth did I end up going out with you?" she asked

"Because of my good looks and kissing abilities," he answered her.

"That's you: egoistic as ever," she sighed as he opened the door. "Hi everyone!" she said waving from behind Fred. "I'd thought I'd pop over to say hello," the others respnded with a hello and Ginny congratulated on finally going out with her older brother. "I hope you're all ok and that you'll listen to Potterwatch tonight." She waved and was about to head off when Ginny hugged her and made her stay for lunch.

Rachel finally headed off after two more hours. After she left the house Ginny asked how on earth her brother finally got together with her friend when she was way out of his league. Fred responded by tackling his sister and informing her that there were no such thing as leagues and if there were it wouldn't matter; Rachel and he were together despite any bounderies seperating them.

Muriel then made them clean up because they had nearly smashed her favourite china plates.

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Intertwined: Dearest Aunt...


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