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Wicked by distantgalaxy
Chapter 7 : Brooding Remus
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Chapter 7: Brooding Remus

October 22nd, 1976
6th year

“He’s lost it.”

“He’s gone mental, he has.”

“Why would anyone do such a thing?”

“Maybe we should take him to Madame Pomfrey, she’ll fix him right?”

“We can’t do that! What if they send him to St. Mungos?”

“St. Mungos would be good for him right now, mate.”

Remus, who was sitting on the ground of the Gryffindor common room, finally stopped thumb twiddling and looked up at his friends who sat around him. “You all realize I can hear you, right?”

The three boys looked at their friend, slowly looking him up and down.

“What’s the date today, Remus?” James asked kindly.

“I dunno, Friday something?”

“And what is your last name?”

“Lupin. My last name is Lupin. Merlin, listen you guys, I haven’t gone mental–”

“And what exactly are you planning to do on this fine Friday afternoon?” Sirius cut in.

Remus huffed out in annoyance. “I’m taking Lucille to Hogsmeade, but–”

“Yup. He’s gone mental.”

“Maybe it’s not too late. We can probably get Dumbledore–”

Remus stood up. “Enough, ok? I haven’t lost my marbles…well maybe slightly. But it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not as if it’s a date. She just wanted me to take her.”

“How do you know this isn’t one of her master plans? What if it’s an ambush?”

“Huh? Ambush? Why would she want to ambush me?”

“Maybe she’s angry you’re her potions partner? Who knows, that girl is as insane as you are right now.”

“Look, I don’t know why she wants me to take her, but it wont be that bad ok? It’s just for a few hours.”

“I still don’t understand why couldn’t have just said no.” Peter piped up.

“It all just happened so fast.” Remus frowned, still trying to figure it out himself. How had he managed to get into such a horrific predicament?

“So cancel the bloody thing!”

“But she’ll be down here any minute.”

“Who cares? She’s evil! Pure evil. So what if she gets stood up for once?”

“She’s not that bad, guys.”

At this the Marauders fell silent, their mouths slightly agape and their eyes bulging.

“Maybe she slipped him a potion.” Peter finally whispered.

“Not…that…bad?” Sirius asked slowly. “Not that bad? She is the devil herself.”

Remus rolled his eyes. “Well she hasn’t been so horrible in Potions, actually.”

James held his hand up to Remus’s forehead. “Well…it’s not a fever.”

Remus rolled his eyes for the millionth time, but before he could respond his stomach dropped. Lucille was coming down the girl’s stairs. He’d been trying to act as if it wasn’t that big of a deal, but who was he kidding? He was borderline terrified at the prospect of the next few hours in Lucille’s company. No, scratch borderline, he was so far past the border that...screw it, he was about to spoil his pants, to be completely honest.

Lucille looked up at him as she walked across the common room towards them…Remus nearly threw up right there as his stomach gave a heavy lurch.

“Last chance. You can still back out, mate.” Sirius leaned in towards his friend. But Remus could barely think straight. “Mmrph.”

“Well, we’ll meet you in the Three Broomsticks, how about?”

Another gurgled sound was all Remus could manage in response.

James and Sirius looked at each other in concern as Lucille came to a stop near them.

“Ready?” She asked, her eyes bright. She swayed back and forth on her toes happily looking at each of the Marauders in turn. James turned a bright red, Peter grabbed onto an armchair to steady his knees, and Sirius nearly growled at her. No, not nearly. He growled. She in turn beamed back cheerfully. “Let’s go, shall we?”

Remus nodded mutely.

“Oh bloody hell, you’re not back in the not being able to talk to me phase again are you? That was such a bore.”

“Err, no. Let’s go.”

Lucille winked at Sirius and set off out of the common room with Remus in tow. It took both Peter and James to wrestle the wand away from Sirius before he could curse her retreating back.

“Remus is doomed.” Peter, who was sitting on top of a squirming Sirius on the floor, said.

Remus, in fact, did feel rather doomed as he trailed behind Lucille.

“Keep up, will you?” She called over her shoulder.

“What’s the rush?” He panted, nearly having to jog to keep up with her brisk pace.

“No rush.”

Remus didn’t bother pressing the point. Attempting to get a straight answer out of Lucille was a waste of anyone’s time.

