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Suck it Up by Welchie
Chapter 6 : What Eavesdroppers Shouldn't Hear
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"Just drink it, 'Mione," Cece said impatiently, pushing the plate back towards me that I had just pushed away in disgust. We sat in the large, circular cafeteria of Leaguer Academy. Seeing as it was located in the center of the intricately tunnels woven throughout the mountain, the architecture was pretty neat.

"Come on, it's only human blood," she groaned, glaring at me. It had been a week since my arrival and today was the first day that the cafeteria was out of animal blood, which was terrible for me because that was the only blood I allowed myself to drink. So, I sat with my arms crossed, head turned away, and gazed around the cafeteria.

Teenage vampires were everywhere, acting like average high school students. There were the preppy cheerleaders that were staring dreamily at the jocky types, the weird emo/goth kids that sat around and moaned about how terrible their lives were, the band geeks that are secretly quite awesome, the girls that try to dress slutty but instead just look like dumb cows, and so on.

"Hermione, you really should eat," a quiet voice said from behind me. I turned to see Destiny Cline, a Muggle/Mundane-Made vampire, standing there awkwardly, holding a blood baggie between two fingers as if it were a decaying animal. So she shared my sentiments as well.

"I refuse to drink the blood of a human. However, feel free to sit with us," I added, motioning towards the empty table that Cece and I occupied. After a second's hesitation, Destiny sat down at the round table and looked at her hands. Destiny was the type of girl that would be classified as one of those glamorous girls in normal society, but in Leaguer Academy, she was a nerd. Here, all vampires were immortal beauties; it's the way you acted, really, that gave you your classification.

"Destiny, I've been meaning to ask you-"

"Nobody wants to hear your declaration of undying love for the lowly nerd," the snide voice of Alexia Leroy cut Cece's question off. The three of us glared at the stereotypical cheerleader that glared right back. Long blond hair, flat silver eyes, and a body that many guys would drool over, all wrapped up in one horror story of a bitch.

"You know, Alexia," I said her name with emphasized sweetness, much like I had seen Camille do with Raphael, "You really should respect us nerds. We prefer the term intellectual badasses, if you don't mind."

This pulled a laugh out of her as she looked around at the surrounding student body with a "can-you-believe-this?" expression on her face. Some laughed with her.

"The day I respect you will be the day I become a man," she countered haughtily and smiled as she was awarded with some clapping. I let out a slow, long laugh and placed my hand on my wand, which still hung on my white belt, and told her coldly, "That could be arranged."

The expression on her face was priceless. Many people closed in, curious as to see what my threat exactly was. Some people gasped, others clapped.

"You forget who you speak to," I told her in a slight whisper, giving her a tight smile, right as the bell rang for class. "Saved by the bell, eh?"

Destiny, Cece, and I gathered our things and left Alexia standing there, all chirpping excitedly about what had happened. I relished in the feeling of having my two best friends being girls instead of boys; I mean, I loved Harry and Ron to death, but this was something all too new to me.

"You sure showed her," Destiny mock punched my arm and laughed as she strolled off to her first class, shaking her head. Cece elbowed me and waved as she turned down a different hallway for hers as well. I sighed and walked on, momentarily content.




It was amazing how one word could hold so many meanings. Take for instance the way I'd just said it. By asking "what?", I had not meant for what I'd heard to be repeated because I had not heard it, nor did I need it to be explained to me. By asking "what?", I had, in that one word, given the signal that I refused to listen to what I had just heard and that what had just been said had better be changed to something I would rather hear. However, the dimwit didn't understand what I meant when I said "what?" and set to repeat and explain it.

The dimwit was a young Shadowhunter, probably fifteen, who had been sent here to deliver an important message to me from the Clave. So, here we sat, in the Institution for Shadowhunters that I had grown up in, him reading out the message and I impatiently waiting to be done with it; there had been a demon sighting two miles from the Institution and I was itching to get in on the action. I'd spent too much time at Hogwarts and was beginning to lose my demon-killing touch.

