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Sam Potter by Byuflutist
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6: Confrontations
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AN: Sorry for the late update, I recently moved to I was having to go through that whole headache plus I had to edit it like 4 times because of my word processor... blah blah blah. This chapter focuses mainly on George. I hope you like it, and please review.


Chapter 6








George Weasely was finally in a good place.




It had been over a year since he had felt that half of his soul had died and left him feeling alone and scarred. It had been over a year since he had buried his partner, his friend, his brother.




When Fred had been killed George had wanted to die as well, but three things had stopped him. The first was that he knew he couldn’t do that to his family. His mother had already lost one son; he knew that he couldn’t purposely take another so soon after. The second reason was that George could NOT let Fred’s legacy fall just because he wasn’t there to watch over it. Weasely’s Wizard Wheezes had been Fred’s idea and his dream and passion for as long as George could remember and he would do everything in his power to keep the shop up and running. The third and most surprising reason was Sam Potter.




George had known Sam for as long as Fred had but he had never been able to see her as anything more than a sister. Fred had tried to explain why Sam was so perfect for him but George had gotten bored and changed the subject. After Fred’s death George and Sam had become extremely close. Sam had often come over to George’s flat and the two of them would sit at the small kitchen table and tell stories about Fred for hours until both were either crying uncontrollably or laughing hysterically, they could never seem to find a middle ground.




George was surprised by how dependent he had become on Sam, and she seemed to need him just as much. The two of them got together about twice a week and usually had lunch and more often than not Sam would invite Draco. The first time Sam had brought Draco, George was livid and very nearly walked out of the restaurant, but Draco soon explained that he and Sam were just friends and that he was there to help her and be there for her, nothing more. Before long all three were best friends.




George was brought back from his memories as a knock came from his front door. He quickly opened the door and was surprised to see his new girlfriend Angelina Johnson. The two had dated on and off since Hogwarts but never got really serious, but a couple weeks ago George had run into her at a coffee shop he enjoyed going to on his way to work and they had sat and visited for over 2 hours, and George was reminded of how much he had truly liked her. They had gone on a few dates and gone to lunch a few times and last night he had asked if she wanted to go with him to the weekly Weasely Brunch.




When George saw her, his first thought was that she was beautiful. She was wearing a blue sundress with a white cardigan on her shoulders and matching flats on her feet. Her hair was pulled into a loose braid and she was holding a plate of what looked like snickerdoodles in her hands.




“Hey, George, are you ready to go?” she asked, blushing as his eyes raked over her outfit.




“Yeah, I’m ready. Are those snickerdoodles? They’re my favorite.”




“I know, I remember you special ordering them from the house elves at Hogwarts.” Her soft blush had turned scarlet under her dark skin and George took her free hand and led her into his apartment so that they could apparate without attracting unwanted attention from Muggles.








Walking into his mother’s kitchen always brought a feeling of peace to George and holding Angelina’s hand made the feeling all the more special.




“Angelina! What a surprise! We weren’t told that you’d be joining us today,” Mrs. Weasely squealed when the couple walked into her kitchen,




“Oh, well George invited me last night and I doubted that he was going to tell you so I brought snickerdoodles as an apology for coming unannounced,” Angelina explained, gesturing toward the plate in her hands.




“And I thought you had brought them for me,” George teased placing a kiss on her cheek.




“That’s fine, dear, you’re always welcome here. Besides, Sam’s not coming so there’s an extra place for you already, right next to George,” Mrs. Weasely said, taking the plate from Angelina and placing it on the table.




“What? Why isn’t Sam coming?” George asked trying to think of something that would prevent her from coming. The two had made a pact that no matter what happened they would always come to Brunch.




“Ron, Harry and the girls found out about her…living arrangement and I believe Harry effectively uninvited her.” His mother explained in an angry whisper.




“HE WHAT?!” George shouted, turning around and storming into the living room where the family normally convened before Mrs. Weasely rang the dinner bell. “Where is he?! I’m going to kill him.”




“George, wait. What’s going on? What did your mom mean ‘her living arrangement’?” Angelina asked following her angry boyfriend into the hallway.