The walk down to Hogsmeade was anything but comfortable. Lucille didn’t talk and Remus was feeling too nauseous to bother with making conversation. He wasn’t quite sure what they would do once they actually reached the village so he was surprised when she led them into Honeydukes like any normal teenager would have done.

“You...uh, eat chocolate?”

She looked at him like he was a flying nimbergurt, a very stupid flying nimbergurt. And, mind you, flying nimbergurts were already quite stupid. “You don’t?”

“No.” He responded quickly. “No wait, I mean no, I do…um I do.” He paused and closed his eyes. “Yeah, I eat chocolate.”

She surveyed him with a small smirk. “Well, I’m glad that’s all cleared up.”

Remus’s hands were becoming extremely clammy. This was the most awkward thing he had ever experienced. And being Remus Lupin he had experienced some very awkward things, especially with girls. But this, he contemplated as he followed Lucille around…well this was…yeah, this was just a nightmare.

And to add even more fun to the day, Remus was distinctly aware of all the students that stared at the pair with bulging eyes. They all continued to stare, looking at them oddly as they made their way around Hogsmeade, going into shop after shop. Even the Slytherins seemed to be looking at them weird.

Remus panicked slightly, his brain was going into overload. What had he gotten himself into? What if a Slytherin decided to curse him for being with Lucille? What if it was some sort of set up?

No. You’re just being thick, he reassured himself. Plus, he really didn’t think this was some prank she was pulling…at least he sure as hell hoped not.

“Let’s head to the Three Broomsticks.” Remus finally piped up in order to break the uncomfortable quiet that had hung between them all day. Although he doubted it was awkward for Lucille, her blank face gave away nothing. She could’ve been perfectly content for all he knew.

Either way, he wanted to meet up with his friends; maybe they’d be some help with this whole mess. Or at best he could hide out in the loo for a while and get himself in order.

As they walked down the small cobblestone street Remus pondered the same thing he had been thinking about since potions class: why had she wanted to go with him? She certainly didn’t like him in that way…that he knew for sure. Or did she? Maybe she had some weird sort of crush on him…he nearly tripped at the thought. No. Impossible. So then what could it be?

It was only when Lucille loudly cleared her throat that Remus snapped out of his thoughts. They were in the Three Broomsticks and she was impatiently waiting for Remus to pull out a chair for her. He hastened to do it and then looked around the crowded pub.

Dozens of inquisitive faces looked back at him, but none of them belonged to his mates. Buggers.

Lucille threw her hands up in the air suddenly. “Will you please just talk, I’m absolutely about to die from this silence!”

“Oh, well, um,” he began. “What do you want to talk about?”

“Anything! You really aren’t so great at this whole date thing, are you?”

“This isn’t a date.”

“Oh, no?” Lucille smirked and leaned slowly forward on the table.

“Uh, no?” He cleared his throat. Her low cut shirt caught his attention but as she lowered her head and looked up at him through her thick lashes, her stunning blue eyes where what instantly captivated his every thought. He could feel her hot breath as she spoke. “Why…am I not attractive enough for you to date?”

Her foot slithered up against his and she slowly moved it upwards.

Remus’s heart sped up as his breath caught in his throat, he was absolutely mesmerized. She leaned in closer and, entranced, his head bent towards hers in response. They were mere inches apart and all Remus could think about were her full, slightly parted, lips.

Suddenly, Lucille pulled away. Her leg dropped back down and she let out a deep laugh. Remus sat for a mere second, still leaning forward, before realizing what she had just done. He instantly drew himself up; his cheeks tinged a dark pink.

“You’re too adorable.” Lucille laughed again.

“That wasn’t funny–”

“I beg to differ.”

“You think you can just go around messing with peoples heads and–”


Remus’s head snapped to the side. There, next to their table stood Dorcas. Her eyebrows were knitted together and her chin quivered lightly. She’d clearly seen the entire exchange.

Remus jumped out of his chair. “Dorcas, it’s not what it loo–”

“No. No. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be interrupting your date.” Dorcas mumbled then looked at Lucille who raised her eyebrows at the brunette expectantly. “…I just wanted to say hi. Me and Fynn were just leaving.”

At this Remus looked sharply behind Dorcas; the boy named Fynn stood by the pub’s entrance uneasily looking over at them.

“Um…I’ll see you later then.” Dorcas turned away.

Remus made to follow her but Lucille’s hand on his arm stopped him. He shook her off angrily. “What! What do you want now?” He hissed.

