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Brief State of Insanity by AccioBrain
Chapter 1 : Visions
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Woo! First chapter, woo! I'm real excited about this one, and I'm literally on my knees: please, please, please review!

Much love :)


"Jamie, wake up sweetie." A soft voice cooed.

I mumbled an incoherent expletive and turned away from the voice.

Unfortunately there was one on the other side too.

"James, wake up. Now." A firmer voice ordered.

Fat chance.

Suddenly there was a barging through of doors and a clacking sound, and I knew that wasn't good.


Needless to say, I spasm-ed like a loon and crashed from my bed to the floor. I scrambled up as quickly as I could, flipping my hair out of my eyes like the smooth motherfucker I am and glaring at the three women impinging on my personal space.

"Would you like to remove yourself from my presence?" I asked after a few beats of silence.

"Would you like to put some boxers on?" My mum asked, while Lily and Dominique (what is she even doing here?) giggled madly.

"Funny, mum," I said drily, but then I felt air where I shouldn't of felt it and my eyes widened.


"Did you think we were looking anyway?" Dominique muttered through Lily's giggles.


"You drink eggnog?" Dominique sniggered.

"I - you - THIS IS A RUSE!"

"Shut up, James, you're giving me a headache." My precious mother said to me.

She seemed exasperated. But then maybe that was part of their little scheme to confuse me.

"Jamie what are you talking about?" Lily asked, her back to me. How rude.


"I don't know what you think you're playing at James, the train leaves in about twenty minutes and you're going to be - naked." Dad looked at me as if fearing for my sanity, and then he rolled his unnaturally green eyes. "What in Merlin's name have I done..." he trailed off, mumbling to himself. He does that a lot nowadays. "Just get changed." he added.

I spluttered at him. Why was he speaking to me like this was my fault? These silly women were the ones that poisoned me!

"This is ludicrous." I announced to no one in particular.

My dear mother had strode out five minutes ago and right now Dominique pranced out, fluttering her fingers at me without turning round. Lily was still there, being a nice, dutiful sister -

"Well, bye James!" she said cheerfully on her way out.


I sighed with much exaggeration, muttering distractedly to myself as I got ready for the stupid train that I had to stupidly get for stupid school.

"...don't even want to go to my stupid last year of point...point not existent..." I was rather amused at myself now, and I sniggered at me. I'm rather funny.

"OW! MOTHER OF GOD - fu - OW, BLOODY JESUS ON A STICK - LILY! LILY POTTER THE SECOND COME HERE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I DO SOMETHING VERY BAD TO YOU!" so I'm not very creative, sue me. I've just been stabbed in the foot by one of Lily's damn pointer shoes, am I really to blame for lack of imagination?

"You extremely loudly called, Jamesie?" Lily asked sweetly. She had her suitcase balanced against her leg, and I knew she wouldn't of stopped by unless she was passing anyway. Again; bitch.

"Don't you Jamesie me, you - you goose. Now why, pray tell, is your stupid stick shoe thing in my room?" I asked irritatedly, brandishing the shoe in her face. She leaned away from it with her nose wrinkled up.

"Smells like Dom." she said calmly. "DOM!" she bellowed over her shoulder.

Dominique appeared suddenly out of nowhere at Lily's side. "What's up?" she asked, then she caught sight of the shoe in my hand. "Ew, who's ugly ass shoes do they belong to?" she asked, her mouth frowning in distaste. Then a sly grin curved her lips. "Are they yours, James?" she mocked.

I scowled at her. "No." I replied, making a face. "I was nearly impaled by them, morons, so if they do belong to either of you and you've formed a creepy allegiance against me then I'll have to-"

"Oh, can it James, they aren't ours." Dominique interrupted me, flipping her long blonde hair with a sniff.

I huffed and waited for them both to disappear before I flung the shoes into the hall. There was an unusual clunk and my eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

"James, what the hell?" an angry voice shouted from outside my room, stomping in to glare at me.

"Oh, oopsies, sorry Albie." I grinned winningly at him.

He growled at me and left, deftly closing the door behind him.

Such theatrics.

The ride to Kings Cross Station was essentially uneventful, unless you count me flinging multiple objects in the car out of the window due to boredom.

Another spare piece of parchment flew backwards into the breeze.


"Who was that?" I interrupted, looking around in fake surprise.

