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Only a Piece of Wood by daliha
Chapter 5 : Oliver Wood; Seventh Year
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          As a captain Oliver Wood was known to be strict, stubborn and hard-working. His team constantly complained about the fact that he was obsessed with the sport but it was all he had left. Besides his teammates and neighbors Oliver rarely spoke to anyone else well except maybe Percy Weasley on rare occasion. (Only to beg him not to give the twins detention after all the poor things were only children.)


            He had gone through his O.W.L year barely passing Potions, Herbology and Charms. Stupid it was to think that Oliver could do better in McGonagall's class than in Flitwick's yet those were the facts.


            When his results came in his parents barely even glance at them, his mother as usual gave him a hug and said she was proud while his father completely ignored them as he said Oliver was no longer a kid and didn't need special attention.


            Even if it his parents quarrels pained him there was nothing Oliver could do. He just stood by pretending to be the perfect son; the only thing that kept his mind off them was Quidditch of course the thought of Robin Watson...


            It had been three years and still Oliver couldn't find the will power to summon the courage to ask her out. Elliot said he could never understand what Oliver saw in her after all Robin was plain, blunt and as Elliot liked to point out Percy Weasley's complete opposite.


            She was irresponsible with schoolwork, loved a ruckus, and completely spontaneous.


            Oliver sighed at the simple though of her red hair as she walked down the halls laughing away with the other Gryffindor girls of their year. He loved everything about her from the way the scrunched up her nose when she didn't understand something to the way she bit her quill in class.


            Elliot had offered to help after all if Percy could land himself a girl why couldn't Oliver.


            Well there was one answer.


            Oliver Wood when it came to girls was a complete disaster after all the only time they managed to have a conversation he ended up in the Hospital Wing, apparently one shouldn't flirt in Potions. 


            Now in his seventh year Oliver felt slightly optimistic, he had the best team assembled. His Chasers were fast and tough. His Beaters although he wanted to choke them at times were quick and in sync. His seeker was the quickest and the lightest. (Even if had a slight tendency to get in trouble.)


            And then there he was. Captain and Keeper.


            Something solid hit him from behind, he heard the person laugh as pushed himself off the floor his papers flying. 


            “I'm so sorry!” she said her bright green eyes staring him. Oliver suddenly stopped picking up his papers as the red-haired girl helped him apologizing. “Really it's just I was walking-” she began tucking her hair behind her ear “actually running, the Weasley twins set off a dungbomb and Percy is on the rampage.”


            Oliver nodded his mouth slightly open as she handed him his papers “again sorry Wood-”




            She blinked as he cleared his throat. “I'm Oliver...”


            “Well then Oliver it is” she smiled standing he did the same watching her walk away. Like always he'd admire her from afar.



October 1993


          He scribbled down whatever McGonagall was going on about now yet Oliver knew in a couple of hours he wouldn't understand whatever his notes said. “Next week we will put this theory into practice, now class dismissed” as everyone stood up though she spoke again “except for you Mr. Wood I need to have a word with you.”


            Oliver muttered a curse as Elliot shot him a worried glance as he walked out of the classroom. “Wait for me!” hissed Oliver.


            Elliot nodded.


            Oliver walked up to his head of house with a knot in his stomach. “Yes Professor?” he asked politely she looked at him through her glasses.


            “Your grades are falling Wood and as your head of house-”


            Oliver began to feel sick “Professor I'll bring them up I swear!' He didn't need or want a tutor.


            She put her arms across her chest “I've heard this too many times before and before you continue Wood, but Professor Flitwick and I agree you need extra help in charms-”


            “Please Professor, I can't take remedial Charms-” he begged


            “-and Mr. Weasley has agreed to help you.” He fell silent his jaw dropped. He couldn't bring himself to believe her words.


            As soon as she finished with her usual 'quidditch-and-school-are-not-to-be mixed’ speech, he walked of the classroom frustrated. Elliot followed him as he muttered curses under his breath.


            “What happened?” asked Elliot finally catching up to Oliver.


            “Percy's my tutor until I can pick up my charms grades” Oliver's voice was about to break. Elliot sighed.


            “It's okay, c'mon you'll have that prude of your back soon enough!” Elliot threw his arm around Oliver. “Let's get to dinner some roasted chicken and potatoes should cheer ya up!”


            Oliver pursed his lips but nodded after all his day couldn't get any worse. Of course it was an understatement, the second he arrived to dinner Oliver noticed the Slytherins point towards him laughing.


