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Phoenix in the Ashes by HPFF United
Chapter 3 : Werewolf
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 Remus Lupin stretched back against the large tree by the Black Lake. The sunshine was glorious, for once, and Remus was sure that a mix of sunshine and a rare moment of silence was helping him feel much better. For a few minutes, his potion book went unnoticed on the ground. Just as he was beginning to fall asleep for the first time in a few days, he was woken by the sound of someone breathing. As he opened his eyes, he realised that he was face to face with a set of hazel eyes behind a pair of round glasses. Remus jumped, slightly startled. 

The owner of the hazel eyes moved back, laughing. It was now clear that he was accompanied by two other boys. "You were in another world then, weren't you?" He said, sitting down next to him. Remus smiled. 

"Yeah. I can't believe it's sunny, for once." 

James smiled and sat down next to Remus. The two others- Sirius and Peter- also sat down. Remus suddenly felt exceedingly nervous, as if he should say something hilarious. The only problem was, anytime Remus attempted a joke, it went massively wrong.

He surreptitiously looked over at Sirius to see what he was doing. In fact, it was nothing interesting. He was staring across the Black Lake, and absentmindedly pulling at the grass around him. As time passed, and nobody said anything, Remus felt increasingly awkward. He coughed slightly to break the silence. Sirius must have been waiting for something to break the silence.

"So, you're revising potions?" he said, nodding towards the textbook. Remus nodded.

"But, you're the best in the class! It's not as if you won't get into second year!" Peter said, suddenly. 

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Well, maybe he likes to learn" He replied to Peter. Peter shrugged.

"So you're leaving again tonight, aren't you?" James asked in an almost business like tone. 

Remus felt his cheeks going pink. "My mum is very ill" Remus was completely fed up with saying this every month. It was almost becoming his catchphrase. 

"What kind of ill?" James asked.

Suddenly, he felt as if he was sat in front of the Wizengamot, having to justify his own life. He stood up, picking up his potions book, which was now in Sirius' hand. "I…er… need to go. It was nice to see you."


A week and 2 days had passed since that afternoon. The weather now was extremely stormy. It was almost a humid temperature, and the common room was bustling with people who were avoiding the outside at all costs. Remus had managed to find himself a corner of the common room and settled down to enjoy the atmosphere of the room. 

Suddenly, he saw Peter Pettigrew crawl through the portrait hole, he was damp and his wet hair was flopping over his face. He scanned the room and saw that the only chair available was next to Remus. He walked over, smiling at him. 

"Can I sit here?" He asked. Remus nodded.

"Do you know you're soaked?" Remus asked, bluntly.

Peter grinned. "I've been helping James and Sirius practice for Quidditch." Remus smiled. Peter seemed like the kind of person that would help his friends do anything. "They're trying out tomorrow for the team, and they needed some help…" He said, drying his hair with his wand.

"What does Sirius play?" Remus asked intrigued. He stood up, pulling his own wand out to help Peter dry. 

"Keeper… I've been chucking things at him all day" Remus laughed, sitting down. A newly dry Peter, with extremely fluffy hair sat down also. 

Suddenly, a very wet James and Sirius came in, laughing raucously.

"We managed to get Snivellus wet!" Peter laughed and immediately stood up to help dry the other two. Remus stayed sat down. As they were dried, Sirius and James sat on the floor in front of the arm chairs. Both friends were looking at Remus seriously. 

"We've worked it out," James said calmly.

"W… worked out what?" 

"Why you leave once a month and return a few days later covered in scars" James said. 

Remus was feeling increasingly sick. "I… I don't understand" he said.

Sirius rolled his eyes. "You don't have to pretend. James isn't as stupid as he looks. He worked it out in the end". 

Remus gasped, finding it hard to breathe. He suddenly realised what this meant. He would have to leave Hogwarts and become an outcast. He would never get his education. He already knew employment opportunities were weak, but without education, they were worse. He felt his pulse quicken.

"O…Okay, I'm a-" He lowered his face. "A werewolf" The last two words were whispered, so that nobody else could hear what he said. Remus kept his head lowered. He concentrated on breathing to prevent tears, and gave the others the chance to leave. 

As he looked up, all three were still sat there. Sirius was grinning. "You never would have guessed" he said, "In fact, it's kind of cool. Watch out Snivellus, or I'll set Remus on you." Sirius mused. The other two boys laughed appreciatively. 

Remus was shocked. "But, aren't you going to… run away or something?"

James shrugged. "You seem nice…"

"We want to know you better." Sirius said.

Remus was still shocked. These people had worked out his secret, and were actually amused at it. They weren't running away in fear, and they didn't pity him. They were accepting him.

"So… is there any chance you could give me a hand with the Defence Against The Dark Arts essay?" James asked, smirking "I don't have a clue what I need to do…" 

Remus grinned. These really were the strangest people I've ever met… Remus thought amusedly.

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