“Sit down, Remus.”

“Sit down? Sit down! How dare you!” He worked extremely hard to keep from screaming.

“I said sit.”

The dangerous tone in Lucille’s voice was enough to shut Remus up and make him slouch back down onto his stool.

“That wasn’t funny, what you did.” He repeated dejectedly still staring over at where Dorcas’s retreating back.

“It wasn’t meant to be.” She followed Remus’s gaze towards Dorcas who was leaving the pub with her hands clasped with Fynn’s. Lucille huffed out in annoyance. “You are thick aren’t you?”

Please, insult me some more would you?”

“She was sitting at the table behind us with that boy and you’ve been brooding ever since they started going out. I decided to help you out. You’re welcome.”

“I have not been brooding.”

“You’ve been brooding.”

“No, I haven’t!”

“You’ve messed up enough of our potions because you can’t stop looking at them in class for me to know that you are, in fact, brooding.

“What does it matter to you if I’ve been “brooding” or not?”

“So this is what I get for trying to be nice.”

“Nice? Ha! I can’t think of a more far fetched word to describe you with.”

“I’m flattered.” She answered flatly.

“So how exactly did you think this would help me out?”

“Basic rules of physics or chemistry or romance or rubbish…whichever term suits you best…jealousy works wonders, don’t you know?”

“She wouldn’t be jealous of us. She’s dating Fynn.”

“And who is Fynn?” Lucille waved her arm dismissively. “A nobody Ravenclaw. She’ll get over him.”

Remus sighed.

Lucille rolled her eyes and leaned forward. “Listen, you saw how pitiably sad Meadows just got. So I repeat: you’re welcome.”

“It’s not going to work.” Remus said miserably.

“It already did. Now can we move on? This teenage angst thing is such a bore.”

Everything is a bore to you.”

She smiled up at him. “The first correct thing you’ve said all day, Remus. Congrats, A+, here have a sticker.”

Remus’s smile was barely there but she spotted it anyways.

“It takes a lot to keep me interested. Now go get me something to drink. And some food too, I’m hungry.”

Remus had no energy to argue, he just stood up and walked over to the bar.

He’d only been gone for mere seconds before another body dropped into his seat.

“What do you think you’re doing with him?” The boy hissed in a dark whisper, every word drenched with disgust.

“Hello to you too, Lucius.” She looked behind him at Rabastan who continued to stand. “Rabastan.”

He smiled at her but Malfoy dived right in. “You’re on a date with that foul thing?”

“It’s not a date.” Lucille smiled happily, but Malfoy glowered down at her.

“So what exactly have you two been doing together all day? I heard about it from some kids earlier but I refused to believe it.”

“Hmm, how interesting.” But Lucille looked anything but interested in the conversation.

“You’re being ridiculous. Is this another one of your experiments? Are you just bored?”

She laughed at this. “Sounds like you were listening in on Remus and mine’s conversation, Lucius.”

“Huh?” Lucius looked genuinely confused.

She waved his confusion off. “Why are you here anyways? Don’t Hogwarts graduates have anything better to do than hang around Hogsmeade with underage school kids?”

“I’m attending to business.”

“Business?” This caught her interest. “What type of business?”

He looked around uneasily. “Just some work for my father, nothing for you to be concerned with.”

She laughed. “I doubt your father would have you come to Hogsmeade to look for rare artifacts for his collection. Try again with another excuse that might be a bit more believable, Lucius.”

He clenched his jaw tight. “Like I said, this is nothing of your concern. Now, back to the filthy grime you’ve been with all day…what if your parents catch wind of this? I’ve been filled in with what you’ve been up to lately: sitting with Gryffindors at meals, associating with blood-traitors and now going on dates with vermin?”

Well that definitely made her forget about Lucius and his supposed ‘business’.

“And how exactly would my parents catch wind of this, Malfoy?” Her eyes flared.

The look in her eyes was enough to make Malfoy gulp and force Rabastan to take a precautionary step away from the table. “Well, they wont of course. No one would ever say–”

“Did Rabastan hit you in the head with his Beater’s bat, or did you lose all those brain cells by yourself, Malfoy? In what world would you think that you have any right to talk to me in the way you just did? Learn your place Slytherin, before I’m forced to put you in it.”

Lucius squirmed in his seat. “I, of course, didn’t mean for it to come off in any offensive way.”

