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Penultimate Year by GREX101
Chapter 17 : Some Ladies Just Like To Mess You Up
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Hello again dears here’s chapter 17 for you. I’d like to welcome back Meri and Laura and welcome Rhian and possibly Lara for the first time :P Welcome, welcome, welcome.
And before we get going, I’d like to let you all know that Vespa Malfoy is property of TheMadsterWitch aka Maddy.
Right, let’s get started.

The next day was Monday, and even wizards hate those. Lessons seem to drag on and concentration always slips. Last lesson was the most painful. That last half hour likes to drag its heels on you and take as long as possible and, no matter how many times you look at the clock, the hand still hasn’t moved. Sirius was sitting at the back of the Potions class room, but, unlike usual, his neck didn’t crane around to look at the clock. His eyes were fixated on the brunette girl sitting next to her red-headed friend at the front of the room. He leaned the side of his face on his hand and stared at her, intrigued.

‘What is it? What is it about you, Preston that drives me nuts?’

He was unable to come up with a solution before his own friend nudged him, causing the grip on his head to slip.

“Dude, stop staring at her, you’re freaking me out.” James chuckled in a whisper.

“Oh, c’mon, just because in this one lesson I’m staring at someone more than you at Evans, doesn’t mean you have to pick it up.” Sirius groaned. James rolled his eyes, catching his friend’s foul mood.

“Again with that bloody analogy.” He muttered to himself as Sirius turned his focus back to Marion. She wasn’t doing anything to catch his attention, she was just sitting, writing, tucking her long hair behind her ear, but she had his undivided infatuation. She was beautiful without doing anything at all. He was just getting back into his train of thought when class was over and everyone was getting up and out of the room, much to his annoyance for once. He left the room with his group and grumbled all the way back to the Common Room.

“Jesus, Padfoot if you don’t stop moping around I’ll have to beat you silly. Well, sillier.” Remus moaned at the look that graced his friend’s normally handsome face. He weirdly missed the signature smirk he usually had, but he’d never tell him that.

“Oh shut it you lot.” Sirius mumbled angrily. Why couldn’t they talk about something else for a change?

“Alright, mate, if you don’t ask her out soon, God help me I fucking will.” James burst out, annoyed with Sirius’s attitude.

“No you won’t, you love Evans too much.” Sirius snapped. James clamped a hand on Sirius’s shoulder and turned him to face him. His face expressed an emotion that Sirius had never seen James have towards him. He genuinely looked like he was about to hit him, but he didn’t.

“Look, I’m sick you using that against me because you can’t gather up the courage to tell the girl you like that you like her. It’s getting pathetic. Either you tell her you like her, mate, or I’ll tell her myself. Either way she’s got to know.” James said darkly before leaving the other three and walking to his room. Sirius sighed angrily and looked at Remus and Peter.

“You know he’s right, don’t you?” Remus asked before leaving after James. Peter silently followed him, offering Sirius a sad smile and not wanting to make things any worse. Too stressed to move, Sirius ran a hand through his hair and got out the Marauders Map just for something to do. He sat on the red sofa in the deserted Common Room, made perfectly sure that he was alone, and pressed his wand into the parchment.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

The page then flooded with ink and blotted words onto the page.

“Messer’s Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present: The Marauders Map.” Someone else read. Sirius turned around, startled. Then, his face became slightly more at ease as he saw Marion standing behind the sofa, leaning over his shoulder and beaming. He smiled at her and indicated for her to sit with him. She practically danced around the back of the sofa and sat next to him, putting her feet up. He smirked.

“I suppose you already knew about this specialty trinket?” he sighed. She nodded.

“Oh yeah.” She chuckled, “Since fourth year.”

“Any reason why you chose to spend your evening sitting here with me alone?” Sirius quizzed jokingly.

“Oh, so now I need a reason to sit with my friend?” Marion reiterated. Sirius rolled his eyes at the old joke.

“So what are you doing?” she inquired, shuffling a little too close to him for him to be comfortable and looking over his shoulder at the black and white version of the school moving on the parchment.

“Not a lot, just seeing what’s going on around the school.” He all but stammered as she was so close.

‘There’s that nice smell again’ he thought.

