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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 5 : Knight in barking armor
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Saturday was a busy day. We waxed, plucked eyebrows, got manicure and pedicure and body treatments. Then I got them to put on hair strengthening and moisturizing potions and let them absorb for one hour. We looked pretty funny with creams and towels around our heads and bodies so we decided it was better to not try to dress up; thus, we agreed on missing lunch. When I announced our decision to Rhea, who had been in the toilet during the debate, she started complaining immediately. It took her two seconds to start panicking and pacing around the room, up in arms and explaning in detail how she’d starve and die and never make it to the party and her fabulous date with Amos Diggory. Fortunately, Lily came up with a solution that made everyone happy. Rhea sent a note to The Marauders and begged them to send a House Elf from the kitchens up to our room. We had a light lunch, but it was enough to stop the short blonde from going nuts due to what she insisted was ‘severe starvation’.


At five past seven we made our way out of the common room. I had forced the girls to wait five minutes before leaving, causing us to be late. It was just the way it had to be. Our dates were patiently waiting for us. Josh looked positively attractive, I had to admit. I was glad with my choice. He looked at me and smiled. I had chosen a white strapless dress embellished with ruffles, made in maxi-lengths and of sheer fabrics, creation of Valentino. I wore a couple of big bangles with it and my hair was open. I could safely say I was the most beautiful thing this school had ever seen.




Lily had been asked to the party three times during the short while I was with Potter working on the decoration. She had agreed to come with Matt Robins, a black haired, tall Ravenclaw. He was beater. She looked stunning, too. Her dress, my courtesy, was also long. It had three shoulder straps and was tight around her waist and loose at the bottom. I had given her a dark brown big belt to complement the outfit. Meg and Jo cleaned up nicely, but I was expecting them to so no surprises there. They both wore short dresses. Then there was Rhea. She was the great revelation. She was wearing an asymmetric dress, one side was above her knee, and the other fell a little above her ankle. It hugged her body nicely, letting her curves show. I had done her makeup and lent her a necklace that matched her casual style perfectly.




-“You look ravishing”- Josh whispered in my ear as he put his arm around my waist to escort me.




-“Rhea, you look beautiful”- I heard Amos tell her. I rolled my eyes but she didn’t see it. She was pretty excited about this party and quite nervous so I figured she was in no position to pay attention at anything but herself and, of course, Diggory.  

 -“Let’s go”- Lily said, taking Matt’s arm. We all walked together, chatting happily about general pointless stuff. The type of conversation I didn’t particularly enjoy. I let my mind wonder whether Black would act normal or not at the party, given that the last time I had seen him he was yelling at me for apparent no reason.
-“Hey, are you with us?”- I heard Josh asking me. I snapped back to reality and realized were almost there.


-“Yeah, can’t you see me?”- I retorted. He chuckled and we arrived. He opened the door for me, always the gentleman. I stepped in and nodded, satisfied. The place looked just like I had wanted it to and it was already packed. Nice.

 -“Wow, this is amazing”- I heard Amos mutter. I turned to face the group.



-“Enjoy yourselves. I will come back later, my hostess duties require my attention”- I said, swinging away followed closely by Josh.



-“I am not going to enjoy this”- he said as we approached the Marauders. I glared at him.




-“Be courteous or else I will get you kicked out of the party, do you understand?”- I said, coldly. He smirked.




-“Of course, I’ll behave myself”- he said. I nodded.




-“You better do”- I took his arm and greeted Potter.




-“Hello, nice party”- I said, pretending to be surprised. He smiled at me, knowingly.




-“Ivy! Thank goodness you are here, I can’t handle all these people wanting to thank us for such a great event”- he said, dramatically. I half smiled.




-“Hey Lupin, good to see you”- I said as he came closer. He beamed. Wow, someone was in high spirits.




-“I must say you look absolutely gorgeous”- he informed. I smirked. Then I turned to the two girls standing by them.




-“Who are you?”- I asked.

 -“I’m Mia O’Connor”- said a girl with extremely straight black hair and deep black eyes. Latin beauty –“I’m James’ date”
 -“And I’m Charlie Wells”- the short brunette explained. Her hair was nice, short and pointy. It was similar to Rhea’s but in black.