“You two are ruining my day. So scurry away now.” Malfoy opened his mouth to speak. Lucille ground her teeth together. “Now.

Remus approached the table slowly – eyes wide. He placed the food on the table awkwardly, looking back and forth between the Slytherins and Gryffindor. Lucille stared pointedly at Malfoy who nearly snarled at Remus before finally pulling away from the table and leaving in a huff.

“Err, and what was that all about then?”

“Oh,” She looked up at Remus calmly, all trace of her livid anger from moments ago completely extinguished. “Just exchanging some pleasantries. Absolutely charming, that Malfoy, don’t you say?”

“Right. Well didn’t look all that pleasant from where I was standing.”

“And since when has anything to do with a Slytherin ever been pleasant?”

Lupin looked taken aback at this. “I’ve never heard you say anything bad about a Slytherin.”

“You’ve obviously not been around me long enough.”

At this he smiled. Much wider this time.

“Oh thank Merlin you’ve stopped brooding. Emo Remus is no fun.”

“I wasn’t being emo.” But he laughed as he said this. And surprisingly Lucille smiled back and for the first time that day it didn’t hold an ounce of malice or sarcasm.

“Not that today hasn’t been an absolute blast, my friend, but I’ve got to cut this date a little short.” Lucille suddenly stood up to Remus’s confusion.

“But I just got our food.” And here he was thinking things were starting to finally go well for the first time today.

“There’s some I’ve got to look after.” She winked at him, leaving him even more confused than before. But Lucille didn’t wait for him to respond before grabbing her bag and heading out the door.

“Goodbye?” Poor Remus looked down at his plate of chips, bewildered by the day’s events. At least he had survived, that was something to be grateful for…right?

He sat at the table alone, completely unaware that most of the students in the pub still had their attention on him and Lucille’s empty seat as he picked at his food. Remus appeared to still be in that hazy daze of confusion any encounter with Lucille DuBlanc usually left you in, so he gave quite a start when he heard his name.

“Moony! What are you doing by yourself?”

James and Peter grinned down at their friend. Peter, eyeing the food, quickly slipped into Lucille’s seat and began munching. James smacked his friend’s head before grabbing a few bites himself.

“Date didn’t go well then I’m assuming?” James spat out through a mouthful of food.

“Uh,” Remus scratched his head. “I’m not too sure, to be honest.”

“Well, you don’t seem to have any bruises forming. I take that as a good sign.” James grinned cheekily.

“Where’s Padfoot?”

Peter rolled his eyes. “He saw Malfoy leaving the pub and followed him.”

James nodded. “He thinks the prats up to something. I, on the other hand, was too hungry too care.”

“Right.” Remus couldn’t help but think at how quickly Lucille had left after Malfoy’s appearance. Maybe Malfoy was up to something. Why was he back around Hogwarts, anyways?

As Lucille walked briskly up towards the castle, she couldn’t help but think the exact same thing. Why was Lucius here? And more importantly why was he heading for the castle?

She made sure to stay far enough away from him and Rabastan to not be spotted. The hood of her cloak was pulled over her face, rendering her unrecognizable from the students around her. Attention was the last thing Lucille wanted right now. Ironic really, as she usually ended up the center of attention in any situation…and loved it.

But there were more pressing matters at hand: Lucille’s curiosity needed to be satisfied. She didn’t really care if the Slytherins were doing something wrong or if she should stop them or even report them. Why should she be bothered with silly matters like doing the right thing? All she wanted to know was what was so important that they were hiding it from Lucille.

It wasn’t as if she couldn’t draw it out of Rabastan with a graze of her hand on his cheek and a flutter of her lashes; but why do that when this was just so much more fun?

Lucille noted that Lucius seemed to be thinking along the same lines as her about staying out of sight as his head was bent low and he walked quickly alongside Rabastan. If it weren’t for Lucille’s long legs she would have nearly had to jog to keep up with the duo in front of her.

As the two boys finally made it into the castle, Lucille had to push a few third years aside to make it in after them in time to see which corridor they would take. Unsurprisingly, Rabastan and Lucius took the closest staircase leading down into the dungeons near the Slytherin common room.

The change in the temperature was immediately noticeable upon entering the low ceiling corridors of the cellar. A damp breeze made Lucille pull her cloak tightly around herself. Why was there a stupid breeze indoors anyways? Lucille absolutely hated the dungeons; it was a good thing she hadn’t been sorted into Slytherin, huh?