“W-well would you look at that,” Sirius said, clearing his throat and pointing at the page which was now focussed on the Slytherin Common Room. The marks labelled ‘Vespa Malfoy’ and ‘Regulus Black’ were practically overlapping.

“Looks like my dick of a brother and Malfoy’s skank sister are enjoying themselves.” Sirius sneered in disgust. Marion’s face contorted to a completely grossed out expression too.

“Ugh. Who would kiss that slimy little creep? No offence.” She added.

“None taken.” Sirius assured, “But, knowing my brother, he’ll be on the other side of the map to Vespa by tomorrow.”

“Well she does have a habit of scaring people off.” Marion laughed.

“Yeah and Regulus has always been quite repellent.” Sirius agreed.

“Speaking of repellent, where are the others?” Marion asked.

“Oh that’s cute (!)” Sirius said sarcastically with a smile, and then he remembered his fight with James, and reminded himself what the cause was and that she was sitting less than three inches from her right now. “I think he went to bed early. You know boys on Mondays.” The room became suddenly awkward. The two were silent as a few people passed through, then, once they were alone, they looked at each other.

“Well, we all hate Mondays.” Marion sighed with a small smile. Then she did something peculiar, she shuffled even closer to him, and rested her head gently on his shoulder. It was innocent enough, but Sirius felt very out of place. As happy as it made him to be able to feel her head resting on him, he wriggled away.

“What, can’t I lean on you?” she asked quietly. There was a pause before Sirius answered.

“Of course you can its- its just hot in here.” He stammered then he kicked himself internally for sounding so stupid. She then looked at him sadly, feeling a little rejected and nodded.

“I better go to bed then. Goodnight, Black.” She whispered before disappearing up the stairs.

“Night, Preston.” He replied just as quietly, even though he knew that there was no way in hell she could’ve heard him.

“Mischief managed.” He muttered planting his wand into the centre of the parchment, which immediately began to retract the ink form itself. He then folded it up again, replaced it in his pocket, and headed off to his own room, leaving the Common Room empty.

That same night, in the Slytherin Common Room, Regulus and Vespa were getting quite hot and heavy on one of the emerald leather sofas. It had been a while and they’d just been snogging, but now one of Regulus’s hands was travelling up Vespa’s shirt, the other roaming around the waistband of her jeans. She didn’t mind until he had completely unbuttoned them and went for her panties. She then broke the kiss and pushed him away from her angrily.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she snapped.

“Oh, come on, don’t tell me you didn’t want this to end with me shagging your brains out, Malfoy.” Regulus sneered, going back in for a kiss and his hand going back down her trousers. Vespa then lifted a knee sharply and kicked him in the groin, causing him to cry out and wriggled out from underneath him and got up.

“How’d you like that, Black?” she taunted as Regulus rolled around on the sofa clutching his groin.

“You fucking tease! You and you’re ninny old brother alike. You both love pissing people off don’t you?” he roared.

“Tease?! I didn’t ask you to try and fucking rape me!” Vespa screeched as Regulus sucked in the pain and stood in front of her.

“Rape? Whatever. You’ve handed yourself out around the entire house and you know it. Ask any guy in Slytherin how fucking easy it was to get into your pants and they’ll tell you!” Regulus bellowed and Vespa struck him across the face.

“What, you don’t think a person can change? So maybe I’m not a virgin. Maybe everyone in this house thinks I’m an easy whore, maybe the entire school. But even if I was I would never in a million years shag you, dickhead!” she screamed, slapping him again. “And you dare talk about Lucius like that again I’ll fucking kill you!” She then ran out of the room before he could react and slammed the door behind her.

The next day, the Gryffindor quidditch team were out practising for their big match against Slytherin in two days. As usual, Marion was there before anyone else. James had to literally pull Sirius out of bed and they got their next, then the other team members would filter in. James stood in the centre of the circle his teammates had created.

“Alright, guys.” He addressed them, “Don’t worry. We play to the best of our game and Slytherin don’t stand a chance. What we need to do is play to their weaknesses and make those our strengths.”