-“Lupin’s date”- I finished for her. She nodded enthusiastically.



-“We are Ravenclaws, fifth years”- said Mia. I tilted my head slightly, trying to remember if I’d ever seen them around Narcissa.

 -“No, we’re not in Narcissa’s lot”- said Charlie. I raised my eyebrow and I heard Josh chuckle behind me. Oh, I had almost forgotten he was here.

-“Why not?”- I questioned.


-“And we believe that Narcissa will eventually make you regret what you’re doing, so we want to stay out of it”- Charlie said, casually. Ha, cowards.


-“Your loss. Anyway, see you later”- I said, taking Josh’s arm and walking away after waving lightly at Potter and Lupin. 




-“Good to know. See you later”- I said, taking Josh’s arm and walking away after waving lightly at Potter and Lupin.



-“Ivy, great party”- I turned to see a group of boys coming. Time to be the nice hostess. Ugh.



-“Thanks, hope you’re enjoying yourselves”- I replied.



-“Wow, Ripley. You got the prettiest face in the school tonight, lucky man”- one of the boys said. Josh seemed to grow a few inches instantaneously. Male ego, blame it on the testosterone.  




-“More than a pretty face, I assure you”- he said. I looked at him, surprised. That was a very, very good compliment. I’d thank him later. Or maybe not.




-“How did you get the Marauders to let you throw the party with them?”- another bloke asked.



-“They asked me to join them”- I replied, casually. They looked a little impressed.




-“Really? I’m not gonna ask how you managed that”- another said. I glared at him but chose not to pay attention to his comment. If I tried to deny it, it would look as if I had something to hide and that was not good publicity.


-“I just think she’s kind of a cool girl”- his friend said, smiling at me.

 -“Thank boys. Now, if you’ll excuse us, I need to greet some more guests. Please, enjoy”- I said, walking away with Josh.
 As I walked and greeted people, I scanned the place looking for Narcissa. She was not here yet. Always late, at least she knew that much. Of course, I would have been late myself if it wasn’t my party. I was glad to see that everyone knew my name and that it was me throwing the party with the Marauders. My popularity was increasing drastically without me having done anything special yet. Of course, I expected it. These people had been seeing the same faces for six years; a new one was doomed to attract attention whether they liked it or not. Anyway, this party had definitely been a great idea. I dismissed a group of Hufflepufs and then I spotted Black.



-“Josh, go get me a drink”

 -“What do you want?”- he asked. His green eyes bored into mine. They were breathtaking.


-“Anything as long as it’s cold”- I replied. He nodded, smiled and left without further word. I liked Josh; he knew what to do and how to do it. Lulu had trained him well. He had stood by me while I talked to all the guests, smiling and wrapping his arm around my waist protectively when necessary.

 -“Hey”- I said. Black turned around and his lips twitched upwards slightly when he saw it was me.


-“How is it going?”- I couldn’t help but notice his eyes traveling down and up my body before staying focused on my face. One good thing about him was that he never made you feel like he was hitting on you until it was too late to resist. That, of course, if you were anyone other than me.




-“It’s a good party”-I replied.




-“What happened to your date?”- he asked. I raised an eyebrow.



-“He went to get me a drink”- I said, nonchalantly. He chuckled. A really forced, fake chuckle I must say.  



-“You do realize he’s with you because he knows you’re the next Lucinda Hollis”- he said. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to tease me. The question seemed rather odd to me.



-“Why else would he be with me?”- I asked. He looked surprised.




-“Doesn’t it bother you?”- now it was his turn to be puzzled. What did he expect?





 -“I mean… knowing that he’s only with you because you are… well, hot and popular?”- he told me. Now it was me who was a little confused, again. I swear this boy is way too complicated, he gave me a headache.  
 -“Why would that bother me? I am with him because he is hot and popular”- I replied. His eyes narrowed.

 -“Well… but… you could… I mean, eventually maybe like him?”- he inquired. What was this guy talking about? I felt totally lost, which I did not like. Fortunately, we were interrupted.


