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Potters Love Redheads by hermione_jane45
Chapter 2 : Chapter One: Blonde Moments
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A/N: Hey! I'm back with Chapter One!! I was so pleased with all of my reviews! I'm so excited about this story! My first next-gen! I'm having so much fun! I hope that you like it! 

Chapter One
“Blonde Moments”

“What exactly is so special about redheads?” I announced to my best friend as I entered the train compartment. I didn’t bother with the traditional way of closing the door. It didn’t slide in quietly. It bloody slammed behind me and it sounded like there was a thunderstorm brewing on the Hogwarts Express.

I heard a sputter come from behind a very large, and old looking book that I was sure that Rose had stolen from my Godmother. I didn’t get the obsession with reading about things that made you smarter. What was wrong with romance novels and fiction? Whatever. That’s probably what got my hopes up about love. Note to self: stop reading.

“Excuse me?” Rose Weasley asked, closing her gigantic book and setting it aside. She flipped her long, curly red hair in my direction.

I glared at her for a moment. She was bragging about it. She was flaunting that famous Weasley red hair in my face. She just knew that I needed to be a redhead in order to win over her
older, sexy, Qudditch playing hunk of a cousin. Except that she didn’t, because I had only just figured it out myself mere moments before the conversation had begun. Wow. I should really stop jumping to conclusions. Would it be happening anytime soon? Probably not.

“In case you haven’t noticed, Cassidy,” Rose said, continuing her response. “Your best friend happens to be a redhead. I wouldn’t be questioning why they’re so damn special.”

“Reading large books like that in public makes you look obnoxious,” I muttered in reply, using my fingers to play with a piece of my long, black hair. I hated my black hair. It was so dark and depressing. I wished that I could’ve had any other hair color. But at that time, I was wishing that it was red and hating anyone that had the thing that I wanted most.

Yes. This is includes my best friend/Godsister. Is there even such a thing as a Godsister? I don’t care if there is or not. That’s what we always said we were. I mean, her mother is my Godmother, so technically she is my Godsister, even if that isn’t a real thing or a word. Rose and I said it is real, so that makes it official.

Rose just shook her head. “What does that have to do with anything, Cass? We were talking about the fact that you don’t like redheads. I’m trying to think back on when this hate could’ve developed because you’ve hung around my family enough without screaming about how redheads shouldn’t be considered special. Right now, I’m kind of guessing you’re going to go into one of your rants about how you hate your hair and I honestly don’t want to hear it.”

“But I do hate my hair! It’s just disgusting! I look like Mortisha Addams with this hair! I just look like death. It’s no wonder that I can only attract the weird Muggle boy that hides in the tunnels at the park on Sundays. Even then he seems like by hitting on me that he’s getting on the high standards elevator and pressing the down button,” I replied, twisting the dark, black strands around my long fingers.

“You have got to be kidding me right now. Can we not go one day this year without having this conversation, Cassidy? You’re hair is bloody gorgeous! It’s unique! Yet, every year you want to have a different hair color. Last year you wanted to be a brunette! What’s the new one this year? Do you want to be a blonde now? Because trust me, that will not to any wonders for your IQ points. It might even bring them down a bit, and I’m not just saying this to fill a stereotype. It is true. If you bleach your hair blonde it will kill a million brain cells.”

I laughed at Rose’s reaction to the mere idea of me dying my hair blonde. As if. If there was one hair color I didn’t want to have, it was blonde. I hated people with blonde hair. They were either so dumb that they couldn’t tell one end of a wand from the other or so far stuck up their own ass that they didn’t realize that anyone else existed or had feelings.

“Um, Rose Abigail Weasley, do you think that I am an idiot? Why in the bloody hell would I want to be a blonde? Besides, even if I did, I do not have the boobs to pull it off. I mean, honestly, look at your cousins. Dominique and Victoire are two of the most beautiful people to ever step foot in Hogwarts. They’re blonde and busty. You’ve gotta be busty to be a blonde. Okay. Maybe that’s a stereotype because I know that Lysander’s mum is blonde and Luna isn’t exactly on the chesty side,” I mused, pretty much getting lost in my own thoughts. Have I mentioned that I tend to ramble?

“Cassidy, do you filter what you say through your brain before you say it or does it just come out without any thought going into it at all?” Rose asked, glancing at her gigantic, elephant sized book. She was considering picking it up again to read. She wanted to ignore her best friend for a freaking book. Lovely. Even Rose was getting sick of me.

