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Lies by Miss Lily Potter
Chapter 1 : An Idea
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A/N: So. This is certainly a different kind of story for me. It's loosely based on The Social Network, though I do hope the execution is different than the movie. I hope you enjoy it!

A note: This centers around Lily (II) and Scorpius. They're two years apart, and in the same House - Slytherin. I feel like Rose would have known Scorpius, and Lily would have wanted to be like Rose, and I think they would have hit it off.

This was written for Maybe's Movie Premise Challenge. (:

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or TSN.




She looks up with a smile, fixing the strap on her bag. Scorpius falls into step beside her, an easy smile on his face. “How are you doing?”

“Great. Well, pretty great.”

She smirks, rolling her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just – okay, well, I’m pretty sure I screwed up the Potion we were making – but it should be all right. I think.”

“You’re brilliant.” She smiles, giving him a wink. “You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

He shrugs, looking down. “I suppose so.”

She tucks a bit of her hair behind her ear. “I’m off, but I’ll sit with you today, all right? Save me a seat.”

He nods at her, forcing a smile. She puts a hand to the side of his face, quick, before nearly running off.

He closes his eyes and shakes his head.

She does sit by him, fleetingly, and she’s nothing more than a quick bite to eat, a kiss on the top of the head, a smile, a squeeze to the side of his arm, a promise of studying later, all right and then there’s nothing there, because she’s running off.

Scorpius spends the rest of the lunch period alone, because to spend time with anyone else right now seems silly – no one else captivates him like she does.

He returns to his book, and for the thousandth time shouts at himself – he’s two years older than her, he’s of age and she’s so young but he can’t help it, the inexplicable attraction – well, of course it’s not inexplicable, because everyone’s interested in Lily.

Everyone, and Lily isn’t interested in anyone but herself.

“Detention.” Professor McGonagall stares at Lily unflinchingly.

“But I haven’t done anything.” She crosses her arms, fixing McGonagall with a glare worthy of her mother. “You can’t give me detention for pointing out the obvious flaws in your educational system.”

“You told me I was ignorant.”

She shrugs. “It’s not my fault you are.”

McGonagall closes her eyes, swallowing. “I know you’re going through a tough time right now –”

“You don’t know anything about me,” and it’s cheesy and cliché but she steels her jaw, arms crossing around her middle.

“ – but I’m not going to coddle you. That’s obviously not what you want.”

“Because you’re an expert in knowing what I want. Tell me, Minerva, what is it that I need?” Before she can answer, Lily’s on her feet, pulling her bag to her shoulder. “I’ll serve the detention but I’m not apologizing. I’ll be here at – what, is it eight?”

McGonagall nods tersely.

“I’ll be back then. Goodbye, Professor.” And she’s off, grumbling to herself the whole way.

“You need to stop doing this.”

Lily shrugs, eyes squeezed shut. “I don’t mind serving detentions.”

“You’re going to get into serious trouble one day.”

She snorts, nearly falling off of the couch. She puts a hand on Scorpius’ arm to steady herself. “Who’s going to yell at me? Daddy?

He swallows. “No, but that’s no reason to –”

She laughs, throwing her hands up. “Don’t you start with me about morals. Should I call up your father and ask for his advice?”

He glares. “What, your daddy doesn’t love you and so you’re looking for solace in someone else?”

The look on her face says it all; he’s gone too far. He reaches out for her, but she’s gone, climbing the stairs to her dorm.

Scorpius closes his hand around air, willing himself not to feel bad. She won’t. You shouldn’t, either.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it? She can separate herself from her feelings. That’s what’s so brilliant about her.

It’s almost as though nothing’s happened, the next day. Lily sits down next to Scorpius, gives him a tight-lipped smile,  and he grins back at her, wide and easy.

“You’re not off the hook,” she hisses, just before she gets up, and she’s two years younger than him but he feels a near-pain hit him in his chest as she stalks away, so much younger than him and so much angrier than he’s ever been and so very ready to leave him if she has to.

He swallows, watching her go. He’s always watching her go, because she’s warm and brilliant and he’s dull, a faded could-have-been, forever lost in the shuffle. Her father is famous but she’s got fame beyond that; she can light up a room and tear down anyone with a sentence, a word, a thought, a turn of her head.

She’s prompt when she shows up to her detention, with a warm smile that doesn’t betray the anger she feels at this.

“You’re going to be cleaning the trophies,” she’s told, and she sets to work right away, sitting on her knees, scrubbing away at the polished smoothness.

And her mind is whirring, with thoughts and the beginnings of an idea, one that she knows – of course she knows, because she knows people and students and this could potentially be brilliant – could revolutionize the way the Wizarding World functions. She continues her work and the ideas burn at her until she’s nearly bursting with the need to tell someone, anyone.

It’s going to be Scorpius. Of course it is, because Scorpius is the only one that can help her now – he’s the only one who’d be willing to try.

She’s all but forgotten the fight when she runs at him, putting a hand on his arm, squeezing tightly. “I need your help.”

“Of course.” He closes his eyes for a moment, breathing in and out, once. “What is it?”

“I’ve got an idea. It’s – well, I think it’s brilliant, I think it could – could really change the way we do things here.”

“At Hogwarts?”

She shrugs, a small smile playing at her lips. “The Wizarding World as a whole.”

He’s intrigued, there’s no doubt about it. “Tell me more.”

Her smile widens.


And there's the first chapter. Please let me know what you think! (:

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Lies: An Idea


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