-“Sirius! I was looking for you! Oh… Ivy, right?”- a girl with long dark slightly wavy hair and way too much makeup said. She took Black’s hand in hers and stood so close to him I thought he’d lose balance. I knew who this was but, of course, I wouldn’t give her the pleasure of acknowledging her.

-“Yes, Naomi Ivy”- I replied –“And you are…?”

-“Penelope Toretto”- she said, clearly irritated. Black looked at her, amused.

-“What’s wrong Pe?”- he asked. I smirked.


-“Nothing, don’t worry”- she said quickly. I tossed back my hair and smiled at Black.

-“I will see you later, save me a dance”- I told him. He grinned back at me. I turned away and walked, not without first seeing his wink at me.
The next half an hour was boring. I talked to more people, making sure I looked like the best hostess in the world. Josh walked around with me, holding my drink and being the perfect date. When I got tired of the comedy, I found a hammock and sat. He sat next to me and handed me the firewhiskey. I could see Rhea talking to Amos; they were both enjoying the conversation, by the looks of it. Meg and Jo were nowhere in sight, probably snogging their dates somewhere more private. I would have to congratulate them for that, public affection displays were not allowed. I saw Lorena dancing with Odette and Silvia while their dates poured drinks for themselves and the girls. Everyone seemed to be having fun. I kept scanning the place and I found Lily talking to Lupin. Her date was standing by them, looking annoyed. Charlie, however, seemed to be part of the conversation. Potter kept on staring at my read head friend from his hammock while Mia tried to get his attention unsuccessfully. Peter and Hannah were dancing.


-“She’s here”- Josh said. I turned my attention to him.




-“Ralph Lauren? Really?”- I said, faking disgust.



Narcissa looked nice, she was pretty and I would be an idiot to try and deny that. However, the dress she’d chosen was more along the lines of tacky than of classy. It was way too short and tight for a beach party. It was the type of dress you wear to a cheap club or university student association parties.



-“How do you know?”- Josh asked, impressed. I looked at him.




-“I have to know”- I replied. He smiled.




-“So, the party is a great success. Everyone seems to be having fun and the setting is just awesome”- he complimented me. I took a sip from my drink.




-“Yeah, I’m happy with how this turned out”- I said, sincerely.

-“I’m glad you let me come with you”- he said. I looked at him. Flirting time. Yeah, I guessed that now that my duties were over I could have fun.
-“Let’s go dance”- I suggested. He stood up and took my hand, guiding me. I saw Narcissa going over to the Marauders, followed by all her minions. I pulled Josh’s hand and pointed at them with my head.


-“Okay, let’s go get some real fun first”- he joked. I ignored that comment and just kept walking. I reached Lupin before she did, which was good.




-“Hey, are you all right?”- Lily asked me.




-“Yeah, where’s Rhea?”- although I did not need them, it was good to present a united front.


-“I am right here”- I turned to see her behind me with Amos. Well done. Narcissa got there that very moment and I felt Lily and Rhea allocate themselves on both sides of me.


-“Great party”- she said. Her voice was cloying, which annoyed me.




-“Hello Narcissa”- Lupin said, politely. She blushed slightly. I chuckled.

-“Hi, Remus. You guys outdid yourselves this time”- she said, deliberately ignoring the fact that it was my party as well. She looked at him for a second longer than necessary. She did like him.
-“Congratulate Naomi, she did all the work. The best party Hogwart’s ever seen”- Black appeared out of nowhere. Narcissa’s hands trembled slightly. Her minions looked at Black and then at me. I saw some of their eyes were a little more curious than what Narcissa would have liked.

-“Oh, well done Ivy”- she said, faking boredom.

“Oh, please, it was a cakewalk. You should definitely come to my Halloween party. That’ll be even greater”- I announced loudly enough for the people around us to hear. 


-“Oh, but I am throwing my own Halloween party”- Narcissa said, coldly.   

 -“She always does. It’s the best party”- Penelope said, taking Black’s hand again. That girl was a little territorial, how ridiculous.


-“When you get bored, you are welcome to join mine”- I replied nonchalantly. They both narrowed their eyes.