“George, don’t forget how mad you were when you found out, you were hurt and angry, too.” His mother called after him also.




That stopped him in his tracks. He remembered with shame the words he had said to Sam about how she had betrayed not only him and his family but also the memory of his brother. He remembered the sadness in her eyes when he had stormed out of the restaurant before Draco calmed him.




“How could you be friends with him of all people?!” he yelled in her face standing up so quickly that his chair fell backward and hit the floor with a crash.




“George, please lower your voice, don’t forget we’re in a muggle restaurant,” Sam implored him pleadingly.




She and George had been sitting eating lunch when Draco Malfoy had shown up and Sam, instead of standing up and cursing him as George had expected her to, had stood up and hugged the vile excuse for a human.




Why would Sam hug Draco Malfoy? And what was he doing in a muggle restaurant in the first place?




Comprehension finally dawned on him.




“That’s why you wanted to meet in Muggle London, isn’t it? So that I wouldn’t cause a scene by cursing him.” He was growing angrier with each passing moment and it wouldn’t be long until his wand was out. In the back of his head he wondered if either of them would pull theirs as well to protect themselves or if they’d just let him curse them.




“I was hoping it would help,” she said, looking around nervously.




George was beside himself with anger. How could she possibly befriend the enemy? This…this…Slytherin was the reason his twin’s name showed up on lists of the dead, why George had to go to counseling twice a week to battle his depression, why his life would never be truly happy and carefree again.




“He’s the enemy, Sam,” George said through gritted teeth, “He’s the reason…he’s dead.” Now the tears were coming, not only from George but also Sam.




“I’m Not the enemy,” Draco finally spoke up on his own behalf.




“How dare you speak to me, you filthy little ferret!” George shouted before turning on his heel and heading toward the door, hot tears flooding his eyes. Just as he reached the door he heard the unmistakable sound of a sob breaking from Sam’s throat, but it did nothing to calm George as he slammed open the door and prepared to disapparate.




“George, wait, please don’t go,” Sam pleaded reaching for his arm.




“No, I will not stay here with a Death Eater, and a traitor,” he said ripping his arm from her grasp.




Sam froze, eyes opened wide in shock and horror, and for a split second George thought that maybe he had gone too far.




“I’m not betraying him,” she said in a small, meek voice.




“But you are, you’re dating someone else! It’s not even been a year and you’re already shacking up with some boy! And not just any boy either! It’s Draco bloody Malfoy! You’re as good as cheating on him, on FRED.”




The words were the absolute worse thing he could say. He felt the hurt and hatred coursing through his veins as he stood towering over the small girl who had once meant more than the world to his brother.




He had wanted to hurt her and he had succeeded. She looked up at him, with her hazel eyes full of tears and so much sadness he knew that if his brother were here, George would be unconscious for even think such vile thoughts about her.




“George, wait please. Let me explain,” came the low soft voice of Draco Malfoy, but for once it was not dripping with contempt and malice.




“Why should I listen to you?”




“Because Sam’s upset and she wants us to get along.”




“Why would she care whether you and I got along?”




“Because I know she loves you –as a sister loves a brother, of course- and I know she plans on having me in her life for a long time. She feels bad for having waited so long in telling you and it’s only been three months since we moved in together.”




George stared in shock at the silver eyes that were pleading him to listen.




“You moved in together?!” George’s hand definitely reached for his wand this time and the movement was obvious to Draco.




Draco threw his hands up in surrender, showing George that he had no intentions of fighting the redhead. “Hang on, before you curse me. Come inside and the three of us can talk this through like adults, I promise.”




“How did you two become friends?” George asked after a long pause.




“Why don’t you come inside and Sam and I will answer any and all questions you may have,” Draco said, turning again to the front door of the restaurant, but looked back when George didn’t immediately follow. “What?”




“Why did you become friends with her?” Draco blanched at the question but felt that to gain George’s trust he would have to answer.




“I love her; I have for a long time. She was with your brother, and I respect that she needs time to get her life glued back together, but I want to be the first in line when she feels like she deserves to live again.” He said it all in one breath, like he was hoping that by saying it quickly George wouldn’t be so mad at him.




