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Moving Along... Together by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 1 : Dim Witted Potter!
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Chapter 1- Dim witted Potter

Lily POV

The weather was perfect, for a day to go back to Hogwarts. I watched the rain trickle down the window sill and I listened to the rain dropping above me. I have a book on my lap called ‘The Hobit’ Alora had given it to me for Christmas. I hugged my jacket closer to me. The temperatures were getting colder each day. I only had one navy blue jacket on. “Lily” now that is my best friend Alora White, she is always so optimistic, I’ve known her since first year. She has long thick, chestnut brown hair that is always done up in a braid. Alora also has a crush on Remus Lupin since 2nd year. “Did you hear it?” she yelled as she entered the carriage with rain drops in her hair. 

“Hear what Lor?” Lor always came back to me with all kinds of information.

“James said that this yea…” Lor started.

“There you are my flower.” But before she could finish, dim witted Potter arrived and ruined the day. Have you heard the saying speak of the devil and the devil arrives, well it’s true. “They say no matter how far away you go you can never hide away from your true love, aren’t they correct Evans?” My emerald eyes found his blue eyes and held still in a glare.

It took me this much seriously this much to not explode that minute. My jaw clenched together as I spoke, “There you are arse, first of all never ever dare call me flower again and secondly, you do not appear in our compartment and start reciting that junk that you so call poetry! Go to hell!” I walked out immediately leaving him wordless. You can never fall in love with a Marauder but there are exceptions to Remus. That Potter would never change in a blue moon!



James POV

It was a horrible day that could not get any better, the moment I saw those grey storm clouds I had sunk back into my seat. “Padfoot, mate I think it is going to rain soon.” Sirius was doing nothing but lounging along the compartment chair staring at the ceiling. He never did anything but come up with loads of pranks. He had the looks and the girls lining behind him, one day he will fall real bad and understand how I feel about Lily.

 “Well if I knew any better mate, I’d say it is raining.” He yelled throwing a pillow at my head. I hated it when it rained it always brought the marauder in me slightly low. I only stand it because Lily loved it. I remember in third year when I was following her without her knowing, she said she really wanted to play in the rain without getting her hair wet, so I sneaked out to Hogsmead to buy her one of those muggle umbrellas and I left it in the common room. I know she’ll say yes this time, It’s already seventh year and I am mature and responsible. Well Sirius said I was getting there.

Just then Remus pulls the door open and steps in with Peter behind. “I can feel it mate, I’m going to have her, I can just feel it.” I shouted my joy to my fellow marauders. Sirius continued talking to Peter, Remus just looked up at me and sighed.

“Speaking of that, Moony you owe me 5 galleons, as you can see Prongs is still weeping.” Sirius spoke up. I gathered what they were saying, were they betting on my assumptions of me and Lily getting together.

“You took bets if she’d say yes to me!” I screamed. Moony came and sat beside me.

“James forget about Sirius, I know she’ll come around this year I can feel it too mate. She’ll say yes but you’ll have to be patient and I’m betting twenty galleons Sirius.” Moony always supported me and that was the nicest thing anyone has said about Lily and I. He understands, I guess about how I feel.

 Remus will always fear of troubling another girl in the future because of his fury little problem. Moony would treat any girl perfect especially Alora White, they look great together. Yeah he told us about it, he has liked her ever since 5th year in potions, he got paired with her and he just loved the way she talked. She is the talkative type.

“Agree mate, you’re on!” Sirius shouted as they shook hands.

“Thanks Moony, I just don’t know what to think about anymore. Everywhere I go I see her fa….” that was all I could say before paddy could control his urge of interrupting conversations.

“Why don’t you refresh your mind and start thinking of some self-defence spells so when Evans find out our little Prognise has become Head Boy, you will be able to dodge all her curses. Ha what is Dumbledore thinking! James as Head boy! Ha!” Sirius left the compartment laughing hysterically to himself.

“Shut up Padfoot!” I threw the pillow on his head, just as he left and placed my head in my hands. Will she take it badly?”

“Lily” I heard Alora shout from the corridors. I whistled a tune and turned face to face with a bright red Remus.

“I think someone has a crushie on a certain Alora White!” I whispered loudly to Peter.

“Shut up Prongs!” Remus yelled turning even brighter.

“What, I was talking about Peter” I neatly dodged the book he threw at me. “Well anyway that is my queue to leave, a certain Miss Evans is currently waiting for me” and with that I left our compartment searching for Lily.

It wasn’t so hard finding her, all you needed to find was her red fire hair. BINGO, I pushed the compartment door open and leaned against the door frame. “There you are my flower!” I saw love in her green eyes. I know she loves me back she cannot deny it. It is written all over her eyes. “They say no matter how far away you go, you can never hide away from your true love, aren’t they correct Evans?” her eyes found mine and they locked for a minute.

“There you are arse, first of all never ever dare call me flower again and secondly, you do not appear in our compartment and start reciting that junk that you so call poetry!” she screamed and left me expressionless and wordless.

I stood there for a while frozen not being able to move. If I can’t call her flower then what should I call her. Ah Ha I’ll call her love, yep she’ll like that but she called my poetry of love, junk. “But how could she say that!” She probably wants to deny the fact that she is all over me. She never said to stay away from her though. Oh my god she loves my accompany!

“Prongs what are you doing here, I found Snivelles and Regulus. I have even got a prank planned out when Dumbledore announces his speech.” Sirius interrupted again. Trust him to think up of a prank.

“Ok mate let’s go!” I announced with joy but then I stopped. “Oh I have to go to the Head meeting so I’ll catch you in a minute.”

Lily POV

 “The nerve of him to show up in our compartment and call me flower. I will kill him!” I screamed entering the compartment.

“Don’t let him ruin your day. Remember you were enjoying that novel I had given you.” Lor was trying her best to cool me down. I knew she didn’t like seeing me troubled.

“Oh crap!” I had a head meeting.


“I have Head meeting, catch you later!” I stumbled out and saw Remus in his compartment. Why wasn’t he at head duties? Was I too late, did I miss it? I slide the door open. “Hey Remus, why aren’t you down at the head meeting?” I questioned

“Hey Lily, um I didn’t get Head boy this year, I am just a prefect.” He answered. I nodded but If Remus wasn’t Head boy then which tacky person is. “You missed the meeting but don’t worry I told them you felt a little sick and they said it was fine. You might want to grab your badge though” he concluded.

 “Yeah thanks Remus, do you know who Head boy is?” I asked but then the compartment door slid open. Who else could it be but Potter and Black!

“Padfoot these head Boy badges are awesome they are full of power, did you see me scare that boy? I was about to tell him I would take points off.” He stopped seeing me there.

No, Potter could not be Head Boy, he just can’t, and Dumbledore would never give him that responsibility. “Yyou’re head boy!” I questioned at the top of my lungs.

 “Yup” was all he said. With a stupid grin on his face.

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Moving Along... Together : Dim Witted Potter!


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