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My Cinderella Story by Salogel
Chapter 7 : Winter Ball. Yay.
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Hey hey hey! Shooka here! Here's chapter 7 for you! Also, I have news! I have started my own story. It currently has no name, but it does have two chapters! (well, a prologue and a chapter...)

Thanks so much for sticking with us so far, and our crazy validation problems.

Summer is finally here, so hopefully we can update more regularly and more often. (if that made any sense).

Alright, enough of my rambling! Read the story! :) Enjoy!





Well, after exchanging letter for a few weeks with my charming penpal person thing, I do believe the Winter Ball is coming up. Not that I’m excited of course. Why, might you ask?






                And not to mention the mountain of homework that Vanessa and Jocelyn made me do for them. Erg. For once, could they do their own homework? It’s not that difficult!


                So, to round this up, I’m not going to be able to go to the Winter Ball. Marvelous. Of course, Alice and Frank are going together, so I’m going to be the little awkward third wheel that everybody seems to ignore because they are busy staring into each other’s eyes and all of that sappy crap that couples always do.


                Maybe I’m not too sad about not going…


                But I’m not even gonna meet my dream dude! Life is sooooo unfair!


                Yes, my dream dude.


Do you know him? My penpal person thing? Ring any bells?


Yeah. Him. I think that I may be developing a crush on a dude that I don’t even know.


                Is that creepy? I mean, I honestly don’t know what this guy looks like!! This is a problem!


                I must talk to Alice about this. She will not stand for it. We must do something! I must meet him! I mean, he’s Prince Charming, helllloooo???


                I do believe that Vanessa and Jocelyn have had a bit too much of an influence on me. When have I been a drama queen?


                Don’t answer that.


                A letter popped into my lap at that moment.


                Look at that! It’s my dream dude!


                Meet me outside the common room.


                Thanks, dream dude! That’s helpful. There’s probably gonna be a thousand guys waiting outside of the common room. Great. Lovely. Okay. Well. It doesn’t matter anyways, I’m not going.


                “Hello girly!” Alice bounced into the room, humming cheerfully to herself. “Whatcha doing?”


                “Moping over how awful life is and how I’m going to end up being an old cat lady with one thousand cats.” I heard a few sniggers from my roommates.


                “I thought you hated cats.”


                “Alice, I love cats. This is why I’m going to die alone with only my cats to mourn over me.” Look at me. I’m a mess. I disgust myself.


                “I shouldn’t have asked.” Alice said, flopping herself on my bed. “So what’s really bothering you?”


                “Yolanda gave me a detention on the day of the Winter Ball.” I said miserably.


                “Well. That puts a damper on things. What are you going to do?”


                “I was hoping that you could tell me that.”


                “Well you’re going to go of course!”


                “To the detention?”


                “And the ball. We just gotta fool Yolanda. Shouldn’t be too hard, since her brain is the size of a peanut.”


                “You’re wrong.”


                “You’re right it’s the size of… what’s smaller than a peanut? A grain of sand? That’ll work. But if her brain was that small, she wouldn’t be able to do anything, so it’s gotta be a little bigger than that.” Alice continued muttering to herself.


                “You’re helpful.”  Alice didn’t listen to me. She just continued to argue with herself over the size of Yolanda’s brain. Great. Looks like I’m on my own on this one. Someone knocked on the door. Alice opened it.


                “Hi Vanessa, Jocelyn.” Crap. Alice had her ice-voice on.


It’s so…chilling! See? I have goose bumps! AHAH!!


“What are you doing here?” I heard a snort.


                “None of your business, Carter. Elizabeth? We know you’re in here. We’ve got a DADA essay due soon, and we need you to finish them the day of Winter Ball, okay?” I could smell their perfume before I saw them.




                “Good. Thought so. What were you gonna say? That you had a date? HA! You’ve got to be kidding me. NO ONE is going to go with you. You’re ugly, friendless, and let’s face it. A loser. Just get my homework done, and you won’t have to show your worthless face, and then you can avoid the embarrassment of being the only girl without a date.” Jocelyn cackled.


                That stung.


                I slammed the door in their face, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit…




                You see, I had never had a date to a ball. It’s my 6th year here at Hogwarts, and I have never gone out on a date, with a boy, and I doubt I ever will.


                I felt a couple of tears sting my eyes.


                “Don’t listen to them, Liz.” A new voice interrupted my thoughts.


                Immediately I calmed.


                What is with Lily Evans’ calming ability? What is she, a calming ninja?


                “I know.” I sat back down again. “Can’t help feelin’ that what they’re saying is true though.” I muttered.


                “They’re idiots, Liz.” Alice slung her arm over my shoulder.


                “Yeah, they are.” Marlene McKinnon shouted from the bathroom.


                What is with everybody talking to me today? Alice and I had been completely invisible for five years, so this completely doesn’t make sense.


                Lily brightened.


                “Come shopping with us.” She exclaimed.


                Say what?


                “Say what?” Alice echoed my thoughts.


                Great minds think alike, I tell you.


