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Raven Black and the Temple of the Night by Christine_Nighting
Chapter 6 : Family Reunion
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Where’s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need.


Auxilry smiles cruelly. Standing beside her is a man who appears to be more dog than human: Fenrir Greyback. Standing behind them are several cloaked Fire-Eaters.

Auxilry steps forward. "Did ickle Raven think she could get away from her aunty again? Or did ickle Raven just think that her big, strong aunty would give up that easy?" Auxilry flips her black hair pompously, running slender fingers through its shiny strands.

"It wasn't hard to find you, especially with all your growling. Honestly, didn't I teach you better?" Auxilry's bottom lip sticks out as she mocks a frown. I feel a surge of hate as I glare at her.

"You could have been great, and I would have led you to greatness! In fact, you can still be great, if only you'll rejoin me. Forget the little doggie, his life doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. He's just one person. I can find you a new play-thing." I stare in disbelief at her. Ted isn't my play-thing!

"So join me again, Raven. Life could be easy for you again. You won't have to suffer sorrow or agony. I can put you out of your misery. It's as easy as this." Auxilry raises her wand and points it at Ted.

"So what will it be, Raven? Either way Ted dies." Her pearly-white teeth show again, her beautiful face cackling.

"Neither!" I shout, full of hate. There's no way she's killing my Teddy. I only just got him back and I don't plan to lose him. I don't plan to go back to my old life, either.

A disgusting male voice speaks up, filled with longing. "Let me have her. Her flesh would be so delicious. Can't you smell her? So delightful." Fenrir steps forward, ahead of Auxilry. He opens his mouth and Ted shudders. Besides the fact that his facial hair makes him look like he's growing fur, he's sharpened all his teeth, and looks more like a rabid dog than a human.

He steps forward again, inhaling sharply. "So sensational…"

Auxilry howls and slashes his head with a set of manicured nails before wrapping her fist up tightly in his long hair and pulling him backwards.

"Filthy wretched dog! You won't touch her! SHE BELONGS TO ME!" Auxilry makes a final howl, sounding more like a wolf than Fenrir did. Ted's face is making a horrified expression while his mouth is slightly open in disgust.

Auxilry yanks up Fenrir by his hair, holding him off the ground while he howls in pain.

"You will NOT touch her!" Auxilry releases him and lets him drop to the ground. She leans down and grabs his dirty grey shirt in her hand, yanking him up so her nose is practically touching his.

"If you want flesh, then you can have Lupin. After all, you did infect his father." She turns her eyes to Ted, smiling. Fenrir's mouth also turns up into a smile. Ted looks like he’s about to be sick.

Auxilry releases Fenrir again and turns towards me. "So, what do you say, Raven? Will you join me? Ted dies anyway, so join me and continue in obedience or die with him. Make your choice." She places her hands on her hips.

I stand up and brace myself. This is it. What choice will I make?

Surely I can't just give up. I won't let Ted die. But there's Auxilry AND Fenrir, not including the back-up she has behind her. I exhale sharply.

"You can go back to your hole and die, Auxilry. I'm not going down without a fight." I raise my wand and Auxilry narrows her eyes.

"STUPEFY!" Ted's voice rings out and Fenrir flies through the air, successfully knocking down Auxilry's back-up as he flies into them.

She suddenly gasps and looks past Ted and I before scowling.

"So, the Order of the Phoenix has come to rescue Lupin and the great General Raven Black, who's undergone a change of heart? How sweet. And how very nice to see you, Celestine. Saving your sister again, I see?" Auxilry's voice drips with sarcasm.

Ted and I turn around, my heart pounding. I haven't seen my sister in years!

A skinny, lanky woman dressed in white robes over a white shirt and faded jeans steps forward. Her black hair is also streaked with white.

"Raven, Ted; get up and get behind us." At the word 'us', the rest of the Order of the Phoenix stepped out from behind the trees. I made a slight choking sound.

Ted's godfather (the famous Harry Potter) is there, along with his wife Ginny. Beside them are Ron and Hermione Weasley. James Sirius Potter also steps out of the trees, his youthful face scowling. Next to him is Ted and mine’s old Hogwarts friend, Robert Pennant - his dark hair sticking up in every direction. I gasp slightly as Nydia LeMoure also steps out, her blood-splattered white dress a contrast to her dark hair and pale skin, and I flinch as Victoire Weasley appears, her blonde hair hanging down in ringlets. Next to her are her parents, Fleur and Bill Weasley. George Weasley and his wife also come forward.

Ted's face lights up like a blind man who's seen the sun. I look over and notice Victoire smiling back at him. She turns her face to me and nods, her way of thanking me for saving Ted, but her eyes still hold the same animosity.

I nod back to her, my eyes guarded. Auxilry makes a choking sound.

"Aw, a family reunion! I hate to leave at such a touching moment, but I'm afraid I have other business. Toodles!"

Auxilry quickly grabs Fenrir's arm before Apparating. A spell hits the spot where she had been just a split-moment afterwards.