“I thought so,” George said with a slow nod of his head.




“She’s had it rough, Weasley. I don’t think she would be able to handle it if you were to leave her.”




Draco again turned back to the front doors but stopped as George spoke again.




“What do you mean ‘when she feels like she deserves to live again’?”




Draco sighed and seemed to be choosing his words carefully.




“I have spent nearly everyday with her for over five months now and I’ve realized that she feels guilty. Now whether it’s because she feels she and the others took too long to find the Horocruxes or because she’s having ‘survivor’s guilt’, I have no idea, but I try to make sure she knows that it’s not her fault in the least.”




George could only nod as he realized that Sam had been possibly feeling the same way he was feeling, so he merely looked up into the silver eyes of Draco, give a quick curt nod, and walked back inside where he would apologize for his behavior and help his would-be sister-in-law get out of her own depression and anguish, so that they could both wake up in the morning feeling like they belonged in this world.




“Yeah, I said things that I shouldn’t, but I didn’t uninvited her to Brunch, that’s too much.”




“I know, but when I talked to her last night I reminded her that it wasn’t Harry or Ron’s decision about whether or not she was allowed to come, but she said that she would give them a week or so to cool off. Everyone knows how Ron’s temper is, Sam especially.”




After breathing deeply through his nose and exhaling out his mouth trying to calm himself, he relented. “Fine, I won’t kill him, but I am going to talk to him about how he treated her. I’m going to talk to all of them.”




Mrs. Weasely nodded grimly before turning back to the kitchen. Angelina, however, grabbed George’s arm and turned him to look at her.




“What’s going on? What is this thing with Sam and what does it have to do with you?” George could easily see where Angelina’s thoughts had gone.




“Angelina, I’m not cheating on either you or Sam. She’s my friend. After….last year, I’ve come to really depend on her. She was hurting as badly as I was afterward, and we sort of combined forces. We get together a couple of times a week and have lunch or something. About a year ago when everyone was moving on from Hogwarts, Sam decided not to move in with Harry and the others, she said that she wanted to move out on her own, which she did, but she didn’t do it alone. She… she moved in with Draco Malfoy. Now, don’t go freaking out. Sam and Draco became friends at Hogwarts during the clean-up and when she found out that he didn’t have anywhere to go, she offered to let him move in with her. I think it was more that she didn’t want to be alone, but he’s been good to her. From what he’s told me about how she was right after, I’m surprised that she didn’t have a total mental breakdown.”




George looked at Angelina in the eyes hoping that she would see how sincere he was being and understand. He waited until she slowly nodded her head, then he grabbed her hand and led her toward the living room and the sound of voices,




“Hey, George. Hi, Angelina!” chorused from those gathered.




“Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, can I talk to you all outside, please,” George said, forcing a smile.




“Um, I think we’re going to stay here, thanks,” said Ginny, who was sitting on the floor playing with baby Teddy and her new niece Victoire.




“No, I think that you all need to follow me,”




“George, what’s going on, you seem to be a bit upset,” his father piped up calmly, though it was obvious that his curiosity was piqued.




“I need to talk to my favorite little brother and sister and their fiancés about some etiquette that they seem to have forgotten over the week,” George answered through gritted teeth.




“I think maybe you need to go ahead and address the issue in here, so one of us can intervene if need be,” Mr. Weasely answered.




“It’s a bit of a private matter, Dad.”




“I don’t care, I’m too old to be running outside if there’s any trouble, Now, what’s your problem?”




George sighed deeply, calming himself again, and looked over at Angelina who squeezed his hand, which she was still holding, in encouragement, then he began talking.




“I want to know why you lot,” he started, looking to Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny individually, “uninvited Sam due to who she was living with?”




“Wait, Sam’s living with someone?”




“Who is she living with?”




“Why would you uninvited her?”




“What’s wrong with you all?”




“Who is she living with?”




