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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 3 : Day Two
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AN: For those of you who have already read chapters 1-9, I just wanted to let you know that I had to make some changes to the story. And that to make it less confusing for everyone to reread from the very beginning.


AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.


                Hermione walked grudgingly to the living room holding the pillow Malfoy shoved at her and a blanket she found in the hall closet. She should have known Malfoy wouldn’t have a chivalrous bone in his body. No they had to flip for the bed and just her luck, she lost, which meant now she would be sleeping on the sofa.


                Her head was starting to ache and she was starting to get nauseous again. And sleeping on a hard sofa wasn’t going to help.


                Hermione walked into the living, staring at her temporary bed that she would be sleeping in. If she wasn’t mistaken the sofa looked a lot smaller than it did earlier that day. She arranged the pillow she had and the blanket, than laid down.


Yep, just as she expected. When she laid down flat, her feet dangled over the edge. The creases in the cushions were digging in her back. She felt like she had no room to move or else she’ll roll over the end. This was going to be a long uncomfortable night, but she was so tired, she might as well try to get some sleep.


After tossing and turning, trying to find the most comfortable position. Hermione finally fell asleep, only to be awakened by a cry. Hermione sat up and rubbed her eyes and rolled her shoulders trying to stretch out her achy joints. Standing up she padded softly down the hallway towards the nursery.


Hermione glared at the door that led to the master bedroom. It was still shut, which meant Malfoy was asleep and didn’t hear Crissy or he didn’t care. She softly opened the door to the nursery, so she wouldn’t startled Crissy, who was fussing in her crib.


A small nightlight gave a soft glow around the room, just enough that Hermione could see the outline of the crib without having to turn on the main light to see. She walked up to the crib and peeked over.


“Hi honey. What’s the matter?” Hermione asked softly.


                Crissy sniffled. Hermione reached down and lifted Crissy out of the crib and held her against her chest.


“What’s wrong? Can’t sleep?” Crissy sniffled again and laid her head against her shoulder while sticking her thumb in her mouth to suck. “It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep either.” Hermione told her as she rubbed Crissy’s back to sooth her. “Mal…you’re father thought it was funny to make me sleep on the sofa. When you get older and you have a husband or a boyfriend and they make you sleep on the sofa instead of giving you the nice big comfy bed. Then my advice would be to dump them. A real man wouldn’t let the woman he loves or cares about sleep on the hard lumpy sofa.”


                Hermione was venting she knew that, but at least she had someone to talk to, even if Crissy didn’t understand what she was saying and couldn’t talk back. Instead Crissy gave a loud hiccup and snuggled in closer to Hermione’s chest.


Hermione smiled and kissed her head through her soft baby curls. She started humming as she continued to rub Crissy’s back. It just felt like the natural thing to do. At first it was just a random tune that she was humming. It soon turned into a song she remembered her mother used to sing to her when she was little and couldn’t sleep. And before she knew it, she was adding words to the song.


Hermione wasn’t a singer by any means, but she could at least attempt to carry a tune. And she didn’t dare allow her voice to go above a whisper for fear Malfoy would hear. It would just be another thing to mock her about if he heard. Crissy didn’t seem to be complaining about her voice, so she didn’t bother stopping.


Draco didn’t know what was wrong with him, and why he couldn’t sleep. He was in a huge, comfortable bed and yet as soon as Granger left the room he couldn’t sleep, kept tossing and turning. Surely he wasn’t feeling guilty over taking the bed from her, because he won fair and square.


Maybe it was trying to sleep in a strange place? But that didn’t make sense either, as long as he had a pillow under his head, he could sleep just about anywhere. It almost felt like something was missing. The bed was almost too big for one person that it felt empty with just himself in it. Which was madness because this is the same size bed he had back at the Malfoy Manor, and never once has he felt as if he were being swallowed whole in the bed.


He ended up laying on his back staring up at the ceiling. Maybe sleep will eventually come if he became bored enough. But damn-it if he couldn’t stop thinking of Granger in that silk number she had on earlier that morning. She made a huge show of putting on a pair of ugly sweat pants and the baggiest t-shirt he’d ever seen. It practically covered her from head to toe, the sweat pants weren’t even necessary. But then it would be as if she were wearing a dress or in this case a nightgown, which meant her legs would be bare and that meant it would give him easy access to…


No damn-it! He cursed; he had to stop thinking about Granger and her legs. It was disturbing and he should be disgusted by it…but yet, he wasn’t and it was pissing him off. He tried to distract himself by thinking about his quidditch practice tomorrow. Draco wondered what it was going to be like. He hoped he wouldn’t foul anything up. He didn’t even know any of the plays or the players for that matter.