-“You are not allowed to throw a party on Halloween”- Narcissa spat. I raised my eyebrow. We were attracting attention; there was a group of people staring now. Black and Lupin stood there awkwardly, not sure of what to do. I saw Potter and Pettigrew making their way across the place.


-“Try to stop me”- I challenged her.

-“You have no idea what you’re doing, Ivy”- Penelope said. I chuckled slightly.

“I’m so afraid”- I retorted sardonically. Narcissa sighed loudly, trying to keep it cool.

-“Do not throw any parties on Halloween and you’ll be fine”- she warned me.


-“I think I’ve already made it clear that I do not take orders from you or anyone for that matter”- I spat. She paled slightly.




-“My patience is not unlimited”- she said in aggravation.



-“You have two choices: go work on it and behave yourself at my party or leave”- I snarled. She almost chocked.




-“You cannot kick us out!”- Penelope squeaked. Black’s face contorted in pain as he tried to stop himself from laughing.
-“I don’t want to, but if you disturb my guests I will be forced to ask you to leave”- I said with more sweetness that I thought I could manage.



Penelope looked like she was about to say something else, but Narcissa turned around and walked away. All her minions followed her, including Penelope. Now we were enemies officially, meaning it was time to get back at her any time she tried anything on me. Maybe it was even time to piss her off gratuitously, too. This was going to be fun. Black and Lupin stared at me.




-“I thought Narcissa was going to put you in place, but I have to say you’re good. More than I thought”- Lupin said, impressed.



-“She’s the best”- I felt Josh’s arms wrapping my waist from behind and I smiled, pleased. 



-“Let’s enjoy the party now, then”- Lily said. Potter had just arrived, followed closely by Pettigrew.



-“What did just happen?”- he asked, a little worried. Black laughed.



-“You missed the best boxing match of your life mate”- he joked. I smirked at him and turned to Josh, leaving them to amuse each other at my expense. 






This was one of the best parties I’d ever been to. It was simply awesome. I poured myself another firewhisky and turned to Penelope. She looked beautiful. I did not like the makeup around her eyes, but that was all right. I didn’t really care. She excused herself saying she had to go to the toilet so I just looked around the place. James was stalking Red, again. The poor girl he’d brought as a date looked annoyed. I would be annoyed too if I were her. Thank God I am not her, or any other girl for that matter. I couldn’t handle so many complications. I mean, I am sure I would explode if I had so many feelings in me at the same time. Ugh. Merlin forbids.

I took another long sip from my firewhisky and then I saw her. To say she looked absolutely stunning would have been the understatement of the century. She was talking to people, acting like the perfect hostess. It just came naturally to her. She moved around so gracefully you’d think she was a ballerina. I wondered if I’d ever tell her. I knew she did not remember, but I had been dreaming of her ever since that summer. She was the only girl I’d ever felt like getting close to. All others were just amusements, thus my reputation. Womanizer, they called me. It was okay, I didn’t mind. I had always been waiting for her. However, now that she was here… I wasn’t sure how to get to her. She seemed to be so cold, so distant to everyone. Even towards Rhea and Lily who had become her closest friends. I turned around to stop staring at her, in case she decided to look my way and caught me.

I remembered her perfectly. The way her hair swirled around her, shinning under the bright sun in Santorini. She was dancing on the private beach of her bungalow on her own, completely oblivious to the rest of the world. She wore a white dress, just like that night. I remember how I felt. I could not stop staring. It took me a while to build up the courage to go down and talk to her, but I finally decided that if I went back to James’ without asking her name I’d regret it forever. As I climbed down the mountains the Earth shook. Fortunately, I was almost at ground level so my fall wasn’t painful. The soft white sand was a nice landing area.

