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Phoenix in the Ashes by HPFF United
Chapter 8 : Coming To My Senses
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 I raised my eyebrows as Minerva told me what she saw whilst on her prefect patrols. My boyfriend was -in Minerva's words- very close with Ramona Dean in a broom closet. I was under the impression he was in a Defence Against The Dark Arts detention. Minerva apologised. "I… I thought I should tell you sooner rather than later" She said, slightly out of breath from running all the way to the Gryffindor common room. She threw herself down onto a squishy armchair. The common room was empty except for a handful of first years and the odd seventh year milling around.

I shook my head. "Is he still there?" I asked. Minerva nodded. I didn't know how to feel. I wanted to feel upset about it, but deep down, I knew all along that he was…well… an idiot. His grades had been slipping for the last few weeks, and everything about him was irritating me lately, and now this. I shrugged. "His loss." 

Clearly, Minerva had a feeling I would go off on one of my trademark rages, as she was not leaving to go and continue her patrol. However, I just didn't feel passionate enough to feel angry. "D-do you want to talk?" Minerva asked timidly. I smiled. Minerva was a brilliant friend, but she was rubbish as far as feelings were concerned. 

"There's nothing to say…she's welcome to him. I'm not even bothered." As I said this, I sensed someone stood behind my arm chair. Turning my head, I saw a round face with a wide grin. It was Oliver Longbottom from the year above. He always seemed to be around lately.

"Have you come to your senses and dumped him?" He asked, grinning even more widely. 

I felt a bit uncomfortable. "Is that any of your business?" I said, sneering slightly.

His grin faltered but stayed in place. "Oh, so he dumped you!" 

I should have just ignored him, but I couldn't. "No. But his minutes are numbered."

"Great!" He said, excitedly. Then, he coughed "er- Augusta… did you want to get revenge on him? You know- for whatever he did?" 

"How do you know if he's done anything?" I asked. I hated people that assume things about me. 

"Well- I- er…" He shrugged scratching the back of his head casually. I turned my head back to Minerva, who was smirking to herself. I raised an eyebrow at her, and her face straightened. 

Suddenly, the common room portrait hole swung open and a grinning Harvey came towards me. He registered mine and Minerva's expressions and looked questioningly at me.

He sat down next to me attempting to kiss my cheek. I moved out of the way. He looked confused. "So how's Ramona these days?" I asked. He sighed dramatically.

"She's such a Ravenclaw. All she does is study throughout the detention. Most boring detention I've ever had, to be honest."

"LIAR!" I said. Somehow, my anger had suddenly arrived in me. The entire Common Room was staring at me, including Oliver. Harvey asked me what was wrong. I felt increasingly irritated by his lies. "I'M NOT STUPID, HARVEY GRIMSHAW! YOU AND RAMONA DEAN! DON'T EVEN DENY IT!"

His face went pale. "I- how did you know?"

"Aren't you going to apologise?!" Minerva said, surprised. 

"I-well- I was going to break up with you anyway… It's not like you give me any attention anyway." 

The next thing I knew, a purple light hit Harvey directly in the forehead. He was seemingly unharmed, though evidently surprised. He looked around looking for the source of the spell.

"What was that?" He asked, confused. As he pushed his hair off of his face, I noticed something. Across his forehead different words kept disappearing and appearing in rainbow colours. Words like CHEAT, IDIOT and SLIMEBALL among other, more offensive words. The entire common room began to laugh, and Harvey looked around confused. Minerva handed him a mirror. His face turned from confusion to embarrassment. 

"Hospital wing! I'll take you. Augusta I've got to get back to prefect duties. See you later. " Minerva said, smirking slightly. Harvey left, holding his hand against his head, escorted by Minerva who was now grinning. 

I turned to face the potential creator of the spell. Oliver was crouched behind my arm chair smiling, holding his wand in a clenched fist. He then registered me looking at him. "Sorry about that," he was looking sheepish. "I don't suppose you want to go to the next Hogsmeade trip with me by any chance? As a thank you for dealing with your ex?" I laughed. His smile was becoming contagious.

"Er… not at the moment, thanks" I suddenly felt myself blushing. He sighed and stood up, leaving for the seventh year boys dormitory. As I watched him leave, I felt an uncomfortable jolt in my stomach.

"Olly!" He stopped and looked around "Er- I'd love to go with you, actually." I looked at the floor, fighting a serious blush.

"Oh, okay," he said continuing to walk away. I couldn't help but feel excited for the next Hogsmeade trip. Augusta Longbottom does have quite a nice ring to it, I thought smiling.

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Phoenix in the Ashes: Coming To My Senses


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