He heard Crissy crying from her room. He wasn’t exactly sure what to do. Crissy didn’t sound like she was crying very hard. Maybe she will cry herself back to sleep? When the crying didn’t stop he sat up getting ready to go check on her when he heard Granger’s voice. It sounded like she was in the room with him. But she was clearly talking to the baby.


“Granger?” he called out, the room was dark and he couldn’t see anyone in the room.


                He turned on the bedside lamp and noticed that he was indeed alone in the room, but why did her voice sound so close, like she was right there? He looked around to see if he could spot where the sound was coming from. He noticed a white plastic box. He picked it up and held it to his ear. That was it; it was where the voices were coming from, like some sort of listening device.


He set it down, “must be muggle-made.” He muttered, since he had never seen anything like it before.


                He heard Granger talking to Crissy and realized that she was talking about him. He listened to her rant on about how he made her sleep on the sofa and that he wasn’t man enough to let her have the bed. He smirked. So she was upset that she lost the coin toss? Well winner’s keepers, losers weepers, or whatever that muggle saying was.


                He was about to go to the nursery himself and tell Granger to stop whining and also that he could hear every word that she was saying. Until she started singing. He didn’t realize it at first that it was Granger doing the singing, but then again it certainly wasn’t Crissy.


                He stopped and listened. All the teasing went out of him as he listened to her. Yeah, she probably had absolutely no idea that he could hear her from the bedroom. He couldn’t go in the nursery now and tease her about it, because then she would stop and probably blush like she always did. Then he would probably be held responsible if Crissy couldn’t go back to sleep. And we wasn’t that cruel, to deprive a baby from being able to sleep.


                Draco went back over to the bed and laid down lacing his hands behind his head and continued to listen. She wasn’t a musical genius or anything but she could carry a tune. He was trying to figure out the song she was singing.

                It sounded like a lullaby, but not one he was familiar with. It was something about finding a rainbow? Or going over a rainbow? He didn’t know and didn’t really care. He just liked listening to her voice. He shut his eyes and continued to listen, it was rather calming and he felt himself began to drift off to sleep. Soon the singing turned into a soft humming, and then eventually stopped altogether. Crissy must have finally went back to sleep, because he didn’t hear anything else after that. He too finally drifted off to sleep.


                Draco woke up early, anxious to start the day and go to his first quidditch practice. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom to grab a quick shower. Once he was finished he grabbed his Ballycastle Bats quidditch robes and bag, and then walked out the bedroom and into the living room.


                The place was quiet. He set his bag and robes on the dining table and creeped over to the sofa and peeked over. Hermione was sound asleep, with the blanket around her waist and her feet dangling over the edge. Her hair was loose, spreading out along her pillow, her lips slightly parted as she breathed evenly. She obviously didn’t know he was in the room, and the more he thought about it, the more he decided he needed to leave before she woke up and saw him staring at her.


                Before grabbing something to eat, he went to the nursery to check on Crissy, for a brief second he almost forgot about the third person in the household. Once at the nursery, he leaned against the door listening for any sound coming from the room.


                He heard giggling. Draco slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Crissy was sitting in her crib, playing with her dragon or Gus the 2nd as he liked to think of him, named after his own toy dragon he had as a boy. Ga-ga to Crissy though. He still had Gus somewhere hidden in the depths of his closet, probably back at the Manor.


Crissy saw him and waved her little hands in the air. “Dada,” she squealed.


“Morning princess.” He said as he walked into the room.


                As he walked closer to her crib, he could tell right away that she needed a change in diaper. Damn, where was Granger when he needed her? He picked Crissy up and took her over to the changing table. Trying to remember what Granger showed him the other day. ‘Remember to keep Crissy distracted and entertained, so she doesn’t squirm all over the place.’ he remembered her mentioning.


“If my friends saw me doing this, they’d probably laugh their as…well they laugh their heads off.” Draco told Crissy.


                He made a face as he discarded the dirty diaper. Crissy giggled and stuck her hand in her mouth. Once he had her all cleaned and dressed, he picked her up. Walking out the door he nearly ran into Granger.


“Oh sorry.” She said looking tired. “I was just going to go check on her.” She stepped out of the way so he could pass.


“No need, already taken care of.” He said then looked at her from head to toe. “You look awful.”


She scowled at him. “You try sleeping on that sofa for a night and you’d look and feel awful too.” She ran a hand through her curly hair. “Since you already taken care of her, do you think you can handle feeding her as well while I take a shower?” she said yawning.