            “Forget them” said Elliot sourly dragging his friend to their table. Oliver sat his face completely red, this meant everyone knew he had to be tutored.  He simply stared at his empty plate trying to listen to what those near him were whispering.


            “So tutoring Wood?” he heard a voice said in a mocking tone. He looked up; the boy was tall with dark hair and tiny eyes. It Marcus Flint who stood with his beaters behind him as if for back-up, Oliver kept quiet as he poured pumpkin juice into his goblet.


            “In Charms out of all subjects” Flint went on enjoying the color on Wood's face as he tried not to spill the juice.


            “Piss off” he whispered darkly. Flint laughed.


            “Aww is the wittle baby angry?”


            “Hey you heard him piss off!” came a third voice, it was all too familiar to Wood. He turned to Robin who held up her fork “really we're trying to have dinner!”


            “I don't think I heard that” sneered Flint as the table went quiet “I don't speak mudblood...”


            Oliver stood up his wand pointing at Flint so was Elliot who normally was mild-tempered. Bole and Derrick pulled out their wands as Flint raised an eyebrow. “Really Wood did that set you off?” he asked.

            Robin too was standing despite the protest of her roommates. “Forget it Oliver you shouldn't waste your time with this animal!”


            Oliver felt the grip on his wand loosen itself.  “You too Elliot forget it” she added afterward with a small blush.


            “Animal?” sneered Bole “sorry but you've got wrong it's mudbloods-”


            That did it, Oliver and Elliot sent a curse flying into Bole's face. He flew back into the neighboring table.  “Don't you say that word!”  Oliver turned to Flint and Derrick who had their wands out too. 


            Elliot held Oliver down “forget it 'sides McGonagall's coming put your wand down...” whispered the boy all while glaring at Flint who was being at by said professor.

* * * *


            He had to move their first practice back a week. Oliver still couldn't comprehend why in the name of Merlin was he sitting here next to Marcus Flint writing lines. Sure his punishment wasn't as severe as Flint's who after writing lines for a week had an extra week of cleaning with Flich.


            Still this was unfair, he sighed looking up for a moment. Percy stood at the front of the classroom glaring at Elliot who sat back in his seat making his quill float around. Oliver rolled his eyes; it was just like Elliot not to care about a detention.


            “Ready to lose your first game?” asked Flint with a smirk.


            “I was just about to ask you the same thing” shot back Oliver keeping his eyes on his paper. He heard Flint chuckle.


            “I wouldn't be too confident.”


            Oliver snorted “yeah because your players can finally tell one end of the broom from another?”


            That kept Flint quiet at least for now he didn't need another fight breaking out anytime soon. Oliver dipped his quill in ink. 


* * * *


            “Glad that's over eh Ollie?” commented Elliot as they walked towards their common room. Oliver meanwhile had his face stuck in a small leather bound book.


            Elliot chuckled “writing down a new strategy?” Oliver looked up with a small frown.


            “I'm reviewing the ones I came up with this summer” he stated as-a-matter-of factly “I also have a new training routine.” Elliot shook his head.


            “Oliver...relax mate” said Elliot putting his hands in his pocket. “The cup's yours this year-”


            “It should’ve have been mine two years ago” muttered Oliver putting his small leather book in his pocket “if it hadn't been because of all that rotten luck-”


            “You'd have ripped the cup from Flint's grimy fingers” finished Elliot with a sigh as Oliver glared at him. “Still mate relax this year will be your year...”


            Oliver gave him a stiff nod. This year was his last year his last chance to get the cup and his one chance to impress the scouts.


            He had only one shot at going pro.




            “Fortuna Major” said Elliot pushing a dazed Oliver into the common room. On the couch in front of the fire was Robin Watson curled up. Her usually wild hair was now resting on her face, she looked so peaceful and so beautiful despite the fact that she snored in an unusual matter.


            Elliot stifled his laughter. Oliver glared at him.


            “Can't you see she's sleeping!” snapped Oliver as Elliot walked past her.


            “Looks like it. Wake her up will ya?” Oliver blushed as Elliot walked up the spiral steps “if Percy sees her there he'll have a fit.”


            “W-what have you gone nuts?” he hissed though too late as Elliot shrugged before disappearing out of sight. Oliver turned to Robin; she had her mouth slightly open. He couldn't wake her up  not with the way she was now.


            Before Oliver could make the decision he found it wasn't necessary Robin turned over falling off the edge of the couch onto the stone floor. She cursed loudly her eyes snapping open; they met Oliver's who was beet red at the moment.


