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Long Live by thekingscross
Chapter 4 : And...the Annual Marauder's Last Night Before Last First Day of School Party
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Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to my bff Jo.



“So you’re telling me that there are several secret passageways out of Hogwarts that you, James, Peter, and Remus have discovered.”

“Yes. I am.”

“And you never told me about any of them!”

“The situation has never arisen in which we would have to use one with you. Until today, that is.”

Mia huffed.

Sirius looked at her. “Give me a break. We can’t go letting you girls know each and every Marauder secret. That would be against the code.” Sirius told her vehemently.

Mia rolled her eyes but didn’t further the discussion.

“So…where exactly is this no-so-secret passageway?”

“Well, the one that we are going to use is in the bottom of Honeydukes.”

“Don’t tell me. Us getting through is going to depend once again on you buttering up some chick.”

“If you would describe Ambrosius Flume as a chick, then yes.”

Mia and Sirius walked into an empty Honeydukes. Sirius gasped. He grabbed Mia’s arm and pulled her into a corner of the room.

“Sirius! That was completely unnecessary.”

“Shhhhhhhh.” Sirius scolded her in a whisper and wrapped his hand around her mouth, looking around the room. Underneath the hand of Sirius, the mouth of Mia was locked in a scowl.

Discovering that their entrance went unnoticed by the plump old man lazily sitting at the counter, Sirius whispered, “We’ve never actually used this passage when the store was actually open…well, at least without the cloooaa…never mind. Anyway we’ll have to sneak downstairs into the cellar. There’s a trapdoor, which is usually under a few boxes of sweets. Anyway, on the count of three we’ll move, as quietly as possible, toward the door. Actually, maybe it will be best is we crawl to the door...Ouch! You bit me.”

Sirius had removed his hand from Mia’s mouth at lightning speed. “Sirius, do you honestly thing a door moving on it’s own account and two teenagers slithering across the floor will attract zero attention. One of us will have put on a distraction.” Mia put a hand to her chin, thinking.

“Look, I’ll go tell him that I’m looking for some cockroach clusters, they are way on the other side of the room. He will automatically go over there to show me the sweets, and while he does this, you will be opening the door to the cellar. I will pretend to be interested in the sweets for all of three seconds before quickly bolting toward the cellar door, which you will be holding open. Okay, you know the plan?” Mia said all of this very fast, without giving a single glance toward Sirius. Now that she was finished she looked at him.

Sirius looked at her astoundingly. “What?” he finally asked, realizing that Mia was waiting for some sort of acknowledgement.

Mia sighed, “Just open the door when I look at you, okay?”

Sirius nodded his head.

“Good boy.” Mia patted him on the head before she straightened up and walked over to the counter. “Excuse me, sir, I was hoping you could help me find some cockroach clusters. My dad just loves those, and his birthday’s next week!”

“They’re right this way Miss…”

Mia looked at Sirius, who hastened to the cellar door, opening it slowly. He slowly sneaked inside, praying for no squeaking noises. Suddenly, something – or someone – crashed into him, sending both him and his attacker rolling down a flight of stairs.


“WHAT WAS THAT? WHO’S HERE? Miss, where’d you go? MISS?” Sirius heard the now-not-so-peaceful storeowner.

“Sirius, you’re on top of me.” the squished voice of Mia snuck up from under Sirius’s arm.

“I wouldn’t want to be anyplace else, love.”

“SIRIUS! Now is not the time! Get off!”

“But there will be time later, right?”



Sirius quickly got to his feet, dragging Mia with to the middle of the darkened room.

“Great, now where is it? Lumos.” He said, lighting his wand. “There we are. Excellent.” Sirius pushed aside two cardboard boxes. Below them a distinct square could be seem on the floor. Sirius adjusted the revealed door, to make an opening. Climbing through first, he offered his hand to Mia.

“Sirius, I’m not so sure about this.” Mia’s apprehension leaked through her speech.

A light streamed through the room, as the door to the cellar was opened again. “Who’s down there?”

“Would you rather be caught and spend the rest of your life in a candy store as Flume’s slave?” Sirius said this very softly and very fast.

Mia quickly took the hand of Sirius, and, together, the two of them plunged into darkness.

“I can’t believe you left them sleeping on the train!”

