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My Neighbour: James Potter by Hermionniny9
Chapter 30 : Home for Summer
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This is the LAST chapter of My Neighbour: James Potter. I hope you like it

I wrapped my knuckles hard against the window. Soon Mrs Potter appeared her red hair up in a towel and a very flustered look on her face.

She opened the door.

“Hello Rach, come in James is upstairs and your present is on the work top.” She said, smiling before rushing off into the hall way.

I picked up the small box labelled, Happy birthday Rachael and followed after Ginny and then up the stairs.

I knocked on the door, which was emblazoned with the letter J.

“Come in!” James called.

I opened the door and peeped in James’s room. I hadn’t been in his room for years, it was strange considering that he was always barging into mine or knocking at my window or demanding that he should be allowed in my room.

His room was roughly the same size as mine and was a pale yellow colour. On his walls were various posters; the Holyhead Harpies were smiling and waving at us, a poster of Dumbledore looked out proudly across the small room, the singing duo the Doom Twins glared darkly across from Dumbledore and finally Emma Stanton; Witch Weekly’s best smile, Wizards Quarterly best new talent and international pinup girl pouted next to the Holyhead Harpies. There was a large set of book shelves; full of books; from old school text books, to novels. James’s desk was littered with bits and bobs, many from his trunk and others from his Uncle’s shop. James’s bed was neatly made and the sheets were a burgundy colour.

James’s room was in a state of disarray; clothes were everywhere and his trunk had been up turned and the contents were in a pile at the foot of his bed. James was sat in the middle of this mess clutching a piece of paper in his hand.

James looked up from his list.

“Oh, hi Rach,” he said, looking briefly up and me then back at his list.

I stood awkwardly in the doorway; not knowing if I should walk over and sit on his bed or stay standing.

“You can sit down you know.” He said not looking up from his list.

I shifted cautiously towards his bed, trying not to step on anything, and sat down.

“James, why don’t you just use magic?” I asked, watching him curiously as he began to sort his piles of clothes.

“Good point, don’t tell mum though. She likes us to get some exercise,” James said, taking his wand from the desk and flicking it.

His clothes folded themselves and fell neatly into his trunk.

“When do you leave?” I asked casually.

“Tomorrow,” he said, kicking his trunk under his bed and joining me on the bed.

“Well have fun,”

I would miss James; it was very rare that we spent a huge amount of time apart. But there was the other part, that whenever I saw him my heart missed a beat and my stomach flipped. It had slowly grown on me, the felling of love and how I could never survive without him again. James didn’t know that this was how I felt about him, or how every time he touched me it tingled, he just knew I loved him and that we were going to start over in three weeks.

James led himself down on the bed next to me and placed his hands behind his head.

He sighed deeply and looked meaningfully at me.

Knowing James too well, I knew what he wanted. I led back on the bed to, snuggling in next to him.

James flicked his wand and the door shut.

“Way to be subtle,” I said, laughing lightly.

“It's a Weasley trait,” he whispered.

We both chuckled and I almost fell of the side of the bed. James managed to catch me and we ended up facing each other, James’s hands still holding me on the bed.

“I thought we were being just friends?” I asked, James had slid his hand down and rested it on my derrière.

“Hum, well its only three weeks till I get back, so...” he said, James was whishing away the days till I promised that we could get back together.

“You haven’t gone.” I said incredulously.

“So...” he said.

“You have no patience,” I said, laughing at him.

James buried his head into my neck and hugged me tightly. I relaxed into his arms and rested my head on his pillow. It smelt like his shower gel, that darned shower gel.

“What’s that?” James asked, looking at the box which, I had bought up with me from his kitchen, was now protruding from my pocket.

“It's a present from your family. You know, for my birthday tomorrow.” I said in a patronising tone.

“Ah” he said, “aren’t you going to open it?”

“Tomorrow,” I said and threw my head back down on his pillow.


Time lapsed, I wasn’t sure how long, but it wasn’t that much.

I moved, “Ah, crap!” I shouted before falling off the bed entirely.

James jumped up with a start.

“Cramp!” I winced, trying to straighten my leg.

James watched slightly amused as I writhed on the floor in agony.

After about three minutes of agony, it subsided and I was able to stand up.

“Help me up.” I demanded.

James offered me his hand and I took it. He pulled me up and I was able to stand on my previously cramped leg.

“Thanks,” I said, throwing my arms round his neck and hugging him tight.

My hug took James by surprise, but he hugged me back none the less.

I started to pull out of my hug, when I was caught by his eyes. It was one of those moments you only see in soppy chick flicks.

It is a moment when time stands still, everything is forgotten and only the person in front of you matters.

I leant forward and closed my eyes slowly. I pulled James’s face to mine, crushing his lips against mine in a manic way.

By the time I was finished it felt like I had run a marathon. My heart was racing and my breathing erratic. But for all my panting I still smiled at him.

“Remember that,” I said smiling wildly at him.

“Oh, I will” he said, before planting another kiss on my lips.

Suddenly he pulled away. Thundering footsteps could be heard from down the landing.

“Sit down quickly, and look less wild.” He hissed. James sat himself down with his back against his wardrobe door.

Suddenly the door was flung open.

“Ha!” Lily shouted, as she and Albus looked accusingly round the room.

“Can I not have some privacy?” James inquired.

“We know you were up to something.” Albus said, his eyes flicking to my moist lips and messy hair and to James’s wild look.

“You two look odd.” Lily commented.

“And so do you, ginger tot.” James said, rolling his eyes at Lily.

“Let's go Lily, I think I heard mum call.” Albus said, giving us a knowing look before shoving Lily out of the way and shutting the door behind him.

James darted to me.

“No, wait. I don’t want you to go cold turkey.” I said, before planting a light kiss on his cheek. This alone sent my heart racing.

“See you in three weeks.” I said before leaving him alone in his room.

I shut his door lightly behind me and was about to walk down the stairs when Albus caught my hand.

“You two, what are you like?” He said, shaking his head.

“Young love.” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“Play safe.” He said, smiling cheekily.

“Albus Potter...!” I was lost of words, how could he think such a thing. Oh wait, hang on, I could think such a thing.

I smiled warmly and walked down the stairs.

“Bye Mrs Potter, have a good holiday and thanks for the present!” I shouted as I walked through the kitchen.

“Bye Rach!” she called in return.

So there you go, that concludes my story...or does it.

If you are yet to review the story just leave one last one on this chapter telling me your thoughts and everything...I really want to know what you think.

Hermionniny9 x

But I will give you a nice snippit from the next story, My Boyfriend: James Potter.

The owl came at four twenty seven p.m. on the thirteenth of August. It landed clumsily on the bird table just outside the patio doors. In its beak it clutched one letter and attached to its legs were three others.

The Potter’s letters were normally sent by the same owl, and so it had become a ritual for me to open my letter with them. So after taking the envelope from the bird I hopped round to theirs.

“Hi,” James called, rushing up to me and hugging me.

“Hi, got your letters?” I asked.

As always the three of them held up their yellowish envelopes.

“In five, four, three, two one. Open!” Albus called.

Each of us started to tear away at the envelopes.

I got into mine first and pulled out the letter. Something clattered to the floor...

My Boyfriend: James Potter will be on HarryPotterFanfiction dot com in the next few months so keep your eyes out for the first chapter.

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