            “Sorry I-I didn't want to w-wake you up...” he muttered offering her a hand. She yawned taking it, her green eyes tired and her hair now standing on end.


            “It's okay...” she yawned again taking his hand to stand “I just wanted...” she rubbed her eyes. Oliver went as stiff as a board the second he saw Robin green eyes.


            “Sorry for getting you detention” she moved back and forth on the balls of her feet biting her bottom lip.


            Oliver shook his head “what Flint said was-”


            He was caught off guard by Robin chuckling, he quickly shut his mouth. “You're so chivalrous Oliver” she gave him a tired smile “you know if more boys were like you girls wouldn't have such a hard time.”


            Oliver couldn't move. Not smile, not blink, he didn't even feel himself blush. Robin patted him on the back.


            “Good night!”


            “Night!” He turned just in time to catch her give him one last smile before going to bed.


            That was the longest conversation he'd ever had with Robin. Smiling he walked up the stairs, maybe seventh year would be his year.


* * * *


            He smiled as he walked towards the bulletin board posting up the new practice schedule for the Gryffindor team.


            “Weekends Oliver” said Fred Weasley scandalized, his brother whistled.


            “Don't you think it's a bit too much?” asked George once Oliver glared at the both.


            “Not if we want that cup!” he snapped “and you'd better not get detention or I'll-”


            “Hex us?” suggested Fred with a smile.


            “Or send Headboy Percy after us?”


            Oliver frowned at their lighthearted behavior. “Stop it this instant!” he yelled causing a couple of fourth year girls to giggle.


            The twins stifled their laughter as Oliver turned away muttering curses.  He knew choking the life out of them was illegal but they constantly got on his nerves.


            “We have to get that cup this year” he muttered darkly glared at a small girl as she laughed at him, instantly she looked away frightened.


            “Fred and George?” asked Percy who caught up with him as he walked out of the common room, Oliver sighed.


            “Yes Percy.” Percy nodded pushing his glasses as they slid down his nose.  “Listen could you do me a favor Percy?”


            Percy frowned turning towards Oliver sticking out his chest as if to emphasize the Headboy badge pinned to his robes.


            “I'm afraid if you are asking to refrain from punishing my-”


            Oliver cut him off before he could on with his usual speech “I'll deal with Fred and George” he responded frowning. “On the pitch and off it I'm their Captain” Oliver took a deep breath before going on “and I will make them behave!” Percy raised an eyebrow but in the end gave Oliver a curt nod.


            “Fine but if they-”


            Oliver shook his head “trust me those two won't even breath out of line!” Smiling he walked away almost skipping. This year with no need for try-outs not only could they dive right into training but he wouldn't have to worry about the twins missing out on training sessions!


            The Quidditch cup was his!


            Past him walked the seventh year Gryffindor girls. A tall brunette winked suggestively at him, he blinked blankly until he caught sight of Robin who gave him a brief smile.


            “Well, well seems Sarah Stimpson has her eyes on my Ollie!” said a cherry voice, he saw the blonde practically run towards him.

            “Sarah?” he said clueless as Sophia giggled.


            “Of course even a Gryffindor like you should have noticed by now!” she said impatiently. “Seems Sarah interested in you.”


            Oliver frowned as they continued down to the Great Hall “But I don't fancy her Sophia” he answered frustrated. “I fancy Robin-”


            “Who doesn't even notice you” stated Sophia her blue eyes softening slightly “you've avoided girls for years just waiting for her...”


            Oliver opened his mouth to argue back but quickly closed it knowing he had no comeback, Sophia was right.


            Sure he hadn't avoided all the girls. Oliver had snogged some here and there but he had never been in a serious relationship. Why would he?


            “I'm just being honest Oliver” whispered Sophia as they walked into the Great Hall going their separate ways. Sophia to the Ravenclaw table while Oliver walked over to the Gryffindor table where Elliot sat in a deep conversation with Justin O'Connor a seventh year like them.


            “Wood thought you'd never make it!”


            “I was fixing my practice schedule” answered Oliver still slightly put out by Sophia's words. Elliot shook his head.


            “Still obsessed?”


            Oliver poured pumpkin juice into his goblet “It's called dedication.” Justin nodded.


            “He's right mate” Justin took a glance over at the Slytherin table “imagine us kicking their-”


            Someone screamed a few feet away from them causing the whole Gryffindor table to turn in their direction.


            Sarah Stimpson had her hands over her mouth, next to her Robin stood up shaking her head running out of the Hall dropping behind her a piece of parchment.