Lily Evans was not happy.

“I tried to wake them up!”

Lily Evans was angry.

“Did you shake their bloody eyes out? Did you douse them in ice-cold water? Did you slap them across the face? There are ways of waking people up nowadays.”

“We’re sorry, Lily. We just completely forgot with all the party excitement and everything.” Shanti tried to reason with the fiery redhead.

Lily fumed. “The party! Is that all anyone cares about? I really shouldn’t even being allowing this. How on earth did Potter talk me into this? A party on the first night back! It’s ridiculous! Something is bound to go wrong. We’ll all get caught. You’ll all be expelled, and I’ll lose Head Girl.”

“Nice to know your Headship goes above our enrollment, Lily. At least you have your priorities straight.”

A rather wearied Megara Rivera entered the conversation.

“Guys, just calm down. Lily, no one is getting expelled, and no one is losing his or her Head title. It’s just a little back-to-school party that the guys wanted to throw in order to celebrate our last year at Hogwarts. We’re supposed to be having fun. I’m sure Mia and Sirius are on there way back to school as we speak. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Claribel, ever the voice of reason, led other three down the corridor. The feast had dismissed a half-hour ago. The First Years were in bed. Everything was calm. The clicking of the girls’ shoes was the only thing heard. They climbed until they reached the seventh floor corridor and stopped across from the statue of Barnabas the Barmy.

“Okay, now what did James say that we have to ‘need’?” Claribel asked the girls, befuddled.

“He said, ‘A perfect party room’.” Lily replied dutifully.

“Oh, yeah.” Claribel replied sheepishly. The girls walked past the wall three consecutive times, stating exactly what they ‘needed’.”

Suddenly, on their third walk by, a door appeared on the wall. Unsurprised, Shanti reached forward, barely hiding her inner delight and excitement. Opening the door the girls, the girls found a surprise.

Inside the room, there had to be more than one hundred people. People of every House. There were Gryffindors, of course. There were Hufflepuffs, as to be expected. There were Ravenclaws; normally they were too stuck up to join Gryffindor parties. There was even, oh God, Slytherins. Music blared from a sound system on the far side of the room. A huge table was set up to the side with every food that had been offered at the feast and much more, including a drinks table filled with butterbeers, pumpkin juice, some unrecognizable drinks, and a soon-to-be-if-not-already-spiked punch. In the center of the vast room was a giant pool, complete with diving board and slide. Many students had stripped down to only their undergarments and were swimming in said pool. Other things in the room included a muggle pool table, which was now occupied by a couple snogging rather enthusiastically, a muggle basketball hoop, which several students were chucking the ball at rather angrily, and a karaoke stage, where a girl was singing rather, no completely, horribly.

“This is little?” Lily asked astonished. She was in shock. This was it. Her career as Head Girl was short. It’s been a good time…

“This party is fucking awesome!” a girl in her bra and short Hogwart’s skirt came up to the three girls, whipping her hair across and spattering the girls with water. “Cannonball!” the girl ran toward the water, grabbed her legs to her stomach, and jumped into the pool, making a giant splash.

“Oh my gosh! Thank the Lord that you lot are finally here. It’s been a monstrosity.” A vexed looking Mia pushed through the raging crowd to reach her friends. “Lily, are you all right? You look like you just had a heart attack.”

“I think I just did.” Lily whispered, clenching her arms to her chest as her dilated eyes observed the crazed atmosphere.

“Hey! James, look who decided to join the party, gracing us with their presence – the lovely seventh year ladies of Gryffindor tower.” Sirius Black also managed his way to the entrance, followed by a James Potter. “Just when I thought our annual Marauder’s Last Night Before Last First Day of School Party party couldn’t get any better.”

“Annual what?” Meg asked, arousing from her disbelief at finding half of Hogwarts within the Room of Requirement.

“The annual Marauder’s Last Night Before Last First Day of School Party, silly.”

“Is he already drunk?” Meg inquired of James.

“No idea. He just got here, but he and Mia brought the drinks so…”

“Nah, he’s just on a sugar high from eating about twenty treacle tarts.” Mia informed them.

“Wait, Is he already DRUNK? Is there alcohol at this party?” Lily, coming out of her trance at finding such a wild party, turned to James with fire in her eyes.