But a chilly draft wasn’t going to keep Lucille from finding out exactly what Lucius was planning on doing here. And he was definitely planning something.

She had to be more careful now though, as the dark corridors were completely empty safe for Rabastan, Lucius and herself. The two boys now walked confidently in front of her, not bothering to check behind them. Typical Slytherin arrogance…or was it ignorance?

But Lucille still made sure to stick near the cold stone walls and only turn a corner when the boys had at least turned two others in front of her, it was easy to know where they had gone from the sound of their heavy footsteps in front of her. But suddenly there was absolute silence in the corridors and as Lucille turned a corner she nearly revealed herself to them. She quickly backed away before they could spot her.

“They should be here already, I told them to meet me at precisely five.” Lucius’s voice rang out. Lucille couldn’t help but roll her eyes. If these boys were doing something sneaky they were absolutely horrible at it. But, she supposed, they were so far into the dungeons that they didn’t risk the chance of running into anyone anyways, even if their voices were far too loud.

“They’ll be here.” Rabastan reassured.

Lucille craned her head around the corner again to get a better view.

Other people were supposed to come? That risked the chance of them finding her in the corridor. She quickly looked around; there weren’t many options for places to hide. She tried to quickly think of the invisibility spell the tutor her father had hired for her had taught Lucille last summer.

But, that was one of the very few magical charms she had not yet been perfected...not from lack ability but rather from lack of interest. She'd never really bothered to try too hard to learn it as it was useless to her, why would someone who loved attention want to be invisible?

The charm would last her possibly ten minutes at the most. But that was better than stuffing herself into the small cupboard she spotted. Who knew what atrocities lay in there. It may come as a shock to you, but Lucille DuBlanc was not the biggest fan of moldy brooms and repulsive spiders.

As faint footsteps echoed from behind her, Lucille quickly cast the wordless invisibility spell and blended into the gray walls beside her.

She pressed herself as close to them as possible as a small group of Slytherin boys walked by her.

She followed them to where Lucius and Rabastan stood but made sure to stand far enough away to not accidently bump into one of the boys.

But, to be honest, she didn’t really care by this point if they knew she was there or not. She had thought this would be some ultra secretive plot to bring down Hogwarts…not a reunion of Slytherin boys that she had under her thumb anyways. So what if they saw her? What would they do about it? What could they do about it?

She could force each and every single one of them to literally kiss the ground around her feet without even raising her wand.

Lucius had actually intrigued her at Hogsmeade with how guarded he had been, but now she was just disappointed. No one note-worthy was even present, just the regulars: Regulus, Evan, Avery, Mulciber…

“Thank you for joining me.” Lucius began. He had conjured up a small platform that he stood on.

Was that really necessary? He was just speaking to a small handful of his friends…

“I have been sent here on an important mission today.” And did his language have to be so formal? It seemed as if he had actually practiced this speech. Is this what he had been doing with all his spare time since graduating?

Poor Boy.

“The Dark Lord has sent me here to speak to you all today, the ones he deems worthy enough.”

At this Lucille frowned. The Dark Lord? Who was the Dark Lord?

Lucille did not like feeling like an uninformed idiot. Why had no one ever mentioned a Dark Lord to her? And now he was sending people to speak to students that were “worthy”? What was that even supposed to mean?

Lucius continued. “I must keep this short, but further instructions and details will be revealed in the weeks to come. For now, our Lord is pleased with all of you for having shown indubitable loyalty to the house of Slytherin and having proven that you want nothing more than to cleanse our magical community of its worthless scum.”

The boys nodded eagerly in agreement to this.

“We need to wipe away these filthy Mudbloods, dispense of the worthless muggles, and protect our purity!”

“Yeah!” The boys cheered loudly.

Dispense of muggles? Who even used the word dispense…and more importantly what did he mean by it?

Lucille’s heart thumped loudly.

“The Dark Lord will be our savior, he’s our only hope of a future. A future where we won’t have to hide anymore, where wizards will rule, and muggles will be the ones to serve us!”

Was this a cult?

“Whichever muggles survive, that is.” Mulciber jeered.

This couldn’t be happening. They couldn’t be serious. No, this was just another one of their empty threats. These boys had been talking about getting rid of muggles since their parents taught them their first words. In fact, Avery was always proud of the fact that the first words he’d spoken had been ‘Mudblood.’