Marion let her mind wander off as he continued. She just stared at James blankly. She thought it was a shame Lily never saw him like this; he was actually quite sexy when he knew what he was doing and he was confident. But Marion didn’t like him. It would be weird. He was like her brother. She did however have a soft spot for someone recently. She looked up at him, standing at her side. It was obvious to her he didn’t really like her in that way, he’d made that clear last night. But still, he was quite cute. At least he was when he was chasing tail every 5 minutes. And he was a good kisser, she couldn’t deny him that, plus he was fun to be with, but maybe that him a good friend rather than anything else. She supposed she’d just have to settle for that and move on. Then James clapped his hands loudly and snapped her out of her daze.

“Right, chasers up, beaters up, we’re gonna work on manoeuvre D15.” He said. Marion, Sirius and the others mounted. Manoeuvre D15 was when the chasers lined up, the one in the middle and on the right marked by a beater. The one on the left has the quaffle, causing the opposition to chase them. Then, the chaser with the quaffle passes it down the chain and the beaters guard them from any attack. It was a fool-proof manoeuvre that James himself had devised, but he liked to keep it in reserve so the other teams didn’t catch wise and learn it and use it against them.

The chasers lined up, Sirius on the right, the other chaser Daniel in the middle and Marion on the far left with the quaffle. Felicia marked Daniel and Dominic marked Sirius, both of them with bats in hand. Then James blew his whistle and they began to move at lightning speed, the reserves, the keeper and James himself working against them as opponents for the practice. Marion weaved brilliantly away from a reserve and passed to Daniel before leaving the formation to stop any other attacks. Daniel then made to pass to Sirius, but he was too busy looking at Marion to see it. It wasn’t until she herself had swerved up and caught it that he snapped out of it. James blew his whistle.

“What the hell what that?” he shouted over the wind.

“Just lost focus for a moment.” Sirius grumbled, “It won’t happen again.”

They played for hours and by the time they touched land again, they were all windswept, had wobbly legs from not standing on them in a while and had serious cases of broom-wedgies. They looked like a group of zombies but to James that meant they had worked hard enough to call it a day.

“Nice work, guys. I think this game’s in the bag for us.” He said cheerily as the team began to disperse. Marion headed off to the pit to wax her broom and put it in her locker when James appeared behind her, making her jump.

“James, leave off will you. You’ve already run me ragged I don’t need you scaring my half to bloody death as well.” She groaned, half annoyed, half amused. James laughed.

“Well if it’s any consolation you’ve held up better than the others. Sirius looked like he was going to pass out.” He offered. Marion gave him a small smile as she picked a stray leaf from her hair.

“Yeah, what was with him today? He’s usually really good at D15.” Marion mused as she closed her locker and clicked it shut. James sighed and took in a deep breath.

“Yeah, about that.” He started, “Sirius told me yesterday that-”

Then he was cut off as someone else entered the pit. It was Sirius. He glared at James after having heard what he was about to say and walked up to them.

“What did I miss?” he asked through gritted teeth. James shook his head.

“Nothing, mate.” He sighed in defeat, “I was just going. Why don’t you and Marion have a chat?” he suggested, patting his friend’s shoulder as he left quietly.

“So what’s up with you, Black? You’ve been really off your game today.” Marion inquired, rather concerned. Sirius took one look into her eyes, and knew then he could never tell her, or at least not now.

“Just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.” He lied quickly. Marion nodded.

“Right. Anyway I better go, I probably go, I'm sure I stink.” She laughed awkwardly as she left. Then Sirius called to her as she reached the door.

“For the record, you don’t stink. Not at all.”

Marion didn’t say anything; she just smiled and left Sirius standing there alone.

Later that night, Sirius was lying alone on his back on top of his bed. Marauders map in hand and listening to the sound of James’s quill scratching parchment as he did his homework. He needed to clear his head and relax a bit, so he looked around the school for somewhere to slink off for a bit. The then spotted the prefects bathroom on the fifth floor. It was empty and Filch was in his room, probably asleep because he wasn’t moving. So he wrapped a towel around his bottom half and pulled a t-shirt over his top. James never even looked up as Sirius put a disillusionment charm on himself and left with the map and his wand in hand.