"According to current Clave Law, all Shadowhunters above the age of sixteen and below the age of eighteen are to be paired with a vampire or werewolf fledgeling for a year to ensure said vampire's or werewolf's safety, as well as the safety of those around him or her. Seeing as you were already stationed in Hogwarts and a student of that school has been Changed into a vampire, the Clave decided that she shall be your charge and-"

"Excuse me, sir, but, seeing as Miss Vampire has been Changed, then she will no longer be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Correct?" I interrupted the young messenger smoothly, giving him a small smile as he looked up from the paper he was reading from, surprised.

"Shadowhunter Hawthorne, Ms. Granger was a-"

"-Muggle-born," I cut in, a cold pit settling in my stomach. Granger? The vampire was Granger? My breathing stopped as I clenched my hands. I couldn't tail her around all year. That would easily blow my cover; we were supposed to be mortal enemies, but if we were seen together all the time, people would begin to speculate. And if people began to speculate, word would reach Riddle, who would become suspiscious, realize what I was, and-

"Shadowhunter Hawthorne," the messenger said impatiently, snapping me out of my rambling thoughts. "You are to work Ms. Granger into your cover. Do not worry. It will not be blown. The Clave understands your situation and the importance of your position in the mission, which you have spent considerable time on-"

"My whole bloody life," I muttered, gritting my teeth.

"-which is why they have intervened at Hogwarts and spoken to the headmaster. It has been settled. Ms. Granger and you shall be the Head Boy and Girl so that it will not be suspiscious that you are around her as she sleeps-"

"Wouldn't she sleep during the day?"

"-and you have also been given the same schedule," he went on, ignoring my question. "Ms. Granger graduates Leaguer Academy in one week. Be sure to be at the graduation at midnight so that you may escort Ms. Granger to Hogwarts and begin your mission. And so concludes this message."

He stood from the chair upon finishing the message and turned on his heel to leave. However, after opening the door, he looked over his shoulder and, catching my eye, said, "Good luck, Shadowhunter Hawthorne."



Finally, I thought as I opened the book and sat down on my bed. Although I was supposed to be learning all about vampires, I'd managed to find a book in the library about other things. Things that my new vampire professors didn't mention. Things I never learned at Hogwarts. Things like Shadowhunters.

As I read, I learned that Shadowhunters were like the police of the magical world, born from angels and mundanes. Well, they had human and angel blood in them. Shadowhunters' power came from their ability to draw runes on themselves and other Shadowhunters to enhance their abilities or to give them new ones altogether.

Apparently, Shadowhunters were trained at a young age, not only to keep peace amongst the magical beings, but to also hunt those down that harmed both mundanes and Downworlders; 'those' being demons.

I skipped the chapter on demons and went to the Faeries, or the Fair Folk. Faeries were the children of angels and demons. Although they were possibly the most beautiful beings on the planet (hence the name 'Fair Folk'), they had the personalities of demons. Part of me wondered why an angel and a demon would ever hook up. I mean, isn't that, like, an oxymoron or something?

I continued on through the pages until I reached the chapter that really, truly captured my interest. Warlocks. I read, entranced in what should have been taught at Hogwarts.

The warlock, the offspring of a mundane and demon, of two warlocks,or of a warlock and a mundane, is possibly one of the most powerful Downworlders known to Downworld. Not only could they wield wands, but they were also blessed with the option of immortality at the age of seventeen.

After a slight overpopulation of immortal adolescents, the Clave believed that warlock immortality should be made illegal, and proceeded to make it so. Because the warlocks that had chosen immortality prior to the law had not technically broken the law, it was seen fit that they be able to keep their immortality.

As news of the law spread, warlocks all over the world began to break it, still attempting to avoid aging. Those warlocks were hunted down by the Shadowhunters and sentenced to execution. After the fight for immortality failed, the warlocks pulled away from Downworld and declared themselves 'Witches and Wizards,' and set about living outside of Clave Laws and Protection. However, the knowledge of immortality had been lost, so the new 'Witches and Wizards' of the age were stuck in their own society, outside of Downworld and outcasted by the Clave.

I stared at the page, not knowing what to think. I mean, I knew that the Clave was like the leaders of the Shadowhunters and all, but honestly? This was information that should have been taught at Hogwarts. This was a whole new past that was being kept away from the witches and wizards of this generation. We were warlocks for heaven's sake.