Rose Weasley and I have been best friends since the time that she was born. Rose is a month younger than me and the only reason we ever came in contact with one another was the fact that her mother is my Godmother.

Yes. You heard me right. Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley, smartest witch in existence, part of the Golden Trio, one of the saviors of the Wizarding World is my Godmother. Sound intimidating? Not really. She’s like the mother that I never had.

So, yeah. You’re probably wondering why exactly Hermione Granger is my Godmother. Well, you see, way back when the Trio were puny little pubescent fourteen year-olds, Hogwarts held a thing called the Tri-wizard Tournament where three schools compete for glory, honor and a big sack of money. (Hey, that’s what I took away from the story!). Anyway, my dad attended one of the schools that participated in this obvious death trap waiting to happen. Once there, he, being the creeper that he was and still is, was stalking pretty brunettes in the library. He was trying to avoid some giggling fan girls when he rounded the corner of the nearest bookshelf and found his new prey.

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I’m pretty positive that it involved following her around school, starting at her like that creepy, sparkly, fairy vampire in those lame movies, and introducing himself to her in horrible English, but he managed to get a date to the Yule Ball with Hermione Granger.

I know that most of their relationship involved them snogging in the library when no one was looking and weird, starring into each other’s eye’s moments. It ended near the end of the school year after the Tournament was over. My dad was devastated but Hermione already had her heart set on the ginger that would later become her husband or I as I kindly dubbed him, Carrot Top.

I have no clue why my dad decided to choose the first girlfriend that he stayed with longer than three weeks to be my Godmother, but I’m not complaining. Hermione is the greatest. I go to her for all of my problems, including my hair dilemmas. Trust me, she had some major hair issues in her day. Apparently she used to be a bit of a frizz ball.

There are only two issues I’ve never felt comfortable discussing with Hermione. One would be my dad and his inability to keep a wife, or a decent girlfriend. I don’t bring this up because considering the circumstances, I have a feeling that my dad’s issues with relationships all round back to Hermione breaking his heart. That is a ship that I do not want leaving port.

All though I would like to be able to talk about how I wish that I had a good step-mother, or how I wish that my dad was happy or the fact that he constantly bashes Ron or talks about Hermione, I feel as if that would be a bad idea. I don’t need a step-mother anyway, Hermione’s an amazing mother figure. At least my dad did something right in the “mother” department, even if it was of the Godmother type.

The other thing was the fact that I was hopeless in love with her nephew. I know, this isn’t really all that awkward but it has taken me awhile to even get used to discussing it with Rose. That was weird enough. It was mostly because she and her cousins are all friends with each other and are practically siblings instead of her cousins. It was nice to see how close the Potter-Weasley clan was.

I loved Rose’s family. They were the greatest. Almost every summer I went and stayed there for some period of time, and every time I stayed there, I was welcomed with open arms by my wonderful Godmother, Carrot Top, Rose, and Carrot Top Two, also known as Hugo.

Several times a week, the Weasley house would be flooded with a bunch of people from the extended family. Of course, with seven kids from the Weasley family, and all most all of them married, there were a lot of cousins. Of course, every time that the rest of the family comes, Ginny and Harry are there, with their three kids included in the mass.

Yes. I know what you’re thinking. I have had all of the chances in the world to get to know James Sirius Potter enough so that he at least knows what my real name is. But, no that is defiantly not the case.

Why not? I’ll you why! It’s because every time I see James Potter I turn into a giggling school girl with the mental capacity of a five-year-old. I have not social skills when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex period, and well James Potter is like the superior male. How could I possibly even look at him without turning into a pile of raven-colored goo?

Plus, even if I did have any social skills, I was sure they wouldn’t help my situation anyway. That still didn’t make me a redhead.

“Cassidy? Earth to Cassidy! Have you finally inherited your fathers genes for paying attention?” Rose questioned.

Her hand was waving vigorously in front of my face. I snapped away from my thoughts. I hadn’t realized how long I had been phased out until Rose finally managed to get my attention.

“What? What were we even talking about? I kind of spaced out for a minute,” I asked.

Rose was about to respond when the door to the compartment was opened and slammed against the door. I was appalled. I thought I was the only one with a blatant disregard for school property.