“I guess, but hurry up I need to leave soon.”


“Where are you going?” Hermione asked sounding worried.


“I have quidditch practice today.”


“Oh right I forgot. Well I’ll make it quick.” Hermione began to walk passed him, but paused to run her hand through Crissy’s curls. “Morning Crissy.” Then continued to walk towards the bedroom.


                Draco tensed when Hermione got near, for some reason he thought she was about to reach out and touch him, but when her hand went to Crissy instead he found himself being…disappointed? This didn’t make sense. He could smell the jasmine scent coming off her skin and it lingered in the hallway as she passed him. He shook his head trying to clear his bizarre thoughts and made his way into the kitchen to feed Crissy breakfast.


                Hermione felt awful. Why did they choose that sofa anyway? It was the most uncomfortable piece of furniture she had ever laid on. She let the hot water run down her achy bones and sore muscles. Maybe she was getting sick. Her head hurt, she was exhausted but couldn’t sleep, she was hungry one minute and vomiting the next.


                She completely forgot that Malfoy had practice today, now she would have to take care of Crissy by herself. Which wouldn’t be a horrible thing. But it wouldn’t be easy especially if she’s sick.


                Once Hermione was dressed she walked into the kitchen to find Malfoy feeding Crissy mashed carrots, making flying noises. Crissy seemed to be enjoying it and she actually managed to eat what he was feeding her instead of wearing it all over her face and clothes.


“How is it that you’re better at getting her to eat then I am?” she said leaning against the counter watching them.


“Don’t look so shocked Granger; you can’t be perfect at everything.”


“I never said I was perfect at everything.”


“No you never said it. But you got to admit that if you don’t know how to do something, you study books and other materials until you have it down pact. This is why most people dubbed you with the unfortunate nickname the ‘know-it-all.’”


“Yeah maybe, but people also call me the brightest witch of our generation. That’s got to count for something.”


He rolled his eyes at her, “if you say so Granger.”


                Hermione looked around the kitchen, when her eyes landed on Draco’s quidditch robes lying on the dining table.


She drummed her fingers on the countertop. “If you’re a professional quidditch player, I wonder what I do for a living?” she asked even though mainly she was just thinking out loud.


“Well, what did you want to be when you grew up?” he asked concentrating on feeding Crissy another spoonful of mashed carrots.


Hermione shrugged even though he wasn’t looking at her. “I don’t know. I guess I always saw myself working at the ministry or teaching maybe.”


Draco placed the baby spoon in the now empty carrot jar and leaned back. “You can see yourself doing either of those things?” he asked skeptically. “What is that supposed to mean? What do you really want to do when you grow up?”


“I guess if I could have any dream job in the world. I would want to be a writer. And why are you all of sudden asking me all these personal questions anyway?


He raised his hands up. “Hey don’t get full of yourself Granger, and besides need I remind you, you started it. And by the way if you really want to know what you do for a living, you should go over to the bookshelf and look.” He said nodding towards the bookshelf in the living room.


She looked over her shoulder following his gaze, and then back at him arching an eyebrow in question.


“Just go over there and look. I’m surprised you didn’t notice them earlier, since there are about eight books with your name on them.”


“What?” Hermione walked over to the bookshelf and sure enough, there were eight novels sitting on the fourth shelf. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this.” She grinned and pulled one out to look at.


                Hermione flipped it over and read the back. It was a non-fiction novel. She had always wanted to be a novelist, always writing random creative stories. But she was always afraid to show them to people, afraid they wouldn’t like her writing. She flipped through the first couple of pages. She happened to flip to the dedication page. This book is dedicated to my love, Draco.


                She closed the book with a snap. That was weird. She put that book back and pulled out another and opened it. It was dedicated to him as well, not the same exact message, but one similar to it.


“What are you looking at in those?” Draco asked watching her from the kitchen.


“Nothing. I was just seeing what they were about. You know to see if I recognized anything that I’ve already written.”


“Right.” He said, sounding like he didn’t believe her. “Well I gotta get going.”  


“Okay well…have fun.” Hermione said walking back into the kitchen.


“Ha, it’s okay Granger. You don’t have to pretend like you care.”


She rolled her eyes. “I just thought that maybe we could attempt to be somewhat civilized towards each other. Since we’re stuck in this situation together.”


He grabbed his robes and bag from the dining table. “No promises.” He smirked.


“Yeah well I’m not holding my breath either.” She mimicked his famous smirk back at him. “Just remember to watch what you say. I don’t think we should say anything to anyone about our situation until we know exactly what’s going on.”