When I stood up, however, I heard her scream. The rocks on the hill had detached from the mountain and there was an avalanche coming towards her. She was frozen in terror. I remembered realizing that I would never make it to her on time, so I transformed into my animagus form and sprinted to her as a dog. The only thing I could think of was pushing her in the water. Adrenaline rushed through me, blocking any rational thoughts. All that mattered was the girl. Keeping her safe. We escaped the rocks with only a few scratches from running inside the sea without paying attention at where we stood, or so I thought. A couple small stones rebounded on the bigger rocks and flew above us. One of them hit her. I turned into my human form again as she lost consciousness and kept her safe until the avalanche was over. I remembered putting her down on the sand once it seemed safe for us to get out of the sea. She looked fragile but absolutely beautiful. I tried to wake her up, but no matter how hard I tried, she wouldn’t. My heart beat was so frantic it hurt. I begged her to wake up. Her beautiful face looked peaceful, as if she were just asleep. I panicked, realizing that maybe I would never learn the name of the girl I had been watching for so long. I regretted not having found the courage to come and talk to her sooner. If she died there, I would never have the chance to find out if she was The One.


Eventually, I heard people coming. Then I realized she was supposed to be alone, it was her private beach after all. How would I explain? They’d think I was some kind of perverted teenager stalking the girl from the hills. I panicked so I just ran away, leaving her there. I did not look back until I was safely located on the top of the hill. Her father and some other people took her away. I never learnt her name until a week ago. Naomi Ivy. 

She came and talked to me, apparently Ripley had gone get her drinks. The conversation was beyond confusing but I did not have time to dwell in it. Penelope interrupted us and Naomi left. 

Two hours later half the people in the party were completely smashed. There was people dancing, people snogging senseless and people just asleep on the hammocks. I was dancing with Penelope whose body was dangerously close to mine. I had drunk quite a bit myself.

-“Don’t you think we should go somewhere more private?”- she asked, suggestively. I smiled and took her hand, leading her out.

We walked passed Rhea and Amos Diggory, who were still talking. I swear, those two had had time to tell each other their life’s story. I was more than glad to see they were keeping safety distance, if that bastard tried to so much as touch my little sis I would have to murder him. And I didn't feel like killing anyone that night. When we were about to reach the door, I glanced over my shoulder trying to spot Ivy. I couldn’t find her so I left with Penelope. We walked down a couple corridors before arriving at my favorite broom closet. I was about to open it when we heard steps.


-“What are you doing here?”- I heard James.


-“Oi, Prongs, I thought you’d guess!”- I joked. He smiled and nodded.


-“I just took Mia to her common room, she wasn’t feeling well. See you back in the party?”- he asked. I raised an eyebrow, just like Ivy did all the time.

-“Probably”- I smiled. Penelope blushed furiously.

-“Why are you all here?”- I turned around and saw Ivy. And Ripley.

-“I’m actually going back to the party”- Prongs said. Ivy looked at me, waiting for an answer. I did not know why, but I did not want to tell her that what I was doing. Even though it was obvious.

-“I… yeah, we’re going back, too”- I blurted. Penelope gasped but I chose to ignore her. Ivy smirked.

-“Right”- she said. Josh smirked.

-“What are you doing out here anyway?”- I asked. Then I noticed Josh’s arm around her waist and his mischievous smile. I felt odd, somewhere along the lines of annoyed, irritated and terribly pissed off.

-“None of your business”- Ivy said. Penelope snorted.

-“Oh, please, like you need to explain”- she said rolling her eyes. I wanted to hit her. Not that I ever would hurt a woman.

-“Unlike others I do like to keep my knickers on me at all times”- Ivy retorted. I chuckled and Penelope hit my arm.

-“Whatever, we were going back, weren’t we?”- Pe said, dragging me towards James on our way to the party. I realized I had just lost my opportunity for the night. How had this happened?



I woke up around lunch time. The room was empty so I took my time to change and get ready. My mind went back to the night before as I did so. It had been great. I had had to take Meg to our room at some point during the night and Josh had been a great gentleman helping me with her. Then we had bumped into Black, Penelope whatever her face is and Potter. There had been something similar to an awkward pause, followed by me successfully humiliating Penelope and we all getting back to the party. After that, I’d danced with Josh for most of the night and talked to Rhea and Lily. I saw Black talking to Potter with Penelope around him all the time. At some point they started kissing. It was quite a secluded corner but still, it disgusted me. They should have left. I did not want to witness what they were doing. Not that they were doing anything scandalous anyway. I had made sure to prevent Penelope from getting into Black’s pants that night; she would never want to make my comeback be more than just that, a comeback. Not that I cared if she got in his pants, anyway. It was just fun. Lily had come back early, escorted by Matt. I came back with Rhea, Amos and Josh. At some point, Rhea and Amos started rambling awkwardly, so I decided I’d just save my friend and said goodbye to Josh.