James gulped.

Mia stepped up to console her friend, feeling responsible, as she had been one of the two to bring alcohol to the party. “Lily, calm down. It’s not like there’s never been an alcoholic beverage before in this school. Besides, the whole point of a party tonight is to celebrate the last day of summer with the whole annual…”

“The annual Marauder’s Last Night Before Last First Day of School Party!”

“Yeah, what Sirius said...”

Lily visibly seemed to loosen up a bit.

“Come on, Lils, we are going to have fun tonight. You here me? Tonight is the start of our seventh year, the best year yet. We are going to rule this school. We are going to rock our classes. Ace those bloody exams. Get kickarse jobs. And get fit boyfriends to boot. All of this is going to start with having some fun tonight.” Mia finished her speech grinning, trying will all her might to get Lily to…

“Oh, all right. Let’s have some fun.”

Lily let down her hair. Literally, it had been in a ponytail beforehand.

Her four roommates cheered.

“Let’s go dance!” Shanti grabbed Claribel’s hand and together the two of them made their way to the dance floor, which seemed to be the place where the music was coming from.

“Good. Now that that’s settled, I want to go eat some food. One measly burger does not fill this kid up.” Mia said and made her way to the buffet, Sirius trailing after her.

“Sorry, Lily. About the alcohol, I mean. And the size of the party. I honestly thought it would just be a few of us, but once word got out it spread pretty quickly…” James looked at Lily helplessly.

“Whatever, Potter, I’ll talk to you tomorrow during rounds. Right now, I am going to have…fun.” Lily walked over to the edge of the pool, pulling a not-so-thrilled Meg behind her.

“Well, I guess that could’ve been worse.” James said.

“Talking to yourself, now. You know, they say that’s the first step to someone going mad.”

James turned around. Standing behind him, grinning, was Remus Lupin.

“Shut up, Moony. You’re just jealous of the badge.”

“Yes, because I was hoping for countless hours more of responsibility during my last year at Hogwarts. Congrats to you, mate, for earning that honor.”

“Hey, I happen to like this position.”

“Only because this position will put you near Lily for all of this year.”

“That thought never occurred to me.”

“Of course it didn’t, and Sirius isn’t behind us as we speak, flirting with Mia in some sort of embarrassing manner.”

Turning around, James saw that Sirius was indeed talking rather exuberantly to Mia, food in his mouth and a drink in his hand, while he was leaning rather precariously on the buffet table. Mia looked only half interested in what Sirius was saying when, suddenly, the leg by which Sirius was leaning collapsed, sending Sirius to the ground. On top of him fell some pumpkin pie and a couple chicken legs. This sent Mia off. She burst into laughter at the sight of him, clutching her sides. Sirius looked up at her. He grabbed a fallen piece of pie and threw it Mia. The pie hit her unexpectedly, smack, right in the face. Her shocked expression took little time to transform into anger, and she lunged for Sirius, who was still on the ground, two cupcakes in her hand. The two continued to wrestle in a dramatic food fight until sliding to the edge of the pool. What happened next was highly predictable. In an attempt to push Sirius into the pool, Mia lost her balance. Finally, the two crashed into the surface of the pool. Seconds later, they emerged, soaking wet but still covered with frosting.

James looked back at Remus.

“Are we getting that predictable?”

Remus just looked at him.

James sighed.

“Well, nothing like a party to spice things up.”

“What did you do that for?”

“Me! You’re the one who pulled us in.”

“Yeah, well you’re the stupid git who decided to fall on the floor, knocking food all over himself.”

“It was an accident!”

“Yes, and you throwing pie at my face was also an accident.”

“Oh no, that was actually on purpose.”

Mia growled at Sirius. Jumping on top of him, she dunked him under the water, repeatedly, letting him resurface several more times, then pushing him under again.

“How many times in one day can you get a girl wet, Sirius?”

“Too many to count, love.” Sirius said with a wink, “But this is probably a question that should not have been said so loudly.”

Realizing the innuendo, Mia blushed, noticing several swimmers looking at them. They had made quite a spectacle, she decided. Sporadic food fights that result into pool crashing tended to make good party gossip. Not liking being the center of attention, Mia descended into the water.

