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Phoenix in the Ashes by HPFF United
Chapter 18 : Green Speckled Toad
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 Just forget about him. Ginny thought to herself miserably. He'll never see you like that; you're just Ron's baby sister to him!

Ginny sighed as she mulled over this unfortunate truth. It was midnight. The castle lay still and soundless, as many of its inhabitants lay in bed, fast asleep. Ginny, however, sat alone in the darkness of the Gryffindor Common Room; gazing thoughtfully at the ghostly flecks of moonlight that leaked their way through the castle windows, forming elaborate patterns onto the dark surfaces of the carpet and furniture. 

Maybe he'll see you differently one day; you won't stay young forever.

Ginny buried her head deep into her hands and groaned. Fat chance! She thought to herself, anybody with half a brain would realise that he's head-over-heels in love with that Cho Chang girl! Ginny couldn't doubt this fact. She'd tried a multitude of times to argue the point, but every time she saw him turn all gooey-eyed whenever he passed the black-haired beauty in the corridor, the dreaded sickness in her stomach confirmed the worst. 

This sucks! She thought to herself; tapping her foot glumly on the springy, crimson carpet. All she'd ever wanted was for him to notice her. She'd tried so hard last year at the Yule Ball to impress him; fixing her hair and makeup so that it was just right. He hadn't even spared her a glance. Frankly he'd been too busy staring at her, Cho Chang, the girl who had some how enslaved the heart of the guy Ginny loved and the heart of the best-looking guy in the school! 

Ginny sighed again, drumming her fingertips on the surface of the armchair rest. It wasn't like Cho Chang had anything good going for her. Granted, she was incredibly pretty, but all she seemed to do these days was cry. What guy would want to deal with that in a relationship? Obviously Harry doesn't mindcame that unnerving voice from inside Ginny's head again. Ginny growled as she ackonowledged this depressing truth. 

The answer was simple. She had to get over him. Hermione had advised her to do so a multitude of times in the past – perhaps now was the time to take her advise. What else could she do? 

Michael Corner. Now there was an idea. He was funny and intelligent enough, and definitely easy on the eye. Maybe he could do for now. A substitute perhaps. 

No. Not a substitute.

She couldn't live her life dating a whole line up of substitutes. There had to be some guy out there ten times more special and in love with her than Harry Potter would ever be. Perhaps Michael would be a good place to start; after all –with the exception of Gilderoy Lockheart – Ginny had never had a crush on anyone other than Harry.

This is it! She though to herself. Time to let go of him, and move on for good! 

Ginny sighed again; a heavy-hearted sigh. 

Maybe one day he would notice her, but for now she was just going to have to forget about him.

This is going to be tough! She thought to herself as she climbed the stairway to the girl's dormitory. 

After all, it can't exactly be considered a normal, every day occurence when you write a poem about green speckled toads that somehow relates to the boy you love. Ginny giggled at the memory as she climed the last few stairs. 

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Phoenix in the Ashes: Green Speckled Toad


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