“Now, I want to know what happened with Josh last night”- Jo said, entering the room.


-“Yeah, it’s gossip time!”- Meg, Lily and Rhea came in after her, bringing a tray of food with them. Oh, so they were kidnapping me now. Great.

-“First, you tell me what the general gossip is”- I demanded. They smiled brightly.

-“Everyone is talking about you.  They can’t believe you did not do anything wrong, I think they were expecting you to screw up the whole "new cool girl" act but you didn't. And there’s gossip going on about how you scared Narcissa off”- Jo informed me. This was great news.


-“Cool”- I said.

-“Yeah, and apparently some of her minions are a little disappointed at Narcissa because she’s never had such a success and they are asking her to do something about it”- Meg said, casually. I smirked.

-“Your turn, Naomi. I came back early ‘cause I was dead tired, but I want to know”- Lily said.

-“Nothing happened”- I said. They looked disappointed.

-“See? I told you! She came back with me!”- Rhea exclaimed.

-“We thought you were just waiting for her to tell us herself”- Meg replied.

-“Josh is good on paper, I’m considering him”- I said flatly –“As in, he’s good dating material for a Queen”- I quickly added. Merlin forbid these girls thoughts I could have feelings of any sort. I had noticed they were constantly trying to find the tiniest sign of humanity on me.

-“Yeah, he was with Lucinda, you’d expect him to know what to do”- Jo said. I nodded.

-“We’ll see how that goes”- I said.

-“So, Meg, tell us about Dom”- Rhea said. Meg blushed.

-“I really like him”- she said, giggling. Ugh, I hated giggling.

-“Are you going to see him again?”- Lily asked.

-“Yeah, he asked me to meet him this evening by the lake”- she explained.

-“Cool”- I said. She breathed in relief, as if she’d been waiting for my approval.

-“Narcissa left with Mike”- Jo informed. I raised an eyebrow.

-“Really?”- I smirked –“Word has it, she did him in a broom closet. How tacky”

-“How do you know?”- Rhea asked, confused. Lily chuckled.

-“She doesn’t know”- the red head explained. Realization crossed Rhea’s eyes.

-“Oh… Oh, you’re making it up”- she whispered. I laughed coldly.

-“Of course. I want everyone to hear”- I said, hardening my look. Jo and Meg nodded furiously.


-“See it done. I’m sure Lorena, Odette and Silvia can help”- Meg said.


-“What happened to them yesterday?”- Lily asked.

-“Lorena and Frank got along pretty well, spent most of the night sitting by the fake sea talking, no kissing though… then Odette got a little too drunk and Silvia took her to their room. I am not sure whether their dates escorted them”- Jo, as always, said as if talking about business.

-“Was it really bad?”- I worried. I did not want alcoholics in my army.


-“No, she realized she had drank more than necessary and asked Silvia to take her out before she did anything that would jeopardize her position as a minion”- Meg said. I sighed, relieved.


-“These girls are good”- I approved. They smiled.

-“We’ve been waiting for a chance to screw Narcissa over for years! We better do this right”- Rheasaid. I chuckled.

The week after the party was fun. There was a war going on between Narcissa and I which involved almost the entire school. Slytherins were divided between their Queen Bee and Josh Ripley, their Slytherin King. He was on my side, if only because he wanted to get me to bed. The rest of the school was either indifferent or slightly supportive of me. The only ones who really, really wanted me to overthrow Narcissa were muggle born girls from lower years. Apparently, anyone had ever stood against Narcissa, let alone won, and she humiliated these girls because they were, well, ‘mudbloods’. The war was up and it was getting nastier with every passing day.