"Damn it!" George swore, rushing over to the spot where the witch and her unconscious werewolf side-kick had been before stepping back.

Some of the Fire-Eater back-ups began to wake up, dizzy from being hit by Fenrir. Celestine quickly knocks them out again before turning her eyes to me.

"So what, may I ask, are you doing?" Celestine demands with her hands on her hips. My mouth goes dry. She pulls out her wand and points it at me.

"Speak!" She yells, her eyes narrowing. Ted suddenly jumps up and places himself between me and her.

"She saved my life." He says quietly.

Celestine looks past me to Nydia, who's standing beside the others. "Is this true, Nydia?"

Nydia nods quietly. "It's true."

I interrupt the exchange.

"How did you find me? Why is Nydia with you?" I hold up my hands in a surrender position.

"She told me that Auxilry was hunting you down to kill you, and helped us track you down. Quite honestly I trust Nydia more than you; you have 50,000 galleons on your head, love. I could turn you in myself and gain a fortune! Enough to retire in a few years and live comfortably." Celestine smiles at me suddenly. "But why would I do that to my twin sister? Come here." She holds out her arms, waiting to embrace me. I step forward and let her hug me, her familiar scent washing over me.

"I've missed you." I feel her bury her similar face into my shoulder.

"I've missed you too." I sigh gently.

"How did you do it?" She suddenly asks, pulling away. "How did you defy Auxilry's control? Last time I checked, she was doing the thinking for you. How long have you been pretending to lead the Fire-Eaters, and why?”

I sigh again. "Far too long. I had no reason to leave because I had nowhere to go. Why are you trusting me right now?"

Celestine rolls her eyes. "Well because you're my sister, and Auxilry would have no reason to kill her most useful artifact." I flinch at her choice of words.

I look around at all the members of the Order of the Phoenix. Some point during my talk with Celestine, Ted and Victoire had reunited, and she was showering him with kisses while fretting over him. I feel sadness wash over me, so I look back at Celestine instead of staring at the happy couple. She is watching me, her eyes expressionless.

"We need to leave. I'll take Raven and Nydia with me, and the rest of you can return to your homes. The Fire-Eaters won't be able to track us down right now; Vanessa is unconscious again and Auxilry won't be tracking us down today, being the coward she is. But we should still Apparate to some place away from our homes, in a different town, before Apparating to our actual homes. I’ll Apparate straight to mine since it should be safe under the Secret. Don’t forget about the next meeting." Celestine nods to the other members of the Order of the Phoenix, who nod back and begin to leave. Nydia walks over to us.

Celestine holds out her arm to me. "Nydia, I'll come back for you in a moment. I can only take one person at a time." Without further notice, Celestine Apparates us into her loft. A second later she disappears and reappears with Nydia.

Celestine's loft is free of clutter and rather open. Everything is silver, white, or beige and appears to lack color. My dark brown hair and black clothes stand out sorely, as does the red on Nydia's dress.

"We can sit," Celestine waves us over to a lounge chair, a sofa, and an armchair, all in the same white against the beige carpet. I stare uncomfortably, knowing I'm rather dirty.

Celestine notices my look and lets out an annoyed sigh. "I can clean the chair with spells, Raven. Just sit down."

I pick the lounge chair and sit in it, leaning back. I can't help but breathe a sigh of relief as tranquility and rest wash over me. My eyes feel heavy. Nydia picks the sofa and leans back, her black curls draping over the white fabric.

Sitting in the armchair, Celestine leans back and analyzes us.

"Do you plan to go back to the Fire-Eaters?" She asks us. I look at her like she's stupid. Sitting up, I look her directly in the eyes.

"It was never my choice to join them, Celestine. And it wasn't Nydia's, either." Nydia acknowledges her agreement. Celestine sighs.

"Then sleep, both of you. Honestly, Raven; you look like you haven't had really good sleep in years." I try not to snicker; she's right. Every night I dream about Ted's death. And mirrors, mixed with blood. The three things I hate.

Celestine gets up and heads for a door on the other side of the room.

"Sleep now. If you need me, I'll be in the next room. The bathroom is just off the hall to the right; the kitchen's at the end of the hall." With that being said, she left.

I feel the heaviness pull down on my eyelids. When I turn my head, I see Nydia watching me. I open my mouth to ask her a question, but it's lost as I slip into a deep sleep, free of blood and mirrors.

But not free of Ted. 


A/N: Bah! The chapter image isn't very good, but oh well :P Raven's official age she was attacked has been changed from 13 to 15, as well as her current age has changed from 23/24 to 25 (Ted's age being 25, too). I know some people say that Raven is a bit immature...well, she is 25, and honestly, who is really mature at 25? And yes, Auxilry ran off, it is characteristic of her. She's a coward. 

Credits! Song at the top is Holding Out for a Hero by Frou Frou

Coming up soon: Order of the Phoenix meeting and female animosity!

Please review!

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