I looked up to see Hugo Weasley, Rose’s younger brother, followed by the devil himself, James Sirius Potter.

Fuck my life.

“Hey! What in the bloody hell, Carrot Top Two, you’re going to break the damn door!” I yelled.

I mentally slapped myself. What the fuck had I just done? That is no way to present yourself in front of the boy that is going to father your children one day.

“Chill, Krum! It’s a freaking door! If it broke you could fix it with second year magic! I don’t really care if I break it!” Hugo yelled in retaliation. “And don’t call me, Carrot Top Two, damn it! If you’re going to give me a nickname, make it original and not a sequel to the one that you gave my dad.”

“You get a similar nickname because you’re just like him, freak!” I exclaimed.

I laughed to myself, momentarily forgetting my embarrassment at the way I was acting in front of the love of my life. Hugo and I don’t really hate each other. He’s just like the little brother I never wanted but got anyway.

James laughed at what I said. Oh. My. Gosh. Holy fucking shit. James Sirius Potter laughed at something that I said. He thought I was funny. I was sure that my heart had exploded into a million pieces.

“Good one, Chasity,” he said with a small smile.

I would’ve been having a field day over the fact that he was speaking to me, except that he fucking called me Chasity. Again. Seriously, James? Seriously?

“Um, thanks,” I said. “But my name is actually Cassidy. meaning to tell you since the first time you called me that. I just never did,” I replied.

Where in the bloody hell did that even come from? I never said things like that! I was freaking out. I had probably just screwed myself out of any miniscule chance I had with the guy. Damn it.

Rose was in shock. She knew I never stood up for myself. I usually let other people do it for me. I was always the shy type around anyone that wasn’t a friend of mine.

That’s beside the point. I didn’t really give a fuck about Rose’s reaction at that time. I had been a bitch to James Sirius Potter, my future husband. What in the hell had I done?

I was seriously afraid to look at his face. Great. He barely knew who I was. He just now figured out what my real name was. He was going to think that I was a bitch.

“What? Are you kidding me? Why didn’t you tell me that before? I think that you’re joking! Are you just trying to make me look like an ass?” James asked me.

His gorgeous hazel eyes were narrowed into a glare so brutal that his pupils were like super, massive black holes. He looked almost demonic. It was scaring me.

But, I was only scared for a moment. Did James Sirius Potter seriously just ask me if I was trying to make him look like an ass? Better, yet, did he just call me a liar?

“You have got to be bloody kidding me, Potter! Are you honestly telling me that I’m trying to fool you into thinking that my name is Cassidy? You’re ridiculous!”

“I’ve called you Chasity for years! Why are you just now getting the nerve to tell me that your name is supposedly Cassidy? Do you think I’m an idiot?” James asked me, that same devilish glare still showing itself to the world.

“Yes! I do think that you’re an idiot! I’m just now telling you because I usually don’t talk to you that much and when we duel together in Dueling Club you usually say it once and then we have to duel! I never had the chance! So, get over yourself, James Potter. I would not waste my time trying to fool you into calling my by the wrong name. You can do that on your own. Now get the hell out of our compartment. We want nothing to do with you!” I exclaimed.

James and Hugo stopped for a moment, staring at me in complete shock. I was breathing heavily, trying to recover from
my temperamental outburst. I was beginning to think I should’ve been a redhead. I had the temper for it.

James and Hugo finally left the compartment, shutting the door quietly this time instead of slamming it as hard as they could. I think the thought that it would irritate me more or something. It was a good call.

There was an awkward silence between Rose and for a long time before she broke the silence. I had calmed down. My blood didn’t feel like it was boiling.

“Cassidy, what in the hell did you just do? Where did that even come from? You usually never even speak to James, much less scream at him like a banshee,” Rose replied.

My eyes widened and I suddenly felt a wave of fear wash over me. Rose had made a point. What in the fuck had I just done? I had just acted like the biggest bitch in the world.

I was a hundred percent positive he was going to downgrade his opinion of me, not that he had much of one in the first place. I had literally just screwed myself out of any chance I had ever had with the guy.

Maybe Rose and I were wrong. I was really dumb. Maybe I should’ve dyed my hair blonde.

A/N: So that was Chapter One! I hope you loved it! :) R&R. EDIT: I had some issues with which year Cassidy was in. She's supposed to be the year under him. I have fixed it. 

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