“The Dark Lord is creating an army, and now is the time to join. Your schooling is almost done, and the time has come to make a difference, boys. The time to prove yourselves is here.”

An army? No. This was just pure Slytherin exaggeration. An army of schoolboys underneath Dumbledore’s nose? Absolutely impossible.

“Gentlemen, we must keep this to ourselves and only ourselves for now, the utmost secrecy is required here. Many of your parents are already aware of the Dark Lords plans, he has been preparing this for years after all, and you must be aware of how much pride each and every one of your parents have shown that their very own children are ready to fight for the cause. This war is near, and we have chosen our sides. And we, gentleman, are on the winning side!”

At this, the boys’ cheers filled the entire corridor to the point where Lucille was sure that it carried far enough away for someone somewhere to hear.

Unfortunately for Lucille, she didn’t have much time to contemplate on this as she noticed her invisibility charm flickering. Fortunately, the boys were too entranced by Malfoy’s words that they didn’t notice a tall blonde girl diving into a cupboard and quickly shutting the door behind herself.

However stealthy she may have been at not attracting any attention outside, inside the cupboard was a completely different story as she bumped into something very hard and solid…inside what looked like a completely empty closet. She couldn’t even spot a broom. So what in Merlin’s name had she just crashed into?

She blanched.

Lucille stood there for a mere second before whipping an invisibility cloak off Sirius Black.

“Bloody hell!”


Luckily for the duo the small commotion they had just caused went unheard amongst the cheering boisterous boys outside.

“What in Merlins name are you doing in here?” she spat at the Sirius.

“What am I doing in here? What are you doing in here?”

“As if it isn’t clear enough you nimwited troll!”

“Nimwitted troll? Really-”

Lucille forced her hand onto Sirius’s mouth, stopping him mid sentence. He was about to protest before she kicked his shins, quieting him.

The crowd outside was quieting down as Lucius finished his speech.

“I will be back with detailed instructions in two weeks. Meet me here at the same time. Now go back to the common room before anyone notices.”

Lucille and Sirius stood frozen together; Lucille’s hand still on Sirius’s face and their bodies mangled together in the cramped space. The last of the Slytherins footsteps finally faded before Sirius and Lucille quickly pushed away from each other in disgust.

“Care to explain why you were hiding in a spider infested cupboard in the dungeons, Black?”

Sirius smirked. “I saw your precious Lucius at Hogsmeade and knew the git wasn’t up to anything good. So I followed him down here, it was an absolute lovely surprise to see you creeping behind them though.”

“You were behind me this whole time? You need a hobby, Black.”

Sirius let out a boisterous laugh. “Coming from the girl who dived into me trying to hide from her supposed friends.”

Friends. Yes, what a lovely term.”

Sirius ignored her comment. “So why were you not present at this fine meeting of theirs? Seems like it was right up your alley.”

“What are you even talking about?”

“Oh you know, killing Muggle borns, enslaving people, serving the Dark Lord. Just your cup of tea, right? In fact I’m sure you’re the one who set this whole thing up, aren’t you?”

Lucille was genuinely shocked, but only allowed a momentary glimmer of it to show on her face. Sirius caught it anyways and scowled uncertainly. Why would Lucille be shocked of all things?

“If I were to set up a pep rally it certainly would not be in the filthy dungeons, I have better taste than that.”

“Yes because taste is what you should worry about when dealing with Voldemort.”

“Voldemort?” Lucille cocked her head to the side in confusion. The term came off her tongue oddly. What a peculiar word.

“Oh excuse me, I meant to say your precious Dark Lord.”

Now Lucille was getting irritated, she had absolutely no idea what Black was going on about and it wasn’t often that Lucille felt stupid. It was not a pleasant feeling at all.

“So the Dark Lord is Voldemort?” She nearly scowled in utter puzzlement.

Sirius paused and surveyed her face. Then shook his head as if chasing off some silly idea.

“Don’t act stupid, DuBlanc. Your parents are probably the biggest supporters Voldemort has. They’ll be on the front lines once this war breaks out. In fact I’m sure you’ve been one of the first Death Eaters to be initiated.” He grinned down maniacally at her.

“Death Eaters?” Another odd term, she mulled it over in her head. Death Eaters? Bloody hell, had Remus slipped something into her drink? Was this all a silly nonsensical dream?

