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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 4 : Sadness
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James walked into Harry’s room to find Harry asleep in his cot and Lily sitting on the floor beside it, watching her son sleep peacefully. She had tears flowing down her face from her emerald eyes. James found it heart breaking to see his wife like this.


“Lils” he whispered to her before walking over and embracing her in his arms for comfort.

They had just returned from an emergency order meeting with Dumbledore, in finding out that due to a prophecy, Voldemort was after their baby son, Harry.


“Lily I won’t let anything happen to him, he will not touch out son”


“James, why? Why my baby?” and more tears fell down her fair cheeks.


“I don’t know Lily, because he’s a cruel bastard? But I promise you he will not hurt Harry, we have to be strong now, stronger than ever” he said with sadness in his eyes.


“I know, I just don’t understand”


"Neither do i Lily and i'm not sure i want to either but the bastard after my son"


James wiped the tears from Lily’s face “we need to move, just get the things we need, we have to leave, we need to hide Harry”


Lily nodded placing a kiss on her son touching his soft cheek.


Outside the door Rose stood listening to her parent’s conversation. Why was her mummy so sad, who wanted to hurt Harry and why did they need to hide. She had come to ask her Daddy for a glass of water because she couldn’t sleep, but then heard, it was confusing was it that person her Dad and Sirius talk about. She felt a tear run down her cheek, she didn’t want anyone to hurt her little brother. She held her favourite teddy, Mr Cuddles closer to her face for comfort.


James walked out of Harry’s room and put is face in his hands, he knew he had to stay strong for his wife and children but this was taking it's toll on him and he felt scared. He was shocked to see Rose in front of him.


“Rosie what are you doing up” he said tiredly


“I couldn’t sleep” she dropped Mr Cuddles, came over to her daddy who lifted her up in his arms.


“Daddy what’s happening who is trying to hurt Harry”


He realized she had heard their discussion “don’t worry princess daddy will sort it out”


She nodded her daddy would always sort it out.


He lay her down on their sofa and put a blanket over her “rest now Rosie”


She only slept for about ten minutes when she awoke she saw some bags packed by the door. James and Sirius were having a final embrace,  she knew   they where leaving soon.

Sirius came over and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead; he didn’t say anything and then left quickly. She had never seen him so sad.


Rose didn’t know that the next time she would see Sirius Black he would be even sadder.

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The Torns on the Rose: Sadness


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