"Hermione, is something wrong?" Cece's voice broke through my white hot anger, clearing my burning thoughts momentarily.

"Did you know about this?" I hissed, getting off my bed and shoving the book in her hands. I watched her brows furrow as she read and the emotions change across her face. Confused. Outraged. Pissed. Murderous.

"Why didn't anyone tell us...?" she trailed off, venom in every word. I could see the book shake as she trembled.

"Well, it doesn't matter," I quickly pushed my anger aside and sat back down, staring at the ceiling. "We can spread the word when we go back to our schools."

"School," Cece said, smiling as she looked up from the book. I raised an eyebrow questioningly. She laughed and sat down beside me, still smiling.

"I'm going to Hogwarts!" she squeaked, flinging her arms around me. I patted her back awkwardly, mildly stunned. Cece was going to Hogwarts?


"I got a letter from Professor Dumbeldore requesting me to attend Hogwarts for the rest of my education with you," she explained, still hugging me. I laughed weakly in response and tried to disantangle myself from her arms. It was difficult.

"Well, um, congratulations," I said, trying to be inconspicuous about scooting an inch away from her. She chuckled and smiled knowingly, standing up and putting her hands on her hips.

"Time for bed," she chirpped before walking over to her bed and throwing herself down on it. I gave a small grin and shut my eyes, waiting for unconsciousness to consume me. In one week, summer would be over and I would be back at Hogwarts with my new friend.



"Hermione," the whisper is soft, yet it sends chills up my arms.

I'm surrounded by darknes, unable to see a thing. The small whistles of air travelling through windpipes alerts me to the breathing of someone behind me, while the absence of the beat of a heart tells me that person is undead. I wait for the spiking of my own heartbeat to happen, for my fear to send blood pounding through my veins; but nothing happens.

"You miss it, don't you?" the quiet voice echoes in my ears, making my head spin. Yes, I missed the beating of my heart. Yes, I missed the pounding of life through my veins. Without it, I felt lifeless. Without it, I felt alone.

"But you're not," it says gently. I feel cool fingers grasp my forearms and I open my mouth to scream. No sound comes out. "You're not alone, Hermione. I'm here."

And with that said, something warm presses to my neck. A kiss.

Then fire blazes through me as a stake is shoved through my chest.

My attempt at sitting up dramatically after the nightmare was an epic failure, seeing as I was twisted up in my sheets, which made me fall off my bed with a muffled thump. I paused to let my heartrate return to normal before realizing that I had no beating heart, so the pause was useless. Merlin, where was my brain?

I sat there on the floor, listening to Cece's quiet snores, and thinking about the dream. Who was it? I felt like I should know the voice, but I couldn't recall who it belonged to. I shivered and decided that I couldn't sit still. So, putting on my robe, I silently opened the door and left the room. A walk would clear my head.

As I strolled down the countless halls, I tried to keep the nightmare from my mind. I went over everything I'd learned that week, from how to successfully shift into any living organism to the proper etiquette of meeting another vampire, but nothing worked. The voice had been so feathery, so seductive, that I couldn't get the melody of it from claiming my thoughts.

I stopped in the middle of the hallway that I'd been walking down, mad at myself. I was Hermione Granger, and I was not going to let a little nightmare get me down. I stepped down the hall, keeping my head held high and ignoring the thoughts that threatened to leak into my mind. Instead, I focused on the spendid art of walking.

Left, right, left, right, left-what?

The sound of whispering broke through my forced thoughts, making me pause. Quick as a flash, I pressed myself against the wall, glancing around the corner. A group of about five people stood in a small huddle, obviously trying to keep their voices down. I strained my ears to catch what was being said.

"-think it's safe?" one murmured.

"Of course. Shadowhunter Hawthorne is an excellent Shadowhunter and can handle the case as well as his charge," another answered confidently.

"Not to mention the help he'll recieve from the warlock, Zabini," the one closest to me. My eyes widened at the mention of a Zabini. Wasn't there one in Hogwarts, a Slytherin? My interest raised, I leaned in, trying to catch more of the conversation.

"I heard the other muggle-born fledgeling will be attending the school as well. Do you know who will be looking after her?"