Across the room, a cheery Claribel laughed at the sight of her two friends. Twirling around, she and Shanti were having a ball on the dance floor.

“Looking good tonight, ladies,” Will Abbot, known Hufflepuff charmer, approached the two girls.

“Are you referring to our mad dance skills or stunning sex appeal?” Shanti asked, smiling as she shaked her hips in Will’s direction.

“Both,” Will replied with a grin moving right up against Shanti, who dragged Claribel along with her.

As the song switched to a slower one, Will asked, “Now which one of these lovely ladies can I have the pleasure of this dance?”

Timing it perfectly, Remus appeared behind Claribel, “Dance with me?” he asked, holding out his hand.

“Of course,” she replied, blushing, yet smiling charmingly.

Shanti bumped her friend as the two headed towards a corner of the room, winking as Claribel turned around and whistling when Claribel blushed further. This time when turning around, Claribel stuck her tongue out at her tireless friend.

Shanti giggled and turned back to Will.

“Guess you’ll have to deal with little old me.”

“A price that I will pay with pleasure.”

Shanti smiled, sneaking her hands around Will’s neck, and the two began to sway back and forth to the music.

It definitely felt nice to be held by a boy again, Shanti decided as she felt Will move along beside her. The summer had been far to drag for her, and she needed this party just to feel alive again. Spending half the holiday in India with her family was completely dull, with only her ability to annoy the shit out of Nikesh to entertain herself. Dating opportunities had also been nada, both in India and when she returned home. Of course, she was partially to blame for this. After all, she spoke Hindi fluently, so a language barrier would not have stopped her from roping a boy there. As for in England, every bloke that she saw was just far to bland to catch her attention. This summer was one for the books, or more accurately, the non-books. Ever summer since she was thirteen, she had had a summer boyfriend. Now, all of a sudden, she finds herself incapable of finding a suitable summer romance. She desperately wanted to talk with her friends about these insecurities. Claribel would come up with the best excuse for her uninterest in the opposite sex. Lily would comfort her in that motherly way that only Lily could. Mia would make her laugh about the whole ordeal. Meg…well, Meg would probably tell her she was being stupid for putting so much emphasis on her purpose in life on men. Oh Meg, ever the feminist of the group, Shanti knew that when love finally hit Meg, it would hit her hard. Just like love hit her hard when she finally found it…

Shanti lifted her head from Will’s shoulder, looking up. Why she did, she didn’t know. Maybe it was instinct. Maybe she was just thinking about him. Maybe that was all that it took to draw him near her.

He was standing by the pool, shirt halfway unbuttoned. Two girls stood on either side of him, of this she was not surprised. He was indeed attractive. He also had that dark, mysterious vibe to him that drew many girls near him. His dark hair was longer than it had been last spring. He had grown a couple inches, and he had muscled out quite a bit. He looked older. He was actually several months younger than she, but he could pass for a couple years older than she, standing at a towering five-foot-nothing. His eyes met hers immediately, a dark brown, speckled with bits of grey: eyes that had enthralled her even more than those of his brother, whose eyes were the fascination of many the female population of Hogwarts.

They simply studied each other for several moments. Then, he nodded towards the door, shaking off the two girls on either side and exited the room. Politely excusing herself from Will, Shanti followed him out the door.

Walking into the corridor, she saw him turn left at the end of the hallway. She followed him. When she turned the corner, she saw that he had stopped and was now leaning against the wall.

“Hey.” she said, looking at him closely for the first time in months.

“Hey.” he said back.

“So…um, how was your summer?”


“Yeah…me too.”




Shanti felt like the awkward tension in the air was palpable at this point.

“So…um, how were things at home? Without Sirius there?”

“Is that why you came out here to talk to me? Worried about my precious elder brother?” his tone was cold, but many other emotions leaked out from behind it.

Shanti sighed. “No. I’m sorry, Regulus. I was just looking for a topic to talk about.”

“Is there really anything to talk about?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“Then why’d you come out here.”

“Gods, I don’t know, Regulus. I’ve just missed you, all right. It’s been a long summer. We broke up, and now I can’t seem to find a single guy worthy of my admiration. You, on the other hand, seem to be having no problem in that department – a redhead on your left arm, a brunette on your right.”

