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Black Consequences by leahpotter93
Chapter 2 : Trains and Hat Games
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Chapter 2 !


Okay this is Chapter Two I hope to get plenty of reviews =)

I want to thank my wonderful beta Tilly for all of her help and patience.


“I can’t believe its finally happening today I board this beautiful scarlet train and go to Hogwarts!” I muttered to my brother Regulus he grinned a little at me but it faded quickly. Something is up with him. I glanced up at the steam pouring out of the engine, the Hogwarts Express the start of my new life.


I wondered what it would be like being a first year fifth year I’m sure the Slytherin girls would be nice to me simply because I’m a Black and they don’t want my cousins to curse them. But I’m not sure if I want that reputation I’m not a mean spoiled pureblood well spoiled to a point but the blood status thing gets kind of old. I envy Sirius! Sirius, I just remembered I would be seeing him almost everyday again. I wonder if Reg will rat me out for speaking to him. I really hope not I love my both of brothers even though Sirius is “no longer a Black” according to my mother he will always be my big brother.

The train blew its final boarding whistle I hugged my mother and father and boarded the screaming engine just in time. The wheels started turning and I felt free for the first time.

The city quickly faded into the countryside turning from grey to green. I wondered around the train for a bit not really wanting to sit with any of the family just yet, I know once I do ill get a hundred pureblood/blood traitors speeches from every one of my cousins. I’m just not ready for that yet I want to be myself for a while.

I walked all the way to the dining car at the front of the train and was about to turn around and find Regulus when I heard a group of guys approaching from behind me.


“Prongs have you seen the new transfer girl yet?” a whiney voice asked

“What transfer?” the guy called Prongs replied

“The one the Slytherins were talking about on the platform” the other said

“Where is she from?” Prongs asked

“I think Romania or something” a third boy answered

“Prongs, Moony, Wormtail wait up!” a fourth, yet familiar voice called out.

“Ah, Padfoot decide to leave your new admirer so soon?” Prongs asked in a sarcastic tone

“Shove off! What are you guts whispering about?” Padfoot asked catching his breath

“The new transfer the Slytherins and talking about, the one fron Romania.” The third voice said.

“oh, she’s not from Romania guys, and she’s no “transfer” she’s my sister.” Sirius said


At that I turned around to face the group, it was the same group from the book store. Sirius looked up and grinned at me, and I ran to hug him.

“oh come on padfoot another one?” the guy called Prongs the tall black haired on with glasses said in mock disgust.

“Actually this just so happens to be your Transfer student James” he looked down at me “guys this is my little sister Adhara Black”

Their jaws dropped, apparently only James knew about me. I looked up at all of them and lingered on James’s face.

“Addie, this is James Potter” pointing at the one I already knew was James, “Remus Lupin” directing me towards the one that looked kind of sickly, “and Peter Pettigrew”

Looking at the last one the short rat like one.

“Pleased to meet all of you” I said and curtseyed.

Sirius pulled me into another hug and told me to come with them. I hesitated at first remembering what my mother said about the Potter’s and of course Sirius himself. He looked at me and I saw he knew exactly what was wrong with me.

“Addie? Are you okay?” he whispered

“yeah, just kind of wary about what mother and father said before I left this morning. Im not supposed to be around anyone except family and purebloods. They said they would be watching me and would bring me straight home if I disobeyed them.” I said softly I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

“Well then I guess it’s a good thing I’m your brother and James is pureblood then eh?” he gave me a smile and a wink just like he used to when we would get into trouble at home and he would always find a way to get us out again.

“I guess your right.” I said returning his smile.

I let them lead me to a compartment near the end of the train. I sat between James and Sirius while Peter and Remus sat opposite us.

“So Adhara…” James began in a slightly arrogant tone “just where do your loyalties lie?”

“What kind of question was that James?!” Remus asked.

“The kind that needs to be answered before she learns any marauder secrets!” he replied looking slightly abashed.

This was exactly the kind of thing I feared would happen. Would I have to choose now? Would Sirius save me from this? I shot him a glance he looked slightly scared of my answer himself.

“Umm guys I think we should give Addie a chance to adjust before we interrogate her loyalties.” Sirius interjected.

“I think that would be for the best also.” Remus agreed giving me an understanding smile. “It’s time to change anyway we will be in Hogsmeade in about twenty minutes.” He walked off to go to the prefect’s cabin to prepare to escort the first years and me the lonely fifth year to the Great Hall for sorting.

The rest of the journey went smoothly Sirius and his gang said they had to tend to some “scouting” whatever the hell that means. I kept following Remus until I caught some distant first year cousins staring at me. So I just went and found my own boat to ride across the lake to the castle. It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined it being. The towers rose into the sky lights twinkling in each window the front doors swung wide open welcoming us in. the reality that this would be my new home struck me again, and I couldn’t stop the grin that spread across my face. All of the little first years looked scared and overwhelmed but I being used to magic was simply reigning in all of my happiness. A slender serious looking woman met us at the front doors. She scanned the crowd and her eyes rested on me she gave me a knowing sympathetic smile, as if she knew how my family worked and what they expected.

“ Miss Black I presume?” she asked as she approached me

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied

“My name is Minerva McGonagall head of Gryffindor House.” She stated “You Miss Black will be sorted first” she smiled as I grimaced slightly. “Follow me!” she announced not only to me but the rest of the students.

We entered the Great Hall, all of the others were seated according to houses I saw Regulus and the rest of the family to my left they all looked happy to see me, and on my right I spotted Sirius and the marauders. Sirius looked curiously at me like he was expecting something then he smiled and whispered something to James. Finally at the front we were stopped. Dumbledore stood up and all went quiet.

“Welcome to Hogwarts!” he exclaimed looking at the first year group then he looked around at the rest of the students “and to you all Welcome Back! Now tonight is special we have a fifth year student to sort, Miss Adhara Black. She will go first and then regular sorting will begin.” He gave McGonagall a slight nod and she motioned me forward. I sat on the stool facing the entire student body. I knew the fate of the rest of my life depended on the Sorting Hat’s decision.

“Hmm…another Black eh?” the voice of the Hat was in my head rather than aloud. “You have a strong personality, kind of shy, a fair amount of intelligence, Ravenclaw potential…hmm not quite right. The obvious choice would be Slytherin you have the pure blood status and proud nature; you have a conflict don’t you? Shows your loyalty. Hmm I’ve made a decision…GRYFFINDOR!”

Oh crap! The hall was silent before a fierce cheer erupted from the Gryffindor table. My eyes looked at the Slytherins they all looked mystified and angry. Regulus had his head in his hands. This meant trouble I knew that; but one look at Sirius’s smiling face and his friends cheering me on I forgot all the trouble that would come and I rushed to join my new friends. Sirius wrapped me into a hug I looked up at his face and said “They wont let me stay now I just know it they will summon me home.” And he just shook his head whispered in my ear “I’ll help you get through this Sis; they won’t tear us apart again. They can’t hurt you here.”


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Black Consequences : Trains and Hat Games


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