“Yeah, I’ll do my best, I don’t want anyone to think I’m mad or anything.” He leaned in to kiss Crissy on the forehead. “Bye Princess, see you later.”


Crissy waved bye-bye with her hand.


                Hermione was dumbstruck. She didn’t think she would ever see the day when Draco Malfoy would be openly affectionate towards something, without being crude. Yeah he held Crissy yesterday and played with her, but that was it. Even though it was just the three of them it was still weird…but sweet, to see him be so tender with her.


He turned towards Hermione almost as an afterthought, “See ya.” Then apparated out of the kitchen.


Once Malfoy was gone, Hermione turned towards Crissy. “Well it looks like it’s just you and me now. What should we do today?”


                She went over to clean the carrot mush that was all over Crissy face and fingers. Then went to the refrigerator to get breakfast for herself. She wasn’t terribly hungry, but she needed to eat something since she didn’t eat much the day before. She scanned the shelves, nothing looked or sounded good. Then her eyes landed on a jar of pickles. She hated pickles, but for some reason they were calling her name and she had the urge to try one.


                Hermione took the jar out and opened the lid. She pulled one out, thinking how she always hated the sour taste of them and couldn’t stand the slimy yet crunchy texture they had. She took a hesitant bite and rolled her eyes in ecstasy. It tasted like heaven. It was exactly what she had been craving all day. She popped the whole thing in her mouth, savoring it until the last bite. She then took another, then another.


                She didn’t know why she had never liked them before, now she was eating them as if they were candy. She took the jar with her as she looked through the cabinets. She noticed that they were getting short on food. The cereal box was more than half empty. The milk was almost gone. Crissy had only two baby food jars left. She looked down at her jar of pickles and noticed that they were all gone now too. And other various foods needed to be bought or replaced.


                Hermione set her now empty jar of pickles down and grabbed a notepad and pen and starting making a list of all the things they needed. Malfoy got to leave the house for the day, who says she couldn’t either. Crissy and her were going to make an outing to the grocery store today. She went ahead and added other various toiletries that were needed on the list as well.


                Once she had Crissy changed and ready to go, Hermione was about to leave when she remembered she needed some sort of diaper bag for Crissy in case she had an accident or needed something to eat and whatnot. She found a large back that had large pockets and lots of storage; there were already extra diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, a pacifier, and toys to entertain her with inside it. So she went ahead and added some snacks and bottles of formula or juice to it as well. Then grabbed her purse, wand and grocery list.


                She was about to apparate out, but then thought differently. First she didn’t know exactly where they were or where the nearest store was. And second she couldn’t just apparate to a muggle store, especially if she didn’t know where she was going. And thirdly she has never apparated with a baby before, sure it was possible, but she was afraid to take that risk and what if Crissy didn’t like it?


                Hermione walked out the kitchen through a door she hadn’t been through before. This certainly looked like your everyday muggle house, surely it had a garage attached to it and maybe even a car. She walked in to what appeared to be the laundry room and on the other side it led to the garage, just as she expected. She walked in and found that they had two cars. One was a black sports car, most likely that was Malfoy’s, if he even knew how to drive. She highly doubted it. The other car was a minivan. It figures, once you become a parent, sometimes you have to give up style in order to be practical.


                She just prayed that the van had a car seat for Crissy. Once Crissy was buckled in, Hermione grabbed the keys and made sure she had money for groceries and did a double check to make sure she didn’t miss anything. And just to be safe she jotted down their address, just in case they got lost along the way or coming back.


                It turned out that they actually lived in a neighborhood, where they had actual neighbors, instead of being in the middle of nowhere. But fortunately the houses weren’t that close together, giving them enough space for privacy, but not being completely isolated either. The store wasn’t far and she managed to get everything on her list. She also shamefully got five more jars of pickles…they were on sale and that’s the story she was sticking with.


                By the time they got back home, it was time for Crissy’s nap. Once Hermione finally got her to sleep, she went back to the kitchen to make herself a ham sandwich for lunch. She took the sandwich with a side of pickles into the living room and flipped on the telly, keeping the volume down so she wouldn’t wake Crissy.


                Hermione sat down in one of the arm chairs in the room, not wanting to sit on the sofa until she absolutely had to. She took a bite of her sandwich and tried to swallow it, but couldn’t. She had to spit it out. It tasted horrible, like the meat went bad and was rotten. She took the top piece of bread off and hesitantly took a whiff of the meat. It smelled fine, but tasted awful. She took a small piece of ham and ate it, forcing herself to swallow it, which was a big mistake. He stomach rolled. She sat her plate on the coffee table, and braced her hands on her knees trying to breathe through her nose, to ease her queasiness.