High five, Alice. Come on. Really? You’re gonna leave me hanging now? You suck.


                “Come to Hogsmeade with us. The trip’s going to be next Saturday, and I want you to come with us.” She said firmly.


                “Uh…..” That intelligent sound came from my mouth. Not surprising, really. A lot of unintelligent things come out of my mouth.


                “Great!” Mary Macdonald, a bubbly brown-haired girl, jumped on my bed. “Let’s plan. We’ve got to-“


                “ONE PROBLEM!” I shouted, cutting her off. “Erm, I kind of can’t go, as you know...”


                “You can’t, that doesn’t mean that you won’t.” Mary reasoned.


                “Well, yeah.” I admitted. “But Vanessa and Jocelyn will be there, and if they see me, they’ll tell Yolanda, which won’t happen because I’ll technically be serving detention with her, so all in all, I’ll just not be able to go.” I ended lamely.


                The room was silent.




                “Got it! Simple!” Lily snapped her fingers.


                Who snaps their fingers anymore?


                “Liz, you go to the detention, but we,” here she gestured to the rest of them. “Are going to hire someone to take your detention for you, and then sneak you out. I know just the person, and then we’ll sneak you back into the detention before Yolanda notices. And as for Vanessa and Jocelyn, you’ll just wear a mask. You can get one when we’re at Hogsmeade.” She smiled knowingly at herself. “Am I or am I not a genius?”


                “Yeah, you are.” Grudgingly, I admitted it, earning myself a shining smile from Lily.


                “Great!” Marlene grinned happily. “Now everybody’s happy! Now we need to sleep, or none of us are going to be able to wake up for classes tomorrow.”


                These people are so…reasonable.


                But I like to stay up as late as possible on these nights, and then have to be dragged out of bed and into the shower in the mornings.


                “Deal with it. You’re going to sleep.” She snapped.


                Oops. Did I say that out loud?






                “Ehem, Miss Richards?” Yolanda smiled sweetly at me from the front of the classroom.


                “Yes, Yolanda?” I responded.


                Kill me, kill me now.


                “You are to address me as Mrs. Richards. Why aren’t you working on your assignment?”


                “I’m not doing anything because I’m already done with it.” I droned. I prodded at the two rocks that I had managed to duplicate.


                And here comes the detention….


                “Detention, Miss Richards.”


                I could give the Marauders a run for their money. I think I have more detentions than they do right now.


                I continued scrawling down notes from my textbook for the remainder of the class period.


                Why must my life be so…pointless?


                A rolled-up piece of parchment crashed into the back of my skull. I saw Marlene innocently scrawling away.




Hold it together. Tomorrow is Saturday! You’re going to get a gorgeous dress and Richards can’t do anything about it. So calm down. You’re getting more detentions than the Marauders at this rate.




I threw her a grin over my shoulder, and she smiled back.


It’s nice having more than one friend, I’ve decided. It’s quite nice.


I packed up my bag at the end of class, and marched out with Alice by my side.


“What color do you want your dress to be?” Lily popped out of nowhere next to me.




“Blue. Definitely blue. It would bring out your eyes, most definitely. Alice, you’re going to be wearing pink or purple, are I right?” She gushed. Alice nodded mutely. “Well, great! Mary knows this awesome little dress shop that has like, everything.”


“Hello, Lily Flower.” I heard a drawl coming from behind me. Lily’s hair started to spark.


Not really. But she was mad.


“What do you want, Potter?”


I just peed my pants. Alice quivered next to me.


“For you to go out with me. You know you want to.” This boy is relentless. Can’t he tell that Lily is not interested?


“Sorry, no. I think I would rather go out with the giant squid. At least he doesn’t look like he stuck his finger in an electric socket.”


“Hey! My hair is windswept! Don’t insult the hair!” She- I mean he said, hehe.



That reminds me. What happened to dream dude. Wasn’t I supposed to meet him outside the common room yesterday? Oops. I wonder if he actually waited all night. Unless he was talking about the Winter Ball? Which was it? I’m so confused.


“HELLLOOOOO… Liz? Anyone in there? Are the lights on?” Alice knocked on my head.




“What.” I turned to her. The sight of Lily and James arguing is quite entertaining. Set me up with a bucket of popcorn and some candy and I’m set! Maybe a chair too, one of those cushy ones that you find in the Gryffindor common room. You know, the ones where once you get comfy, you don’t ever want to leave? I would like to be there right now, next to the fire, where it’s warm. And I don’t have a detention, or homework. And a treacle tart. Yea. A treacle tart, that sounds good right about now. Merlin, I’m hungry, maybe I should just skip class and go down to the kitchens. I wonder why you have to tickle the pear, I mean, it’s a pear. Pears aren’t ticklish. And who tickles a pear? I mean, I tickled a pear once, just to be experimental, but nothing happened. It just sat there. Like me in one of those cushy chairs in the Gryffindor common room. I mean, it didn’t do anything. It just sat there, being… whatever color the pear was. Depending on the pear, like, some pears are green, some are red, some are brown, some are yello-


“Oi! FOCUS! We kind of need to get to class…”


“I want a pear.”




