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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 3 : Harry
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“I think he needs more flowers Sirius”


“Yeah sure, awhh I think he will love it Rosie”


Rose and Sirius were sitting together in Sirius’ living room, of his flat, drawing a rather colourful picture of Moony or a Moony at full moon. However Rose had insisted on more flowers and a couple of Rainbows, Sirius was more than happy to oblige and was now confronted with a very happy looking werewolf, looking better than Sirius had seen him in a long time. But then again nobody looked good these days, Voldemort was growing stronger everyday. Only Rose looked happy these days, he was sure his six year old god-daughter was oblivious to the growing darkness. She was their ray of light, always happy; he didn’t want her being in a world of such hate. It was worth the fight.



Sirius had only just realises he had fallen into a trance when he saw Moony standing in front of him, who had just flooed to his flat.


“Ah, sorry mate, lost it, I was daydreaming” he replied.


“Look what we drew for you Remus” announced Rose with her cheeky grin which she had got from her dad.


“Thank you Rosie” said Remus taking the picture, “wait isn’t that? Oh very funny Sirius”

“What I’m getting the blame the term ‘we’ normally means more than one person” Sirius answered.

“Are you trying to imply a six year old girl came up with the idea of drawing me a picture of a werewolf, two days before fall moon?” he questioned his friend.


“Moony her dad is a marauder and her mum got the best grades in our year, I wouldn’t doubt her intelligence”


Realising defeat in this subject, Remus moved on. “Speaking of Lily and James, perhaps we should go see them; I would have thought Rose would have wanted to see her new sibling”.

At this Rose dropped her colouring quills and looked up in excitement and asked “Can we go now, please?” before adding another one of her intoxicating smiles which Sirius knew would get her in trouble with boys when she was older.


“Alright then come on, oh wait what about Wormtail wasn’t he coming with us?” questioned Sirius.


“No, he said his mum was ill but we are meeting Emma there” replied Remus.


The three of them stepped toward the fireplace and flooed to St. Mungos maternity ward.



“DADDY!” shouted Rose running towards her father as soon as she saw him


“Hello princess” he replied picking her up “want to see your baby brother”

“Yes please” she squealed with excitement.


“Hello mate” called Sirius, as he and Remus walked over to the bed of which James and Emma was standing and Lily was lying with a small bundle in her arms.


“And hello ladies and baby” he said giving Emma a wink which was answered with a cold glare.


Rose who had now taken to sitting next to her mum was looking at her baby brother “Hello baby I’m your big sister Rose, mummy what’s his name”



“A BOY! Yes so a future marauder to train up” beamed Sirius.

“You know Sirius he may turn out to be a well mannered, handsome, young man” replied Lily. 


“Not a chance, have you seen his father” Sirius added lightly punching his best mate in the arm.


Later than night whilst Lily was sleeping softly in her bed, James held his new son who was looking up at him with blue eyes which James strongly believed would soon turn emerald green like Lily’s.


“Can I hold him please daddy?” asked Rose in a whisper.


“Sure, but be careful” he added passing his son to his daughter “look after him”


“I will daddy, I promise” and then she gave harry a gentle kiss on his tiny forehead.







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The Torns on the Rose: Harry


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