Mum said something about mentally deprived children to dad , while I hummed innocently in the back. I'm quite a good singer.

I started singing under my breath. Albus stared at me like I had lost my marbles.

I started singing louder, quite pleased with how my voice sounded. Dad glanced at me with a fearful expression.

I sang louder.

"For the love of all that is holy, will you please shut up?" Dominique burst out.

I peered around Albus and Lily at her, mild confusion on my face. "What are you even doing here?"

Dominique shot me a look and didn't reply, and chose instead to look obnoxiously out the window. Annoying, pain in the arse cousin, ignoring me-


"What now?" I whinged.

My mum twisted in her seatbelt to look at me in the eye. I saw behind her that we had stopped in the car park of King's Cross Station. I briefly looked at my watch. It was five to eleven.

"Now look, James, I don't want any funny business this year-"

"Uh, mum," I interjected.

"- I suppose you don't mean to do stupid things, well maybe you do, but-"

"Mum, the time-" I began again, not altogether too fussed. If I missed the train I'd miss the awfully boring Sorting.

"- Grandma says she's disappointed in you, you've have more detentions than nearly Fred and George -"

I rolled my eyes. This was highly unlikely. Uncle Fred and George had once attempted to send mum a toilet seat. I however had opted for the more sensible tap and sent it to Lily.

With two minutes until the departure of the Hogwarts Express, I decided to leave the car before I was stuck in it until Scotland or something.

I ran with my trunk and through the barrier, barely leaping onto the train before it started whistling steam.

I grinned triumphantly to myself until I felt a shooting pain in my ear. Someones fingers were dragging me by ear along the train corridor, stopping at the end of the train and only releasing me when we had reached a compartment and they had pushed me unceremoniously inside.

"Flipping hell-" I began, turning to see which psycho it was this time, but I was distracted by the sudden pressure on my stomach. I looked down, surprised, to see a head of shiny black hair.

I hugged her back, laughing. "Yeesh Billy, you saw me last week." I teased her.

She released me, looking up at me with her sharp green eyes. Billy was absolutely tiny. She was at least one and a half feet smaller than me.

"And you've definitely shrunk." I added, sniggering at her height.

"Quiet, Potter, or I'll have your tongue for dinner." she teased back. She was very fierce for someone so small. It was amusing.

Another, very skinny pair of arms wrapped around my waist. This time it was a dirty blonde; Drew.

She said nothing to me and then was replaced by yet another girl, who's arms snaked underneath my arms to hug me from behind. I saw the familiar charm bracelet on her wrist and turned properly to hug her. Noah.

"Hey." I muttered to her. She said nothing back, and the compartment was suddenly awkward.

She pulled away, brushed the strands of brown hair from her dark eyes and sat down next to Billy.

I sat down across from her, next to Drew who smiled sadly at me, knowing exactly what I was thinking.

Before we had went home for the summer, me and Noah had dated for a while, and she really liked me. She was my best girl friend, and she was really fit (a clear ten) but for some reason I couldn't like her back. I tried to force myself to, but it didn't happen. I still desperately want to like her.

I blew out a long breath, wondering if Noah was thinking the same thing I was. Except her thoughts would probably be way more sad than mines, because Drew had told me that she had a feeling that Noah thought I had somehow betrayed her trust. Or some shit like that.

Before I could start what was going to be quite an awkward conversation, the compartment door was shoved open and two familiar faces barged in.

It was the twins. Well, two thirds of the triplets, but Billy was never really counted as a triplet, seeing as she wasn't as alike as Alec and Conor, who were identical.

"James, ladies, other non-twin." they both said simultaneously.

I saluted them brightly, Drew and Noah waved happily and Billy rolled her eyes at them both.

"Make some room?" Alec asked, while Conor squished himself between Billy and Noah. He threw an arm around his sister's shoulder, looking oblivious to her annoyance and to how he nearly knocked out Noah.

Alec followed behind Conor, making room for himself between Drew and I.

"So." Alec began, and we all waited for Conor to continue the sentence as usual.

"What's up?" he said, true to form.

Noah launched into a detailed account of the daily pain she had went through during the summer due to her sister bringing round her bratty daughter.

"She's a horrible little whatsit-"

"Afternoon!" someone shouted after opening the compartment door with a smash.

Thank the ever loving Lord, someone had arrived to shut Noah up.