                She was feeling fine only seconds ago. Maybe she was having a bad reaction to the pickles that she practically inhaled for breakfast. She stood quickly and made her way to the bathroom, getting that panicky feeling that she gets when she’s about to vomit, but doesn’t want to.


                After throwing up her entire breakfast and what little lunch she had, she felt marginally better. Once she brushed her teeth thoroughly and threw away what was left of her lunch.


                   Hermione went to the dining table where the pile of books were still sitting. She sorted through them trying to find one to study, nothing really looked interesting. At the bottom of the pile she found one book called, What to Expect when you’re Expecting. What would a book like that be in this pile of parenting books? They already had Crissy, why would they need a book on pregnancy?


                She couldn’t be pregnant again…could she? There was no way that she could be pregnant with Malfoy’s baby. It was too weird to think about. The random bouts of sickness were nothing, just food poisoning or the flu…not morning sickness. She ran a hand down her flat belly. Yeah it was absolutely impossible. She put the book back in the bottom of the pile so she wouldn’t see it.


She didn’t know what to expect here, and she felt totally unprepared which scared the hell out of here. She grabbed a glass of water and some crackers to nibble on. Maybe it will help settle her stomach. She watched some more TV just trying to relax.


                She was about to fall asleep when she heard Crissy getting fussy. Hermione went and got Crissy and brought her into the kitchen. She put her in her highchair so she could feed her a snack. She went and got some cereal and poured a few pieces onto her tray to nibble on, and filled one of her bottles with some juice.


                Hermione decided that even though it was still fairly early, that she would start preparing something for dinner. She had no idea what time Malfoy would be back, but surely he would be back before nightfall. She decided to make pot roast, because it took time cook and frankly it was one of the only things she knew how to make. Give her a potions assignment any day, but cooking was a different story. Once she put everything together, she put it in the oven to cook it low and slow and set the timer.


                It was such a nice day out. Hermione decided to spend some time outdoors while they waited for dinner to cook. They had a really spacious fenced in backyard, with flowerbeds full of colorful blooming flowers. She made sure Crissy’s fair skin would be protected from the late afternoon sun, so she slathered on some sunblock and made sure Crissy wore a hat. Hermione changed into a tank top and some shorts; she secured her hair up in a knot so it was off her neck. She found an old blanket and brought it out to lie on, along with some of Crissy’s toys including her dragon and Hermione picked up on of the novels she wrote to read as well as some parchment and a quill so she could brainstorm more ideas on how they got here in the first place, and what options they had to try to get back.


                It was just the right temperature outside, not to hot and not too chilly. She loved this backyard. She could picture someday having a children’s playground set off to the side, or maybe a tree house or a tire swing on the giant oak tree that shaded half the yard. Hermione gave up on trying to think, she was getting to distracted so she laid on her back on the blanket in the shade of the tree as she watched Crissy play with a set of alphabet blocks.


                Draco was exhausted after practice. Fortunately practice was held just like he was used to at Hogwarts on the Slytherins team. Running drills over and over, conditioning, building up strength, flying laps at different speeds. Luckily the team was learning a new play so he wasn’t the only one who was a little lost when they practiced strategies. He already knew some of his teammates from watching them play on the Ballycastle Bats from years before, most he’s never seen or heard of before. Thank Merlin each teammate had their last name printed on their robes otherwise he would have been calling everyone by ‘hey you.’ 


                He was ready to get home and take a nice hot shower. Home, he never thought of that word as being something special. Home was just a place he lived, where his father lived. In a cold, dark, dank manor. But thinking of home now, meant something more, something warm and inviting, a place he actually could see himself enjoying being at. He shook his head to clear it.


                The home he was thinking about was fake, make believe. A place where Granger was at, which was rubbish. If he had any say in this he would want to go home to someone who was…well someone who wasn’t Granger or someone who wasn’t everything he had been taught to hate.


                Damn-it he didn’t want to think about any of this, he just wanted to get back, take a shower and eat a nice dinner. Although he was excited to see Crissy. He never pictured himself having children or even liking them. Yet he wasn’t sure why but that curly haired bundled brought a smile to his face every time he saw her or thought of her.


                He apparated, picturing their midsize kitchen inside their moderate house. Draco arrived with a pop. He could smell something strange, like a burning smell. He looked around, nothing was on fire. He was about to call out for Granger when he saw her through the window lying out under a large oak tree. Crissy was crawling besides her with a look of joy upon her face as she was giggling.