The cacophony of questions and outbursts from friends and family surrounding the four on the floor and the couple in the doorway was deafening and it took a few minutes, a lot of red sparks and the Sonorus charm on Mr. Weasely’s part to get the family to finally quiet down enough to speak normally.




“George I think you need to start from the beginning. I understand your friendship with Sam would dictate that you keep her secret, but I think of her as my daughter as much as you are my son and I feel like it is my prerogative to know what’s going on in my daughter’s life.” Mr. Weasely spoke calmly and rationally and George could not think of a valid argument to fight on behalf of Sam to keep her secret.




He took a deep breath cast a quick glance at his mother who stood behind his father and began his story.




“About a year ago Sam and I became really good friends as you all well know, we would go out to lunch and dinner and just hang out. Around October she told me a secret that she had kept from everyone except for Mum.”




“She had moved in with someone that no one would ever have imagined her even being friends with, but she confided in me and the three of us have become extremely close. From what I’ve seen he’s been-“




“Wait, ‘he’? “ asked Charlie looking up from his niece and Teddy. Charlie had become rather attached to Sam over the last year and was always very protective of her.




“Yeah, she was pretty messed up after…the battle last year,” at this everyone looked down and avoided looking directly at George who was refusing to look anywhere but at the four who were in the path of his anger.




“And the weeks and months afterward she befriended this bloke and though he was mean to her at Hogwarts, he has been nothing but kind to her since after the battle. He has joined Sam and I on our get-togethers and he is polite to everyone he meets now. I believe that he’s trying to make up for his past personally but that is beside the point-“




“Enough beating around the bush, George,” interrupted Percy impatiently, “Who is she living with?”




“…Draco Malfoy.”




Bill and Fleur threw their hands over the babies’ ears to block out the profanity and anger that was barraging George when he said that name.




“He must have her under the Imperius Curse,” was Percy’s first thoughts.




“No, Sam can fight that, it must be a potion,” said Percy’s new wife Abigail, “Maybe he Confunded her-“




“Sam’s not been Imperviused or Confunded. She made a new friend. But that’s beside the point. I want to know why you all thought that you had the authority or the right to ban her from Brunch.” The anger and hostility that radiated from George’s voice made everyone quiet and turn toward the four young people in their midst.




Ginny tried to calmly explain to George their reasoning. “We didn’t ban her George, we just thought it better if she didn’t come today-“




“But what authority do you have to do that? It’s not your house, and she’s supposed to be your best friend, how could you do that to her?”




“Ha! She’s hardly been a friend to any of us,” Hermione said with a derisive laugh. “She never comes over, we only ever really see her on Sundays and even then she’s quiet and only ever talks to you. That’s hardly a friendship. We had to break into her place today to put up the ruddy decorations because none of us have a key. We’ve never seen the inside of her loft, We have missed her. Unlike you, we don’t have the luxury of having a standing lunch date every couple of days. After she told us she didn’t want to move in with us, she just disappeared.”




George stood in shock, with his mouth opened into the shape of an O.




“You don’t even know her, or what she’s gone through, do you?”




“I know she lost Fred, but that was over a year ago, and that doesn’t mean that she should make friends with the first sodding git she comes in contact with and move in with him.”




“SHE WAS IN PAIN!!!” George shouted. He couldn’t believe that Hermione was being so mean toward someone that used to always be with her.




“I’m aware, but she didn’t have to move out on her own, we offered, I don’t know how many times, for her to move in with us, but she just kept refusing.”




“Did you ever ask why?” Angelina had spoken for the first time since George had explained his relationship with Sam in the hallway.




“Excuse me?” asked Ginny.




“Did you ever ask Sam why she didn’t move in with you all?” Angelina repeated.




“…No, I suppose we didn’t.”




“Look, I know I’m hardly a member of the family, and I was a friend of Harry and Sam’s mainly because of Quidditch, but I think the first thing I would’ve asked her if she refused to move in with me is why. One thing that I’ve learned from you all is that there is always a reason that you do anything. Always.”




In that moment, George could’ve kissed Angelina for being so brilliant.




“Why did she move in with him and not us?” Harry asked from the couch, He hadn’t said anything the entire day because he was so engrossed in his thoughts about his sister.