"A good friend of mine told me that the Shadowhunter that has already been stationed there in the staff volunteered to keep watch on her. Of course, the Clave was hesitant, due to the new law, but they're willing to make an exception."

"Poor Shadowhunter Hawthorne. He's worked his whole life on that case, only to have this inconvenience thrust upon him. I wonder how he'll take it?" the first one that had spoken said this thoughtfully, as though he didn't really care about this 'poor Shadowhunter Hawthorne' at all, but was merely curious for the answer.

"Oh, I was told he threw a right little fit," one said with a snigger. "Nearly bit the head off of the messenger."

"Well, it's outrageous of the Clave to add this to his plate. The poor boy is barely a man, let alone ready to take care of a vampire while working undercover as a filthy Downworlder," said the first one.

My mouth fell open in shock. This Shadowhunter Hawthorne was going to be watching a vampire at Hogwarts. I closed my mouth and clenched my teeth. It was obvious who these people were speaking of. Since Cece and I were the only vampires attending Hogwarts this year, and the Shadowhunter that was in the staff had already been assigned to watch her, then that meant that this Hawthorne character would be watching me. I fumed as I worked through this; I, Hermione Granger, did not need to be babysat by a no-good, pratty-

"-do you think about the muggle-born fledgeling?"

I stopped my mental yelling, trying to pay attention once more to the conversation, espescially since I had been mentioned.

"Depends. The homosexual or the heterosexual?" one said, chuckling. My eyes narrowed. They had better not be making fun of Cece. Or me.

"The heterosexual," the one that had asked the question clarified after a slight pause. I bared my fangs that had slid out in my anger.

"I think she and Shadowhunter Hawthorne have a slight...history from their school," one muttered, putting much emphasis on the word 'history.'

"You don't mean-"

"Their encounters always seem to be passionate, according to reliable sources,"

My mind went into overdrive, trying to remember who I'd shared 'passionate encounters' with. There'd been Krum, but he never really attended Hogwarts. Or Ron. Although they weren't romantic as the tone of the man had suggested, they were passionate...with anger and frustration. I mean, we were best friends, and were always on the brink of something more, but we also bickered a lot.

"-don't believe a Shadowhunter would stoop so low as to have romantic entanglements with a Downworlder," one said with disgust. It was then that it dawned on me that these people were not vampires. Vampires would never disrespect the name of general Downworlders, seeing as they were part of Downworld.

"Think about it, Shadowhunter Madrid. The boy has spent nearly six years or so surrounded by warlocks, pretending to be one of them. He rarely goes demon hunting, nor does he have regular communications with other Shadowhunters his age or at all. The poor lad has lived his whole life trying to take down one warlock."

So they were Shadowhunters.

"Ah, the one warlock. The one that has ever seriously threatened our kind," another said with a sigh. "If Shadowhunter Hawthorne succeeds in his mission, he shall be praised above all others."

"Perhaps we should go speak to Shadowhunter Hawthorne ourselves? I do believe he arrived here two hours ago so that he may escort his charge to Hogwarts safely after the graduation," the first said. With a jolt, I realized they were walking towards my hallway, and I turned and ran, trying to get away from them as fast as I could.

Six hallways later, I leaned against a wall and thought about what I had heard. I tried to organize my thoughts into some sort of list so as to be able to think clearer.

One: A Shadowhunter has been parading around Hogwarts, acting like a warlock/wizard.

Two: Said Shadowhunter was working undercover to take down a bad warlock/wizard.

Three: I had experienced 'passionate encounters' with said Shadowhunter.

Four: Said Shadowhunter's name was Shadowhunter Hawthorne.

Five: Shadowhunter Hawthorne would be keeping an eye on me throughout the next school year.

Six: I had no idea who Shadowhunter Hawthorne was, and he was here at Leaguer Academy.


Why, hello my lovely readers! I must say, I had mucho funn writing this chapter ^-^ and I hope y'all had just as much funn reading it. Anyhooters, a few of you have been wondering when Hermione and Draco are going to have some 'action' so I just wanted to say that it will be soon and very, very D R A M A T I C

So, what do Y O U think will happen next? [insert mischievous grin here] I'd love to hear your thoughts on this chapter and what you would like to be in the next one((:

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