                Granger’s legs and arms were bare, reminding him of how she looked when they awakened the other day. Her feet were bare too and for some reason he found that very appealing. Her hair was piled up in a knot on top her head. He forgotten how many times his fingers twitched to remove the clip keeping her hair in place. He didn’t understand why she kept her hair so long only to tie it back.


                He stepped out the door leading to the backyard. Granger was now lying on her side, facing away from him so she didn’t see him enter the backyard. He could hear her playing peek-a-boo with Crissy. Crissy climbed on top of Granger, holding onto her waist for balance. He could hear Granger’s laughter as she encouraged Crissy to stand up as she help supported her with her hand.


Crissy looked up and saw him approaching, “Dada!” she squealed happily.


Hermione looked over her shoulder to see Draco watching them. She pushed a stray hair out of her face and sat up.


“You’re back.”


He nodded, “are you cooking something in there or burning the house down?” he said jerking his head towards the house.


She became alert. “Oh no the roast. I opened the windows so I would hear the timer go off. Will you watch her for a second?” Hermione said standing up and ran bare foot across the lawn into the house.


Draco went over and picked up Crissy from the blanket, then followed Granger back into the house. He walked into the kitchen just as she was pulling out a black charred piece of something, he couldn’t tell.


“Well there goes dinner.” Hermione said huffing out a sigh in defeat.


“Why don’t we just order something instead? Isn’t that what muggles do?”


“Sometimes.” She sighed. “Yah okay. What do you want to eat?”


“I don’t care, just something edible if you don’t mind.” Draco said setting Crissy in her play-pin. “You can choose. Meanwhile I’m going to take a shower.” He walked down the hall towards the bedroom.


                I think I liked it better when he wasn’t here, Hermione thought to herself. What did she feel like eating tonight? She went over to the kitchen counter and looked through a pile of takeout menus they’ve collected over the years. A Chinese takeout menu was on top and her stomach growled in hunger. Chinese it is then.


                Luckily they delivered, so she didn’t have to leave. She found a telephone and dialed their number. While it rang she looked over the menu, thinking just about everything sounded good. After she hung up, she realized that she ordered enough food to feed a family of five if not more. But in her defense, she was really hungry and she barely had anything to eat for lunch. And she didn’t know what Malfoy liked or didn’t like, so she needed options.


                As she waited for the food to arrive, she discarded the burnt pot roast. Then started preparing Crissy’s dinner. She looked around for her purse to pay the delivery man. It wasn’t in the kitchen or the living room. She then realized that she left it in the bedroom when she went and changed clothes earlier. The delivery man was due any moment and Malfoy was taking a shower. Maybe she could just run in there really fast, grab her purse and get out.


                She made sure Crissy would be okay as she ran to the bedroom for a few seconds. She walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. The door was shut and she wasn’t sure if she should knock or just walk in. she pressed her ear to the door and listened for any sound. She didn’t hear anything so maybe he was still in the shower.


                She opened the door slowly, calling out to Malfoy telling him she needed her purse. No one answered so she peeked her head through the door and looked around. He was still in the bathroom, thank god. She walked into the room, looking around for her purse. She spotted it sitting on top the dresser next to the bathroom door. She rushed over to get it just as Malfoy stepped out of the bathroom door, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.


                Hermione tripped over her own feet and her body pitched forward, nearly colliding into him. Draco reached out just in time and caught her around her arms. His hands easily fit around her arms and his strength easily kept her from falling.


                The second his hands touched her bare skin, electric sizzles shot down her limbs all the way to the tips of her toes. Goosebumps raised on her skin against the warmth coming from his hands. Her nose was only inches away from his bare chest. It took everything in her power not to inhale his spicy scent, which was only more intense against his damp skin.


“Watch it Granger.”


If she wasn’t mistaken, she could have sworn that his voice sounded huskier, but then again she couldn’t hear much except the pounding of her heart. “S…sorry. I um…I just uh needed to get my purse.” She straighten up and looked everywhere except at him.   


“Okay…” he drawled out.


                She could practically hear the smirk in his voice as he let go of her arms. She suddenly felt disappointed that he was no longer touching her. This was crazy and stupid. Draco stepped away from her and she reached and grabbed her purse just as the doorbell rang.


“That would be the food.” Hermione took her purse and practically ran out the door.


                Shutting the door behind her she could hear Malfoy laughing. Merlin she was so lame. It not like she hadn’t seen him undressed before. Just yesterday morning she woke up to him wearing nothing but boxers. He probably thought she was some blushing, inexperienced school girl…which okay she was, but he would never find out just how inexperienced she is.