George looked over at Angelina and when she looked at him, she merely nodded, signaling that George should be the one to explain Sam’s decision,




“She felt alone,” he held his hand up when he saw that Hermione and Ginny were both going to argue with him. “Let me explain.”




“After Fred’s death when Sam lost everything she was devastated. That first week I found out that she wasn’t eating or sleeping and that’s when she and I became friends. And then, just when she was starting to improve- and I think she had started hanging out with Draco by this time- you all come to her and ask her to move in with you.”




“Now, I know you all had good intentions, but you were all still in the early stages of your love lives and you were asking a forced single girl with a very fragile spirit to move in with you and help you with wedding plans. She couldn’t do it, she simply couldn’t. So she told you all no thank you and began looking for lofts in London.”




“When I found out, I asked her to move in with me. I thought it might be easier to handle my own grief if I knew someone close by that was in just as much pain. She refused, but I asked why. She said that she felt like she needed to take some time to herself and that moving out on her own would be the best thing for now.”




“But she didn’t move out on her own,” interjected Ron.




“No, but she knew that if she and I shared an apartment, we’d be even more messed up than we already were, so she recruited me to help her find an apartment and we found one. I think that’s when she went to Draco again. At first she had said that she couldn’t afford the rent but the next day she came back and had changed her mind.”




“And you didn’t think that that was a bit suspicious?” Harry said looking up and meeting George’s eyes.




“Of course, I did, and I asked what changed her mind, but she just smiled and said that she came into a bit of money. I didn’t believe her of course, but what could I do?”




“You could’ve told one of us, you could’ve followed her, anything. But no, you just stepped back and let her do something stupid and crazy!” Harry’s voice had risen as he had talked and he had also risen from the couch so that he was standing facing George.




“I didn’t step back and let her do anything ‘stupid or crazy’, all I did was support a frie- no a SISTER as all of you should have! She can protect herself from the likes of Draco Malfoy, believe me. And besides, he would never hurt her.”




“That’s not your decision to make, George,” Harry’s tone was cool and controlled, letting everyone know that trouble was brewing behind his bright green eyes.




“It’s not yours either, Harry. Sam is an adult and I support her like any bro-“




“YOU ARE NOT HER BROTHER!!!! I am! She should come to me-“




“But she didn’t, did she? She came to me!”




As the words spilled from George’s mouth Harry lunged across the room, his fists making contact with the side of George’s head. George hurtled across the room as the Mrs. Weasley, Fleur, and Abigail grabbed the kids from the floor and screamed. After a few moments struggle Mr. Weasley, Bill, and Charlie managed to pry Harry off of George and handed him off to Ron. Angelina stared in shock at the bruise that was already making it difficult for George to see, and turned angrily toward her former Seeker and his close friends.




“If you ask me, that’s why Sam didn’t tell you all or didn’t want you to know. You, Harry, have a tendency to fly off the handle. Ron holds grudges for months and even if he does forgive you, he still mopes around like a toddler who has lost his favorite toy. Ginny, you’re likely to curse someone- wipe that smug smirk off your face, it’s not a complement- and then ask questions, which never does much good. And Hermione, you run off to the library to try to prove that person wrong with facts and figures.”




The room was completely silent except for the labored breathing of everyone in attendance.




“You all are the heroes of the magical world, I won’t deny that, but if you really cared about Sam as much as you say you do, you never would have needed to concoct some stupid birthday party to go see her, you would’ve known from the beginning that she was in agony. You all are allowed to have separate lives and I think it’s just stupid to begrudge Sam’s because she separated herself before you all were ready for her to do so.”




Turning back to George she grabbed his hand and got ready to apparate back to his apartment, but turned around once more.




“I’m sorry, that this happened Mrs. Weasely, I’m sure lunch would have been perfect. Good day to you all. Let’s go, George.”




And with a pop the two vanished leaving the Weasley family speechless and silent.








Two hours later




“It still looks like you were on the wrong end of a Bludger attack,” Angelina said, putting the raw steak back over the bruise on George’s eye.




