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What You Will by Twofighter
Chapter 1 : Here's the Plan
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A/N: This story is based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, so the basic plotline isn't mine. Only the adjustments are! And of course all the recognisable Next Generation characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I'm just a nobody who owns nothing really. ;) Enjoy!

Chapter One: Here’s the Plan

“I, Viola, solemnly swear that this year will be my best year ever! If everyone could just work with me... that’d be nice,” I thought to myself as I walked into my brother’s room with a big smile on my face. I had just come up with the perfect plan ever.

My conservative parents would, of course, never cooperate. That’s why a flawless plan was needed, and I’d just thought of it.

“Hello, brother,” I said as I came to stand next to him. He jumped a little, dropping the book he was reading.

“God! Viola, I thought you were mum!” he said, putting the cigarette he had tried to hide back to his lips.

“I know I’m older than you, but I don’t look that old now, do I?” I said jokingly as I picked up the book he’d dropped. John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Again. “But as a responsible sister, I will repeat; you know you’re not allowed to smoke in your room.”

While turning back to his reading, he picked up his wand and waved it around the room, making it smell as nice as always. As a muggle, mum would never be able to catch him.

“Did I tell you that mum and dad gave me the apartment they inherited from Dad’ Aunt Sally?” I said smoothly, wanting to draw his attention.

“What?” Sebastian yelled, extinguishing his cigarette and abandoning his book. “That’s so unfair! I...”

“It’s in London.” I pointed out the obvious, wanting to push his buttons.

“I know! That’s exactly why it would be perfect for me! I could have peace and quiet to write and be so close to all my literary idols. The British Library is just so...” Sebastian mused, staring in the distance, before snapping his focus back to his sister. “You don’t even like London!”

“I love London! So many potential celebrities to meet!” I purposely used a very girly, high-pitched voice. He hated that.

“Urg! You and your celebrities! Is your head really that empty?” he said, frustrated. I have to admit that I could sometimes lose myself in adoring a famous person, however I was certainly not a giggling, nail-polishing, gossiping girly girl.

“Hey, hey, you don’t want to get on my bad side now!” I warned him.

“Why not? No matter what, you always get everything!” he yelled, lighting up another cigarette. I sat down on his bed, quite hurt by his assumption. If someone here never got their way, it was me!

Mum had been moulding me into a perfect copy of herself from the moment I could walk. I had always wanted to go to Hogwarts, but no, they didn’t have a good ballet program like Beaux Batons here had! I learned quidditch from Dad at the same age as Sebastian, practiced just as much in the garden, yet it was Sebastian who would transfer to Hogwarts to play quidditch with the most promising team ever. Being a girl was so frustrating!

“Because... I might be willing to help you reach your goal,” I said mysteriously. He raised one eyebrow at me. “You see, there is one string attached to my ultimate freedom in old Sally’s apartment. I have to attend London’s School of the Arts, more specifically to enrol in its ballet program.”

Sebastian chuckled at me, while I grimaced.

“So here’s the plan; I’ll help you realise your dream to live in London, if you’ll help me get out from under what surely will never be my dream.” I offered him, with a commercial smile. I could see the intrigue in his eyes.

“And how exactly are you planning to achieve that without erasing our parents’ memory?” Sebastian said sarcastically.

“Well, I’ll go to Hogwarts disguised as our mother and talk to the Headmistress, telling her that you won’t be attending Hogwarts after all and apologising for the trouble we’ve caused. And then you’re free to brood and philosophise on your own in the library or at the apartment. Not that I think you’ll ever make it as a writer these days, but if that’s what you want...”

“And what are you going to do in the meantime? Walk around with a camera, hoping to run into your latest celebrity crush?” He teased.

“No! I’ve been looking at schools for further wizarding education and there are a couple with great auror training,” I explained, not being able to hide my excitement. That was my goal, eventually. Sebastian didn’t need to know I would make a stop on the way. He was never good at keeping other people’s secrets. “But they’re not really in the vicinity of London, which means I would be staying on campus. So... you’ll have to call mum every two weeks and pretend to be me.”

Sebastian grunted upon hearing this, but I could see that he didn’t want to give up on the dream of becoming the next John Milton.

“Just fake a high-pitched voice, act all excited about ballet. Look up some facts about the school, and mum won’t have a clue.” I could see his brain agree with me.

“There’s one flaw in your plan. Mum’s a muggle. She can’t go to Hogwarts, because all she’d see is ruins,” Sebastian calmly pointed out.

Shoot! Why did he have to be so cheeky about it?

“Well, I’ll just go as Dad then.” I reasoned. “But then I’m gonna need your polyjuice potion.”

This truly upset him. Sebastian was never good at potions, but after numerous efforts, he’d finally made a good polyjuice potion, which he had been saving in case of emergencies. I had already used about half of his stash before, but this was a real emergency!

I waited for his reply, because I could see him giving in to what I was offering him. Eventually he nodded slowly, extending his hand formally.

“Deal?” I asked, a wide grin forming on my mouth.

“Deal,” he replied as I shook his hand.

I felt like jumping up and down. In less than a month, I would be going to Hogwarts FINALLY! Granted I would go as a boy, with the name Sebastian, looking exactly like the guy whose hand I was shaking right now.

But that’s just a minor detail, I said to myself as I turned around and left the room. Being a boy is easy. What’s hard is being a girl!

I immediately went to the attic, and started to brew more polyjuice potion, because I was going to need it. Would I survive a month as Sebastian with the amount that he’d give me? Surely not. I would go buy some, just to be sure. Once at Hogwarts, I’d have to brew the potion again a couple of times, but I knew it was worth it.

After the years of whining, I had finally taken matters into my own hands. Excitement took over as I thought of meeting James, Albus and Lily Potter! And Neville Longbottom, who was the Herbology professor. And Rose and Hugo Weasley! Oh, this was going to be too good!


A/N: Okay this chapter is pretty short, but the next ones will be longer and a lot more interesting. I just had to give you some background information on Viola and Sebastian. Viola has just graduated Beaux Batons and her brother Sebastian is in his seventh year, and transferring to Hogwarts (which he actually doesn't really want) so Viola takes his place (without him knowing). Just to get it all clear! :) Please Review! :)
Beta'd by wenderbender. Thanks. :)

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What You Will: Here's the Plan


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