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The Hate Society by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 2 : Meeting Number One
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Disclaimer; The events and characters in this story were created by J.K Rowling and not by me. No infringement is intended. Thank you for reading.


“And so that concludes Meeting number one for this year, we’ll let you know when the next meeting is in a couple of days. Thanks girls!” Tiana Rivers slumped into her president’s chair; she let out a sigh of relief and let her chocolate brown hair fall loosely behind her.


“That was successful, wasn’t it Ti?” The vice president, Beatrice Barker, said as she organised her notes. Tiana replied with a shrug of her shoulders and leant over the table to pick up the disguised handbook of their club before standing up and walking in between the shelves of books, Beatrice trying desperately to keep up.  “Is there something wrong Ti?” She timidly asked, Tiana chuckled softly and turned on her high-heeled pair of Mary Janes.


“I’ve only just realised the time- I’ve got somewhere else to be. You can see the book is safely returned, right Bea?” She sent her ‘friend’ a winning smile; Beatrice replied with a nod and took the book out of Tiana’s perfectly manicured hand. “Thank you Bea, love you long time!” She gushed, hugging her friend before strutting out of the library. Beatrice sighed, mentally whacking herself for not standing up to the girl- she knew Tiana didn’t really have anywhere to go except her Common Room, she was just too lazy to put the book back herself and she liked to use Beatrice instead. For a Ravenclaw, Beatrice sometimes figured that she should be more witty- for once she just wanted to stand up to Tiana and tell her exactly where to stick that silly little book of hers, but alas, she was not a Gryffindor who was filled with courage.


Beatrice returned the book to its place between, ‘Unfogging the Future’ by Cassandra Vablatsky and ‘The Dream Oracle’ by Inigo Imago, and sighed once more before stalking off in the direction of the Ravenclaw Common Room.



Sometime later Tiana sat bored in her empty dormitory, the other girls she shared the room with her where out doing what they did- something Tiana never really saw the point in knowing they were all stuck up little girls away, she didn’t them- She had her own little followers that could get her anything she needed.


She pursed her lips and decided it was time for her to have a little fun with a few of the new girls to their club, she quickly trotted off to find Beatrice- she knew the little Ravenclaw would be willing to help after all Tiana considered her the closest thing to a friend even though Tiana could admit that she liked to use the girl.


Just as she entered the hallway in which the entrance to the Ravenclaw Common Room was situated, she noticed a brown-haired boy that had come under the radar of the group in the previous few months when he started dating her- the disgusting Ginerva Weasley.


“Oh, Michael!” Tiana called cheerfully, watching the boy flip around and smile brightly when he noticed it was her.


“Hey Tiana, how’re you?” He asked politely as she half skipped over to him.


“Oh, I’m wonderful and yourself?” Michael grinned.


“I’m great too” Tiana smiled softly at him.


“Do you know if Bea is in there?” She asked, gesturing her head to the Ravenclaw Common Room- Michael shook his shoulders.


“You can come in though, and we’ll look for her?” Tiana giggled, and followed him in letting her fake smile falter for a second before she regained it quickly. Within seconds she noticed Beatrice sitting in the corner of the room by herself, her face hidden behind a blanket of her honey coloured hair. “Oh, there is she- I should be going then I think, Quidditch” Tiana frowned.


“We have to hang out sometime Mickey, I only ever get to see you for a few minutes” The boy nodded and disappeared up the boys staircase, Tiana let out a sigh of relief- she couldn’t stand Michael Corner but if it meant destroying Ginny Weasley, she’d do anything. “Bea!” She called, her friend turned around quickly and stared wide-eyed at the Hufflepuff.


“What are you doing here?” She asked, blank faced and Tiana’s eyebrows shot up.


“It’s good to see you too Bea” She joked.


“You’re not a Ravenclaw, how’d you get in?” Beatrice asked, watching the girl’s every move.


“Michael Corner let me in, real darling he is” Tiana winked at Beatrice, taking the empty seat next to her and swinging back on the legs. Beatrice’s face remained stony and with another quick look at her friend, she shook her head and went back to reading- Tiana watched her with outraged eyes. “Come on, Bea- let’s go test some of the new girls” She said casually, picking at her fingernails. Beatrice shook her head without even looking up.


“Studying Ti- later” Tiana pursed her lips together and stood up, straightening her skirt before turning on her heel.


“Whatever loser” Beatrice could hardly believe what had happened when she heard the closing of the door behind her friend, she’d actually said no- no to Tiana Rivers, the girl who had used her as a doormat for the past four years. Although Beatrice was happy at this prospect, that little voice inside of head what telling her that all hell was about to break loose.



Authors Note; Bit of a delayed update- sorry about that but I have been trying to finish off this chapter for a while now otherwise I probably would have had it up quicker-I’ve also being doing my mid-years so life has been a bit hectic but by the time this is validated they are probably all finished.


After that I only have a week left of school before the break which means I’ll be able to get a lot more things written and validated hopefully- I have got a lot of things that just need maybe 100-200 more words and then there done so yes hopefully lots of updates!


Thanks for reading guys!



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