                She paid the delivery man and took the food into the dining room. Removing the food containers out of the bag, when Malfoy came in thankfully wearing a t-shirt and jeans, his feet were bare. He picked Crissy up out of her play-pin and set her in her highchair, which Hermione moved closer to the table.


Draco took one of the containers and opened it, taking a hesitant whiff of its contents. “What is all of this?”


“Chinese food. I didn’t know what you liked so I got a little bit of everything.”


“I can see that.” He said taking in all the containers set on the table, but he wasn’t complaining because he was starving and it smelled pretty good.


                Draco silently chewed on some fried rice as he watched Granger practically inhale more than half of the food she ordered.


“Jeeze Granger are you eating for two or something? I don’t even think I’ve seen Weasley eat as much as you are in one setting.”


Hermione’s face instantly lost all color and a look of worry replaced it. She dropped her fork on the plate and stared at the food still left.


“You’re not going to get sick again are you?” he asked recognizing the look on her face when she got sick yesterday morning.


“No,” she whispered and pushed her plate away.


Damn-it, now he felt guilty. “Relax Granger. I was just joking. Eat as much as you want, the fewer leftovers we have the better. I wasn’t trying to make a jab at your eating habits or calling you fat or anything. I never pictured you as one of those girls who get self-conscious about what and how much they eat.”


“I’m not. I didn’t really eat lunch today and I guess I was hungrier then I thought I was. But I’m full now.” She said gathering up the empty food containers. “How did you’re practice go?” she asked obviously trying to take the attention off her.


He went along with it, not really interested in learning about Grangers eating habits anyway. “Fine. It was a lot similar to practicing at Hogwarts on the house teams. So it was pretty easy to get into the swing of things.”


“Good. Do you think anyone suspected anything?”


“We didn’t discuss anything personal, just game strategies.”


She nodded, and then focused on trying to get Crissy to eat a spoonful of mashed peas. “Do you have practice tomorrow?”


“Yeah, but it’s a shorten day, so I’ll only be gone for a couple of hours.”


                Hermione laid the spoon she was feeding Crissy with on her tray. Crissy choose that moment to pick up the spoon and fling her little arms about tapping the spoon against her tray. Making loud tapping noises with it. Unfortunately as she did that, Crissy managed to splatter smashed peas in her hair and all over her arms.


Hermione sighed. “I think Crissy definitely needs a bath before we put her to bed tonight.”


Draco nodded. “Yah you’re probably right.” He said taking the empty food containers and putting them in the trash. “How do we do that?” he asked.


“One of the books said that at this age it’s okay to wash her in the bathtub, since she can sit up on her own. But it’s best to have two people there, one to wash while the other supports her upright and makes sure she doesn’t fall over just as a precaution. “


“I’ll hold her up. You wash.”


“Okay.” Hermione said bringing the leftover food and putting it in the refrigerator.


Draco came up behind her and looked in. “Why are there five jars of pickles in there?”


Hermione blushed. “They were on sale at the store.”


“I hate pickles.” He muttered.


                He was so close to her she could feel his breath on the back of her neck, causing the goose bumps to raise up on her skin. She shut the door and side stepped out of his personal space. What was wrong with her? She couldn’t get within six inches from him without her body reacting in some way. He apparently was completely oblivious of her reactions to him, for he went over and picked up Crissy.


“Time to get you all cleaned up.” He said to Crissy as he tickled her tummy.


                Once Hermione finished cleaning the kitchen from their dinner she followed Malfoy into the  bathroom next to Crissy’s nursery. It was clearly the place where they bathed her before since the tub was full of bath toys. Draco took Crissy into the nursery to remove her clothes and diaper, while Hermione filled the tub with water. She needed to make sure that the water wasn’t too hot or too cold.


                Draco walked in with a naked Crissy in his arms. Hermione couldn’t help but grin at the sight of Malfoy holding a naked baby. It was so…cute.


“What?” he asked.


She shook her head, covering her mouth as she giggled. “Nothing.” She grinned even wider.


Draco adjusted his hold on Crissy, with one hand under her arm and the other under her naked bum. “Spit it out Granger.”


“It’s nothing I swear.” She stifled another giggle that threaten to emerge.


He arched an eyebrow at her.


“It’s just you might want to be careful, you wouldn’t want her to pee on you.” She was just joking but she couldn’t tell him that the thought of him and a naked Crissy made an absolutely adorable image, she would never forget it.


His eyes widen then looked at Crissy. “She wouldn’t dare?”


