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Fallin' by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 6 : Wake Up Call
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Well guys, as usual, characters and the wonderful world of Harry Potter belong to the incredibly brilliant JK Rowling. Hope you enjoy.


Roses POV:

“SCORPIUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!” I shouted as I ran up the stairs. I knew he wouldn’t hear me but might as well wake everyone up in the process right? I went to the fourth year boy’s dormitory and burst into the room. They were all still sleeping. Damn. I ran over to Scorp’s bed and immediately jumped on him.

“SCORP!!” I yelled, as he jolted awake, saw me, and pulled the pillow out from under his head to smack me with.  “GET UPPPPP!!”

“God Rose. Let a guy sleep will you?” He mumbled before turning over onto his stomach and facing away from me placing the pillow on the back of his head trying to tune me out.

I stood up and yanked his covers off causing him to curl up in a ball instantly. I then took the pillow off his head and tossed it aside. I then raked my nails down his back knowing how sensitive his back was.

“UGHHHHHHH!! Rosie!”  He shouted, knowing how much I hated being called Rosie, as he sat up glaring at me. I smiled and he shook his head.

“Scorpius Malfoy you get your butt out of bed.” I said in my best “mother’s” voice.

“Rosie-“ I hissed at him causing him to put his hands up in defeat, “-okay okay! Rose what’s the big deal? Why do I need to get out of bed?”

“Umm helloooooo,” I started, “We’re leaving for winter break today, you’re coming to the burrow and your father is meeting us there!”

“Oh god.” He said, “I haven’t even started packing.”

“PRECISELY WHY I WOKE YOU UP MORON!!” I shouted, causing groans all around the room. Whoops guess I woke up his roommates. I got off the bed and smiled down at my best friend. “I’ll give you guys ten minutes to get dressed and such before I return to help Scorp.” I began to walk out and waggled my fingers towards Scorp smiling to myself.

Scorp and I were now in our fourth year of school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That’s right; it’s a school for magic. I’m a witch and Scorp is a wizard. We’ve been best friends since first year. That’s a different story entirely though. Telling our families was difficult. You see, he’s a “pureblood” and although blood status doesn’t much matter, it doesn’t help that his father was my father’s best friend’s sworn enemy all throughout the time they attended this school. Okay let’s make this easier, you see, Ron Weasley is my father and Hermione Granger is my mother. They attended this school all those years ago and were the best friends of Harry Potter. That’s right, THE Harry Potter. He’s my uncle. And well Scorp’s dad is Draco Malfoy, my uncle’s sworn enemy during his time at school. Hopefully that was easier to understand.

When Scorp first told his father, he was shocked. After meeting me a few times though and soon after meeting up with my parents he realized that everyone had changed after the war. Everyone wanted to put the past behind them. Those who had dropped the dark lord all together were allowed back into society to live normal lives. Draco’s father was one of these people. Whatever had happened, Scorpius was now my best friend and always would be.


Scorpius’s POV:

God. That little read head had no idea how much power she had over me. Okay so here’s the thing, we had been best friends since our first year, which was three years ago. We were now about halfway done with our fourth year.  Despite her being my best friend, I also sort of like her. Okay more than sort of, but she has no idea.

When we started our first year and became friends I was in shock. She was beautiful and fierce and outgoing. We had so many similarities and we clicked instantly. The thing is though, I immediately began to like her. I knew that if I wanted to keep her as a friend though I shouldn’t tell her, and it killed me. I thought that I liked her our first year but boy was I wrong. As hormones began to take over I realized exactly HOW MUCH I liked her. Anytime another boy even talked to her I got extremely jealous. When she got so much as a paper cut I wanted nothing more than for her pain to go away. When we would lie out on the sloping lawns of the grounds and talk it would take all I had in me not to kiss her.

Knowing that she had already been out of the room for 5 minutes I knew I should get dressed. Seeing as we weren’t going to be attending any classes today I knew I could slip into something comfortable. I know Rose had and yet she still looked gorgeous, wearing a grey and black striped form-fitting sweater and tight jeans with flats. Oh right, one of the down sides to having a girl as a best friend, I know what certain kinds of shoes and shirts and the likes were called. I got up to retrieve some clothes from my trunk, deciding on dark jeans,  black Vans (a popular muggle brand shoe), and a band tee-shirt with a sweatshirt over, seeing as it was snowing.  

Just as I finished changing, Rose burst in smiling.

“Time’s up boys!” She looked around and shook her head as all my roommates were still in bed.

“Oh leave them be, we’ll just pack and be out of here.” I said to her rolling my eyes at my roommates.

“Well fine then,” She started, “Well you don’t need much right? We’ll just use the spell my mother showed me to extend your book bag and then you don’t have much to carry.” She finished and smiled. Ahh Rose and her always learning helpful spells from her mother. Such a brilliant witch.

“Whatever you want Rose. Thanks for helping me.” I said and smiled down at her.

Half an hour later she had successfully extended by book back and we had packed all the clothes I would need the next couple weeks as well as my broom and everything else I’d need. Rose really was amazing. My roommates were just beginning to stir so I grabbed Rose’s arm and led her out to the common room.

“Shall we get breakfast?” I asked her.

“But of course.” She said, grabbing her back from the corner of the room and then looping her arm around mine and leading the way out.

Okay guys, I know this isn't too long of a chapter and I'm sorry it's been so long with updates but with finishing school and work and then the site being down it's been hectic. Well I hope that you enjoyed this chapter, PLEASE REVIEW! It means the world to me and it's very helpful and always makes my day whether you're saying how good or how bad my story is. I love all you readers out there, it makes me happy. I shall update this pretty soon and well if you want to read my other story in the mean time, I hope you enjoy. :)


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