He turned into the bathroom and pulled off the t-shirt as the giant bath began to fill quickly with scented waters of different colours and bubbles arouse around him. When the bath was full, he pulled the towel off too and slipped into the warm water, allowing the bubbles to cover him all the way up to his neck. They nipped at his shoulder length dark curls as he sank into the warm surroundings. He let his eyelids drop as his let his mind go blank. For a moment, it seemed to be working. He thought about the one place he could be anything, the one place where he could do anything and be free: the forest. He pictured himself in dog form running through the trees, feeling the wind whistle through his hair as he ran, faster, faster. Then he skidded to a halt when he saw someone approaching.

Someone was standing there in front of him. That someone had a distinct female figure. Fluid curves and long flowing hair. He stopped right in front of her. She was only a few meters away, only visible as a silhouette. Sirius stared at her. Then, two turquoise orbs opened up and lit up the darkness. They were enough to identify the woman. It was definitely Marion. No one else had eyes that colour. She moved closer to him. He looked down at his hands and realised that he was human again. She continued walking towards him. When she was right in front of him, he reached out to touch her. There was a scream inside his mind, and his eyes snapped open again. His jolt sent water over the sides of the bath.

“What the hell was that!” he exclaimed out loud. As he shook his head, bubbles from the end of his hair flying wildly around him. He realised that would never have a clear mind as long as he kept his feelings to himself. He pulled himself out of the water and wrapped the towel around his waist, leaving the t-shirt off and holding it. He left the bathroom quietly, checking the hallway both ways before stepping out. But when he went to turn the corner, something coming around for the other side knocked into him. Someone.

He looked down at the person looking up at him and was startled to see who it was. Marion. She looked up into his face, frightened at first and then relaxed when she saw who it was. Then, she realised that he was wet and only wearing a towel and looked away, embarrassed. He saw a single tearstain trail down her cheek but soon ignored it when she moved her hair to cover it. Shaking her hair for a while, she stared at hid bare chest and toned muscles for a moment. There was a pause, and then Sirius spoke.

“Um, hi. What are you doing out at this time of night?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” Marion smirked. Sirius nodded.

“I was actually taking a bath if you must know.” He chuckled awkwardly.

“I was just coming back from the owlery. I had to think some things over.” Marion explained. Sirius knew he had to try and lighten the mood.

“Well won’t you allow me to escort a lovely lady back to the Common Room.” He joked, holding out an arm for her to take. Taking it, although it was still damp, Marion walked along side Sirius towards the Common Room. When they reached the short cut staircase, they saw how narrow it was. Looking at each other a little awkwardly, the arms that were linked lowered, lingering around each other, not quite holding each other but not wanting to lose contact. They ascended the stairs in silence for the first few moments before not being able to bare the lack of sound.

“What were you doing in the owlery?” Sirius asked.

“Just thinking things over. Like I usually do when I'm there.” Marion sighed. She then remembered what had happened the last time she had been there and he had come to visit her. That’s what she had been thinking of for a while. It almost hurt her that nothing had come of it, but during her time alone she’d decided to just let go.

“What were you doing bathing at this time of night?” she asked back.

“Not a lot just had to think some things over.” Sirius shrugged. Marion nodded, and the poisonous silence lapsed over them again. As the hallway got narrower still, their hands got closer, still not intertwining, but seriously close.

“What were you thinking about?” Marion questioned, trying to keep the conversation going.

“This and that.” Sirius shrugged off. Marion couldn’t pay around anymore.

“Me?” she said blankly. Unable to lie to her, Sirius was honest.

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Me too.” Marion muttered. They stopped walking and looked at each other. Their eyes pleaded to one another. Their hands finally weaved together and their fingers interlocked. They slowed to a stop at the top of the stairs, their heads growing gradually closer. Inching and inching until their lips were only inches apart, they were about to fulfil their wishes, when they were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Sirius! Sirius, buddy where are you?” James then emerged out of the portrait hole, causing both Sirius and Marion to draw apart, but he caught their joined hands before they could let go. Another awkward silence lapsed over them.

“Oh, there you are, I just wondered where you got to.” James said. His eyes roamed from his friend’s half naked for to the pretty girl on his arm. Marion quickly nodded and left scooching past James and disappearing behind the portrait hole. James looked at Sirius apologetically, but he raised a hand to let him know it was ok and they left together, silently forgiving each other for their earlier foul tempers.

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