Unfortunately, Fred was louder than even Noah. He threw himself next to Noah, ignoring her squeal of indignation.

Drew had fallen asleep on my arm, her soft blonde hair tickling my arm. I could see all the faint freckles on her pale skin.

I sniggered as she mumbled in her sleep.

"James!" a female snapped, and I looked around bewilderedly. How the hell had my mother gotten on the train?

Oh shit, she had killed the driver and had come to find me-

"James, can you answer my frigging question?" Noah said irritatedly. Damn, the girl was impatient.

"What question?" I asked, smiling at her.

She rolled them, but I could see her eyes soften at my smile. I wish she didn't. Made me feel like nargle crap.

"Did you see Drina anywhere when you were trampling half the first years on your way in?"

"Drina? Nope. I was too busy crying in pain over the loss of my left ear." I retorted sarcastically. Of course I hadn't cried. I'm a beast.

"Where is she then?" Billy demanded.

"Probably cornering Scorpius Malfoy." Fred said irritatedly.

Both me and the twins sent Fred apologetic glances, which he shrugged at.

I found out that Fred had nursed a soft spot for Drina, who was the biggest slut in the school. Well, maybe that's slightly unfair. Actually, screw that, it's true. After I found out, the rest of us did. Except Drina.

Then she strode in through the door Fred hadn't bothered to close behind him. If I was Fred, Drina would've been my wife by now.

She was all legs, with long dark red hair, perfect tan skin, huge mahogany eyes and a brilliant rack. She was a flipping Goddess.

"Hey, Billy, Drew, Noah. Boys." She drawled, giving us all a nonchalant smile and nudging herself between Fred (who was grinning like a maniac) and Noah, who was squished even closer to Alec.

Drina looked around at all of us, and snorted at Drew, whose mumbling was audible in the short silence.

"Crazy bitch." Drina said good-naturedly. Then she frowned. "She's lost more weight." she added more quietly.

We all stared at Drew, who was still talking in her sleep softly. Her hand was gently twitching. Conor, with a look of worry on his face, put his hand on top of Drew's.

No one said anything, and gradually everyone fell asleep. Noah and Billy were still up, and they were hissing at each other. I had my eyes closed, even though I'm not sleeping. I'm a smooth one, me.

My leg involuntarily jerked, and I could hear Noah and Billy's sniggers.

There was quiet, and then Billy's soft voice.

"Do you still like him?" she asked quietly.

Shit. Shit shittity shit. With a dancing Hawaiian. Go to sleep James. Come on, count the hippogriffs...

"A little." I heard Noah's evasive reply. Damn.

"Sorry, Noah."

I heard nothing after that, and then I drifted off.

I woke with a start, and yelped at the sight of a pair of dark eyes.

I jumped to my feet and stared suspiciously round the compartment.

"What have you done?" I asked, my eyes narrowed at them, and rightly so. Fred had such a terribly faked expression of innocence on his face. "Spit it out, Freddy." I ordered.

He sighed dramatically. "Well-"

I rolled my eyes and turned to my right. "Drew?" I froze, staring into her odd, usually periwinkle eyes. They were stained pink with blood. It was a bad one.

"Vision?" I asked quietly, and she nodded, her eyes wide.

The rest of them were silent. I glanced around at all of them. Billy and Noah had looked like they had been crying. I blanched. I hate crying.

"What's happened? What was it?" I demanded, turning back to Drew, who looked way too old.

She exhaled a long, pent up breath. "Yes, I had a vision." she said shortly.

"And?" I urged.

"In it, there's a lot of people." Drew fazed out, delving back into her vision. Her eyes glazed over. "You ran after a girl, you looked deranged. You shout at her, shout at her to stop running, but she doesn't turn back. She runs closer to the road, and there's a buzzing getting louder and louder. With desperation you throw yourself at her, knocking her aside from the buzzing machine. It hits you instead."

I didn't say anything. I opened my mouth, but snapped it shut again.

Well shit. I was going to die. Drew saw me die. She saw me
die for someone.

"Who?" I asked, my voice surprisingly normal.

Drew shook her head.


She stared at me. "April the 17th."

I nodded calmly, and felt the train slow. We were at Hogwarts. I quietly dragged my trunk from the shelf above and walked to the platform.

So I was going to die on April 17th. Nice to have a warning, at least. Wonderful.

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Brief State of Insanity: Visions


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