“That’s a little hypocritical coming from you. Wouldn’t you say? Weren’t you just getting cozy on the dance floor with that idiot Puffer Abbot?”

“Will’s a perfectly nice guy. He was kind enough to ask me to dance. I accepted. It’s not like I had anyone else to dance with, or anyone to offend if I did dance with some other bloke.” She said this very harshly, her dark eyes gleaming with hot anger that were brewing up tears.

“Do you Gryffindors always have to be this melodramatic?”

“Yes. It’s a required House rule. Do you Slytherins always have to be such wankers?”

“Yes. It’s a required House rule.”

He smiled at her. It was when he smiled that she truly saw the resemblance between Regulus and Sirius. They both had a tendency to crinkle their eyes a bit, their forehead wrinkling.

She smiled back at him, remembering all the fond memories they had shared together. Hard to believe it had only been last year when they first officially spoke…

“By the way, I missed you too. And it was different without Sirius around. Quieter.” He rubbed his face, the hidden anxiety leaking though in a moment of vulnerability.

They heard a bump in the corridor. Sneaking a view into the party hallway they saw a couple embracing in what could only be a heated snogfest. Regulus and Shanti hid as the couple bumped along the hallway, eating each other faces off until the girl, or at least the one with the most hair, detached herself. She grabbed the boy’s hand, and they scampered in the opposite direction.

“And to think that used to be us.” Regulus said with some bitterness.

“Maybe it still can be.”

Regulus looked at her.

She gave a slight shrug of the shoulders.

This was all he needed. He brought his lips crashing down upon hers. With a slight wimper, she brought his head closer to her own, wrapping her delicately painted fingernails in his longer, but still just as soft, hair. Without needing any invitation, his tongue slithered into her mouth, deepening the kiss. They backed up against the corridor wall. Shanti noticed that their height difference had become even more significant. Seeming to read her thoughts, Regulus lifted her up off the ground.

Carrying her, Regulus opened an empty classroom. Setting her gently down on the first desk in the room, he then proceeded to attack her neck with his mouth. From here, Shanti pulled herself closer to him. Deciding that was not enough, Shanti lifted her legs around Regulus’s torso, trailing her nails down that unbuttoned chest that had so been bugging her before. She heard Regulus growl softly. Shanti smirked at him before he once again brought his lips to her mouth. As Shanti set to work on those last three buttons, Regulus found something to do with his hands as he moved them up her thighs, dangerously close to skirt, which had hiked up in the move from corridor to classroom.

This is what she should have been doing all summer, Shanti thought as Regulus swept his tongue across her teeth. What a waste. Oh well, Shanti thought, there’s no time like the present to catch up on missed opportunities.

Completely unaware of the actions of his sister, Nikesh Sunrita was a bit preoccupied with his own love life. He had been searching the party for over an hour. He could not find Maddie if his life depended on it. Nikesh and his girlfriend, Madeleine Lynch, had been dating for over two years now. He had been hoping to meet up with her on the train, yet she was nowhere to be found. Still attempting to reunite with her, he searched the party in vain without a single glance of her.

“Hey, Nike. What’s up with you my lost looking friend?” James Potter ambled up to Nike, offering him a drink, which Nikesh took with gratification.

“James, you do realize that my sister’s friends and your lot are the only ones who insist on calling me by that wretched nickname?”

“Nike, you do realize that when you hang around us long enough you are only allowed to go by a nickname. Seriously, man, it’s about time that you start calling me Prongs.”

“James, I have no idea why you even go by Prongs. So why would I call you that?”

“Because, I need a new bff. Sirius is playing in the pool with Mia. Remus is cuddling somewhere on the dance floor with Claribel. And Peter…well I’m not really sure where Pete is.”

“Don’t you want to go chase Lily around or something?”

“Mate, I’m trying to be a gentleman. When Lily is ready, she will come to me.”

Nikesh raised his eyebrows. “You keep thinking that, Potter.”

“Man, you are way to uptight. Drink that!” James said, pointing to the full glass in Nikesh’s hand. “You’ll loosen up a bit.”

“Maybe you’re right. Since I can’t seem to find Maddie anywhere, I might as well enjoy the party.” He downed the drink in under ten seconds.

“That’s the spirit mate!” James grabbed two more glasses from the drink table, handing one to Nikesh.