“I know, it’s a good thing I had such a good defense, when Harry socked me out of nowhere,” George replied smiling up into Angelina’s worried face.




She couldn’t help but laugh at the complement and could feel a blush rise on her cheeks. But then her smile furrowed into a look of confusion.




“I do have a question though…”








“You kept saying that Sam was in pain and no one saw it, no one noticed. How did you know? You two never really talked without Fred there, and it just seems sort of weird that you of all people would recognize that someone like Sam was hurting that badly.”




George looked down as he listened to Angelina and thought over his answer.




“You’re right; I didn’t know her very well. In all honesty, I think that I spoke no more than twenty words to only her the entire time I knew her. She was Fred’s, which meant that she was untouchable to me.”




Here he laughed, as the idea of doing anything with Sam besides playing Quidditch would earn him a smack on the head by Fred.




“I never would have noticed that anything was wrong if Fred hadn’t gone on and on about her nearly every day from the moment he met her.”




George smiled at the memories even as a tear slipped down his cheek.




“He always talked about how happy she always was and how there was such a light in her eyes, a ‘certain sparkle’ is what he called it.”




George stood up from the couch and walked over to the bookshelf which was filled with deeds and receipts for the shop more than anything else and pulled out a worn notebook.




“And then, when Draco and I became friends, he confided in me his realizations about Sam’s attitude.” George handed the notebook to Angelina. “This was Sam’s birthday present from Fred from two years ago, he told her to write in it as often as she could and he would be there to comfort her if she needed it. He didn’t tell her that he had a twin to it, which showed the person with the password what she was writing. He would spend hours reading it. It’s a good thing that she wrote everyday because otherwise I think Fred would have buggered out,” George said with a chuckle.




“When Draco and I realized that Sam was more depressed than anyone could have guessed we made a third copy so that we could monitor her behavior and keep her safe. I don’t read every entry and our copies are designed to highlight the parts that should alert us to whether she’s thinking about hurting herself or anyone else.”




“Isn’t that an invasion of privacy though?” Angelina interrupted.




“Technically, yes. But you know Sam, she’s brilliant. She realized within a few days that someone was reading it and not long after that that she found out it was the two of us. She confronted us and I’m telling you, I was scared for my life, but all she said was thank you.”




“I don’t read it anymore; I trust that she’s better than she was back then.”




George began flipping through the pages of the notebook near the beginning and Angelina could see that the spine was worn with use.




“But I do read her entries from before the Battle, even though she was scared and didn’t know what the future held; she stayed hopeful and wrote of what she wanted in her life with Fred. She wrote with such fervor, such faith… It helps when I’m having an extremely bad day…”




George walked over to the couch and handed the notebook to Angelina. “Read from the top,” he instructed.




Angelina merely looked at George before he tapped the page bringing her attention back to the book in her hands.




February 14 My Dearest Fred.




Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. For the first time in so long I am happy to report that all is well here. Ron came back a week ago, the Horocrux was destroyed, and we have the Sword of Gryffindor.




I haven’t been about to find anything to be unhappy about, not that I’m looking very hard, to tell you the truth.




Hermione thinks that I’m going crazy, we’re camping in the middle of who-knows- where and we have next to nothing to eat and I can’t help but smile.




I do wish that I was with you though, of all places, I want to be with you. I miss you more than anythi-




“George, what does this have to do with how well you know Sam?”




“Read about halfway down, where she starts talking about me.”




“About you?”




“Just read it.”




…I know the last thing you want me to talk about today is George but like I need to tell you something. Don’t worry, I didn’t kiss him or anything, I just wanted you to know that he’s a good guy.




To be honest, the first time I met him (on the day you had him trip me so that you could say hi) I didn’t like him very much. He seemed to think very highly of himself, but in the years since then I’ve seen him grow and mature into someone who would be a spectacular friend to me.




What scares me the most is that he seems to act a great deal like me and honestly I don’t know how to handle that. Maybe that’s why you and I got along, because I was made to be your perfect match, just like George was made to be your perfect brother which is why you all were born twins…”




Angelina looked over at the still form of George on the couch next to her, the realization etched across her face.