Narcissa got to prank me and spread some rumors about me and my girls. She kept pushing me to the edge. I always found a way around it to make it look cool. There was one day when she got my hair dyed green. I asked all my girls to do the same and we hung posters all around the school announcing there was a charity going on that evening in one of the rooms to raise money for the Rainforest, thus, our green hair. It was a success, plus, everyone knew that my hair had originally been dyed by Narcissa and coming out of a prank so nicely was memorable. However, I had to be careful because it was getting harder and harder to predict what was coming next. On top of that, Lily had given me a detention for breaking some rule on hexing people on the corridors and, of course, Penelope and Letty had made sure everyone heard about it. I was beyond upset but I had enough trouble with people thinking my friends were rebelling to get into another fight with the red head.

Josh and I kept flirting with each other during the week without ever actually concluding anything, which was good. I hated it when boys were pushy and tried to boss me around. Lily had no interest on Matt whatsoever, so she was as single as single can be. Meg and Dom were officially together, good for her. She seemed happy. Jo, however, said she did not have time for boys. I was always impressed by the amount and accuracy of her information on everyone so I guessed that keeping such record was time consuming, at the very least. Lorena and Frank were kind of on and off all the time. She had quite a fiery temperament and so did he so they went from arguing passionately to heated make ups. As long as they were kept private, I didn’t mind. Silvia and her boyfriend were good, same as Hannah and Peter. Odette and Luigi were ‘seeing each other’ but not ‘serious’ yet. Or so they liked to tell everyone.

Thursday came. As usual, we sat together with Hannah, Silvia, Odette and Lorena for breakfast. They had taken a habit of sitting at Gryffindor table. I poured some juice; lost in thought as they started chatting about Merlin knows what. I let my eyes travel lazily around the Great Hall, bored out of my mind. The Slytherin table was pretty empty, which I thought was strange. Josh, for example, wasn’t there. My eyes kept wandering until I spotted Black. He was sitting with the rest of the Marauders at the other end of the table; the one closest to the Hall doors.  

-“Prank”- I said. My girls shut up and looked at me.

-“What did you just say?”- Lily asked, worried.

-“The Marauder’s are up to something”- I replied. Rhea looked over at them and then to me, narrowing her eyes.

-“How do you know?”- she asked.

-“Black’s face”- I said flatly.

I chose to ignore the look Lily gave me. Rhea scrutinized her friends carefully. The girls had not lied when they’d said she was the only one close to them. She halved her time between us and them. I did not particularly liked the fact that when she was around the boys she became a boy herself, playing sports, running around and laughing loudly but I had a soft spot for Rhea so I allowed it.

-“You mean you can see when he’s up to something?”- Lorena asked. I rolled my eyes in exasperation.

-“He’s not that difficult to predict”- I retorted, biting a strawberry.

-“Yes, he is”- Meg added. I sighed, annoyed.

-“Stop it”- I commanded. They dared not say anything else. Rhea stood up and walked up to them. She came back a couple of minutes later.

-“They refuse to tell me what’s going on”- she complaint, groaning. Lily looked worried. Whenever they did not tell Rhea what they were going to do, it meant it was something big. Not telling her was their way of “protecting their little sister”.

-“But they’re up to something, aren’t they?”- Odette asked. I glared at her. Do not dare to doubt my word. I said they were, so they were.

-“Yes. The only thing I managed to find out is that none of us should worry. I think it’s Slytherin prank”- Rhea said, half smiling. As if to reinforce her statement, the Great Hall doors banged open that very moment. A group of murderous looking Slytherins walked in… wearing bright pink robes and glitter makeup.

-“Oh my God!”- Hannah whispered. I saw Josh among them. Everyone started laughing like crazy. I tried to keep it cool, but it was damn hilarious. The Marauders were funny; I had to give that one to them.

We had Charms again on Thursday morning so Lily, Jo and I said goodbye to the rest of the girls and walked to the room. We made it early, again. I was getting fairly annoyed at Lily for always making me get to classes on time, but she was Head Girl so I guessed she couldn’t just be late. As we were standing outside the class, Narcissa and her girls came. I raised an eyebrow and glared at her.

 -“Got bored of broom closets, blondie?”- Jo asked, chuckling. Narcissa blushed in anger. The people in the corridor came closer to watch. We had become another common entertainment.

