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The Properties of a Rose by RupertsPheonix
Chapter 25 : Part Twenty Five
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Part Twenty Five


Jeanette had been driving me crazy.  Not in the same way as before, where we hadn’t been speaking, but more because now, she wasn’t acknowledging her crush on Albus at all.  In fact, he had even come to me worried about her.


“She’s just acting different,” he said, as the two of us walked toward the dungeons for our Potions lesson.  “She doesn’t…  she doesn’t act like she did.”


 “You mean she doesn’t flirt with you anymore.”


He was turning Weasley-red.


“I’ve noticed it, too.”  I opened the door to the classroom and made my way to the table where Scorpius already sat.  Albus was still walking beside me.


“What do I do about it?”


I slapped my textbook onto the table.  “Albus, you are seventeen years old.  Surely you can think of some way to get the girl you’ve been pining after for three years to regain interest in you.”


He still looked blank.


“You’re a dim-witted toad,” I exclaimed.  “You seriously can’t think of anything?”


Scorpius looked highly amused at the conversation.  “Jeanette?” he asked.


“Of course,” I muttered, opening my textbook.


Scorpius turned to Albus.  “Why don’t you just ask her out?”


Albus turned, if possible, even redder.  “I—I can’t!”


Scorpius laughed.  “Look, if it makes it easier, Rose and I can go with you two on a sort of double date to the next Hogsmeade trip.”


I glared at him.  He raised an eyebrow in confusion.  Albus, however, didn’t notice this exchange.


“Thanks, Scorpius.  I’ll… I’ll try to ask her tonight.”


He bounded off to his own table, happy as a damn kneazle.


I rounded on Scorpius.  “The next trip is the last Hogsmeade trip before Christmas.  I was supposed to do my shopping for Jeannette and Al both!”  And for you, I thought, but didn’t say aloud.


He blinked.  “I didn’t even think of that… I’m sorry, Rose… How about we just do drinks with them, then we can escape them to do the shopping?”


I rolled my eyes.  “Fine.  That’s fine.  But when we’re stuck trying to make awkward conversation because they’re too embarrassed to even look at each other, it’s your fault.”


He grinned.  “I’ll be sure to remember that.”





Mum had finally written to me about the St Mungo’s New Year’s party.  She had written this long-winded letter about how she thinks she’s found the perfect dress shop for me to find something and about how it will be the perfect opportunity to officially meet the Malfoy family.


I decided to approach Scorpius with this information during a particularly simple Herbology class.


I was shovelling dirt into a large pot as Scorpius was searching in the table drawer for the packet of Devil’s Snare seeds.


“Mum wants to meet your parents at the St. Mungo’s party.”


Well, that was less subtle than I’d intended.


He paused, his hand hovering over the packet.  “What?”


I nodded.  “We’re all going to be there.  I guess they figure we might as well officially introduce them.”


Scorpius looked almost shocked.  “But… But didn’t they meet like a million years ago when they went here?  Do they have to meet again?”


I shrugged.  “Mum wants to.  And it might be an alright place to do it, since it’ll be public and there’s no chance of a fight between our dads…”


Scorpius turned back to the packet of seeds.  “I’ll write to Mum this evening and see what she thinks.  For now, let’s just get this assignment done.”





Professor McGonagall was not in the happiest of moods in transfiguration.  It was the last lesson before the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, and everybody seemed to be daydreaming about Quaffles rather than paying attention to her lesson.


She slapped her textbook closed.


“Seventeen inches on the steps to become a legal animagi, due in Monday’s lesson.  Now go and get ready for the match.”


Everyone jumped up, tossing their notes into their bags and capping their ink wells.  Scorpius was throwing his bag over his shoulder when McGonagall approached our table, where we sat in front of Louis and Albus.


“Professor Longbottom would like to have a brief meeting with the Head Boy and Head Girl tomorrow morning at nine thirty.  He asked me to let you know.”


“Thank you, Professor.”


She turned to walk back to her desk at the front of the classroom, and I left with my cousins and Scorpius.


“What do you think Longbottom wants with you?” Scorpius asked.


“Hell if I know,” Lou said, stepping beside Scorpius as we walked down a rather wide staircase and toward the entrance hall.  “Probably wants us to organize a Greenhouse-cleaning day.”


I rolled my eyes.  “Whatever it is, we’ll find out tomorrow.  For now, let’s head to the pitch.”


This was going to be an unusual match, as it was taking place directly following the last class of the day.  The professors had scheduled it for a Friday afternoon, stating that the Headmaster had a meeting with the Board of Directors on the following Saturday.  This match also decided which team would play Slytherin in the final match of the year, which would be held in early spring.


When we got to the pitch, Roxie was pulling payers toward the Gryffindor changing rooms.


“Lou, Al, get in here!”


They mock-saluted her and grinned at Scorpius and me before heading into the changing rooms.  I gave Rox a quick hug, wished her luck, and pulled Scorpius toward the stands.


We sat in the Gryffindor section, which I thought Scorpius might be uncomfortable with, but he seemed comfortable enough.  I looked around to find any friends of mine that might want to sit with us, and I saw Jeanette walking with our roommate Alexia toward the stands.  I waved them over just as Scorpius yanked on my arm.


“There’s your brother,” he said, pointing to the top of the stairs.


I waved Hugo and his girlfriend Lolita over to sit with us.  Soon enough, we had a large crowd of Gryffindors sitting around us, and I found myself very impressed with Scorpius’ ability to fit right in with all of my housemates.  Of course, he’d talked to Jeanette several times, but now he was talking with my brother and several other housemates.


Polly Matthew’s voice rang out loud and clear over the pitch as she introduced the match.  “And today, we have the noble house of Ravenclaw and the fierce house of Gryffindor facing each other in an enthralling match!  So, onto the match today!  The first team, Gryffindor…!”


A/N: Thanks so much for anyone who has stuck through this past year of distant updates.  Your reads and reviews mean so much. :)

This dedication goes to fadingdove for giving me my 300th review!  :)

Reviewer question:  What three colors do you you like best on redheads?  OR What three colors do you like best for Rose to wear?

Thanks for the read (and review),

Kate/RP :)

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The Properties of a Rose: Part Twenty Five


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