Screw classes. This is SO much more fun! Let’s continue on another ridiculously long train of thought, shall we? Treacle tart. Yum. You know, I need to get a recipe from the house el-


 “HEY!” I screamed at her.


I would like you to meet someone. Hi there, my name is Liz, I have a bint of a friend named Alice, she doesn’t like to listen to me. She paid my interests no mind, and dragged me off to Muggle Studies. By my hair. THAT FREAKING HURTS! Thanks a lot Alice, I’m going to brush my hair tonight, and half of it’s going to fall out. All because of you. Great friend you are.




Now that wasn’t very nice, Alice. Now would you mind letting go of my hair? I’m going to arrive at Muggle Studies bald, you know.




I really should keep track of what comes out of my mouth. I don’t do it very well…




I mean it. She actually roared… at LUPIN???


I looked up and watched Lupin raise his hands and eyebrows before he backed up slowly. Merlin, how does he do that. I can’t raise my eyebrows like that.


He looks so cute when he does that.


Wait, when have I EVER said this??? Or thought it, now that I think about it.


I disgust myself. I have been disgusting myself a lot lately.


I disgust myself, I really do.


“Errr, is she usually like that?”


“Who? Liz?” Alice said innocently


“No. You. I was talking to….what was your name again?” He asked me.


Now that’s just pathetic.




“Did she just call me an egotistical prat?”


Oops. Did I say that out loud? I disgust myself. Wow. I have said that so many times that it no longer seems like a word. Disgust. Disgust. Disgust. Disgust. Disgust. Disgust. Disgust. Disgust Disgust Diissssgggguuuussssttttt.




Nope. No longer a word.


“Is she taking… erm… drugs?”




Did that just come out of my mouth? I really need to invest in a brain filter. Or mouth filter. Whichever one works.


Well, he’s still looking at me funny…




“Bye Alice.”


“Is she on drugs?” Lupin repeated.




WHAT!? No I am not! Admittedly, I am oddly hyper right now, but putting that aside, I’m usually like this!




Then I ran.


“Yeah. She’s definitely on drugs.”


“I AM NOT! WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU-Shoot! I just passed the classroom.”




Remus’s POV




Merlin. That girl can roar. And she did roar. I wonder what she’s got by the hair. It looks like my neighbor. Gah. My neighbor. Wait, she’s not a “what”, she’s a “who”. Wow I’m pathetic. Just like that girl said I was.


Merlin, she’s gonna explode. Back away slowly now. Slowly. That girl that Carter has by the hair is doing something funky with her eyebrows. She looks slightly constipated. Errr…


“Errr, is she usually like that?”


Prongs materialized next to me, eating a pear. That girl just called me an egotistical prat… and now she’s mumbling under her breath. What is she saying? Prongs looked at me, and I glanced at him. Both of us shrugged and I once again asked if Miss I’m-going-to-call-you-an-egotistical-prat was on drugs.


“Did she just call me an egotistical prat?”


“Moony, how would I know? Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen her here. Are you sure she isn’t new?” This boy is so oblivious.


“Don’t remember her name. She looks like my neighbor.” I told him. “Bit mental, she is.” I amaze myself at my own ability to hold multiple conversations at the same time, though Carter looks a bit pissed. I wonder why.


“Yes, but we all know birds are a little mental. They’re smarter than you think they are, but they aren’t as smart as they think they are, you know?” Padfoot materialized next to us. “Now which bird are we talking about?” Oh, that’s why. Padfoot showed up. I wonder why she hates him so much. That reminds me, that girl was the detention with us the other day.
                “Carter. And some other girl.” Prongs said. His face was dreamy. He’s probably thinking about Lily.


“Ah. Yes, I saw the blonde one muttering about pears. Quite a bit mental, she is. Nice body though. A bit too skinny though.”He contemplated.


“Where’s Wormtail?” I asked. The fourth member of the Marauders was not here.


“Probably in the kitchens getting some cheese.” Padfoot said. He shoved us towards the classroom. “We don’t want Dunn getting angry at us, do we?” He said with a cheeky grin.


“When have you cared?” I asked, my eyebrows raised.


“Never! Just getting you two to stop gossiping like old women.” He smirked.


“But we weren’t.” I told him. Padfoot has finally lost his marbles.


He stepped in, and then ran right back out.




“Padfoot, grow some balls! What’s in there? It’s Muggle Studies!” Prongs called after him. We both looked in.


Carter, Miss You’re-An-Egotistical-Prat, and Lily were steaming. Literally. The room’s other occupants were radiating fear. Lily glared at us. So did the other two.


I gulped.


“How ‘bout we ditch class today?” Prongs whispered .


“Yeah. I’m up for that!” My voice came out an octave higher.


Manly, Remus.


Hey hey hey! It's me again. I hope you liked the story. You can always let us know what you think by feeding the box below. Talk about what we could improve on, your favorite scenes or quotes. Really, anything you can say about this chapter would be a great help to us. Even future ideas are great! Thanks. :)

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