Crissy blinked up at him with her large chocolate brown, then gave him a goofy grin and reached out and grabbed his nose and giggled. He smiled and shook his head laughing. It was the first time Hermione had seen Malfoy truly smile without his infamous smirk. He actually had dimples in each cheek when he smiled like that. And she found herself really enjoying the sound of his laugh, when he wasn’t being mean or condescending. Which is what she normally heard in his laughter, this was different, it was full of joy and happiness.


Clearing her thoughts she spoke up, “The waters ready.” She reached out to take Crissy from him.


               Once she had her, Hermione lowered her into the warm water. Draco kneeled down next to Hermione on the floor to help support Crissy so she wouldn’t fall over. Crissy grabbed a rubber ducky that was floating next to her and began to chew on it, while kicking her legs in the water making it splash.


                Hermione grabbed the baby soap and began to lather it into a soft washcloth. While Draco distracted Crissy by entertaining her with her toys. Crissy slapped her hands against the water, splashing everything around her as she giggled. Draco was no help at all; in fact he was encouraging Crissy to splash the water.


“You’re setting a bad example for her.” Hermione muttered to him.


“Me? She’s having fun. How is that setting a bad example?” He dipped his hand in the water and purposely flicked the water on his fingertips in Hermione’s face.


She scowled at him as she wiped her cheek on her arm. “Because she could splash the soapy water into her eyes and get upset.”


“It says right there on the bottle, will not sting eyes.”


“That still doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be uncomfortable if it did happen.”


“Relax Granger. She’s having fun. You should try not being so serious all the time.” Flicking water onto her face again.


“I’m not serious all the time.”


“Oh yeah? Prove it.” He taunted her.


                Before she thought better of it, she threw the water soaked soapy washcloth at his face. It slipped down his face and onto his shirt leaving a wet trail. A look of stunned shock came across his face and Hermione couldn’t help but laugh. His stunned expression turned into a smirk.


“Now who’s setting a bad example?”


She shrugged innocently, “It slipped.” She smiled sweetly, and then broke out into a fit of giggles.


                Seconds later he joined in and laughed along with her. Once they got their laughing under control, Hermione cleared her throat; she hadn’t laughed that much in a long time.


 “I think we should finish up here before the water gets too cold.”


He nodded in agreement.


                Draco watched as Hermione gently lathered Crissy’s hair with shampoo. Her cheeks were rosy from the laughter they shared. The steam from the water made the wisps of hair around her nape curl at the ends. And her skin almost had a kind of glow about it, making her eyes stand out. She bit her lip in concentration. All the laughter left him as he continued to stare at her face and more specifically her mouth.




Damn-it, she was talking to him and he wasn’t paying attention, instead he was wondering what it would be like to kiss her. “What?”


Being completely oblivious of his staring she kept her focus on Crissy. “Can you cover her eyes, while I rinse the shampoo out?”


“Yeah sure.” He returned his focus back to Crissy as well and gently covered her eyes.


                Hermione carefully poured water over her head from a cup. Crissy didn’t like that very much and started to squirm and fuss, trying to get out of the way. Hermione leaned forward and Draco did as well trying to still Crissy. Hermione held a hand against Crissy’s chest to hold her still. And Draco managed to rinse out the rest of the shampoo.


                Draco was well aware of how close Granger was to him. He could feel her hair tickling beneath his chin. He suspected that she didn’t realize yet just how much she was in his personal space. He could smell the jasmine scent coming either from her shampoo or perfume, he couldn’t tell. He should move back, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that.


“Are you finis…” Hermione turned her head and almost collided into his nose.


                He still didn’t move. Instead he glanced down at her lips again. All he had to do was lower his head an inch and he would be kissing her.


She pulled back quickly. “Um…I’m…uh I’ll just get a towel.” She stuttered and stood up and walked out the bathroom probably so she could run away from him.


                At least he knew she felt something there as well. But it was probably fortunate that she ran away. It was the smart thing to do. She wasn’t right for him and the last thing he needed was to get involved with her. He reached inside the tub to pull the drain. Then scrubbed a hand down his face.


                He’s only been here for two days and already this situation was messing with his head. He just hoped it wouldn’t last much longer or he was bound to do something he might truly regret.

AN: Okay just another reminder. For those who have been with me following my story from the very beginning, or who have already read chapters 1-9, I just want to let you know that I've made some changes to the story. Instead of this being a project that the teachers assigns them, it was an accident that lands Hermione and Draco in the future, and they have no idea how they got there or how to get back. To make it less confusing, you might have to reread from the very beginning starting from chapter case you haven't already. Let me know what you think and as always please keep reading and reviewing...I love getting all of your feedback.

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