Nikesh further observed the party, now with his rather hazy point of view. It seemed that the party had reached full swing, if it hadn’t already. The pool was fuller than ever, which most likely had to do with one Sirius Black and Amelia Jones, both of whom had their wide range of admirers in the school. The food table seemed to have been refilled. The drinks table, on the other hand, was approaching empty as the students consumed more and more butterbeer, firewhiskey, and every other unrecognizable drink in a last ditch effort to end the summer on a high – or low depending on how you viewed it. The dance floor had thinned out as couples disappeared into the many corners of the room to have some privacy. A group of kids were playing “Never Have I Ever” with firewhiskey. The lone basketball hoop stood…well alone in the corner of the room.

Nikesh had to hand it to the Marauders. They certainly knew how to throw a party. I guess the right connections and a certain infamy around school allowed a group to do that.

The party was great. He should be enjoying himself right now. Why couldn’t he? Where the bloody hell was Maddie? She hadn’t even owled him since he left for his summer. They were suppose to meet up today. Okay, maybe he should have tried to owl her more this summer, but she was the one who didn’t reply to his last letter. Ugh, why wasn’t she here? Did she drop out? No. Transfer? Maybe. But no. But then where the hell was she?

The door to the room opened again, and James, ever the host with the most, turned around to greet whoever had entered. A rumpled looking couple entered the room.


The girl’s eyes widened guiltily, her jaw dropping.

Lily Evans was having fun. She was not thinking about how stupid Potter had been to throw a large, alcohol consuming party the day before class started. Lily Evans had let her hair down and was having a good old time.

“Can we leave yet?” a disgruntled looking Meg asked her.



“No. We are having fun.”

“No, Lily. They’re having fun.” Meg pointed to the party group at large, waving her hand around. “We, on the other hand, are just sitting here.”

“I told Potter that I was going to have fun at his damn party so that’s what I’m going to do.” Lily told her.

The two Gryffindor ladies were sitting by the edge of the pool, in a couple of lounge chairs. They had already eaten more food than they could imagine, and Lily had already dug out of Meg the most conversation that she was going to get out of her.

“Fine, then. You want to have fun, right?”

“That’s kind of the idea.”

“Well, Miss Evans, I believe that in order for us to have fun, you are going to have to break some rules.” Meg grabbed Lily by the hand and drug her past the drunken pool swimmers and straight to the drink table. “Pick one.”


“Yep, it’s the only way.”

“No. It’s completely barbaric. Why does today’s society insist that the only way to enjoy yourself, to fit in with the crowd, is by drinking? It’s not at all attractive! People act like they’re completely bonkers for one night, and then they are given the reward of a morning hangover the next day. No. I refuse to take even one sip.”

“How noble of you. Lily, I’m not asking that you do ten shots. That would probably kill your petite little body. I’ll I’m asking for is one shot of firewhiskey. Please. If you want to have fun, you have to put in a little effort.” Meg picked up two shot glasses on the table and held them in front of Lily. “Besides, we are of age. It’s not illegal for us to drink it anymore. So, you technically aren’t even breaking any rules.”

“Hogwarts has a zero tolerance policy.”

“Yeah, yeah. Everyone knows that’s just for show. Not once in Dumbledore’s reign as headmaster has someone been kicked out of school for attending a party.”

“This party isn’t exactly approved by a member of staff, though. It’s not like after a quidditch match.”

Meg sighed. “Lily, you should start a debate team. Half the time, I don’t know if you’re arguing with me, or yourself.” Feeling that she needed to drink something just to tolerate Lily any further, Meg downed her shot in a single swallow. She handed the other one to Lily. Lily looked quite resistant, like she was prepared to start arguing again. Then, quite to Meg’s surprise, Lily tipped the shot glass back and mirrored Meg’s example.

“Did I just see thee Lily Evans, Hogwart’s Head Girl Extraordinaire, doing shots?”

Lily jumped and turned around.

“No, I swear, It was just one.”

Lily was pleasantly surprised to see the smiling face of Amos Diggory looking down at her. Seeing Lily’s reaction to his accusation, Amos laughed.

“Lily, I’m just kidding. Though I am a little surprised to see you at the legendary Marauder Drink’s Table.” He gave her a playful shove.