Sirius’s smile dropped from his face instantly.

“You’re serious aren’t you?”

Lucille gritted her teeth in agonizing frustration. “Serious about what?”

“No. There’s no way.” He shook his head and pushed open the cupboard door. “There’s no way you don’t know about Voldemort. No possible fucking way, you haven’t heard of Death Eaters.”

Lucille followed him out into the corridor impatiently. “Black, I really have no idea what in ruddy hell you’re talking about! Now either explain or I’ll force you to explain.”

She was absolutely fuming; the confusion in her mind was too much to take.

“Just tell me OK! Just fucking tell me!” She screamed. Her voiced carried down the hall and bounced back to them.

Sirius studied her clenched fists and heaving chest.

Bullocks, he actually believed her.

“Merlin Lucille, how can you be so thick? It’s all around you! You’ve probably grown up hearing about this shit! I think Voldemort comes up in nearly every dinner conversation my parents used to have. I can’t even imagine what the DuBlanc’s conversations must be about…” He trailed off in thought. “What are they about anyways?”

Lucille looked at him blankly and shrugged. “Just stuff.”


“Yeah, I don’t know. Stuff. The weather. Gallas. Clothes…stuff.”

“Yes, I’m sure the Royal DuBlancs talk about the weather. Whatever, this is ridiculous. I can’t believe, of all people, I’m standing here with Lucille DuBlanc explaining who Lord Voldemort is.”

“So just spit it out already.” Lucille snapped through gritted teeth. She teetered on the edge of hexing him, but if she did that then who would she get to tell her about this Lord guy, and Death Eaters, and a war? There was a war? Why on earth would there be a war?

“Lord Voldemort, also known as the Dark Lord to your kind, is some supposedly powerful wizard who is gathering followers called Death Eaters in order to wipe our world of anyone that isn’t a pureblood. Remember Grindewald? Same deal. Except this guys is stronger, and is gaining followers faster than Grindewald could have ever wanted.” Sirius explained briskly, and judging from the look on Lucille’s face it definitely was not a satisfactory enough response.

“What do you mean by wipe?”

“Merlin, you know perfectly well what I mean by that. What else could I possibly mean? He wants to murder them. Is that simple enough for you? Kill. Eliminate. Extinguish.” He made a motion at cutting his throat just to be clear.

Lucille opened her mouth then closed it again, struggling for words.

“But he can’t just go around killing people. The ministry will stop him.”

Sirius let out a loud laugh; “Who knew you were so stupid? Don’t you see the magnitude of this guy? He’s even got people calling him Lord. Ask your precious parents about him, I’m sure they can let you in on his plan a lot better than I can.” He ended his sentence maliciously, remembering who he was talking to.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means exactly what I said before, your family members are probably his biggest supporters.”

“No.” Lucille shook her head and took a step backwards. “They wouldn’t do that. My parents wouldn’t kill innocent people just because of their blood status.”

“Open your eyes, DuBlanc! What have we been taught all our lives? Since the moment we were born we’ve been told to not fraternize with anyone who isn’t a Pureblood. We’ve been told that muggles and muggle-borns are pure scum, unworthy of being in our world.”

“Yes, but…”

“But what?”

“Not associating with Mudbloods is different’s different than killing them!”

“This is where everything we’ve been taught by our parents has been leading us to, don’t you see? They’ve been preparing us for this exact moment all our lives.”

“No. You’re being silly. You can’t take something a group of underage Slytherin boys chant about in a dungeon so seriously.”

Sirius threw his arms up in the air in frustration. “Denial isn’t going to do you any good. Your parents aren’t going to be able to shelter you anymore, and soon you’ll have to make a choice. And I think we both know what side you’ll choose, DuBlanc.” Sirius spat at her. “You are the picture perfect Death Eater. A cold hearted selfish brat who only cares about blood-status.”

Lucille had lost her usual tenor, she wasn’t in the mood to argue or defend herself. She wasn’t in the mood to fight with Sirius Black. She just wanted everything to be clear again. She just wanted it all to make sense.

“That’s not true.” She finally whispered, exhausted.

Sirius was stunned. He had been expecting her to roar back with insults and hexes, in fact he’d already grabbed onto his wand and prepared a spell. But as he looked down at the blonde girl, she just seemed disoriented. She didn’t say anything more but just turned on her heels and walked down the corridor leaving a bewildered Sirius behind.


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