“You understood that she was in pain because you were in pain?”




George nodded. “I know it sounds weird, but after he was buried my mum came up to me and looked me in the eyes and said that I looked a thousand miles away, that my eyes were dead. A week after that when I found out that Sam wasn’t eating I did the same to her and saw that there was no twinkle, no mischievousness, no hope in her eyes and I couldn’t help but feel a connection with her.”




“That’s remarkab-“




Angelina stopped talking when she heard a quick rap at the door.




George stood up, taking the notebook from Angelina’s grasp and replacing it on the shelf. He then took the steak from his eye and laid it on the kitchen counter as he passed by on his way to the front door of his loft.




He quickly unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door to reveal Sam Potter standing in the doorway in a jogging suit and rain jacket.




“Hey, George, sorry to drop by like- Oh, my goodness! What happened to your eye?”




“Sam! Hey what are you doing here? Angelina, look who it is,” George said trying to sound convincing.




“George, what happened to your eye?” Sam said trying to keep George on point.




“What this?” George said nonchalantly pointing to the swelling on the left side of his face. “It’s nothing; I just walked into a door.”




“Don’t lie to me, George, I know a black eye when I see one and if you ask me, I’d say that yours is relatively fresh, definitely within the past six hours.”




George was amazed at just how much Sam knew about bruises but then he remembered how much she had been abused when she was younger and even in school.




“It’s nothing, really Sam. C’mon, come inside and visit with Angelina and me,” George said trying and failing to distract Sam from his unsightly eye.




“Hey, Sam, how’s it going?” Angelina said standing up from the couch and giving Sam a hug in welcome.




“Hey, Ang. I’m sorry if you think I’m rude, but I need to talk to George in private. Could you give us like ten minutes?”




Angelina looked from Sam to George who nodded in encouragement, so she looked back at Sam and nodded her head.




“Sure, I’ll just be in the other room, call me if you need me.” And with that she turned toward George’s bedroom and walked in.




Sam quickly cast the Muffliato spell over the room so that Angelina wouldn’t hear what she was about to tell George.




“Ok, first off, I’m glad you finally gave Angelina a chance. Second, what happened to your eye? The truth would be appreciated this time please,” Sam said bluntly, getting right to business, something George and Fred had always admired about her.




“It was never a matter of giving her a chance, per se, more a way back into her life. After last ye-“




“George.” Sam cut him off and gave him a look that told him that she wanted an explanation and she wanted it now.




“Fine, I got in a fight…” he said reluctantly, not quite looking into her eyes.




“With whom?” she prompted.












“Say something, Sam. Please, the silence is-“








George stood in wonder, looking into Sam curious eyes, “Why what?”




“Why did you get in a fight with Harry?”




George visibly blanched. He didn’t think that he’d have to confront Sam so soon after his confrontation with Harry, and so he wasn’t sure what to say to keep her from punching his other eye.




“He and I, sort of…well, we kinda…disagreed on something.”




“Something that brought you to punches?”




“Well, something that brought him to punches.”




“And that would be…?”












Sam was in shock, why would George and Harry get into a fight over her? What would cause Harry to fly off the handle at George whom he’d always gotten along with since they had met so long ago? Only one thing would do that.




“Oh, my gosh.”




Sam put her face in her hands and began crying. She was so filled with guilt because George had been hurt because of her. George quickly took Sam into his arms trying to comfort her.




“Sam, it’s alright. I’m not really hurt, and it’s not your fault.




After a few moments more, Sam calmed down enough to talk coherently. “But wait, how did you find out?”




“Find out about what?” George asked confused.




“That Draco kissed me.”





AN: I just felt like I should explain Harry and The Gangs actions a bit so that you all don't grab your pitchforks and come after me in my sleep. I needed to show just how far Sam had drifted from the group over the year. I really hope you are at least enjoying my story. Please review,

PS. If someone would like to create a banner for this story, I'd really appreciate it. Just contact me.

Everything belongs to JKR. I only own the plot and the other cannon characters.

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Sam Potter: Chapter 6: Confrontations


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