“Oh, haha. Meg dragged me over here. She insisted that I needed to loosen up to have fun.” Lily turned around to Meg, but she was nowhere to be found. “Meg?”

“While, I agree with Meg that the lovely Miss Evans should indeed have fun at this delightful social gathering, I’m thinking that there are many more ways to get her to loosen up.”

“Exactly what I said.” Lily smiled at Amos. He really would have been the perfect counterpart for Head Boy. Damn Potter. He must have spiked Dumbledore’s pumpkin juice. Really, Amos should have been the one with the badge, title, and privilege of spending all his time with her. Of course, she could find other ways to spend some quality time with Amos…

He seemed to be thinking along the same lines. “These crazy parties aren’t exactly my style, but I go just because everyone else does.”

“Same here. All my friends were just so excited, but I find it almost unbearable.” Lily was delighted to find someone who felt the same way she did about the annual Marauder’s Last Night Before Last First Day of School Party.

“Hey, do you want to go talk somewhere quieter?”

“Sure. That sounds perfect.”

Amos reached for Lily’s hand. She gladly took it, and together the two walked toward the door of the Room of Requirement. Quite the ordeal seemed to be happening in the entrance. Ignoring the debacle, Amos guided Lily into the corridor. Lily bumped shoulders with someone as she walked out. Not turning around to see whom it was, Lily quickly hollered, “Sorry!”

Stumbling down the dark corridor laughing with Amos, Lily thought to herself, this year just might get off to the right start after all.

Someone bumped into him from the right, and he caught a quick whiff of strawberry shampoo. Jostled from the movement, James turned to see a bright red head bobbing in the distance. “Sorry!” He heard her voice moments later. Did he just see her leave with Amos Diggory?

“I can’t believe you Maddie! All summer and you never told me anything!” Nikesh was beyond angry, he was enraged.

Thrown out of his reverie, James returned his attention to the row before him.

“Nikesh, I can’t exactly help the way I feel!”

“Ha, maybe that’s true, but it’s still not an excuse for stringing me along all this time, letting me find out this way.”

“It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I was going to tell you tomorrow. I knew that it wouldn’t be right to write something like this in a letter.”

“I’m sure the letter would have been beautiful. Dear, Nikesh. I’m sorry, but we’re breaking up. By the way, I’m fucking another guy. All my love, Maddie.”

“God, why do you have to be such a dick, Nikesh?” She asked him coldly

“Oh, I don’t know. Probably because I spent two years of my life dating a slutty little bitch.” The words were delivered with malice, and the mark hit hard as the girls eyes boiled over with tears.

Whoa, James thought to himself, that was low. James hadn’t been to sure on what was happening when Madeleine had entered the Room of Requirement twenty minutes earlier, holing the hand of a sixth year Hufflepuff and looking flushed to boot. Nikesh had taken one look at the couple and automatically assumed the worst. Of course, his thinking had been correct. Madeleine hadn’t even tried to deny it. She just sent the Puffer to join his friend so she could talk to Nikesh in ‘private’. Nikesh had foolishly denied any request to privacy and resorted to just yelling right in the entrance to the party.

“Hey, James.” James heard a monotone voice come from behind him.

“Hi, Megs. What’s up?” Grateful for the distraction, James turned toward his friend.

“The decibel level in this room. Honestly, the music is loud enough. The blazing lover’s spat isn’t making things any better.” She gestured toward Nikesh and Madeleine looking annoyed. Now that he thought about it, the couple’s –or ex-couple’s– uproar was causing quite the commotion. Many people’s attention was locked on the dueling duo. James also turned his attention back to the fight.

Madeleine seemed to reach the end of any firing power. She had wilted in some way, tears pouring down her face. Nikesh, upon seeing this, ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head, and quickly exited the room.

Slowly, but surely, the Room of Requirement filtered out; Mia dragging a reluctant Sirius out the door last.

James took one last look at the wrecked room, glad that having a party in the Room of Requirement meant no clean up. Sighing, James couldn’t help but think as he left the room, Thank God this Day is over.

AN: Helloooo lovely Readers! I hope you enjoyed chapter four. It’s a bit longer than my previous chapters. My summer has officially started , so I’m really jazzed to get going on this story. Sooooo, tell me what you thought. Leave a Review!!  


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