            The Hall was silent as Justin went to go pick up the piece of parchment. He turned a deep shade of red as soon as he laid eyes on it, stuffing it into his pocket he returned taking his seat next to Oliver.


            “What was it?” asked Oliver curiously, Justin shook his head.


            “Not here...”


            “Fine then” Elliot stood up pulling Justin off his seat and out of the Hall. Oliver left his pumpkin juice untouched as he had nothing better to do than follow his mates.


            Justin pushed the parchment into Elliot's hands, he suddenly seemed nauseous.  Not even looking at Oliver when he ripped the parchment out of his hands.


            Now he too knew why they were disgusted.  It was not only a crude letter but it was also too rude for words.


            “No wonder Robin left...” said Elliot as Oliver looked up from the letter the color drained from his face.


            “Who the hell was the disgusting-”


            A tall brunette ran towards them “did you see Ro?” asked Sarah blushing slightly at the sight of Oliver. The boys shook their head as she sighed.


            “Well then er...I'll see you at Charms!”


            Justin cursed “Dammit we're late!”


* * * *


            Arriving two minutes Oliver cursed at himself luckily they hadn't lost points.  He took his seat next to Percy who gave him a disapproving look.


            “You'd think being Quidditch Captain would give you some sort of discipline?”


            “Percy” Oliver frowned “do everyone a favor and shut the hell up.” Before the Headboy could give him some sort of punishment their class began.


            Percy turned away clearly offended. Flitwick spoke of some complex charm which name could not remember at the moment. He was just glad he had a free period and was away from Percy Weasley.


            Really he could never understand the relation between Percy and the twins.  He walked through the portrait the common room was empty.


            Ignoring it he walked over to the bulletin broad making sure the schedule was still up. Next to it was the calendar for Hogsmeade.


            Maybe he'd ask Robin to accompany him to Hogsmeade. Just the thought caused him to blush a bit. To think that Oliver Wood known to be the toughest captain was nervous about asking a girl out.


            Not even the up coming match with Slytherin made him feel that nervous...


            He turned walking up towards his dormitory deciding it'd be best to get some studying in for Charms before scheduling his first tutoring lesson with Percy.


* * * * *


            Dear Oliver


            How are you? Everything is fine over here. I do hope your focusing on your studies; remember Quidditch can only get you so far in life.


            You are coming home for the Holidays I presume? After all with that mad man on the loose-


            He couldn't finish the letter. It annoyed him when his mother wrote like this. As if she were talking about business with his father.


            Oliver threw the letter aside.


In two weeks was their first visit to Hogsmeade and he still hadn't asked Robin out.


            She sat across from him reading the latest issue of the Prophet while eating her breakfast a frown on her face. He cleared his throat, once.




            Three times before she looked up at him confused. “You okay?”


            Oliver before coughing “yes...Robin I was wondering-”


            “Captain!” came a pair of loud voices. They could only be recognized as Fred and George Weasley.


            “Sorry to interrupt” said Fred winking at Robin who smiled.


            “But there is something our favorite Captain must know” finished George taking a seat next to Oliver who was already red enough to make Godric Gryffindor proud.


            “What is it?” he snapped.


            “We've got detention-”


            “From Percy just because we did the universe a favor and charm Flint's teeth-”


            “What?!” Oliver stood up rounding on Fred “What the hell did I-”


            “We know!”


            “We need you to calm Percy down” said George calmly as Oliver took his seat again after earning a couple of odd looks.


            “That sounds like a tough one boys” said Robin with a low whistle “Percy is pretty hard to convince...”


            The twins gave Oliver pleading looks. “Fine just...g-go and do something useful!” Oliver almost regretted his last words as Fred and George gave him each a hug and started promising him ridiculous things like a toilet seat, and a rubber duck...


            At all this Robin laughed, Oliver smiled deciding this was the best time to ask.




            She stopped blinking a couple of times before ran her fingers through her hair. “Me and you...Hogsmeade?”


            Oliver nodded mechanically.


            “Well Captain I think I have to say yes to that on one condition” she raised up her finger wearing a serious look.


            Oliver swallowed his throat suddenly dry.


            “You get me a Pumpkin frizz!”


            “O-ok” whispered Oliver as she stood up closing her newspaper.


            “Good then! I'll see you in class!” With Robin Watson walked away leaving Oliver Wood in an array of emotions.


            He was confused,ecstatic, shocked, worried but none of it mattered now...


            Robin had accepted a date with him! Picking up his bag Oliver stood up rushing out of the Great Hall failing to notice the tears running down Sarah Stimpson's cheeks.  





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