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His Brown Eyes by SeverusSnape15
Chapter 1 : The Bar
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It was load in the bar. The lights were turned down low, causing a shadow to cast over the dance floor. Unlike in the olden days, the bar was packed full of people.


Hugo Weasley sat quietly at the bar. His shaggy red hair covered his eyes. Beside him sat his cousin, Lily Potter. Looking around, Hugo saw no one familiar. He never usually saw many wizards in a gay bar. If he did, they were no one he knew closely. “You shouldn’t be here, Lily. What are people going to say when they see a woman in a bar like this?” Hugo shook his head.


“Who cares? It’s fun going somewhere and not having to worry about blokes staring, and grabbing places. Lily pushed away her red hair from her brown eyes.


Hugo nodded as the bartender walked towards them. The man’s hair was a slick, jet black. His eyes showed a mahogany brown. Giving Hugo a wink, he spoke. “So, what ya drinkin’ handsome? Little lady?”


The red headed man couldn’t help but blush. “Two whiskeys,” Hugo said quietly.


“Water for me,” Lily cut in.


“One whiskey and water for the little lady, comin’ up.” The bartender walked away quietly.


Lily immediately squealed. “Did you see that, Hugo? Oh, he likes you!”


“Shh!” Hugo hissed, a blush clinging to his cheeks. The bartender was quite handsome. Maybe on his break, he’d come dance with Hugo.


“Here you are, handsome,” the man said as he set the whiskey before the other boy. “So what’s your name?”


Hugo knew his whole face was dark red. It was a terrible trait he had inherited from his Father. “Hugo Weasley, this is my cousin, Lily. And you are?”


“Bruno Haven. Nice to meet you, Hugo,” he said as a smirk met his pink lips. “Say, why don’t we go and dance. I get off in five.”


Hugo nodded. “I’d love to.”


Bruno left the bar and assured Hugo that he would be back. Beside the man, Lily was grinning.


“You don’t mind, do you? Hugo took a long drink of his whiskey then set it down.


“Not at all. Go have fun, Hugo!”


A few minutes later, Bruno came out, looking quite different. The right side of his lip was pierced. His eyes were lined with liquid, black eyeliner. He stood much taller than Hugo, but looked loads younger than the man.


Hugo immediately stood up. As he did so, it was obvious he was short. “Don’t worry, I like shorter guys,” Bruno winked at Hugo.


The red head gave a small wave to Lily, and then took Bruno’s hand. The music was loud and upbeat. When the two reached the dance floor, Hugo was pulled closer to Bruno.


“So, Hugo, how old are you?” A smirk clung to the man’s lips.


“Twenty, today. Yourself?” Hugo yelled over the music.


“Twenty-two,” Bruno’s grin grew, “happy birthday, handsome. So sorry that I couldn’t buy you a present, but I can give you one.”


Hugo’s eyes widened as Bruno took his red face into his hands. Gingerly, they were pressed against the red head’s lips. For a few minutes, the couple kissed intensely. Mumbles escaped Hugo’s mouth as he was pulled to the corner of the room. By the time they got there, Bruno’s hand was latched to Hugo’s trousers.


Out of the corner of his eye, Hugo saw a familiar face. The boy’s heart pounded roughly. Not from the kissing, but from the site of his previous crush.


Hugo pulled back, slowly, pressing his forehead to Bruno’s. The taller man stroked his back, the same smirk returning to his face. “Happy birthday, slick.”


The red head could do nothing but blush. His brown eyes stayed on the man whom he recognized completely. “Excuse me,” Hugo breathed, moving away from Bruno.


Hugo didn’t look back. He watched as the man sat at the bar. Quickly, he pushed himself through people until he was once again at the bar. Hugo gently sat next to the man, a grin on his face.


“Fancy meetin’ you here, Scorpius,” Hugo smirked.


Scorpius jumped a bit, and then looked at Hugo. A small blush touched his pale, white cheeks. There was something in his blue eyes that Hugo couldn’t place.


“Hugo, how are ya? I didn’t know you were….”


“I have been since my fourth year,” Hugo spoke, chuckling softly.


“Damn, really?” Scorpius took a long sip of his drink and then stood his head. “If I’d known that, I would have kissed you a long time ago.” Like magic, Scorpius was grinning like a little kid. Hugo opened his mouth to talk, but he was interrupted.


“So this is what you left me over there for!?” Bruno hissed, glaring at Hugo.


“Who the hell are you? Can’t you see we’re having a nice conversation?” Scorpius spat back.


Bruno stepped forward grabbing Scorpius’ shirt. “I saw him first, you bloke!” The blonde raised an eyebrow, looking down at Bruno’s hands. In moments, the dark haired man was on the ground. Scorpius grasped the boy by his hair.


“I’ve known this boy since my second year in school. If you so much as lay a hand on him, I will kill you.” With that, Scorpius stood up.


Hugo stood in awe with a total loss of words. Scorpius pulled the red head into his arms and kissed him roughly. Hugo melted into the kiss. He was in heaven. This had been what he always wanted – Scorpius Malfoy.


“It’s no surprise I got lost in your brown eyes,” Scorpius breathed, kissing Hugo’s neck.


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