-“I do not talk to disfigured people”- the blonde had a habit of insulting anyone who was different. Jo was Japanese, thus her reference to her eyes.

-“Good to know you won’t be talking to yourself in front of the mirror, then”- I snapped.

-“Bitch”- she spat. I snorted.

-“Is that the best thing you can come up with?”- I asked, faking curiosity.

-“What’s going on here?”- Professor Goud inquired coming out of the office and making her way to the classroom.

-“Nothing, don’t worry”- Lily said immediately. Narcissa and her girls took the chance to disappear inside the room.

-“Oh come on in, then”- Professor Goud motioned for us to follow.

-“I told you to not get into fights when we’re around teachers, it’s about time you start listening to me!”- Lily hissed. I glared at her but did not reply.

-“I’m going to buy popcorn for the next cat fight”- I heard someone behind me say.

-“Yeah, I’d never seen Narcissa so humiliated before. That Naomi Ivy girl is a real bitch”- someone else said.

-“Well, Narcissa’s not doing bad either. I’m not sure I like Ivy”

-“She’s an upright evil cow but at least she doesn’t humiliate or terrorize people that are not pure bloods”- the first one replied.

-“You’re right, hopefully she’ll annoy Black enough for her to leave everyone else alone. Or maybe they kill each other and we’re rid of Queen Bees for good”- the comments drifted away as the people dispersed.

At lunch, the Marauders came and sat with us. Black was quicker than Meg, so he managed to sit next to me. Again. It was the third time this week, which annoyed me to no end and scared the shit out of Megan. I had specifically told her that she could not let Black take that sit. I’d have to scowl at her for half a day, again. I piled some roasted chicken slices on my plate, plus a couple grapes and a slice of low fat cheese.

-“Are you only going to eat that?”- Black asked. I glared at him.

-“Want to get your ass hexed again?”- I sneered. It was true. Every time he’d sit next to me, he’d tried to make me eat more than I wanted to. I had hexed him twice. The third time he gave up when I drew my wand out.

-“You’re going to vanish”- he said. I raised an eyebrow.

-“Fuck off out of my business, Black”- I snarled. He chuckled and piled his ridiculously large amount of food on his plate. I had no idea how someone could manage to swallow all that in one single meal. It should be physically impossible.

-“Do you not get tired of fighting?”- Rhea asked, sweetly. I didn’t even look at her, I was busy pouring juice.

-“Oh, they love it. I think they’d get absolutely bored if they didn’t have each other to annoy”- Lupin said. I heard Lily’s chuckle and Potter’s loud laugh.

-“Good prank this morning, by the way”- Jo said to all four of them in general.

-“Thanks! It was fun, wasn’t it?”- Pettigrew said.

-“It was bloody brilliant”- Potter exclaimed. Lily had trouble suppressing a smile.

-“It was hilarious!”- Odette conceded. The girls nodded, smiling. It was ridiculous, how happy they were to be sitting with The Marauders.

-“There’s a girl coming”- Silvia said. I sighed.

-“I’m not in the mood”- I said, coldly. Jo hurried to her before she could make it to the table.

-“Do they always do what you want?”- Black asked. I looked at him.

-“Of course”- I replied snippily. He shook his head, slightly.

-“What’s the point? I mean, do you really need slaves?”- he questioned. I found it extremely irritating when he tried to have a conversation with me. I was only up for annoying each other. Talking was out of the game.

-“Black, in case you haven’t noticed, I do not explain my actions to anyone”- I said rolling my eyes.

-“You’re an arrogant asshole”- he replied. I laughed coldly.

-“I know”

-“And you’re okay with it?”- he questioned. Now this is what I liked.

-“I’m bloody amazing”- I said sharply. He was about to retort when Lily stood, calling me.

-“Naomi, we’re gonna be late!”- she squeaked. Although Lily was not really the squeaking type, she did get a little too nervous when she thought her position as Head Girl was put in jeopardy. That happened to occur too often for my taste.

-"Chill, woman!"- I exclaimed, standing up and rolling my eyes exaggerately. Black chukled and I couldn't help but to glance at him one last time before leaving. Something about him told me there was a mystery I was missing and I sure as hell did not like that. 



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